Au Naturel


My name is Nicole. I was born in the countryside. When my brothers, sisters and I were young, we could play in our back yard naked, especially in warm days, to sprinkle water from a garden hose or in an inflatable pool; or also, shower under the rain when this was light and fresh. But as we grew, we became conscious of the changes that happened in our bodies and got embarrassed; also, my parents were involved in a fundamentalist sect, and they discouraged us even more. Although I accepted, in principle, the new teachings, sometimes, I missed the freedom of the nakedness.

One afternoon, I prepared the pool after an especially exhausting study session, and when my parents saw me, now retired, they condemned me by saying:

"How dare you go out like that, you shameless...? Did we educate you for that? Go inside and get some clothes on!"

I went into the house, crying, not much for the shame, but for the fear that in that moment my parents instilled in me. I showered in the bathroom, but it was not the same. They imposed me several more humiliating punishments than I deserved for my indiscretion, and from then on, I yearned to find my "garden of Eden" where I would never again be embarrassed, nor would another person be for my cause.

That incident confused me, but it also motivated me to study in order to excel. I keep my body slender by exercise and a healthy diet, and perhaps for that reason, my bust is also small. For that reason, and for the upbringing of my home, I had to dress more modestly, and avoid the bad habits and excesses of other schoolmates, who also come from very religious families, but privately, they stray from a moral life. For good or for ill, I lost my virginity with a very attractive boy, in an outing near a lake, where I didn't dare to "skinny-dip" among my friends. He had a condom, but at first, he didn't want to use it. I insisted and he accepted, because the mere fact of having spent one on me gave him the pride that there was something to prove that he is already a man. The caresses were pleasant, but he ejaculated very quickly, leaving me unsatisfied. For that reason, we didn't go steady.

I decided to study computer science, since it is the most profitable short career that I could get. Exploring the Internet, I discovered the pornographic pages, and although I had already seen magazines and videos during my adolescence, thanks to my siblings and friends, they didn't satisfy my ideal. It was exhibitionism and reckless sex, not the true natural beauty of the human being. Besides, there are hidden costs, in terms of billings from remote places and danger of computer viruses, like with indiscriminate sex in the era of AIDS.

After graduating and going to work in a company that builds web pages, I took time to look for information on nudist camps and beaches, and at first, I didn't trust the results of the search engines, since they were a pretext for orgies and other abuses. Even so, I visited some, and I even had to join them, at least on a trial basis, complying with their requirements, that is, identifications and Social Security numbers, medical certificates and criminal records, evidence of residence and income, etc. At first, I felt at ease with showing my body "au naturel" without attracting attention, either for lewdness or for condemnation, but not every member was up to par with nudist morality. The erection in penises was tolerated, as long as it didn't last, and the presence of pubic hair was left to each one's preference. I allowed it to grow sometimes, and other times, I shaved it. I also experienced with creams and wax, and I didn't know which one irritated me more, whether the razor or the other products.

There was a problem if two or more people got too aroused, they sometimes didn't have the privacy in order to satisfy their desires, or they didn't have prophylactics at hand, since there was not always in which to carry them. The ideal was to do it in cabins, but some could not contain the desires nor hide. Anyhow, I had to return to the real world to earn some money in order to maintain this lifestyle.

After several years of trying, I was undecided between two that I found: one family-oriented and another more liberal. In this one, the organizers were smart enough and placed kiosks and even vending machines for condoms and creams, which could be debited from a special expense account. There were participants that didn't use of that material, but didn't bother others who required them.

Two encounters impressed me more than most. In the first one, I went for a walk at a trail and a young man, whom I will call Mark, came from a nearby river. He smiled at me and was stopped to chat with me. Soon he got excited and he went along to get the prophylactics, but upon returning, he came with another male, called Edgar. This made me nervous, but upon seeing that both already came prepared, a desire for both took possession of me, and I went along. They took turns kissing me in the mouth, and after intertwining their tongues with mine, I conquered my fear. They passed to suck both my nipples and they gave me an orgasm in advance. Edgar licked my clitoris for a while, while Mark held my body on his, setting my thighs on fire with his throbbing penis. The guy in front of me got up and inserted his penis in my vagina slowly, and began a quick sway. He slowed down, and he even stopped in order to accommodate the other guy so that he could penetrate my anus. I protested, so they desisted, and Mark had to wait for Edgar to finish. He pressed harder inside me when he ejaculated, and he barely had the strength or willpower to leave my canal. When he did, he leaned by my side, and he caressed me and he kissed me gently while his friend thrust in me a little more quickly, between both, I achieved another substantial orgasm, and we took a rest.

After a brief nap, we washed the semen and the mud that stuck to us in the river and they returned to their cabins. I walked more slowly, not so much for the fatigue, but in order to savor this new sensation of such intimate contact with nature. I wandered a little more and I met with another three men: Paco, who was over fifty years old, Douglas, taller, thin and of a light complexion, and with a penis that matched the shape of his body, and Jairo, of darker complexion, and shorter than the others. The young ones had condoms, but the older guy did not. The game among all began, and these gentlemen came with a definite idea: finding three holes in me to penetrate them simultaneously. They caressed me, and between playful advances and retreats, as testing each other, I gave in. I sat on Doug, impaling myself with his penis and I moved as if I was riding a horse. His penis reached where no man had reached before, and although I had a good orgasm, I didn't want to stop. Paco stopped in front of both of us and offered me his penis so I would suck it. At first, I didn't want to even open my mouth, but the pleasure that my "mount" gave me convinced me to accept it. The gentleman became hard inside my mouth, but he stayed flexible enough so that I wouldn't choke. I felt that the one who was left out embraced me from behind, fondling my breasts to increase the pleasure that I felt. He pressed his small but thick penis against my buttocks, and the warmth was heavenly. Little by little, he moved closer to my anus, but I could not scream with my mouth full with the old man's penis, who in that precise moment, ejaculated, but didn't pull out from my mouth. He even held my head while he lost his erection. Jairo entered very slowly, but, even so, it bothered me, because in fact, his penis is fatter than that of the others. The elder even gave him directions:

"Like that, slowly; wait for her to open up, and when she does, you push in a little more."

I trembled, because the sensation changed gradually from pain to more pleasure. Now the one that I had on my back governed the pace of the others, even mine. He wanted to stroke in and out quickly, but he held back, at least, for one or two minutes. Upon seeing the scene, the one that had in front of me recovered the erection and he even achieved another small orgasm, and this time, his semen slipped out of the corner of my lips. The young ones went stiff, as a consequence of their intense orgasms, the throb of their ejaculations inside their condoms triggered mine. Now, Jairo and I remained spooned in the bush, while he lost his erection and I expelled his member. I tried to rise, but instead, I staggered, because in my fatigue, my rectum hurt again. The redhead carried me in arms to the river, and there, between caresses from all, they helped me to wash. we had no more desire for sex, but we rather relieved ourselves by urinating in the water. The anal act caused me an unexpected defecation, between pleasant and painful, which the river also took away. Little by little, we returned to our cabins, and although I keep pleasing memories of this experience, it is too strong to repeat.

In fact, I stopped visiting the "orgy" camp, and I became more interested in the other one, whose atmosphere is more family. The only thing, other than nudity, is that it's more rigid in terms of conduct, like my hometown; after all, people bring children along. There we learn how to strip the disguises and the sense of unease with our own bodies. It was a more spiritual place.

I became interested in working with the children, so I became a day-care assistant. I even gave introductory computing courses to the older children, who must attend regular schools, and to adults. I also built the camp's web page, where we expressed our particular philosophy, so it would not be misconstrued as a porn site. Little by little, the work became full-time, since the parents went out to work in the dressed-up world, and in the afternoons, they pick up the children, still dressed, to retire to their cabins. Even so, nobody is embarrassed by the contrast.

One day, a single young woman, with a lot of curiosity about our ideas, began to live and to collaborate in the community. She asked many questions, but I convinced her to be more discreet. In order to satisfy her queries, I took her along for walks in the woodlands, so we could converse in total honesty. In one of these walks, she felt aroused and a little embarrassed, because besides the erect nipples, which are quite common between nudists of both sexes, her vulva was very wet. She looked at me very expressively, and began to grow wet there below. She extended her fingers to touch me and I allowed it. We sat against one of the trees, deep inside the forest, and then, her caresses were more sexual. We embraced and she kissed my mouth. I felt very nervous, but she was even more. Then, I was filled with an intuitive understanding and I corresponded to her kisses. She caressed my small breasts and had fun stimulating my nipples. I began to knead her tits, a cup size larger than mine, and stroked her nipples with my thumbs. She groaned raptly, and she became more moist. We went over each other's bellies and thighs with our hands, lips and tongues, until moving into a 69 position. I began to kiss her labia, impregnating my mouth and my cheeks with her fluids while she did the same to me. From time to time, I touched her clitoris with my upper lip or with the tip of my tongue, and she shivered. I believe that she felt an orgasm every time that I did this, because when she corresponded to me, I felt them. Feverishly, I picked up her clitoris between my lips, as if it were a penis, and I suckled it vigorously. At first, she was very dizzy from the orgasms, but she soon got into doing the same to me. Now I was the one who couldn't think straight. The only thing that I was able to do was to hang on to her clitoris not letting it go, and the vibration took care of the rest. The multiple orgasms reached a "crescendo" and with one last spurt that seemed women's semen, we lay spread at the foot of that tree.

We had more stealthy encounters like that, and we even did in our cabins, but somehow, she lost her interest in nudism. Perhaps she regretted our lesbianism, because I felt likewise. We also received a little pressure for our conduct, because we set a bad example to the youth. When we said goodbye, we embraced to cry, she dressed in order to leave and I naked in order to stay. By e-mail, she told me that she got married, and sometimes, she visited us with her husband. He felt very uncomfortable in our atmosphere, but he consented to get undressed in the nature trails. As a married couple, I respected them and they only had sex between them, and mostly, in the cabin. Even so, they admitted to having enjoyed their love outdoors in a few occasions. But anyway, they preferred to lead their lives in the real world.

For some years, I lived there, working in the same job, and I was even elected to the board of administrators. I helped to verify the new members, trying to identify patterns of conduct or attitudes that would put the stability of the commune in danger. Another young man came from the more permissive colony, called Thomas. I almost interrogate him like a detective to a suspect; I even had to ask how many times he had sex and with whom. At first, he was amused, insinuating that I wanted him, but little by little, he lost his patience as my questions became more incisive, in my concern that he could molest a minor. What inconvenienced him the most was having to admit that he had a homosexual encounter in the other commune, having to do everything, suck and be sucked, giving and getting it in the anus. When we got to that part, I left him alone.

After several days of adjustment, he began to live together with more ease, and he admitted me the following:

"I don't hold a grudge against you for what you forced me to say, honestly. After seeing the beauty of this place and the people, not merely by being nude, I understand how much you should look after your community."

"Forgive me, I didn't want you to make you feel uncomfortable, but..."

"It's all right, I already told you that I understand. I also know that you find me attractive."

I don't know if she said as a boast in order to protect his masculinity or simply, I insinuated that to him, but anyhow, nothing else happened this time. He helped repair cabins until he got employment in the outside as a mechanic. Sometimes, he visited ne in my cabin or he invited me to his, at first, in innocent activities such as listening to music or talking, but soon the topic of sexuality came up. I had already left that group before Thomas joined it, so I felt curiosity by knowing how life there came to be after I left.

One afternoon, in his cabin, he moved his hand to take mine while we had dinner, and I didn't refuse him. It was a nice gesture. We let go to continue eating, but when we sat on the sofa to rest listening to soft music, he took my hand again, and I smiling, I gave it to him. He had an erection and I became moist, but we tried to act casual. But his game of seduction continued, and he turned his face in front of mine and he kissed me. The heat in my vagina encouraged me to kiss back, and I led him to his bedroom, where he already had a condom on the bedside table. I told him, in a not too serious reproach:

"You planned this all along!"

"I admit it: I am guilty as charged! I want you and I love you."

I hugged him and I kissed him, while I put the condom on him, and I lay on his bed for some brief caresses and obligatory kisses to my tits. I told him:

"All right, get it in me now!"

"Don't you want me to caress your vulva first?"

"No, my love. Just do it."

He penetrated me immediately, and I felt a blaze coursing through our genitalia. He moved in and out slowly, savoring the sensation. While we embraced, he moved his arms from my back to my buttocks to grab me better. He tried to caress my clitoris, but that caused me to squeeze his member not painfully, but rather bringing both of us to the brink of getting off too soon. He reduced his rhythm, and although I was able to handle his weight on me, he leaned back and gave me innocents caresses, in spite of the fact that he had me totally skewered with his manhood. He suddenly announced to me:

"I'm coming!"

And he began to move quickly. I squeezed my vaginal walls to get in touch with his orgasm, and it worked. We both screamed from pleasure while he pressed his abdomen against mine. His testicles throbbing against my perineum did the trick for me, and I also ejaculated. He pulled out of me to remove the condom, and although unsteadily, he led me to wash up. He urinated with force and he said that the sensation was almost like another orgasm. When I did so, I agreed with him.

He walked me back to my cabin and he said goodbye to me, wanting to enter in order to have more action. I stopped him, saying:

"Didn't you have enough for a single night?"

"I thought that you would be ready to more."

I imagined that he got word of my orgy in that other camp, but I didn't take it wrong. Simply, I kissed him and I pushed him out gently. He gladly returned to his lodging, with the hope that there will be more opportunities in the near future.

To be continued...

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