tagRomanceAu Naturel Ch. 03

Au Naturel Ch. 03


Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. Suitably inspired, I wrote this third chapter just for you ...


The summer passed by in dream-like fashion for the young lovers. Simon had a part-time job working as a barman, and Kate was earning extra money behind the till of a local supermarket to see her through the coming university term, but their free time was theirs alone.

They spent every spare moment in each others' company – sweating in the crowds at rock gigs or enjoying more cultural evenings at the theatre. Simon even found himself dragged along to modern dance, and much to his own surprise, enjoyed it a lot, even if Kate insisted that his pleasure undoubtedly had a lot to do with the scantily-dressed, super-fit girls in their tight leotards.

Much as Simon enjoyed having his cultural horizons widened, most of all he treasured his time alone with Kate; the stolen moments, the long kisses and the joy of exploring each other's bodies. He thought that he would never tire of looking at her naked form, all these months after he had first gazed upon it on the beach.

All too soon, though, the lovers were parted, off to their separate colleges; Simon caught up in a brand new world, making new friends and trying to find time to do some work on his IT degree inbetween the social whirl, and Kate beginning her second year, back with her other friends. Both of them found it hard to think of anything other than the Christmas vacation, though, when they could spend some time together again.

Texts and 'phone calls just weren't enough, and even the online chats late at night left both of them with a yearning for physical contact.

"God, I miss you." typed Simon.

"Me, too," flashed up the reply on his screen. "Do you want to know what I'm thinking about right now?"

"No, not really. Oh, go on, then!" replied Simon, grinning inanely at the keyboard.

"Pig! I shan't tell you that I was remembering the first time you kissed me, then."

"Ah, yes, that day at the beach. It seems like a lifetime ago now."

"That was a very special day, but that wasn't the one I was re-living." Kate teased.


"I meant the day you said that you wanted to taste me properly ..."

"Ah, I'm with you now. I had no idea what to do."

"I would never have guessed. I loved the way you planted those little kisses all down my belly."

"Was that before or after I sucked your nipples?"

"Both. I have this terrible submissive side to me, that just wanted to lie there and let this big, dominant man attend to my pleasure."

Simon laughed out loud at that, even as he mused on what it would be like to dominate his feisty Kate. He resumed typing:

"Well, we didn't have one of those at hand, so you had to make do with me."

"Oh, you can play the part pretty well. I could have killed you when you stopped short of my pussy every time, it was so frustrating."

"Exquisite torture, just like you did to me before. I do remember you lifting your bum off the bed, practically thrusting yourself in my face."

"God, I'm such a slut," Kate giggled. "It was worth it when you finally got there – bliss ..."

"Mmmmm. You tasted so good."

"I couldn't believe how quickly I came, and more than once! Are you sure you hadn't done that to loads of other women before?"

"Scout's honour, Miss! You are my one and only."

"I believe you. Damn, I'm all hot again now."

"Oops, sorry!" he answered, not in the least bit contrite. "Perhaps I should let you go and get some relief?"

"You wait 'till I see you again!"

"I can't think of anything else."

When they finally broke the connection, it was well into the early hours. Simon clambered into his cold bed, imagining Kate in his arms as he stroked what these days seemed to be a permanent erection. A hundred miles away, Kate replayed her favourite fantasy and bucked wildly beneath her own fingers as she pictured his cock sliding slowly into her ...


It seemed to take forever, but finally the term was over and it was time to return home for Christmas. Inconsiderately, their respective families wanted to spend some quality time with them, and it was several days before they had the chance even to talk on the 'phone. Both were uncharacteristically tongue-tied after their enforced separation, and after all the usual small talk about their friends and experiences at college, the conversation faltered slightly. Simon broke the silence first:

"Kate, can I see you again – soon?"

"If you're sure you want to. You haven't fallen for some IT wizard with a brain the size of a planet and boobs to match, then?"

Simon guffawed. "No, you're safe from my classmates, they're nearly all geeky – and male! How about you? Not been tempted by the older macho men?"

"Well, I did have the rugby squad in the shower last week, but apart from them and two of the professors, there's been no-one."

"Tart! I guess we're stuck with each other, then."

"Mmmm. Um, my parents are going to my Dad's works Christmas do on Friday, so you could come over then. If you like."

"I like."

There was a small pause at the other end.

"Oh, and they're staying in a hotel overnight."

"Ah, OK, Friday it is, then."

As he put the 'phone down, Simon wasn't sure whether he was reading too much into her casual comment. His heart was certainly beating very fast, but of course she may have just meant that he didn't have to worry about what time he'd have to leave before they got home. Oh well, it didn't matter, he told himself, the important thing was just seeing her again. And kissing her. And ...

The remainder of the week went by more slowly than Simon would have believed possible. He hadn't realised just empty his life had been without her, how much he needed her, but he'd never told her that – what if she didn't feel the same?

By the time he finally stood before her door, his mouth was dry, and in spite of the hour he'd spent showering and getting himself ready, the palm which clutched her Christmas present felt uncomfortably sweaty.

His anxiety melted away, though, when the door was flung open and she stood there in a simple white dress with a big smile on her face. He'd almost forgotten how gorgeous she looked. After a second's hesitation, he pulled her close and she came to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Their lips found each other in a deep kiss which ended only when both had to come up for air.

"Come in before somebody complains about indecent acts in a public place."

"I thought you liked being an exhibitionist!"

"Not in this weather – you'd freeze your bits off!"

As they chatted over coffee at the kitchen table, it felt like they were getting to know each other all over again, and the conversation slipped into their usual easy banter and teasing.

"Are you going to give it to me, then?" she asked eventually with a twinkle.

"I beg your pardon?"

"That interesting little gift-wrapped parcel you still have in your hand."

"Oh, I forgot all about it! Must be the effect you have on me. Happy Christmas, Kate!"

She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and tore the brightly-coloured paper, then opened the box inside. She held a fine gold chain in her hands, with a sparkling stone pendant dangling from it, catching the light and reflecting it in her eyes.

"Oh, it's beautiful, thank you! That's a real diamond, isn't it?"

He flushed with pleasure. "Well, yes – just a small one."

She turned to him, the playfulness gone from her face now.

"Simon, I've been thinking."

His heart sank like a stone. He'd blown it, getting too serious and now he was going to lose her.

"A long time ago, I promised myself that I would 'save myself', as my Mum used to put it, for a man I loved. I know that virginity isn't fashionable, and that we've pretty much done everything else anyway, so it's hypocritical of me, but it still means something to me."

"It's OK," Simon tried to reassure her, "I don't expect ..."

She put her finger to his lips, shushing him.

"Let me finish. I haven't bought you anything yet for Christmas, but I do have a present for you."

He looked at her, confused.

She picked up her new pendant. Then she took him by the hand, led him into her bedroom and turned to face him, now with a slightly nervous smile on her face.

"Aren't you going to unwrap your present, then?"

He caught her meaning and all of its implications with a lurch of his heart. The wave of relief which washed over him was palpable, and in that moment he learnt a great deal about what this girl meant to him. He leant in and kissed her, very softly, on the forehead.

"Are you sure?"

She looked up at him, almost shyly now, and said simply,

"I'm sure."

"You do know that I love you, right?"

"Bet you say that to all the girls."

"Yeah, but this time I mean it!" he grinned, and then spoke seriously. "Don't move!"

She stood obediently in front of him, her head slightly bowed, as he took a good look at her.

"I love the way my present has buttons all the way down the front. I wonder how many layers of packaging there are."

She coloured slightly, but didn't speak.

He stepped forward, and ever so gently undid the top button of the dress, before moving unhurriedly down to the next one, and the next.

She shivered slightly at the touch, but remained motionless as the dress gave up its secrets, revealing that she was, as he had guessed, completely defenceless beneath it. He undid the last button, then pushed the dress slowly off her shoulders. It slid down with a whisper and pooled around her bare feet as she stood, perfectly naked, in front of him.

"Kate, look at me," he whispered. "You're beautiful."

She flushed, but her eyes were brimming with emotion as she raised her head to meet his gaze. She picked up the pendant again.

"Can you put this on me, please?"

His hands shook slightly as he took it from her, fumbling with the catch as she turned to face away from him, giving him a glorious view of the curve of her back and bottom. She lifted her long, dark blonde hair up to give him access to her neck, and he failed utterly to resist the urge to kiss the delicate skin there before snapping the chain in place.

"Now you belong to me." he joked.

She smiled and simply replied, "Yes."

She walked over and lay on the bed. "Now, are you just going to stand there fully dressed?"

She giggled as he tried to tear his clothes off, his hands suddenly clumsy and his legs tangled in trouser legs and pants as he hopped around comically. Eventually he, too, was naked. He lay down next to her, both of them slightly shy.

"I suppose this is where I'm supposed to tell you to be gentle with me." joked Kate, but the catch in her voice betrayed her nervousness. He silenced her with a kiss, then was struck with a thought of his own:

"Um, I didn't bring, I mean I haven't got any ..."

"It's OK. I've been on the pill for a while. Women's problems, you don't want to know."

"Yes, I do. I want to know everything about you."

"Maybe later, then," she laughed, before speaking more softly. "There's no rush, though - we've got all night. Now shut up and kiss me, please."

The ensuing silence was punctuated by whispers and sighs as he found her mouth, kissing, nibbling and exploring with the tip of his tongue, intertwining it with her own and feeling her open to him as the kiss became more passionate.

Her arm, surprisingly strong, around his neck, holding him close. His fingers, running through her hair, across the softness of her cheek, her vulnerable neck, the smoothness of her flank. Her breasts, flattened against his chest, warming his heart in every way. His cock, pushing blindly but insistently against her as she raised one leg and dragged its warmth across his own, provocatively brushing his erection as she did so.

It was moving too quickly, and he pulled away, afraid of spoiling the moment.

"Are you nervous?" she asked.

"Yes, it's my first time, too, remember?"

"OK, then let's be all sensible about this. What's your biggest fear?"

"Coming too soon," he volunteered immediately. "And you?"

"Pain. Disappointment. Messing up the sheets. Letting you down. Is that enough to be going on with?"

He laughed and held her tight. "It's OK, I know it probably won't be great the first time. It doesn't matter. And we can put some old sheets or towels on the bed."

She smiled ruefully. "I'm sorry, I know it's not very romantic. How about, just for now, we do something else?"

He was in no mood to argue as her cool, slender fingers reached down and found his aching erection.

"Ahhhh, that's good," he sighed. "Careful, though, it won't take much to make me come."

"That's the idea," she murmured, sliding her fingertips up and down. She knew his responses so well now, she could keep him quivering on the edge of orgasm for long periods, but this wasn't the time to tease. Licking the palm of her other hand, she slid it rapidly over the head of his over-excited, over-sensitised glans, round and round and over the opening, and in what seemed like a matter of seconds he was coming, jerking uncontrollably as his come burst forth and left her with a warm, sticky mess in her hands.

"That's better," she said sweetly, kissing him as he collapsed back onto the bed, the tension drained from him. "Now, when you've recovered, you can get me ready."

Even after a short rest, he had serious concerns about how long it would take him to get it up again, so was more than happy to take his time and enjoy himself exploring her body again. He propped himself on one elbow to enjoy the view, musing happily that the solitary diamond and gold chain actually made her look more naked than nothing at all.

Her skin was just begging to be stroked and to have tiny kisses planted on it, and he teased her this way for an age, until she leapt at the ticklish feather-light touches and begged him to use his whole hand. He relented, interspersing heavier stroking with stronger kisses, from her forehead down to her toes, even sucking on them.

Her whole body felt wonderfully alive and responsive, one huge erogenous zone, and she moaned out loud as his hands and mouth began to approach her pussy from different directions. Her knees seemed to draw themselves up of their own accord, but it was his firm grip which parted them, leaving her completely exposed to him. One hand was stroking the sensitive skin of the inside of one thigh, tantalisingly close to where she needed his touch, and a wet tongue tormented the other one, sliding right up to that hyper-sensitive place where leg met torso.

When she really thought she could bear no more, he flattened his hand, moved it to cover her whole pubic area and gently squeezed. She exhaled in bliss, thrusting her pussy into the warmth of his palm. His middle finger slipped easily between her outer lips, slick with her arousal, and she felt the tip of it curl and begin to enter her. This intrusion was a new feeling, but Kate knew that he was trying to prepare her and tried not to tense up.

She felt so tight around the tip of his finger that Simon had no idea how she could accommodate his penis, which whilst not exactly gigantic, was certainly a lot bigger than his finger. He was determined not to cause her any unnecessary pain, though, and resolved to wait until she was ready, however long that took. In the meantime, she seemed to be enjoying the touch of his finger, which he alternated between exploratory forays inside her, and teasing her clit in the way he knew she loved, bringing little gasps from her. She seemed to be wetter now, and he tentatively pushed his finger in a little further, withdrawing quickly when she winced.

"No, it's OK," she whispered, "Go on. I don't think I have much of a hymen left anyway."

He worked patiently, following her signs of encouragement and stopping when she was uncomfortable. Soon, he had one finger buried in her welcoming warmth past the second knuckle, and he was surprised when she began to respond as he stroked the pad of his fingertip up and down the internal wall. There was one area, almost as far as he could reach, which felt a little spongy to him, and seemed to be particularly sensitive for her. Emboldened, he began to use another finger, guided again by her reactions. He slid them in and out an inch or two, then around her clit and back in.

Oh, that felt good! She'd done a little exploring herself, and even tried to stretch herself to make things easier for tonight, but it hadn't felt like this. His two fingers delved deeper, and she felt a stab of pain, making her tense up momentarily. He'd stopped moving right away, but didn't withdraw, bless him. She willed herself to ignore the pain, which had in any case subsided to a dull throb now, and pushed her crotch at him so that his fingers slowly moved further into her.

She was in control now, and the good feelings were definitely out-weighing the bad. He flexed his fingers inside her, and both of them were now pushing against that sensitive spot. Hmmm, that must be the fabled G-spot, then, and she could now vouch for its existence. With little movements of her hips, she made his fingers slide a little way in and out of her, and a wave of pleasure that was unlike her usual orgasms began to build.

Simon sensed the eagerness in her, and followed her movements. She was still extremely tight, but there was enough lubrication for him not only to move his knuckles in and out, but also to curve his fingers, bringing pressure to bear on that spongy area. Instantly her body began to respond, as did his own – her excitement communicated itself to him, and his cock stood to attention once more. Ignoring it, he watched her face intently as his hand went to work, and was rewarded by seeing her begin to pant, her breasts, filmed with a fine sheen of moisture, rising and falling with each deep breath.

The feeling seemed to start from somewhere deep inside her, and spread like an earthquake. She knew that she was out of control now as she thrust blindly against his hand, ignoring the pain which was in any case being overwhelmed by waves of pleasure. As the orgasm hit her, she grabbed his hand and moved it up over her clit, rubbing herself furiously against him, using him in her need. A scream of pure pleasure broke from her throat as she came, bucking violently with her body arching up to meet the movements of his hand.

His hand ached, but he didn't care. He was still in awe of her sexuality and the power he had to make her come like that. Besides, he had more urgent things to think about as she pulled him down to her.

"Now, please, take me now!"

He lay down on top of her, kissing her mouth, but she was already grabbing for his erection and guiding it between her legs. He let her take control, trying to take some of his weight off her whilst she parted her legs wider and tilted her pelvis to get the angle right. He felt the warmth and wetness as the tip of his cock found the spot and began to enter her. He was so grateful that he'd already come, as he knew that this moment would have sent him over the edge otherwise. Bloody hell, he was close anyway! To his relief, the feeling subsided as Kate let go of his member and put her arms round his neck instead.

She could feel him poised on the brink of taking her virginity, and hesitated for a moment. She knew that this was what she wanted, though, and this was the right time. She took a deep breath, and stretched her legs as wide as they would go, curling them around Simon's back. She felt incredibly vulnerable, but Simon made no move to force her, which gave her the confidence she needed. She used her heels to press on his backside, gradually increasing the pressure until she felt his penis start to move ever so slowly into her.

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