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At age 4, Trevor's parents had another baby to "save their marriage". Bad thing is: it worked.

His parents' attention and love was all to his baby brother, Dillon.

They went to Dillon's soccer games and forgot Trevor's play.

They went to Dillon's science fair and forgot Trevor's basketball games.

They went to Dillon's lacrosse games and forgot his talent show performances.

Trevor got exceptional grades, graduated with high honors, got into NYU with a full drama scholarship. And he graduated with a bachelors in theater production and got a job at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, his hometown.

But did his parents spend more than 2 minutes acknowledging him and his accomplishments? No. Because all of their attention and praise went to Dillon.

Nothing he did could ever hold a light to anything Dillon did. And it took a tole on Trevor.

He was always eager to impress his parents, but each time he felt he had accomplished something he believed to be important his parents didn't care.

He never stopped trying, and it was beneficial. He always pushed himself to be better, and he ended up making an excellent life for himself.

However, it also effected his love life. Trevor was never able to have a stable relationship.

In high school he found that he was attracted to men. And he knew he'd have to keep that from his parents because they had made their views on gays clear: "That's disgusting." Is what he'd heard them say often while watching a news stories on gays, etc.

He was always very closeted and only had one nights stands with very few men. It wasn't how he wanted to have companionship, but it was all he was comfortable with.

He had plenty of offers for relationships though. Trevor was a great looking man. A tall lean man, standing at 6'3 with creamy white skin and lovely brown curls framing his face. But no matter how many offers he got or accepted the result was the same in the end: he'd end up alone.


Trevor loved his beloved city of Boston and he decided to reside there. He moved out of his parents' officially and got an apartment in the North End 2 years ago, but he still went over to Charlestown for most holidays to visit his parents and brother.

His parents were having a Christmas party and of course Trevor went. He didn't know why though, its not like his mom and dad would speak highly of him. But to be nice, he'd make his appearance and probably get smashed by the end of the night. Hell, he was 22, and he was gonna try to have the best time he could!

When he walked into the old, big house he grew up in he was greeted by his mother. She asked how he was and what he was up to. "I'm good mom. Happy and healthy. Oh and I'm gonna be working at the Wilbur when Wicked comes to town."

"That's wonderful honey, did you hear that Dillon is graduating with honors? I'm so proud of that boy! Aren't you?"

"Yeah mom. We had this talk on the phone a few nights ago." Trevor groaned, fully annoyed already.

"Oh, look who it is! Hello Jeffrey, glad you were able to make it!" She exclaimed happily, towards a young man who had just came in the house, and totally ignoring her son.

He was taller than Trevor by a few inches at 6'5, and the best way to describe him was tall, dark, and handsome. Jeffrey was all muscle, no fat, skin was a luscious light brown, and had Trevor's mouth watering.

"Glad to be here, Mrs. Platt." His low voice was as smooth as butter, and caressed Trevor's like a siren's song.

"Please, call me Linda. And this is my eldest son, Trevor."

"Nice to meet you Trevor, I'm Jeffrey." And he held out his hand to Trevor.

He took the hand in his and replied, "The pleasure is all mine." Trevor smiled.

Jeff smiled back at him and Trevor swore he could see a little something more in that dazzling smile. But he dismissed it, taking his hand back and looking down at his converse sneakers.

"I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air." Trevor said quickly, making his escape out the front door.

As soon as he got outside he lit up a cig and sat on the porch steps, stuck in his thoughts. Remembering the past years of how every achievement he made was shot down with one of Dillon's.

'Dillon,' he thought, 'He has all their fuckin' attention... And what do I get?! Shit! Just once I'd love to hear them brag about something I've accomplished to their friends! Just fucking once!'

"Gah!" He shouted out loud, enraged by his thoughts.

Trevor puffed on his cigarette angrily, trying to calm down before going back inside.

"Dillon.." He thought once more. This time thinking about how he has grown up so fast, transforming into a fine young man.

He was a bit shorter than Trevor, standing at only 5'8, but he still had plenty of time to grow since he was only eighteen.

His eyes were golden honey and his rich brown hair was straighter than Trevor's and only slightly curled at the tips, which Trevor found so cute.

Dillon's skin was also paler than his older brother's but none the less creamy and soft. His legs and arms were defined with a little muscle, since he stayed active by playing many sports.

His lips were cute too. Full and looked soft. For a fleeting moment Trevor wondered what it would be like to kiss those very lips. He shook his head, shaking the idea out if his his as well.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure come out the house and step over to the other side of the porch. The person was on the phone, and acting suspiciously, as if they didn't want to be seen or heard.

The phone was on speaker and a man's voice was coming through the line. The person on the porch spoke up and Trevor knew that voice anywhere, it was his younger brother Dillon.

"I know babe, but I can't come see you tonight... I'm stuck at a party with my family." He heard Dillon whisper huskily to the man on the other end of the call.

"I can drive over and pick you up, and we can have a nice night in the backseat of my car." The man said.

"No babe," Dillon replied, "I just can't break away tonight, everyone would notice... I told you I probably won't be able to come see you until next week."

"Alright baby, I'll talk to you later. Love you, g'night."

"Love you too, g'night."

As the phone call ended Dillon turned to see his big brother leaning up against the banister watching him.

"Oh hey Trev, didn't hear you come out... How long were you there?"

"Long enough to hear that you've got a horny male admirer."

"He was-"

"Save it kid, I'm gay too. Don't worry about it. And I won't tell ma or dad, we wouldn't want the perfect son having a flaw, would we?" Trevor teased, but with a hint of seriousness in his voice.

"Oh shut up... I'm not perfect."

"Well in their eyes you most certainly are. I can't compare to your greatness, Dillon. You can do no wrong and I can do no right in their eyes." Trevor admitted painfully.

"I'm sorry Trevor."

"Fuck it... It isn't your fault, you've always been there with some praise, and for that, I thank you." Trevor smiled while pulling his brother into a hug.

"You're welcome. Getting all the attention isn't a good thing though. I can't get way with anything." Dillon scoffed.

Trevor gave a short laugh and clapped his brother on the back. "We better get back inside."


It was about 11:30 pm when Trevor found himself sitting in a chair in the hallway, watching people he didn't know walk past chatting with each other, and having a great time; unlike the one he was having.

He'd formed a slight buzz from the beers he'd been nursing earlier and decided that it was good enough, he didn't wanna get any drunker.

He looked up from the hardwood floor and saw Jeffrey staring at him from down the hall. He walked over to Trevor and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"I'm parked around the corner if you go somewhere to get better acquainted." Jeff's voice was husky and low and sent signals straight to Trevor's cock.

"I would love that." He replied back, thinking that it had been a while since the last time he'd gotten laid.


"You like this cock boy? Mmm yeah, you love this cock." Jeffrey rasped from behind Trevor. They were down the street in Jeff's escalade, they were in the back getting very "acquainted".

Trevor was on his hands and knees while Jeff kneeled behind him, fucking him hard and fast.

Jeff had one hand gripping a handful of Trevor's locks, pulling and tugging as he thrust into his sweet tight ass that he had given a sloppy rim job to minutes ago.

Jeff's other hand was spanking one of Trevor's quivering ass cheeks. It was warm and turning red rapidly, and each slap delivered a slight sting that Trevor couldn't get enough of.

Jeff's big black cock filled him to max, stretching him and thrusting into him, sending him into a painful bliss.

"Tell me how much you love this cock, boy!" Jeff's powerful voice dominated Trevor as much as his powerful body did.

"I love your cock so much," he moaned, breathless. "Fuck me with that glorious cock!" Jeff thrust harder in and out of his twitching hole. "Yes, aw fuck! Right there Jeff!"

Jeff stopped his continuous spanking and reached around to pump Trevor's dick to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Trevor could feel his balls tighten and rise as the heat spread through his body. "Fuuuuuck." He groaned through clenched teeth as his orgasm hit.

His spasming tight hole gripped Jeff's cock like a vice and it sent him right into his climax. "Fuck boy, ohhhh fuck." He groaned, spewing his seed into a rubber.

Trevor collapsed against the leather seat and tried to catch his breath. Jeff pulled out of him slowly and patted his ass gently. "That's one nice ass, boy."

"Thanks. That's an amazing cock." Trevor blushed, and immediately found his clothes and got dressed. "Thanks again Jeff, it was great." He got out of the massive car and walked back to his parents house while fixing his hair and straightening his clothes.

When he got onto the front porch, the last of the guests were leaving. He planned on going straight to his old room and right to sleep, but as soon as he stepped into the house he was spotted by his mother.

"Oh there you are Trevor, where have you been?"

"I went out for a little walk and saw Jeff on his way out, so we stopped and talked a little." He lied off the top of his head. Sounded decent enough for his mother to buy.

"Oh how nice. I'm glad you're deciding to make friends dear."

Trevor decided to just let that comment go. He was always a loner. "Do you need help with anything mom?"

"No, thank you. Are you staying here tonight, I don't want you to walk all the way home at this hour."

"Yeah, I'm staying here. I'll go home tomorrow morning though, I have a few things to take care of but I'll be back in time for Christmas dinner."

"Alright sweetie. Good night."

"Night ma."


The next night Trevor is at the dinner table with his younger brother and parents.

His mother couldn't stop talking about Dillon graduating high school with honors and getting a full lacrosse scholarship to BC.

"Aren't you just so proud of your little brother Trevor?" Mrs. Platt queried.

Trevor looks to Dillon, pushing aside his annoyance, and smiles and says "Yes, very much."

Dillon smiles back at him, mouthing 'I'm sorry' to him. Trevor shook his head as if to say 'don't worry about it'.

Their mother goes right back into talking about Dillon, and this time their father joins in.

"Why didn't you do any sports son?" Mr. Platt asked.

Trevor grits his teeth, "I played basketball for three years in high school." He said as calmly as he could.

But they barely noticed his answer and began talking about Dillon and how he played a variety of sports.

"You need more variety in your life, Trevor. Once you have variety, then will come the much needed creativity."

Trevor put down his fork and wiped his mouth with a napkin as all the bottled up anger towards his parents bubbled to the surface, making the steam escape all at once.

"Ya know if the both of you weren't so caught up on 'Dillon this' and 'Dillon that' you'd know that I was an excellent basketball player, dad! That I'm a brilliant actor! That I got great grades, and, I too, graduated high school with honors! Don't you remember that I got a full drama scholarship to NYU?!? I have a theater production career! I work at the Wilbur Theater for christ's sake!! Tell me how that isn't fuckin' creative mom!!" Tears fell down his cheeks.

"But did you know any of that!? Fuck no! It's always about Dillon. Dillon! DILLON! Fuck you guys! Nothing! Nothing I do is good enough for you to take your eyes off of Him for 5 seconds to fucking listen to me! Look at me! Acknowledge me! Praise me!" Trevor's voice wavered, "Love me." He whispered, but it was loud enough for everyone at the table to hear.

A deafening silence filled the room. His parents didn't know what to say, trevor had never once yelled at them with such painful anger before. Dillon sat looking at his brother. His face was red and he was taking deep breaths. But he didn't know if Trevor was trying not to cry, or go off on an angry rant.

Mrs. Platt was trying to find the right words to say, but she had none. 'Is it true?' She thought, 'It is true.' She concluded with a mental sigh. She'd done him wrong so many years without even realizing it. How terrible, how rude, how disgusting, how... Unmotherly.

Trevor stood, panting with excess anger. "I'm leaving. This has been the best fucking Christmas yet!" He said with his voice dripping of malice and sarcasm.

He got his hat and coat and stormed out of the house settling on walking home to cool off in the crisp winter air.

Around the corner from his apartment he spotted his friend Christian. Christian Sanchez was big in the marijuana biz. Well, Trevor was feeling just crappy enough to need some of good ol' Christian's assistance.

He approached the burly man, pulling out his wallet. "I was wondering if you had bud tonight my friend?"

"Always amigo! How much you need?"

"A dime of hydro should do the trick."

"Aye, just a dime?"

"Yeah, I'm a lightweight."

"Well, a dime it is mi amigo, ten bucks."

They exchanged items and Trevor went up to his apartment, ready to smoke away his frustrations.

After taking off his winter-wear, he went to his room and retrieved his pipe, grinder, and lighter.

He emptied the pot from the small baggie into his grinder and proceeded to grind it up while playing the messages back on his answering machine. There were only two and both were from his mother giving some apologies, that he really wasn't ready to hear.

Trevor erased them and packed his bowl, sparking it up then taking hit after hit, after hit until the bowl was kicked.

He threw out the ash and put everything away before sitting back down on the couch in the living room, starting to feel the herb working its magic.

He laid back on the couch and soaked in his high. "Thanks Chris." He murmured before falling asleep.

A few hours later he awoke to a pounding on the door. He finally got up and looked at the time, "3am? You've gotta be kidding me." He mumbled sleepily, also realizing that his high was gone too.

He opened his door to see Dillon standing out in the hallway. Trevor could help but to think how breath-taking he looked in that very moment.

A few locks of hair were peaking out from underneath his hat. His lips and cheeks were red, undoubtedly bitten by the harsh winter air. 'He must've walked' Trevor thought stepping aside to let his brother in.

"What are you doing here? Its 3am for crying out loud." Trevor asked while closing and bolting the door.

"I know, I just needed to talk to you."

"Okay, and by the way, I'm sorry for blowing up like that at dinner, I wasn't angry with you, just our stupid parents."

"Trevor, you've always had my attention. You're my big brother and I've always noticed you. I always wanted to be just like you. I never understood why mom and dad could never see you. You're amazing and pretty hard to miss. You're smart, funny, talented, creative, kind, and beautiful."

Trevor stared at his younger brother intently, did he just call him beautiful? "What was the last thing you said?"

"Beautiful." Dillon said softly, and looked away from his brother, blushing.

Trevor put his finger underneath Dillon's chin and and made their eyes meet. "That's okay Dillon, I think you're beautiful too."

"Fuck mom. Fuck dad. I hate them too. I love y-"

Dillon was cut off by his brother's lips colliding into his for an exploding kiss.

Dillon immediately kissed back. Their hand ran all over each other's bodies as the kiss got deeper and more passionate.

Trevor pulled back for air and looked down at his brother, "You okay with this, Dillon?"

"Yeah, you?"

Trevor answered by crashing his lips into his younger brother's once again.

Dillon started pawing at Trevor's shirt, so they pulled apart again to strip themselves of their shirts.

Dillon rubbed his hand from Trevor's flat stomach to his small nipples that were already pert with anticipation. His mouth descended on one nipple, sucking and biting, doing all he could to make lovely moans come from Trevor.

He alternated between nipples then travelled upward to his brother's neck, leaving his love bite behind at the crook where his neck and shoulder met.

Finally he came back to Trevor's lips, opening his mouth to attack Trevor's with his agile tongue. Their tongues wrestled until Trevor broke the kiss and stood, pulling Dillon up with him.

He led them to his room where he laid Dillon on the bed so he could straddle his hips.

Trevor wove his hands in Dillon's hair, while doing some exploring of his younger brother's body with his mouth. He quickly found his nipples and performed his own blitz on them.

They took off the rest of there clothes and laid on their sides facing each other.

"You've grown into a striking young man, Dillon. I can't believe my eyes."

Dillon leaned in and kissed Trevor gently. "I want you to make love to me."

Trevor's hand traveled down his younger brother's stomach and to his cock.

Dillon gasped at the sudden pressure on his cock. Trevor stroked the length slowly, getting it to stand at attention.

Once Dillon was hard, Trevor leaned over him to grab a tube of lube. He squirted some into his hand and rubbed a lubed finger into his brother's anus.

Again, Dillon gasped then moaned. "More." He whispered.

Trevor inserted another finger, this time scissoring them and trying to find Dillon's prostate. He found the sensitive nub and rubbed it, making him moan and writhe.

Trevor put in another finger and continued to open up Dillon whilst prodding at his prostate.

"Oh Trevor I need you, now. Put it in."

Trevor lined his bare 6 inch cock up with Dillon's eager hole and pushed in slowly until he was all the way in.

'So warm... So tight and soft, like velvet.' Trevor thought to himself. It was his first time being a top, and he knew why everyone loved being one.

Dillon squirmed below him, begging him to move. Trevor complied with light thrusts of his hips.

"Ohhhhh Trevor."

Trevor adjusted his angle to upwards and Dillon screamed out, pleasure coursing through him.

"What's wrong, did I hurt you?" Trevor seized his movement, looking down at his brother with concern.

"Exact opposite. Do it again, hit that spot again." Dillon moan, enraptured.

Realization dawned on Trevor, he'd hit Dillon's prostate. He started moving his hips back and forth again, in the same angle. He wanted to give Dillon pleasure like he'd never felt before.

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