Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 03


"Hello! My name is Robert!" The short black man gushed over the din of the crowd and held out his hand.

"Hi I'm Lis." Lis gave the black man her hand as her deep voice cut through the noise in the room.

"I'm so pleased you came tonight." He smiled up at the blonde haired beauty.

"I wouldn't have missed it." Lis played along.

Nikki and Trevor broke in. The large black man had his arm around her. They already looked like a happy couple. Lis could see why Nikki wanted Trevor. He was young and handsome.

"Trevor this is my friend Lis." Nikki introduced the two.

Trevor untangled himself from his sultry escort and shook Lis' hand. He smiled at Robert. He knew his friend had just gotten very lucky.

"So would everyone like a drink?" Robert offered.

"Could you please get me a glass of that wine we had the last time? Lis it's incredible." Nikki chimed in.

"I may have some later. I'll have a Dewars on the rocks." Lis wanted to make sure she had sufficient anesthesia in her system for the night ahead. She wasn't going to get stumbling drunk but Lis wanted to be nice and buzzed.

The elder black man motioned to a waitress. Lis guessed that these men must have had clout. Despite the crowd the drinks arrived quickly. Robert also knew his scotch. He made sure that Lis got a glass of Dewars Signature which was superior to the 12 year old scotch that Lis normally drank. Trevor took the drinks from the waitress and handed them around. Lis sipped hers and listened to the small talk between the other three. It was clear that the two men had hired Nikki many times before. There were even stories about Nikki spending time in Kingston. Gradually the four paired off and Robert turned his attention to Lis.

"So you are an athlete." The black man surmised.

"What makes you say that?" Lis was curious about the compliment.

"Your legs, they are magnificent." Robert gazed down at Lis' exposed thighs. "Not to mention the rest of you. You are very impressive."

"Thank you." Lis bit her lip hiding her disappointment at the misogynist remark.

"I can also tell that you are not familiar with this world." Robert continued his dissection of Lis.

"And what makes you say that?" Lis' grin was tight as she waited for Robert's next remark.

"Well you drink scotch, and you appreciate very good scotch. I can tell. A drink made for the powerful and I thought you were going to kill me when I made that rude comment about your legs." In a few sentences Robert proved himself to be much sharper than he had originally come off. "Honestly I don't mean to be nosey about your personal life, it's none of my business. I apologize if I was too forward. I am just very glad that you came tonight."

Lis nodded and took another sip of her drink. Robert had redeemed himself. It was obvious that no one had handed this black man his money. He was observant and aggressive. Lis was impressed and almost couldn't resist letting him know she was available for corporate legal work. It would have been a hoot informing the partners how she got to know her latest client at her other job as a call girl.

Despite Robert being a smart and somewhat pleasant man the night progressed into somewhat of a public humiliation for Lis. Besides constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure no one she knew was at the party. Robert couldn't resist parading her around like a prized trophy. And why not, there were other white women on the arms of black men but partygoers knew most of them. This young woman was fresh and quite gorgeous. Next to her older shorter date she stuck out like a bright flower. Yet Lis realized that this was part of the game. She was not there to enjoy herself as much to make her man look good in public and then pleasure him later in private.

Robert introduced Lis all around and the other guests were amazed. The statuesque blonde was too sophisticated to be a whore and there was no scent of a woman that was accustomed to being used. Could it be that she was so hard up for black dick that she was sleeping with the older man or was it his money that was the aphrodisiac that had her arm in arm with the black man? Whatever the reason many of the other men openly congratulated Robert on his conquest. As Lis finished off the evening dancing slowly with Robert, his head barely able to rest against hers as she leaned down and held him, her feelings of humiliation were clearly mixed with a weird sort of excitement. She was finding that she liked the idea of performing in front of strangers

The two couples rode up the elevator to the sixth floor. The embassy's annex building had some small apartments that more distinguished guests such as Trevor and Robert stayed at when they were in town. The elevator door opened to a large foyer. It was carpeted by a lavish blue and gold design. There were couches outside each of the three doors off the foyer. Lis was led by Robert to one of the couches while Trevor and Nikki sat down at another couch opposite them. Robert put his hand on Lis' thigh and leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"Your leg is so well toned. You should be proud of your body." He whispered into her ear.

"Thank you." Lis managed as she turned her head and their lips touched.

Suddenly the elevator door opened. An interracial couple in their fifties walked out followed by a waitress carrying a tray with four glasses.

"After dinner drinks Robert?" The blonde haired woman smiled as she hung on the arm of a distinguished looking black man.

"Oh why not Catherine, would you care to join us?" Robert beamed from the couch. "I'd like to introduce you to my friend Lis. This is Henri and Catherine Beauville."

Robert and Lis stood and shook hands with the other couple. Now Lis was truly impressed. He was running in the same circle as one of the biggest aluminum production magnates in the world, the Beauvilles were fixtures on the Forbes list of the world's 500 richest people. The tall woman was wearing a gorgeous dark green gown. Like Lis she towered over Robert. After politely declining Robert's invitation the couple quickly retreated to their apartment door but not before Catherine Beauville gave Lis a knowing smile. Lis just hoped that it wasn't a look of recognition.

The waitress was a pretty white girl in her twenties. She was a brunette with very bright blue eyes. Lis could see that underneath the frills of her tuxedo shirt and the short black skirt the girl had a nice body. She handed Lis her snifter of Sambuca and smiled.

"Have a nice evening." The waitress couldn't resist. Her look told Lis that the girl had probably sampled the joys of interracial sex herself.

"I will." Lis answered as she took the glass from her.

"Well it's a shame that our friend Carl is no longer making his trips up here. The Beauvilles are good neighbors just the same." Trevor commented and both men laughed like two schoolboys that were in on some silly joke.

"Come on guys. Carl is a sweet man." Nikki added.

"Sweet being the meaningful word." Robert added which drew another round of laughter from the men.

"What's so funny?" Lis was curious.

"Carl is a very nice businessman from Jamaica and a good friend of these two. He's gay and these guys always gave him a hard time. They were mean." Nikki chastised the giggling men.

"He sold his distillery and retired last year and we were never mean to my good friend. What our pretty friend Nikki fails to mention is that Carl could dish it out as good as he got it. We may have chided him about his sexuality but he always had a sharp and funny comeback. We never treated Carl as anything another than a friend. Since his retirement Carl pretty much stays at home in Jamaica. One thing we had in common with our friend was a weakness for things pretty and white." Robert admitted.

"Well there was one rather big difference underneath his girlfriend's dresses." Trevor couldn't resist adding.

This comment earned Trevor a smack across his arm from Nikki. She seemed to be very fond of Carl and didn't like the men talking about him this way. Meanwhile all it did was bring about more guffaws from the two men who were enjoying their own jokes about their friend.

"Carl liked to date men who dressed as women." Nikki informed Lis from her couch.

"I remember seeing two of those women, if you will, quite often. I have to tell you they were better looking than most of the women in the ballroom tonight." Robert admitted.

"I have to say I do agree. Our friend Carl had good taste even if it was with the wrong sex." Trevor smiled as he tried to suppress another outburst of laughter.

"Well with the matter of Carl and his girlfriends Ellie and Tammy fully discussed and our drinks served I would like to bid you two good night." Robert stood and took Lis' hand.

Lis stood and came face to face with the fact that this older diminutive black man was going to fuck her and she was going to gladly let him do it. Robert opened the door to their apartment and let her walk in first. The room was huge with a large bed located up a couple of steps at the far end of the room. There were bathrooms located on each side of the room.

"The other Apartment has two rooms but it's much too small. I like this one better." Robert casually commented.

"I can see why. It's so elegant." Lis answered nervously as her anxiety level spiked.

Robert didn't say another word. He threw off his jacket and undid his pants. He sat down on a chair wearing only his unbuttoned tuxedo shirt. Lis saw that despite his age the black man was in very good shape. He took the studs out of his shirt and placed them on the stand next to the overstuffed chair. The shirt fell away on each side and exposed an abdomen that still rippled with definition.

He leaned back and began playing with his cock. Lis had never been in such a surreal situation. This man had simply stripped down and it was obvious that he now expected the woman he had paid good money for to perform for him. Lis noticed that the man's penis was very unusual looking. The black member was uncircumcised with an ample amount of foreskin extending beyond the head. It was rather stubby looking not because it was short but rather extremely fat. While not anywhere as long as X or Kelvin it was at least average in length and so fat in the middle of the shaft that it looked like a small football.

"You realize that I have been waiting for this since the moment I saw you, don't you?" Robert was pumping his meat and pushing his hips upward.

Lis needed no more direction. She wiggled out of her dress and then her panties and bra. She thought about undoing her garter belt but figured the black man would tell her if he wanted her naked. She moved over to him.

"My God! You are magnificent! You're legs in those stockings!" Robert gushed.

Lis smiled and dropped to her knees. She took the bulbous member from the black man and stroked it. Robert groaned and leaned back in the chair.

"You're quite thick." Lis complimented him.

She wasn't just paying Robert a false compliment either. As she had observed from a distance his penis expanded at the middle of the shaft to an almost comical proportion. The erection looked like a balloon. Lis gently ran her hand over Robert tugging on the foreskin and exposing the head.

"My guess is that none of your country club boyfriends have a penis this thick." Robert estimated.

"No that's for sure." Lis replied as she gazed at the jet black prong.

"Then suck on it. You know that you want too." Robert said through a thick groan.

Lis leaned down and began sucking on Robert. The foreskin was like an elastic band where it wrapped around the head. She dipped her tongue into the hole at the top of the rubbery skin and touched his head. Robert moans became more urgent and he gently pushed down on Lis' head. Then as her head began to bob up and down on him, the black man began taunting Lis.

"Such a pretty white girl, that's it suck my black dick. You know you're addicted now. You were so excited dancing with me in public, letting everyone fantasize that the sexiest white girl in the room would end up on her knees in front of me. And now you're doing it, just another white slut giving it up to a black man. You white girls get prettier all the time." Robert said as Lis continued servicing him.

Lis just kept sucking. She could have told him to stop it. The truth was she knew he was right. Besides she was working and sometimes working wasn't all that fun. In this case if she didn't like being called a whore for black cock she would just have to take it because Robert had paid lavishly for the privilege. Besides deep down she knew in her case he was absolutely correct. She was giving head to yet another black man that was on the larger side of average at least in thickness this time. At this point in her career Lis could open her mouth and swallow just about anything without gagging. She had done enough practicing with X but she couldn't get her mouth around the thickest part of Robert's shaft.

The black man didn't seem to care. He was pushing down on the blonde's head with increasing pressure and at the same time was now pushing up into her mouth with his hard penis. All at once Robert's bulbous erection eased further into her throat until Lis was staring at a mixture of grey and black pubic hair. The member filled her mouth and lodged in her throat. Lis thought she might suffocate she was so stuffed with cock. She could now feel his scrotum against her chin. She looked up at Robert, who was now standing, for some kind of mercy but found none.

"Oh you young white women are so docile, so eager to please." The black man rocked back and forth. Lis' head went with him now attached to his body by the rigid penis lodged in her throat.

Lis was miserable with discomfort but she wouldn't quit. She could take whatever this black man dished out. She had tears streaming down her face much to Robert's delight. Lis felt certain that the only way she was going to dislodge the hard football shaped member was to make Robert cum. Yet this would momentarily make things worse by further filling her with his seed. Still Lis was thrilled at the idea of this smallish black man dominating her. With her throat slowly relaxing and becoming accustomed to the thick piece of meat she dug her nails into his buttocks further anchoring herself to his swaying body. She wanted this man on top of her. Meanwhile from above Robert sensed the woman's submissive enthusiasm. This blonde was so gorgeous, so prim and proper he was really going to enjoy breaking her. And at this point in the sexual encounter the black man knew he almost had her and it pleased him to no end.

Robert pushed back from Lis. She had taken all of him down her throat so her lips had to stretch in order to get past the thick middle of the shaft. There was a popping noise as his erection, glistening with saliva, slid out.

"Stand up you lustful slut." The black man ordered with a smile.

He helped Lis up by her arms and they ended up in a hug. Still in her pumps Lis had to lean down to get her arms around him comfortably. He grabbed her hair and tilted her head downward. The older man stuck out his tongue and Lis eagerly sucked it into her mouth. Their tongues rubbed against each other mostly in Lis' mouth and she got Robert to tongue wrestle outside both their mouths just the way she liked it done. Meanwhile Robert had reached down and begun to manipulate her genitals. Lis shuddered in his arms and let out a moan. They stood there passionately kissing for awhile until Robert gave Lis' buttocks a playful slap with his hand.

"It's time to give you what you've been waiting for all night. Get on the bed and I will put you through your paces my dear." Robert demanded.

Lis smiled and obeyed. When she had first met Robert at the beginning of the night she would have never thought that she would be this passionate lying on a bed waiting for him to get on top of her but here she was on fire and full of carnal desire. It came down to the revelation that had been hinted at with X and that had exploded out of her when she was with Corinna, Lis loved role playing and she was quickly discovering from all her recent sexual encounters that her favorite part was as the submissive. She pulled down the blankets and climbed into the bed. The sheets and pillows felt so cool and smooth against her red hot skin. She lay back against the pillows with her legs spread. She was anxious to offer her surrender to Robert. Obviously the black man had turned out to be a far superior lover than she had estimated at the beginning of the evening.

The black man walked towards the bed. Lis gazed at his naked body. It was wiry and wrapped with ropes of muscle. Despite his age the Jamaican had stayed in excellent shape, a hopeful sign of his sexual prowess. Lis continued to be enthralled with the shape of his penis. The erection bounced up and down straight out in front of him like a shiny black balloon. As he climbed up onto the bed Lis no longer saw a mature smallish man. She saw Robert as a strong confident black stud with a hammer for a sexual tool.

The black man climbed on top of Lis and she kissed him on the lips. Robert kissed her back hard on the mouth. She lifted her legs inviting him inside her. Robert accepted by rearing back and placing his engorged penis at her sopping wet vagina.

'Are you ready to be broken my lovely slut?" Robert smiled down at her confidently.

"Do it to me but just know that I'm not giving in that easily." Lis challenged already breathing heavily.

Robert lunged forward with a measured thrust. Lis was surprised at the Jamaican's restraint. Her vagina easily accepted the ebony prong up to the thickest part of the shaft. Robert withdrew and gently thrust again. He began relentlessly undulating back and forth. As she worked with him Lis could feel the appendage burrowing deeper inside her each time it came at her. That the black man would soon be balls deep inside her was inevitable. Still the Jamaican was patient. A large part of his sexual conquest up till now had been his forceful assault of Lis' mouth and his taunting remarks. Now he knew that simply ramming his abnormally thick manhood into her like a wanton animal was not the way to make her cum. This ability to change gears made it apparent to Lis that she was far from the first white girl Robert had taken.

Meanwhile the Jamaican smiled down at Lis squirming beneath him. She was clearly uncomfortable with his thickness and it made the black man feel good that he could still have this effect on a woman, even a professional whore, that Lis was so gorgeous, young and white made it that much more sweet. Eventually Robert's need to be inside Lis overcame any pain she may have been experiencing. So he hugged her close and pushed down. The blonde let out a groan and her vagina finally stretched and accommodated him.

He started slowly and then built up to a pace that resembled a jackhammer at work. Lis had promised the Jamaican a good fight before she surrendered with an orgasm but his stamina was incredible. Usually a man's body could fuck for only so long. Whether he came or not he still had to slow down or stop in order to regroup. Robert just kept going. Lis couldn't deny that she was enjoying the short bursts that were exploding inside her. She was moaning loudly and her hands were holding her legs in a jackknifed position which allowed Robert to bounce off her. It didn't take Lis long to weaken. She tried to hold it off but her body began to give in and she could feel her first orgasm welling up inside her. It was an eruption that brought a joyful gasp.

"That's my girl. Give me what I want. You perform as well as any white woman." Robert growled finally out of breath.

Lis could only sigh in response. Shockwave after shockwave followed her first orgasm. They wouldn't stop as long as the black man kept fucking her and Lis didn't want either to happen. Her head thrashed from side to side and she had a look of euphoria as the liquid streamed out of her and covered them both. She had given into the black man.

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