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Vicki was practically on top of him.

Brian knew she meant it to be that way. She was crammed into the seat beside him. Her thick thigh was wedged against his. Every now and then, she'd wiggle a bit and give him a feel. It was driving him bat shit crazy. All she had on were those thin black tights. She had to freeze her ass off outside. Vicki probably planned that, too, wearing those tights to tease him. Either way, Brian was enjoying it.

The back seat of the van was cramped, and he loved it. David was driving. His girl, Amber was in the passenger seat. The other couple, Aiden and Tara, had the middle seats. That left three of them in the back row of David's kid-mobile. Amber's chunky cousin, Miranda, was in the back with them. Brian didn't mind. The lack of room pretty much ensured that Vicki's tight little ass was halfway into his lap. Miranda could sit there all she pleased with her sullen face and bad attitude.

The whole van was talking and laughing. That suited Brian fine. David was telling one of his stupid stories. Brian wasn't listening. He could tell Vicki wasn't either. When the van made a turn, Vicki wiggled a bit. He could feel the warmth from her crotch on his pants. If she wanted, she could've checked Brian's pulse through his jeans. She had to feel that thing poking into her thigh.

Brian slid his hand over her leg. She brushed it away. Turning toward him, she glared with a grin. She was probably right. They were passing more street lights now. It'd be harder to fool around. Miranda already looked annoyed. It was in his veins though. Vicki had made sure of that. Right before the group of friends had left David's house, the blonde had attacked him in the tiny guest bathroom. She had stuck her hand down his pants, jerked his cock, and made out with him, while all of their friends were buzzing about the house getting ready. He imagined he could still feel the wetness of her pussy on his fingers. The girl had been moist before he even touched her.

Brian definitely hadn't forgotten that she was not wearing panties beneath those tights.

They were pulling into the parking lot. Vicki put her hand on his leg when the van pulled over the curb, as though to steady herself. He knew better. That hand was right on top of the bulge in his jeans. He wished she'd squeeze it, just one good time. They never finished what they started at the house. Brian wondered how long he could stand it. Especially if Vicki was going to keep leading him on.

Hot breath hit his ear. "I wanna fuck you in the haunted house."

Brian bit his lip as he watched the van pull into a parking spot. Vicki's lips brushed his ear.

"First chance we get," Vicki whispered. "Take me some place and fuck me."

She looked away as though nothing had happened. Brian's cock strained against his pants. The door was sliding open and everyone was climbing out. He let out a heavy sigh when Vicki's warm ass left his leg. He stepped out into the gravel lot in a sex drunken daze.

"This place is cuh-reepy," He heard Tara say.

"Yeah, this neighborhood is sketchy as hell. Are you sure we aren't gonna get mugged and killed for real, Dave?"

David ignored Aiden's question. "Flyer says this is it. I haven't been to this one. 'Dungeons of Doom.'"

Aiden chuckled. "Why do they try so hard with the names? Like we all don't know it's electronic demons and rednecks in masks. What was the one last week? The 'Harrowing Horror'? So dumb."

"Just try it out you big bitch," David joked. "I'm just glad for a weekend without kids."

"Yeah, then it's costumes and candy all freakin' night long next weekend," Amber said with a sigh.

David motioned toward the old structure. "This place is supposedly awesome. I read some reviews online. People were saying the props and the scenes are damn near movie quality. Top notch stuff."

"For twenty-five bucks let's hope so," Tara grumbled.

Brian looked at the huge building. The place did look run down. The dark corner lot that it was sitting on only added to it's eerie appearance. It had been a warehouse of some kind, that much Brian knew. All David had done was babble about the place the entire week. He hadn't really been interested in haunted attractions until Amber had talked about Vicki coming along. He watched the blonde as she walked ahead of the group beside Amber and Miranda. His eyes were drawn to her ass just below the hem of her jacket. The fabric of those tights was wedged between her cheeks. Each step caused a little jiggle.

Brian blinked and sighed. He still couldn't believe what she'd said in the van. Vicki was apparently a freaky girl. She wanted to fuck in public. He'd never done that. Brian's whole body was warm. He couldn't stop thinking about it all. To hell with the stupid haunted house. That girl up there, the sexy blonde in the jacket, boots, and painted on tights wanted to fuck him silly.

The group made their way to the front doors of the place. There was a line that snaked back and forth in front of the old building. After paying for tickets, they joined the rest of the crowd, inching forward in the line for what seemed like an hour. A handful of workers in scary costumes pranced back and forth through the people, taunting and heckling them. For a while, Vicki stood with Tara talking and laughing. Her eyes kept cutting over at Brian. He made a point to give her the slightest grin, and he noted that she always glanced down, as if staring right at his cock.

Soon, as they drew closer to the main entrance, Vicki came to stand with Brian. He'd been listening to some sports talk from Aiden. Football became the last thing on his mind when Vicki slipped in front of him in the line, pressing her soft ass cheeks against him. She tilted her head and glanced up at him.

"You're warm," Vicki said.

Brian noticed the way her tongue licked at the back of her teeth when she finished speaking. He leaned close to her ear.

"And you're hot," He whispered.

The line moved closer to the doors and to the three costumed workers taking tickets. Brian and Vicki stood behind the group of their friends. He got a bit adventurous. Wrapping his arms loosely around her body, he snuck a single thumb into the waistband at the front of her tights. Vicki's body responded in his arms. Brian grinned and delved a little further. His dick throbbed when he brushed the soft flesh of her sex.

Vicki let out a tiny squeal. As Miranda turned around, she caught Brian jerking his thumb from Vicki's tights.

"Um, do you guys mind?" Miranda asked.

This caused their friends to look back at them. Brian became annoyed.

"Yeah, I mind my business fine," Brian retorted. "Could you mind yours?"

"Whoa, chill out you guys," Tara said with an eyebrow raised.

Miranda shrugged. "I'm cool. Those two might need a cold shower though."

Brian did not miss the nasty look from Amber.

"Brian, can you please try not to get my idiot sister knocked up?" Amber turned away with a disgusted look.

As the group of friends began handing their tickets to the workers at the door, David slid between them and approached Brian.

"Dude," David said looking back, "could you take it easy with all that stuff? Miranda already told Amber about you guys fooling around at the house, man. Just be cool, and try to enjoy the place. It's supposed to be badass."

Brian glanced at Vicki, who was handing her ticket to the worker, a short woman dressed as a bloodied nurse. He scoffed.

"Relax, Dave," Brian told him defensively. "We aren't gonna 'ruin' anything for you. It's not like it's a four course meal. It's just a cheesey haunted house thing with dumb plastic props and fake blood. It's all just a show. I think we'll all be okay, man."

Dave shook his head and went to stand by Amber. When Brian handed his ticket to the short nurse, he received a look that could kill from the woman. He joined Vicki by the doors, where the werewolf bouncer waited to admit them into the building. Glancing back, he saw the nurse still watching him in disgust.

Brian leaned close to Vicki.

"Careful," he said. "I don't think the scary people are gonna let us out of here."

Vicki giggled as the group stepped into the building.


The place was actually not bad. Brian was impressed with some of the actors. He and Vicki were walking in the rear of the group, which consisted of their friends as well as a family in the front.

Walking in the very back made them targets. He lost count of how many times Vicki jumped on top of him when something crept up behind them and scared the daylight out of her. The whole warehouse was detailed. It looked just like a hospital. The actors were dressed as lunatics in straight jackets, zombie nurses, mad scientists, and other nuthouse characters. David hadn't been far off the mark. The makeup was superb. The scenes and props all looked incredibly real, from the electric chair and the guy with the bleeding eyes to the "hydrotherapy" room. He couldn't believe they actually had a girl willing to be tossed into a tub of ice water by four "mental patients".

"Holy shit, check that out!" Vicki was already pressed to the glass at a long window.

Brian and the rest of the group joined her. He saw that the window wasn't the only one. The room was rectangular, and across the way in another corridor, he could see another group looking in. The room itself was dark, except for a single bright lamp in the center. Two rows of old metal framed beds lined the walls, each with a dummy or an actor struggling with their restraints. In one of the beds closest to Brian's group lay a man with the painted face of a clown. Their were even dyed red tufts of hair sticking out of his head.

The bed in the center, where the lamp was shining, hosted a gruesome display. It was a modern hospital bed. The "person" on display there was bloody and mangled. He had only stumps for legs which were wrapped in blood soaked gauze. His arms were tied down, and his entire head was covered by a cast. Brian peered in trying to get a better look. The detail was amazing. It was made to look like he'd been cut and peeled open. Brian could even see fake organs where the supposed skin was opened.

"That's gross," he heard Amber say.

"No, that's awesome," Aiden countered with a laugh.

All of the people pressed to the long glass windows looked on as a figure entered the room. The man, dressed as a wicked looking doctor-- but wearing a butcher's apron-- strolled casually to the center of the room. He went right to work on the "patient" that was peeled open on the lamp lit bed. The patient jerked and struggled against his restraints as the mad doctor pulled some obscure bloody organ from his open cavity.

"Nice," David said.

Brian seized the opportunity. He pressed closer behind Vicki and slid his hands down across her ass cheeks. His fingers groped until he felt her warm mound beneath her black tights. It surprised him that she didn't pull away, but rather pressed her round ass against his crotch. Going a step further, he slid his other hand down the front of her tights, right to her bare moist lips. Vicki wiggled at his touch. His fingers found velvet flesh. He glanced over at the rest of the group, but they couldn't see them nor were they looking.

When he looked back at the scene in the window, he saw the doctor standing a few feet away in the room.

The doctor was looking right at them.

Brian froze. Vicki tensed in his arms as well. He was caught by the actor on the opposite side of the glass. He didn't want to jerk his hand from Vicki's pants and draw attention to them. He didn't know what to do. The doctor stood in the darkness and stared at them, his shoulders heaving. Brian only hoped there was too little light to tell what he was doing to Vicki.

When the actor turned his head and moved down the window, Brian breathed a sigh of relief. The masked doctor cast his menacing glare at others through the glass. Vicki turned to grin up at Brian. He removed his hands and turned to follow the other people.

The group was moving on. They rounded several corners, assaulted by screaming actors and motion activated robotics. Brian felt his hand being tugged and looked back to see Vicki had stopped. The rest of the group rounded another corner, while Vicki pulled Brian close. His heart skipped a beat. He felt his pants tightening at his crotch.

"There's a door," she told him above the soundtrack of screams and organ music.

Brian glanced back down the corridor and spotted a door marked, "Employees Only Do Not Enter."

He felt her hand slide across the bulge in his jeans. "Wanna see where it goes?"

He actually got cold feet. Turning to see the last of his friends disappear, who were oblivious to their absence, he started to tell Vicki that they should go with them.

Vicki was already at the door. She twisted the knob and shot him a naughty smile.

"Vicki!" He hissed.

She was already inside. Grinning, he headed to retrieve her. The hallway they had stepped into was dimly lit. Brian had no sooner closed the door when Vicki was on him. Their lips met. Their tongues rolled. Whatever Brian was about to say fluttered from his brain. He reached low and squeezed two handfuls of Vicki's plump ass. She may as well have been wearing no bottoms at all.

The two heard voices. Brian shot a look toward an intersecting corridor.

"Shit, c'mon!" Vicki giggled.

Brian couldn't protest. The two raced down the hall and peeked around the corner. There were three costumed actors with their backs turned heading the opposite direction. Vicki skipped across the opening. Brian could only follow. She'd already found another door and was easing it open. He glanced back nervously. His heart was thundering in his chest.

"Jesus, Vicki!"

"Shhh! C'mon!" She hissed.

The room they'd entered was black. Not just dark, but black. Brian could hear their breath and it was deafening in the silent darkness. His hand found Vicki's narrow waist.

"We're gonna get caught," Brian whispered.

Vicki fumbled for the button of his pants in the dark.

"That's what makes it fun," she said.

When her cool hand clutched his stiff cock, Brian gave in quickly. They found each other's lips and kissed passionately. Vicki tugged at his shaft. He was near the point of exploding as it was. The thrill of being in public and having his dick out, in Vicki's hand, was arousing him like he'd never known.

He froze when a light flickered. In the flash, he saw Vicki's smiling face.

"I found us some light," she said.

Brian winced when the light flashed again. It wasn't light. It was a strobe. Vicki had flipped the switch to theatric strobes mounted somewhere overhead. At random intervals they flashed. Each time, he saw beautiful Vicki in a different pose. Licking her lips. Tugging his cock. Kissing his neck. It was unsettling, but thrilling and sexy as hell. He felt for her jacket and pulled it away. She was left wearing the black and white tie dye sweat top.

The strobe flashed. Vicki was pushing him back. His ass hit something hard. A table. Another flash. He saw the blonde leaning low, pulling at his jeans until both his throbbing shaft and his balls were free. Another flash. Vicki was squatting on her knees. That bulbous ass jutted out behind her. Brian saw his cock in her hands.

It was dark when he felt the moist heat envelope his shaft. The strobes blinked like lightning, and he saw a frame by frame of Vicki's face with his cock swelling in her lips. She forced her head down until his tip touched her tonsils. In another flash, her lips were pursed around his fattening red head.

Brian clutched her by the head with one hand and propped himself on the metallic table with the other. His ass clenched as he thrust into Vicki's mouth. He grit his teeth against the burn that was already searing the tip of his cock. The strobes struck again. Brian searched the door they had entered to see that it was still closed. They were still alone. God, he was about to....

Vicki stood. Her lips were on his in the next flash. His frustration became a carnal hunger. Brian found her tights and desperately tugged them over her ass cheeks. He bent low, guiding them down to her knees. The lights flashed, and a slender hand guided his head to her crotch. His nose grazed wet lips in the dark. Her smell hit him and he lunged into the flesh. Vicki clenched a handful of his hair and forced his face against her. The flashes became more frequent. Brian's anxiety had doubled. They'd been in there too long. Someone would see the light. Someone would find them.

Brian had to act fast. He rose and spun Vicki by the shoulders. He all but shoved her down to the table. Vicki giggled and wiggled her hips. In the frame by frame flash of the strobes, Brian saw her round ass cheeks bouncing and jiggling from side to side. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and shot him a naughty grin.

The sight of Vicki bent over the table was maddening. Brian slid his hand up the arch in her back and stepped behind her. He glanced back at the door. His heart pounded harder in time with the flicker of the strobe. With his other hand, he reached between Vicki's smooth thighs and cupped her pussy, rubbing the moist lips in his palm. It took seconds for his hand to get completely moist. His lip quivered as he stroked the fluid onto his cock. It bulged in his hand.

Vicki's budding lips felt like butter against his engorged tip. Clutching her round ass cheek, Brian leaned into her. The lovers gasped together when he slid in with ease. It felt too good to stop. Brian kept pressing until his balls mashed against her crotch. His cock throbbed hard inside of her, and he felt her body respond.

His cock slid back easily, and he slammed it back into her. Vicki dropped her head and moaned. Brian did it again. His hands gripped the supple flesh of her ass and jerked her body against his own. Already he could feel it building. He wasn't going to last long.

The flickering lights didn't help. In one flash he saw Vicki's hair frozen in mid air as it whipped around. In another flash, her innocent eyes peeked back over her shoulder under furrowed brows. She looked so damned provocative, so sexy. He gazed down in the next series of blinks and watched the stop motion of Vicki's bulbous ass bouncing off his hips. The soft flesh slapped his crotch, making him want to pull his own hair out by the roots.

Brian's knees were growing weak. He tried to stand rigid as he thrust into Vicki. He could hear his balls slapping against her. Vicki was getting louder, groaning and squealing and beating her palm against the metal table. As Brian frantically pounded his body against hers, Vicki slunk to the table. Her face and her chest were down, which caused her ass to jut up high behind her-- and allowed Brian's swollen cock to jam deeper.

He couldn't take it. Brian started to loose control of his body. His legs shifted, his chest heaved, and his eyes rolled. Each thrust was somehow deeper, harder, more furious. Vicki's cries grew louder. Brian saw her bury her face in her arm.

Brian slammed his hips into her thighs one last time. His cock swelled just before he exploded inside of her, and did not pull back again. He couldn't. It was unbearable to do anything but keep his spewing dick as deep in her pussy as he could. He moaned, slapped a hand down on Vicki's ass, and squeezed. The warmth grew inside of her with every throb of his dick.

He felt like collapsing. His legs felt like noodles.He almost fell onto Vicki. Brian's spent cock was still buried in her moist hole. Her ass cheek was red from the smack of his hand. Vicki's head was to the side, her face on the metal surface of the table. Her eyes were closed. Her back rose and fell rapidly. Brian absently squeezed her ass as he gathered his weak legs beneath him.

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