tagMatureAttack of the College Mom

Attack of the College Mom


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


Danny Flynn was pretty nervous about meeting Joan's parents. He was in his junior year and Joan was in her senior year at Franklin University. They had been going out for about three months and Joan had reluctantly agreed that he could join her for one of her infrequent visits home. She was an army brat and her parents were currently living on one of the big northeast bases at Carlisle, which was about two hours away from the school. Her father was an army colonel and her mother was a nurse.

Dan had been immediately attracted to Joan Mc Bride when he met her. She was a lanky brunette with sparkling eyes and an athletic build. She had a shapely figure that was no doubt the result of the many hours she spent in the pool and in the gym. She often wore a ball cap with her hair pulled out in a pony tail which Dan found particularly attractive. He sometimes saw her at parties with one boy or another but she never appeared to see him. If she was dancing, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She moved her body in languid, fluid gyrations that Dan found incredibly arousing. She seemed to never be with the same boy twice and they were all some kind of jock. Dan wasn't really surprised that Joan didn't notice him. He was pretty shy and wasn't much of an athlete himself. He played a little golf... badly. But he and Joan were in a Statistics and a Calculus class together.

Dan was a Math major and was pretty involved with his courses. Right after the October mid-terms, Joan realized she was going to have trouble passing those two courses...again. She needed those credits to graduate. She wasn't exactly a rocket scientist but she was smart enough to see that Dan was doing well in class and she asked him if she could join one of his study groups. The rest of the group members weren't that pleased about it. They didn't think Joan was going to be much of an asset to the group. But Dan was excited by the possibility of getting to know the sexy co-ed better so he wheedled the rest of the group into letting her in.

He sat next to her during a couple of study sessions watching her raptly as she'd sit there, biting her lip as she tried to fathom the complex equations. He finally screwed up all his courage and asked her out. When he did, Joan looked at him for the longest time with an amused smile. Dan was sure she was going to turn him down. But she finally said "O.K." and Dan flushed a brilliant crimson with excitement.

The first couple of dates had been pretty awkward for Dan. He was from a farm near Boise, Idaho and he hadn't gone out with a lot of girls. He agonized about all the standard things that young men worry about. Should he hold her hand, should he put his arm around her, should he kiss her. Joan watched all his self-conscious angst with smiling eyes, never offering him any encouragement but not telling him to take a hike either.

By the fourth date Dan was sure Joanie was going to dump him. They spent an awkward evening at a sorority party where Joan spent a lot of time dancing with one hunky guy after another that she knew. By the end of the evening, when Dan walked her back to the house that she shared with two other girls, he decided to go for broke. As she turned to say good night after she had unlocked her door, he put his hands on her waist and leaned in to kiss her.

Joan's hand shot out into the middle of Dan's chest in an impressive stiff arm that restrained him just inches from her parted lips. Dan felt like she had punched him in the stomach, so acute was his embarrassment. Joan held him off like that for what seemed like an eternity.

"What do you think you're doing?..." she said. She liked Dan but didn't know if she liked him that much. Then she remembered her remarkably improving average in Calculus. She had just scored a low C. Damn! She needed those credits. She reached behind her, opened the door and pulled Dan in with her by the front of his sweater. Once inside she closed the door and pushed him up against it. Then she plastered herself against him as she claimed him with a searing french kiss.

It was forty minutes later when one of her room-mates walked in and found the two of them on the living room couch. They were fully clothed but so intricately entangled that they literally rolled off the couch and onto the floor when the light came on. Shortly after that Joan sent Dan home. She couldn't see the big grin on his face as he made his way home, but she knew it was there.

For the next couple of months life was good for lucky Dan Flynn. Against all odds, he was going out with one of the hottest girls on campus. Of course she wasn't always free, and from time to time he did see her out with other boys. But, after their study group on Wednesday nights he'd ask her out for a pizza and if her room-mates weren't around they'd wind up back at her place, either on the couch or in her room.

The groping had gotten pretty hot and heavy. Joan didn't seem to mind if Dan felt her up a little but she wasn't willing to take off her clothes. And she didn't seem to mind when Dan kind of nudged her hand towards the aching boner tenting the front of his pants. A couple of times, Dan couldn't tell whether it was an accident or on purpose, Joan had even got him off in his pants. Of course he was as embarrassed as anything but Joan didn't seem to think it was a big deal. She had just looked at the big wet stain on the front of his pants, then turned her sparkling eyes back up to Dan and said she guessed he probably wanted to get back home and change. On those evenings Dan went back to his place kind of happy and frustrated, wondering what he had to do to get Joan to go all the way.

Then came the opportunity to go back home with her to meet her parents. Dan heard from one of the other guys in the study group that Joan she was looking for a lift back to Carlisle the following weekend. So he asked her if he could give her a ride. Joan bit her lip in that beguiling way she had when she had to consider a difficult question. Finally she said sure, you might as well meet my parents too. Dan was really pleased. He thought he was making real progress with her.

In Carlisle, there was a lot of tension in the air too, but a different kind of tension. Lester and Monica Mc Bride had just celebrated their twentieth anniversary. They had got married right out of high school and Monica had been pregnant with Joan then. Monica had always been the wild one, the party girl, and Lester was the responsible one. They both thought that once they were married the other one would change a bit and everything would work out.

Well nobody changed and though they hadn't been unhappy together, they did have their ups and downs. As long as Joanie, their only child, had been around, Monica tried to play the role of model wife and mother. Oh she had wandered out behind the woodshed a few times with one casual flirtation or another but for the most part Lester hadn't had any real reason to be losing sleep. Not that he knew about anyway.

He knew that his blonde, curvaceous wife could tease with the best of them. Monica looked a lot like Sharon Stone, the actress. She just naturally had a smoldering sexuality about her,whether she was in her nurse's uniform or in a bikini at the base recreation center. She had a waspishly thin waist, generous breasts and a heart shaped ass. Sure the other guys sometimes stared and winked. Who could blame them. Monica walked like a runway model and when she moved all her succulent parts jiggled in eye catching synchronization.

Once Joanie went away to school, Monica seemed to have to go off to a lot more conferences than the rest of the nurses at the base hospital. Lester was willing to chalk it up to her desire to make the top pay grade and he couldn't argue with that.

But then, the previous Monday, he went to pick up his wife from the late shift at the hospital. He couldn't remember whether she had said to pick her up, at ten or eleven. With her flex schedule she worked all kinds of weird hours. So he went up to the nurse's station to see how she was doing. When he couldn't find anyone at the nurse's station he started looking around. He happened to stick his head into the doctor's lounge.

Dr. Evans, one of the young residents was there, just putting on his lab coat. When Lester stepped into the lounge, Dr. Evans froze, his mouth dropping half open as he stared at Lester. He tried to mouth a few words, Lester assumed a greeting, when Monica stepped out of the doctor's washroom behind him. She was flushed and straightening the top of her uniform blouse. She had just started running her fingers threw her tangled blonde hair when she noticed Lester. She too stopped and looked at her husband in surprise for an instant before she casually stepped around Dr. Evans and picked up her tunic and purse off the couch.

"Hi hon!...You're early!..." Monica said as she looked into her husband's eyes challengingly.

Not as early as he might have been she was thinking. If he had been there just a few minutes earlier, Lester would have found his wife bent over the sofa, writhing like a feral cat. At that point Tom Evans had been buried balls deep in the sexy nurse, groaning ecstatically as he deposited a load in her wringing cunt.

"Yeah...I guess...I wasn't sure if you said now or eleven and there was nobody up front..." Lester trailed off, clearly not happy with the situation he had found. But Monica seemed totally oblivious.

"That damn Betsy!...She'd promised me she'd cover for me while I checked on Mr. Ringwald's meds....Where the hell has she got to...Thanks Tom... I'll tell Betsy it was 40 cc's not 50....See you later.." Monica said as she left the Doctor's lounge with Lester trailing after her. The suspicious husband was silently working himself up into a rage.

That night, at home he had confronted his wife.... "What was he supposed to think?... Did she think he was stupid?... Didn't she care what he felt?... What would people say?..."

He ranted and raved and Monica tried to pacify him..."She couldn't imagine what he was talking about! ...How could he think such a thing!... Didn't he trust her!..." And so it went, back and forth... accuse, accuse...deny, deny. And so it continued, all week. Lester just wouldn't be appeased.

It was Friday night. Joanie was coming home with some boy she'd met at school. They were getting dressed up to go downtown with the kids for some drinks, dinner and a little socializing. Monica was sitting in front of her mirror in just her bra, putting the finishing touches on her make-up. Lester came up behind her and started at her again. Monica turned to him and said...

"For the last time...NOTHING happened!...Let it go Lester!...I'm warning you!..."

Lester wandered off in a sulk.

When Dan and Joan arrived, it was obvious from the outset that there was a frost warning in effect. Although Lester and Monica were both attentive to the young people they hardly exchanged a word between each other and Lester could be seen glaring at his wife whenever he thought no one else would notice.

Joan was quite amused by Dan's reaction to her mom. She deliberately hadn't mentioned anything to him about the sex-pot side of her mother. Monica was dressed to kill as always when she headed out for a night on the town. Her mane of blonde hair artfully framed her face, her dancing eyes and red lipsticked mouth. Open toed high heels, skin tight capris and a slinky satin blouse were what she was wearing when Joan made the introductions. Dan was immediately distracted by the way Monica's blouse parted when she leaned towards him. The little black bra she was wearing was barely able to contain her pendulous breasts.

"How do you do Mrs. Mc Bride? Joan's told me so much about you..." Dan said in a breaking voice

Of course when Monica took Dan's outstretched hand she walked right past it, thrust her pneumatic tits into his chest and planted a moist kiss right next to his ear. Joan could hardly contain her giggles as she watched Dan's cheeks turn a flaming scarlet. If she wasn't mistaken there was a little swelling in Dan's crotch area when Monica stepped away from the tongue tied young man.

"I like this one young lady. He's got more manners than those oversized ones you usually bring home! I'd say this one's got some real potential..." Monica purred, casting a casual glance at Dan's groin and then giving him a salacious wink.

Dan couldn't help but notice the smile that creased Mrs. McBride's mouth as her eyes flickered across his crotch. His face grew even redder, if that was possible.

Lester and Joan bantered with their daughter and her friend for a few moments in the hallway and then, since it was already after eight, they suggested that they all head out to 'Desperados' for some drinks and to get something to eat.

Everyone trooped back out to Lester's car and they headed into town with Monica and Lester up front and Joan and Dan in the back. It was going to be a fifteen to twenty minute drive to the restaurant, depending on the traffic. The idle chit chat continued in the car as they drove away.

They hadn't gone very far when Lester turned to Monica and started saying in a low voice that he wanted only her to hear...

"If that Tom Evans or any of his buddies are at the bar...I swear to God Monica...I won't put up with you making a spectacle of yourself... Hanging all over him on the dance floor like the last time!...Like some kind of tramp!... I won't put up with that again!.... And another thing...."

Monica just looked at her husband like he was from outer space. Well she had given him fair warning. Ignoring his muttered diatribe, she slid over closer to him on the front seat and let her little hand slide down into his lap. She cupped her palm under his balls then closed her hand into a fist, grinding his testicles together in her clutching hand.

"Ahhhhh!...Don'ttt!..." Lester gasped quietly, stiffening up in discomfort as Monica squeezed his nuts. He dropped one hand from the wheel and scrabbled with her wrist, trying to disengage her hand from his balls. But Monica was going to make her point. She wasn't going to put up with his shit all night long. She slowly increased the pressure of her gripping hand on her husband's nuts, sending waves of agony washing through his groin.

"Unnn!....Nahhhh!..." Lester groaned, beads of sweat bursting out on his forehead.

"Dad!...Are you alright?..." Joan asked from the backseat, wondering what was wrong with her father.

"Oh he's been getting these Charlie Horse's in his thigh lately..." Monica said, smiling over her shoulder at her daughter while giving Lester's balls a sickening twist.

"Stoppp!...." Lester pleaded.

"Yes dear!...I'm sure it will stop if you just relax. You can't go getting all tensed up over every little thing!...." Monica purred, mashing his ovalled testicles between her fingertips so that they squirted around nauseatingly.

"O.K.!...O.K.!..." Lester groaned.

Monica smiled at her husband's distress, maintaining the brutal pressure on his nuts for a few moments longer. Then she released her punishing squeeze.

"Ahhhh!....Thank God!...." Lester moaned.

"Is it going away dear?...."

"Yesss!...Unnn!...Yeahhh!...It's getting better!..." Lester said quietly, not wanting to provoke his wife any further.

But Monica wasn't done with her irritating husband just yet.

"Maybe it will help if I rub it a little..." she said, moving her left hand and deftly unzipping the front of her husband's pants.

"Monica!...Don't!...That's not necessary!..." Lester squawked in disbelief as his wife reached into his fly and fished around for his ropey prick. He couldn't figure out what was going on. One minute she was abusing his balls and the next she was pulling his cock out. And the kids were right there in the back seat while they were driving through city streets, only ten minutes away from the restaurant! This was unbelievable! Oh Monica had given him plenty of handjobs in the car before but never at a time like this. He didn't know what to think as he kept glancing at his wife anxiously.

And he was right to be nervous as he was about to find out. Monica was thoroughly pissed off with her husband and she was going to teach him a lesson.

When she was finishing her nursing studies she had gone out for about three months with a handsome young intern named Doug Everly. She often thought fondly of Doug. He had been a total sex freak and he had skillfully coached young Monica on the intricacies of the sex act. He was totally shameless and graphically described to the young nurse what he liked, what she should do, where she should touch him and how, how much pressure she should use, everything a woman might want to know about how to please a man. And Monica was the perfect student. She soaked up everything Dougie said and spent hours and hours in bed with him perfecting her skills. Oral, vaginal, anal, bondage, toys, you name it. And then, when they'd done everything that the depraved young Dr. Everly could think of, and then done it again, Monica insisted on experimenting. She had an insatiable sexual curiosity. She used him like she was working on her own personal PHD in sex. In the last month that they were together, Dougie boy lost twelve pounds and strained his back in a way that would haunt him for the rest of his life. When Monica said she thought it was time that they started seeing other people, he introduced her to one of his intern buddies the following day. Doug was pretty much fried.

Monica knew how to deliver a mind crushing orgasm alright, a skill that made her probably the most popular nurse at the base hospital. But if she was crossed she knew ways to be deviously cruel as Lester had learned to his cost from time to time and as he was about to rediscover now.

"Don't be silly baby! I'm a nurse remember. I know what I'm doing..." Monica said with a flashing smile at her husband. She pulled his cock out and closed her hand on his limp shaft. She squeezed him in her fist, slowly, tighter and tighter, holding a firm pressure on him for a few seconds then releasing him. She fondled him like that repeatedly, pumping him up just like she was applying a blood pressure cuff. Monica smiled as her husband quickly hardened in her skillfully pressing hand

"So Dan. Joanie tells me you're a whiz in math. She says you're getting her through her Statistics course. I hope she's making it worth your while..." Monica said, smiling playfully at her daughter's young friend.

"Geez Mrs. Mc Bride! It's not like she's paying me or anything..." Dan answered uncomfortably, thinking that's what Joan's mother must have meant.

Monica just held his gaze with a hint of a smile on her face. Lester's cock was stiffening up nicely. She changed her approach with her husband's meat. She knew they were going to be at the restaurant in just a few minutes and she wanted to make him come before they got there. Normally she wouldn't get him off so quick but tonight wasn't about his pleasure, it was about who was in charge. She gripped him firmly about mid-shaft and pounded down to the root of his cock with a quick, hard hand stroke. She slowly pulled her hand back up to the same mid point, then slammed her tightly clenched fist down on him again. Again and again she jacked him like that. This kind of energetic fondling soon had the pre-come streaming from Lester's gaping pee slit.

"Unnnn!....Unnn!....Monica!...Easy!..." Lester groaned, anxiously glancing back and forth from his wife to his daughter in the back seat as Monica roughly masturbated him. Even so he couldn't stop himself from straining his loins upwards into his wife's rhythmically stroking hand.

"Don't be such a baby!..." the smiling blonde teased. "You know we'll never get it to release all the way if I don't do a little deep tissue massage..." the smiling blonde teased, her left shoulder flexing tirelessly in front of the two quizzical young people sitting in the back. Lester's greasy boner was as hard as steel and was jutting frantically through her coaxing fist.

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