tagInterracial LoveAttorney Client Privilege Bk. 03

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 03


- 12 -

Lis pondered her predicament as she sat at her desk at Collins, Kelly & Witt. She didn't like being in these positions even one as sexually exciting as this one. She had been splitting her time between X and Corinna. One night it was sweating up the sheets in the upper eastside taking X's penis anyway he would give it to her. The next she was wearing a different type of outfit as she walked hand in hand with Corinna into a club in the south end of the city that catered to lesbians. Lis had never dated two people at once before. Despite the daily passes from a cadre of gentleman and the occasional woman, Lis had always been conservative. She couldn't be bothered by the games. Those days had long since passed. Still Lis had made no promises to Corinna. The gorgeous prosecutor had even told Lis that it was okay to date men while she got comfortable being with another woman. Lis was just careful that Corinna didn't find out who the man was that she was sleeping with. Meanwhile she felt that she owed very little to X. While Lis had fallen hard for the black man she knew how he made his money and as much as she wanted too she wasn't going to offer him monogamy yet.

Lis was able to play one off against the other by telling them that work was important and there were some nights that she just had to be at the office. Lis was as disciplined as they came and she needed that discipline with both these lovers but for different reasons. While she had to hold off Corinna with a stick Lis had to keep her cool around X. Corinna would have been happy to have her move in and become her wife. Meanwhile Lis wasn't even ready to admit to the outside world that she was sleeping with a woman. Still she kept some of her clothes at Corinna's for the one or two times a week she would sleep there. At the same time Lis was using every bit of her self control not to fall on her knees and beg X to take her as his own. The black man had really gotten under her skin, as much as any man had ever been able too. She thought about X all the time, when she was at work and even when she made love to Corinna.

Today Lis was trying her best to finish a memo regarding a strategy for a new case. The firm was defending Whillock Communications in an antitrust case. It was potentially one of the biggest cases the firm had ever done. With the positive outcomes of the Keltic suit and even Xavier Washington's case Lis had made subtle but very appreciable progress at the firm. She was no longer carrying the water for many of the partners. She was being assigned to the more high profile cases and she was doing more important work. Many of the newer associates were coming to her for help with their own work. They knew Lis didn't carry any of the self important elitist attitudes that many of the other more experienced associates had for baggage. They also sensed that they were sharing their work with a woman that was on track to become a partner.

It was Friday and Lis was recovering from a night spent with Corinna and her thick rubber friend Eduardo. Prior to the sexual workout they had spent some time down at Sally's. It was a dinner club where women could eat and dance in an intimate setting and not be interrupted or found out by husbands, boyfriends or anyone else from the outside world. While Corinna wasn't worried about the outside world Lis and many of the other women did. The blonde couple ate salads and sea bass and then alternately danced cheek to cheek on the floor to some slow sensuous music and ground their bodies against each other to a techno beat. Interestingly enough despite being a taboo homosexual relationship for Lis it was calm compared to what she felt around X.

Lis had delivered her strategy to a couple of the partners and it was met with overwhelming approval. She knew she was on a roll as she returned to her office. One of her phone messages was from X. He didn't call often and when he did Lis got butterflies in her stomach. They always seemed to be around when X called. Lis gave up all pretense of being nonchalant and returned his call immediately.

"Hey sweet thing how's your day going?" X's voice was baritone bliss to Lis.

"Hi honey. Things are great." Lis breathed into the phone in her soft husky voice.

"I haven't seen you much lately. I hope I didn't do anything wrong girl." It was true X hadn't seen Lis for a few days. More importantly he was an expert at putting his women off balance and feel as if they owed him something.

"Oh God no! I've missed you so much. I've just been so busy at work and it's so important. I've been thinking about you." Lis admitted.

"I've missed you too." X added.

"I was put on this big case. I've had to put in some serious hours." Lis informed her lover.

"Well I'm sure that it can't match the importance of a certain landlord/tenant dispute." The black man chuckled softly into the phone.

"I like working with certain landlords. The fringe benefits of those jobs are so nice." Lis let out a laugh like a smitten schoolgirl.

"We should take advantage of those fringe benefits this evening. Why don't you put on something slinky and maybe some of that sexy lingerie that looks so sweet when you wear it. You know for a formal cocktail party and a little exercise afterwards. I've got another job for you." X offered.

"What kind of a job?" Lis chuckled at the minor role play.

"Oh it's a surprise but I'll give you a hint, a chocoholic like you will just love it. Let's say my place at 6:30?" X requested.

"Well you have me there I do love chocolate." Lis returned.

"You'll be heading out to a real nice party and some real fun tonight. Can you handle that baby?" X asked her.

"Sounds like fun. I'll be there." Lis said.

"It's nice to know I can count on you honey. I'll see you later." X said before he hung up.

She was excited. While Lis and X had been sleeping together for over a while they had rarely gone out in public. Previously there had been good reason to keep their relationship behind closed doors. The two of them had been involved in a criminal case and if their relationship had been made public it would have destroyed her career and possibly hurt the case to the point that X might have gone to jail. Then there was DJ. When Lis first started fucking the black man she was still very much with the uptight white boy from Westchester County. It was funny that she had thought of him as a boy. She hadn't before. That is until she had met X. Now that all these distractions were behind them maybe X was going to start taking Lis out and treat her as his lady. The thought was exciting to Lis.

There was no avoiding it now. X had invaded Lis' mind and she wasn't going to shake him until she was in his arms. All she could concentrate on was what she was going to wear and how she was going to feel when X made love to her. She snuck out of work early and got home in time to wax her legs and pubic area. As always she left a small patch above her genitals. Then she took a long bath and relaxed. She had been tired from her evening with Corinna but the promise of a romantic night on the town with X was too good to pass up. Lis rubbed baby oil all over her body. It made her skin nice and soft and for whatever reason made her smooth muscular legs shine. The silk stockings slid up her legs easily. The cocktail dress was a tight fitting black sequin design that was backless and went down to mid thigh. Lis quickly checked out her shoe closet. The collection would have made Imelda Marcos blush. Lis looked at her choice of clothes as an investment. She felt that her appearance had a direct effect on her success both personally and professionally. She looked over the choices she had in black and quickly picked up a pair of Jimmy Choo patent leather sandals. Lis had been seriously addicted to Ferragamo shoes in the past and still wore them for conservative occasions such as work. Yet recently she had become a disciple of Jimmy Choo. The shoes were modern and stylish and perfect for a wild evening on the town. The sandals she had picked had a four inch heel and an intricate design of leather straps that ran up her foot from the base of the sandal and became a strap that wrapped around her ankle. Lis loved the engineering and giggled as she fastened the small buckle around her ankle. She couldn't help but think about how wonderful the expensive shoes were going to look high in the air as X went at her over and over and her legs kicked furiously with each orgasm.

- 13 -

As the cab pulled up to X's townhouse Lis was strategizing about how she was going to convince X to stop breaking the law and retire from the escort business. He had said that since he had lost a couple of women to retirement, going into stripping or some other sex trade career change he had not bothered to replace them. X's escort service was shrinking and apparently he didn't mind. It made Lis feel hopeful and good about her decision to get involved with the handsome black man, not that she could have helped herself once X had decided he wanted her for himself.

Lis stepped out of the cab and saw the limousine parked in front of the townhouse. Curiosity was getting the best of her as she rang up X from the stoop. When the door opened Lis was surprised to see X standing there in his sweats. He was perspiring and wiping his face with a towel.

"Hey babe." X smiled at Lis as he checked out her nylon encased legs. He never got tired of getting a good look at the toned flesh that made up her legs.

"I thought we were going out?" Lis asked with a confused look on her face.

"Well you are. I thought we talked earlier?" X replied.

"What do you mean?" Lis asked.

"Come on in for a minute." X stepped aside and waved to the driver.

"X what's going on here?" Lis inquired as the black man put his arm around her.

"Lis honey when we were talking earlier, about tonight, I really meant that I had a job for you tonight." X looked at Lis and saw that she still didn't quite get it. "Like you did for me with Kelvin."

"You're whoring me out?" Lis was incredulous.

"Honey I'm sorry I wasn't clear. We were talking about a job on the phone. When you said you were okay doing the job I thought you wanted to do it." X remarked defensively.

"X how could you think that?" Lis was stunned but not totally disbelieving of the black man's logic.

"After what you said about your experience with Kelvin I thought you may be into this thing. Then when I told you I had a job tonight. Well maybe I just wasn't clear enough. I wanted to be discreet on the phone." X laid it on as smoothly as possible.

"I thought we were going out tonight?" Lis said again as if saying it over and over might make it true.

"You're just doing it at the Jamaican embassy then you come right back here. We'll be together." X stepped up confidently and kissed Lis. When she didn't pull away he knew he had her.

"What did you get me into?" Lis couldn't help sating her curiosity.

"I need you to attend a cocktail party at the Jamaican embassy. They're the biggest clients I have. Without you I'm in big trouble. I can't afford to lose these clients." X seemed to be almost pleading as he neared closing the deal.

"So you just want me to go to a cocktail party?" Lis asked hopefully.

"You can do whatever you want when you get there. I have another girl in the limo. There are a couple of men, my clients that I would like you to schmooze. You know make them feel good for a couple of hours. Your share is $1000." X explained.

"A $1000 to have drinks with some men?" Lis smiled for the first time since she had been in the townhouse. She wasn't stupid and she was surprised that X was playing her that way after all they had been through. Yet despite being disappointed beyond belief and feeling betrayed Lis threw her smarts out the window as she concentrated on not disappointing X. If he lost these clients because of a misunderstanding between them would Lis lose him? Besides Lis had been so excited the night she had played the whore with Kelvin. He had been so handsome and such a gentleman and she could be the naughty slut and there were no regrets. It was expected of her and she liked it. The cocktail party might be a turn on and if she didn't like her date she would simply slip out no matter what it did to X's client base.

The limo driver was a tall well built black man. As Lis approached the vehicle he held the door for her and shamelessly stared at her body as she smiled up at him. Lis climbed into the limo and found a very sexy looking woman with short spiked brown hair sitting in the back seat. Lis sat opposite her on the jump seat facing the rear of the car.

"Hey girl my name is Nikki." She held out her hand and Lis shook it.

"My name is Lis." The blonde attorney replied in her deep voice. She checked out the expensive lambskin dress Nikki was wearing and the shapely silk encased legs crossed in front of her.

Nikki took in Lis' gaze and let her eyes drift over the blonde. She thought the young woman looked stunning. X had done it again.

"X tells me you're new at this game." Nikki broke up the mutual admiration stares.

"Yes. I've got to be honest I've got no idea what I'm doing." Lis looked away out one of the windows to try and hide a tear that had drained out of one of her eyes.

"Just keep your cool and follow my lead and honey don't be so upset. There's no reason to make this such a big thing. We're just out for a night of fun. I know what you're going through. I've been there and I won't leave you stranded out there tonight okay?" Nikki reached over and put her hand on Lis'. The short speech and the gesture had calmed the blonde a little.

"How long have you been doing this?" Lis was both curious and wanted to talk about anything to pass the time and calm her nerves.

"Ha! Let's say time flies when you're enjoying yourself." Nikki chortled and took a softer tone. "My illustrious career started in the porno industry. I had a boyfriend who was already doing it and he talked me into acting with him. I stayed for over eight years. I was pretty big too. Lots of guys recognize me even today." Nikki told Lis.

"What happened to your boyfriend?" Lis asked.

"What happens to all boyfriends? They either become a husband or they get lost. Mine got lost. I think he's selling quilts out in Oregon now. It didn't matter I got pretty big in the industry while I was out in California but when I came back home to New York there weren't a lot of job opportunities for a retried porno starlet. That is until I met X. He turned me on to the escort business ten years ago and I've been here ever since." Nikki finished her story.

"My God you've been in the business since you were a kid." Lis exclaimed. She had guessed that Nikki was just a year or two older than her.

"Oh honey you're so nice but I'm a little older than I look." Nikki took in the compliment with a smile.

"Do you like this work?" Lis was trying to pull as much information as possible from the short haired brunette.

"It's fine. I mean you'll find there are days you'd rather be doing something else just like any other job. Still I made almost $200,000 last year and with those legs that'll be an easy number for you to get too. I mean half my clients recognize me from being a porn actress and that really helps with the income. You may not have that but sweetie you are just gorgeous." Nikki continued to admire Lis to the point that the attorney was certain that the call girl was most definitely bisexual.

"Well thanks but this is just a onetime thing. I'm only doing X a favor." Lis cringed when Nikki began referring to her as a fellow escort.

"That's okay. A little experimentation is good. It's what got me into acting." Nikki added as a not so subtle warning. She looked out the window as the limo cruised through the theatre district.

"How many clients do you have?" Lis' curiosity had become insatiable.

"X lets me pick and choose. You know that seniority thing. I like the black men. Don't ask me why but for me they have been the better clients. These guys are going to spend up to $2000 a night so there's definitely a level of class there despite what you may think. I've never had a problem with one of my men. By the way, I hope you don't have a problem with black men do you?" Nikki asked.

"No not at all." Lis shook her head and smiled at Nikki.

"That's good because there just aren't too many blonde haired blue eyed boys at this embassy. In fact our clients are as black as coal." Nikki informed Lis.

"You know our dates? Who are they?" Lis was content to let her chatty fellow passenger continue on. Her first impression of Nikki was pretty positive. She seemed like one in a million, a woman that had made a very healthy living in the sex business and was mentally strong enough to handle it.

"Our boys are two Jamaican businessmen. They import sugar cane and rum. I mean I drink wine. Why couldn't these guys be from France?" Nikki's laugh was warm and genuine.

"What would happen to your preference for black men?" Lis smiled feeling more comfortable with the bubbly brunette.

"Oh girl you just haven't travelled. London is chock full of African and Caribbean studs. I'm sure I could find a cute black boy in wine country." Nikki gushed. "Listen these guys are real nice. I'll let you take Robert. He's older and he'll probably only be able to pop once, so it will be an easy night for you. Besides I have to admit that I have a bit of a crush on Trevor. So if that's okay."

"So we are expected to have sex?" Lis confirmed.

"Lis honey you could have worn pantyhose with that dress. Instead you've got a pair of real expensive stockings on those legs. I'll bet you're wearing very sexy garter belt too. Women don't put on that kind of equipment for a walk in the park. You're expecting to get laid tonight girlfriend." Nikki summarized.

As the limo pulled up in front of the embassy Lis took in Nikki's comments and fumed at how easily X had used her naivety and trust to turn her into a whore, first with Kelvin and now tonight.

The two women made their way into the lobby next door to the actual embassy. For security purposes that building was off limits but the building next door was large and opulent just the same. It was crowded with other partygoers. Lis had no idea what tonight's celebration was all about but it didn't matter. The embassy social schedules were pretty heavy this time of year. Lis had attended a couple in the past, although her experiences involved the Irish and the German embassies. This night was going to be very different.

The two women made their way through the large foyer which was the size of a hotel lobby to a main ballroom. At one point Nikki grabbed Lis' hand and turned her head towards two black men standing in the corner.

"There are our clients. Robert is the one on the left. I've been with Trevor before. He's fine. I know Robert but I've always been with Trevor so . . . " Nikki gushed.

"I understand. I'll take Robert." Lis was beginning to understand how an escort could detach herself emotionally from a client. She had already begun the process.

Nikki led Lis over to the men. As soon as she came into view the men lit up with anticipation and their enthusiasm grew when they realized that Lis was the second escort for the evening. The younger man was tall and lean. He had long dreadlocks and was wearing a very expensive tuxedo. The older man was dressed just as well yet his appearance was more conservative with a tight afro and he was wearing a black cummerbund and bowtie not the flamboyant but tasteful red and black design on Trevor. He practically knocked down the taller black man so he could be first to Lis.

As soon as Lis saw the black man she regretted her wardrobe choice. A longer gown would have matched his conservative appearance and heels shorter than the 4 inch ones attached to her Jimmy Choo sandals would have at least closed the gap in height somewhat. With her 5'-8" frame Lis was 6 feet tall in her heels. She estimated the man standing in front of her was only 5'-6" on his best day. Additionally he had grey hair and looked at least twenty years her senior.

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