tagInterracial LoveAttorney Client Privilege Bk. 07

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 07



Lis was slipping on her navy blue Jimmy Choo pumps when she first heard the noise outside her front door. She figured that one of her neighbors must have been moving something big into their residence as she checked herself out in the full length mirror. She was wearing a navy blue business suit and she knew she looked good in it. The skirt was a bit longer than most of her skirts it went slightly below her knees but it had a long slit up one side that showed off a healthy portion of thigh when she walked or sat down.

Lis opened the door expecting to find some moving men wrestling a couch into a neighbor's place. Instead she found Gideon wearing a tool belt and holding a folding table saw and a couple of other hand tools.

"Hey what in God's name are you doing?" It was Monday and Lis liked to be early to work on the first day of the week.

"I had some great ideas for the trim in your living room." Gideon said with a hopeful smile as he brushed by Lis into her living room.

"Gideon! I have to get to work! What makes you think I wanted to renovate my place?" Lis had a bewildered smile on her face.

"Look, this has nothing to do with us over the past couple of days. I have no delusions there. I do owe you. I owe you and the rest of the girls I've abused. This is the least I can do." For an enormous man Gideon had a certain sad look when he came clean and Lis decided to buy it.

"So you're going to redo each of our apartments?" Lis smiled at the black man.

"If I have too." Gideon's smile was broad and less pathetic now.

"Well in that case you can work on putting on the crown molding and I've always wanted a bookcase over there. Let me get you some cash for the materials." Lis opened a drawer in her desk and grabbed some money.

"You don't have to pay me anything." He said.

"The labor's your redemption. The wood is going to be mahogany so I'm paying for that. I don't know what X is paying you but I'm not going to bankrupt you with my ridiculous tastes." She handed over a small stack of bills to Gideon. Lis always seemed to have stacks of cash around ever since she had been getting paid to have sex.

Lis had a good day at the office. She settled a civil case that had been hanging out there for a month or two longer than it should have all because the blonde attorney had been spending too many nights on her back with her legs high in the air instead of burning the midnight oil at her law firm. Yet the signatures on the settlement meant $800,000 for the firm and while it was far from a record fee there had been only 500 hours invested in the case and that meant a nice profit. What the partners at the firm were interested in wasn't how many black men their associate was making but how much money she was making for them and today they were very happy with her.

Lis had been so involved with her client that she had forgotten all about the construction project going on at her home. She walked through the door at about 9pm to the smell of freshly cut wood and the sound of a hammer banging nails from her bedroom. Lis immediately noticed the huge bookcase that had been built into and running the full length of the wall. It was much larger than she had thought would fit comfortably into the room but she was wrong, it looked beautiful. It went from the floor to the ceiling then she saw the craftsmanship that had gone into the construction. Then there was the crown molding. It had been custom lathed not bought from a lumberyard pre milled. Whoever had done this was a very skilled carpenter and in a few hours had increased the value of Lis' condo by tens of thousands of dollars.

"Gideon?" Lis called out.

"I'm back here Lis." The black man answered.

Lis delicately stepped over some equipment and wood scraps in her high heels and made her way back to the bedroom. She noticed that the intricate trim continued on into the kitchen and wondered how one man could have done so much work. When she entered the bedroom she was floored. Gideon was putting the finishing touches on the molding that wrapped around another ceiling high bookcase that was about six feet wide.

"Good God Gideon! How did you get all this done?" Lis was truly amazed.

"I told you I was good." Gideon looked like the cat that had eaten the canary.

"Come on this installation is one weeks work and that's without the mill work which is just awesome." Lis challenged as she stepped up to the ladder Gideon was on and playfully rattled it.

The black man actually had to grab the newly installed bookcase for support which caused them to both laugh. Gideon climbed down and faced Lis. They were very close. Lis could see that the black man was wet with sweat. His shirt was unbuttoned and beads of sweat were resting on his muscular chest.

"Actually this whole job is about two weeks worth." Gideon smiled down at the gorgeous white woman.

"Unless?" Lis prodded further.

Gideon chuckled and gave it up. "Unless someone has a crew of friends that own a cabinet shop. Then you might be able to furnish a skyscraper in a day."

"Gideon I told you I wanted it simple because I didn't want you to spend money. You're labor was enough." Lis was shaking her head in disbelief at the work that had been done.

"They all owed me a favor and were glad to help. Especially, after they saw your picture." Gideon responded.

"How many men were working in here?" Lis smirked.

"Ten, but they're all good guys, real professionals. Nothing was taken and no one went through your drawers. I promise." Gideon assured her.

"Ten men in here? Are you kidding me? It must have been a circus in here!" Lis was beaming up at the black man's face now.

"They all know what they're doing so we were able to get most of it done. Just some final touches and the stain work." Gideon continued to assure her.

Lis was over any kind of shock and began playing with Gideon. "They saw my picture, huh?"

Gideon nodded.

"No one sniffed my lingerie?"

He shrugged with a grin as if he was truly unsure about that one.

"Did you tell them I was your girlfriend?" Lis was now on her toes with her face right in front of Gideon's. She was glad to be able to look up at a man for a change. At her height and love of high heels it was a rarity.

"No way. You think my boys are going to believe I could get someone that looks like that?" Gideon pointed to the picture of Lis in a pair of jeans and cowboy boots standing next to a horse.

"You get to fuck me right?" Lis reminded the huge black man about their agreement and then planted a kiss on his lips.

"Lis I don't like to assume anything when it comes to something that's too good to be true." Gideon replied sheepishly.

"Maybe you're right but on the other hand . . ." Lis gave the black man's lips another peck and then turned and walked out of the room.

Gideon stood there not knowing what to do. He had never been in a position like this with such a beautiful woman. He heard Lis' heels clicking on the hardwood floor. He couldn't believe that he was here in this woman's apartment.

"Gideon!" She called for him.

He walked through the kitchen and not seeing her moved onto the living room. He found her there wearing only her blue high heels, a pair of very sheer pale blue stockings and a garter belt. She had her hands on her hips. Her body was exquisite in lingerie and her face made up. It seemed to accentuate her pert breasts, the torso highlighted by a feminine six pack of abdominal muscularity and of course the legs, thick with muscle and so shapely. She was an extraordinary woman.

"Get out of those clothes." She ordered.

"I . . . I've been working all day." Gideon nervously referred to his hygiene.

"I like the way you smell. Besides I'm only going to make you sweat more, a lot more. I'm going to make you work tonight Gideon." Lis announced as she watched the black man undress.

His penis was already erect. Lis liked it when a man showed his excitement without even being touched and this man had a cannon. Gideon's penis was a thick round tube of meat, thicker than any Lis had ever worked. Robert's prick was very thick at mid shaft, a bulbous member, and it was quite enjoyable. Yet now for Lis and her vaginal canal, now well stretched by so many African cocks, a 7 ½ inch penis was a bit pedestrian. In order to really ring the statuesque blonde's bell you had better have at least 9 inches swinging between your legs and Gideon had exactly that. The fact that he was 8 inches around when erect was icing on the cake to the long legged whore.

Lis walked over to the naked black man and gently grabbed his nuts. Gideon jumped at first and then realized she just wanted him close to her.

"You wanna blow job or a fuck?" Lis grinned up at the black man's face.

Gideon had something else in mind. He grabbed Lis' buttocks and lifted her into the air. She kicked her legs into the air while he walked her over to a table and placed her on it. Lis spread her legs and awaited the inevitable penetration. Instead Gideon got down on his knees and sank his face between her thighs. Lis let out a stifled cry when she felt the tongue press against her genitals. This didn't happen often anymore. Since being a professional Lis did the servicing not the other way around.

Lis lay down on the table and draped her silk encased legs on the black man's shoulders. She was really relaxing now and she knew this was really not work. She was being pleasured by Gideon's tongue and while not in a league with Cory Everlund he wasn't doing a bad job. There was hope for this eager black man. He was licking in all the right places and her juices were starting to flow all over his face. Lis let the soft high pitched sighs escape from her throat. This is how Lis envisioned her post prostitute love life, being made love too by a handsome, sexually capable and generous man and most definitely a black man. Yes, if ever Lis Rome would get to choose again it would be a man of African descent. When she thought about a perfect man he had traces of Kelvin, Robert, now Gideon and, of course X running through his veins. Lis had come to accept that regardless of what happened over the next few weeks she would never be rid of that man.

Lis was thoroughly enjoying Gideon's oral ministrations. The feeling of his tongue dragging across her large and now engorged labia lips was sending shivers through her entire body. Sensing her response to his work Gideon put more pressure on Lis' genitals. He deftly slipped a wet finger into her moistening hole. Lis squirmed and let out a plaintive howl.

"Oh Gideon! Yes!" Lis let out in her deep voice.

As for the black man he kept up his oral assault. He knew that his partner was close and more than anything he wanted this white woman to be happy with his performance. Gideon continued frigging her with his finger and licking up around her clitoris. Lis was moaning and bucking her hips up and down as her first orgasm hit. Fluid gushed out of her and streamed down to a small puddle that had formed on the table.

"Oh my darling you have to take me! Fuck me with that shiny black dick!" Lis pleaded.

Gideon got up and lined himself up with Lis. She watched the black man grab his erection and aim it between her legs. Even his bear sized paw seemed to barely wrap around the huge girthy prong which was now drooling with pre cum. Gideon was overcome with lust and could hold back no longer. He pressed against the slick opening and despite an inhuman thickness with the abundance of lubricant slid right into her. Lis reacted by lifting her upper body up of the table and groaning. She may have wet with excitement and accustomed to being stretched by well endowed men but a cock this thick was still a challenge to take.

Gideon wanted to fuck Lis so badly he was on auto pilot. He began lunging into Lis with force. His balls began bouncing off her ass and sweat was pouring out of his pores. He was leaning over the naked white woman with a hand placed on either side of her. Lis could smell his musk heavy with sweat and she reveled in it. She wrapped her legs around the pumping black torso and reached out and grabbed the edges of the table all for support against the muscular body heaving into her.

When it looked like the two of them might destroy the piece of furniture and have the whole building wondering if there was a rugby match being played out in her apartment Lis reached up and hugged the hulking black man.

"Nigga Squat me you motherfucker! Bounce me up and down!" Lis gasped.

Gideon hoisted her off the table by the buttocks. Then he began lunging upwards and then letting the weight of Lis' body fall back down on the stiff appendage that was buried deep inside her. Lis felt as if she was being bounced up and down on him for hours. Like most black men she found the Gideon's stamina extraordinary. It must have sounded like a herd of buffalo roaming above from the apartment below. Lis felt like a ragdoll as Gideon kept throwing her into the air with incredible ease. The muscular blonde had found her ultimate sexual athlete. Suddenly Gideon stopped bouncing Lis. He held her close. Lis could feel his hips still bucking and the thick penis moving inside her. Then the warmth spread inside her as his sperm flowed into her womb.

Lis held onto the black man until he was done. She let her legs drop and she stood on her tip toes as Gideon walked her over to the couch. They lay down on it with Lis in his muscular black arms. It was as if she were being held by a huge onyx statue Gideon was so big and solid. She reached for the remote and turned on the TV.

"Now isn't this perfect for a guy? A rigorous fuck and then a baseball game." Both of them laughed.

"This game's no good. I'm a Tigers man." Gideon kept chuckling.

"Tigers? How does a Tigers fan end up out here?" Lis turned and looked at him.

"I'm from Detroit." Gideon replied.

"Well good luck with that." Lis rested her head back on his chest.

"I think these stockings are about the best thing I've ever felt, especially with you wearing them." Gideon ran his hands along one of Lis' silk clad thigh which was damp with sweat and cum.

"Mmmm you better like them. They cost $50 dollars." Lis smiled down at the black man.

He lifted his head and kissed the blonde on the lips. Lis broke the kiss her smile had disappeared.

"Gideon we have to talk." Lis said softly in the darkening room.

"Okay, shoot." He replied.

"I need your help." She informed him.

"Whatever I can do, you know I owe you." He replied.

"Well first you should know that you owe me nothing and secondly the way things are going between us, it has nothing to do with what I need from you. I'm hoping we can see how things go between us despite you know . . . my job." Lis explained.

"I'm okay with whatever you want Lis. And I understand what you have to do to make your money." Gideon said.

"Okay well." Lis hesitated and the let it out. "I need to know what happened to Cameron Sedgewick.


Nikki smiled broadly and grabbed at the sheets. She loved the sensation of the bulbous cock stretching her vaginal opening as it slid inside her. She was laughing on her belly as Robert mounted her from behind. Once he was in to the hilt the black man covered the shapely brunette with his ebony colored body and began to undulate his hips up and down. He was much gentler with Nikki. The more physical dominating attitude was hatched with the woman who had become his true love, Lis. Nikki had a body that they could have modeled the Barbie doll after it was so perfect but in Lis Robert had a sexual playground.

Nikki moaned each time the thickness of the penis withdrew and stretched her labia lips. It was sexual bliss. She felt the black man's hands on her shoulders using her for support as he fucked her. She further showed her acceptance of his penis by throwing her legs over his. It further spread her for him and the black man began fucking her harder.

They had been going at it for about a half hour and the room was hot. She felt the sweat dripping onto her back. Having been with Robert so many times she could tell when the man was close and she knew Robert was about to pop. She clenched her vaginal canal down on his penis causing a wonderful friction. Robert felt the change in sensation and let out a groan. He couldn't fight it anymore. He gave in, quickening his pace and letting the tightness grab at his manhood. He let out groan after groan as his heaving body slapped against Nikki's buttocks. Nikki felt the sticky liquid gush into her. She let the wiry black man cum and then lay down on the smooth sheets when he collapsed on top of her.

"I've missed you Robert." Nikki let out between heavy breathing.

"And I you. My goodness I'd forgotten how wonderful you are my luv." He huffed from above.

Nikkie felt his lips on her neck and sighed. "You have Lis now. How could you miss any other woman."

The black man climbed off Nikki and lay down next to her so that they were facing each other on their sides. "You women are such a silly lot sometimes. You are so smart so beautiful but when another beautiful woman enters the room you automatically believe you are forgotten. Yes Lis is gorgeous and sexy but so are you my luv and there is no way either Trevor or myself would ever forget you. You are and always will be one of my loves."

Nikki blushed seemingly satisfied with the black man's eloquent explanation. They kissed and hugged each other.

"Now my sweet you have to take me to our dear friend Lis." Robert said as he began climbing out of the bed.

"You want to see her now? Can't it wait until tomorrow?" Nikki didn't relish the thought of leaving the bed covered with plush Egyptian cotton sheets.

"Why yes my luv, you see my dear friend Carl left a very important message for her before he left this world." Robert smiled sorrowfully at the sexy whore.


Lis flipped her cell phone shut as she climbed into the limo. She had told Robert that the easiest way to meet was if she stopped by the embassy on the way from her own sexual encounter from uptown. Amy was already in the back seat. The two women kissed as they moved out into traffic.

"Gideon we're going to stop at the embassy for an extra half hour or so. Is that possible?" Lis knew that X tracked the location of his whores and his two cars down to the minute and side trips were not often tolerated.

"X expects me back at the garage at 1am so I think were fine." The large black man turned his head slightly as he drove so that he could be heard.

The limo pulled up to the Jamaican embassy and the two women jumped out and moved quickly towards the residence building. Since they were expected the front desk waved them to the elevator.

"How did it go tonight?" Lis turned and asked Amy.

"Oh God! I'm trying to make peace with the fact that one of the most incredible bodies in the city shoots his load quicker than he can shoot the ball." Amy chagrined.

"Money is money even if it's a quick shooting pro basketball player." Lis told her fellow whore.

"He blew a huge load right on my thigh. It smeared all over my stocking." Amy lamented.

"So that's why you're barelegged. Hey Charles Mutomi that African oil guy? He's so flabby it's like having sex with a waterbed. Yet he's well hung and knows how to use it. You can't judge a stud by his appearance." Lis said as they got off the elevator.

Amy followed the taller blonde visibly shaking from laughter as a result of the waterbed remark. Despite her earlier prickly personality Amy had turned into a rather silly girl that enjoyed a good laugh. They went up to the large one bedroom apartment where Lis had been sexually dominated by Robert so many times before and knocked on the door. Nikki opened the door. She was wearing a conservative business suit. Lis had influenced her choice of dress recently which had made her more professional woman and less professional whore.

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