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Attorney Client Privilege


Jack looked at the door. This was the place. He had an 11:00AM appointment. He knocked. "Come in."

There sat Barbara Phillips, thirty-six years-old, attorney. The most beautiful woman Jack had ever laid eyes on. And she was black. He'd always been attracted to black women.

"Mr. Shea?"


Barbara rose from her desk and came to meet Jack. She extended her hand. Jack reached for it and they both got a slight shock. Barbara laughed, "I guess it's a little dry in here. I'm Barbara Phillips."

"Jack Shea."

"Have a seat, Mr. Shea."

Jack sat. Then, the forty-five year-old white man watched as the black lawyer made her way back to her desk. His cock twitched as he marveled at her ass and legs.

"My secretary gave me some of the info. Tell me what happened."

"Well, I'm charged with battery. But I didn't really do anything, except defend myself." Jack heard himself going on about his case. But all he could think about was the vision sitting across the desk from him.

Barbara Phillips had a successful law practice. It kept her busy. Too busy to meet men. Except for the kind that needed lawyers. And most of those were not the kind she would be interested in. As Jack spoke, Barbara found herself watching his lips and hands. Remembering the shock when their hands touched, she began to feel a little warm. Get yourself together lady, Barbara thought. It's just that you haven't been with anybody in a long time. Besides, he's a white man. Not that Barbara was prejudiced, it's just that even though she wondered about white men sexually, she had only viewed it as a fantasy.

"So, I was just defending myself, Ms Phillips. I didn't hit the guy, he came at me and I pushed him away and he fell."

"Were there any witnesses?"

"Yes, I found one. A neighbor, Elizabeth Costello, she saw the whole thing. She'll testify."

"Call me Barbara, Mr. Shea." Barbara was surprised at this, as she usually kept things businesslike.

"Call me Jack." Jack was now fully erect after gazing at this intelligent beauty for the past fifteen minutes.

Barbara rose from her chair and came around the desk. "My fee is based on the hours that I put into a case. This shouldn't be too difficult, seeing as how you've already got a witness. How does a thousand sound?"

Jack didn't answer, instead he rose from his chair and took Barbara into his arms. "I'm sorry, I have to do this." He kissed her, then pulled back to see what Barbara's reaction was. Her eyes were closed. He moved in again, this time his kiss was met with Barbara's tongue. They kissed long and wet. Barbara's breathing told him, full speed ahead.

He moved his hands to her ass as she unbuttoned his shirt. Still kissing, they explored each other's bodies. Her ass was firm and full, he began to slide the skirt up, the thong panties Barbara was wearing gave him full access to her great ass. She took his shirt off and began kissing his muscled chest, and nipples. Jack nuzzled his head into her hair as she kissed and sucked her way down his taut abs. Her hair smelled of lilacs, this drove him wild. Barbara pushed him to the desk and he lay back. She unclasped his pants and pulled them down, revealing a great erection poking through his boxers. She kissed his cock through the material and rubbed his balls. After giving Jack a kiss, Barbara went back down to his cock, she pulled the shorts off and gazed at her first white cock. Taking it into her mouth caused Jack to moan.

Barbara sucked and kissed the pink head, running her tongue over it and sticking her tongue inside the peehole. Jack caressed her face as she sucked him. Watching her mouth slide up and down over the white shaft made Jack's balls tighten.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum, if you keep doing that."

"Don't cum, sweetie." Barbara stopped sucking and Jack moved her into his spot on the desk. He slid her skirt up around her waist and unbuttoned her white blouse, exposing great, dark tits covered by a tan bra. He then moved his head between her legs. She smelled delightful, her tan panties were already wet, he kissed the wetness and put his nose to it. He wanted to experience every inch of this magnificent beauty. He then slid them off, stopping to sniff them again. Live for the moment, Jack. He tossed them aside and moved toward the dark, shaved pussy. He kissed and licked all around, causing Barbara to wiggle and squirm on the desk.

"God, it's been so long, Jack. It feels so good."

"Mmm, I'm glad babe. You taste so good." As he resumed his feast, Barbara enclosed his head with her long, dark legs. Jack lightly licked her clit as Barbara's moans and cries filled the room. She ran her fingers through his silver hair and pulled on it as she began to writhe and buck.

"Oh God, Jack. Ah, oh yes, yes, oh baby!" Her cum juice ran down his chin. Jack lifted his head to see Barbara with her eyes closed and her chest heaving. On her face, a look of serene ecstasy. He kissed her beautiful lips and neck as she took his cock and put it inside her. Jack eased his cock in as he unhooked her bra, letting her beautiful, firm tits escape. He sucked the large, pert nipples as he pumped his black lover. Hearing her kittenlike responses turned him into a sexual machine. He was pleasing a Goddess.

Barbara looked into Jack's eyes and wrapped her legs around his waist as he fucked her. The difference in their skin colors excited her as she ran her fingernails lightly over his white chest. Then she reached down to caress his balls as his shaft moved in and out.

With that Jack couldn't hold back. His balls rose and tightened in the sack. "Oh Barbara, oh yeah, baby, yes, I'm cumming!"

He pumped harder and Barbara was ready too. "Jack, oh yes, lover, oh God, oh God, ah,ah..." She bucked her hips and squeezed her legs around her white lover until they were both spent. Their echo of their moans still filled the room as they held each other, breathing as one.

After several minutes Jack kissed Barbara. Her receptive manner told him that they were going to be seeing each other again, outside of the courtroom.

"So, do you think you can get me off?" Jack asked.

"I think I already have," Barbara said.

They laughed, a lover's laugh.

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