I don't like to use the term, I find it's not very feminine and typically doesn't portray what I am thinking. But with Aubrey, it just came to my mind - fuckable.

Her slender body, her legs that kept on and on, but especially that look. Those eyes, looking at me from across the room. Equally saying how fuckable I looked to her and inviting me to pursue her. If only that dress was a little bit see through.

It was a holiday party with Bruce's station. She was the new dispatcher at Bruce's station. Bruce had mentioned her to me but both of our jaws dropped when we saw her tonight. At work she dresses and acts like a man. But damn does she fix up well.

From across the room, she caught my eye as she turned her body, walking away from me but holding that sexy eye contact for a few seconds, inviting me to watch her and possibly follow. She approached the hors d'oeuvres table and slowly bent over, carefully revealing her pussy to me. She turned back around, knowing we were watching.

It is difficult to explain the invitation she gave to both Bruce and I. When I looked over to him and saw his expression, completely captivated, I was instantly wet and knew I had to see them fuck to be satisfied tonight. She paralleled Tori Black when it came to my desire to see Bruce on top of her, making her scream. As I imagined it I realized I didn't mind if I didn't get to play or touch. If I could just watch her and Bruce together.

The holiday party was hosted at someone's house and the three of us soon found ourselves in a very spacious bedroom on the third floor. We didn't talk, we didn't need to. We just followed her there. She sat on the bed and began to strip off that tiny dress.

Her eyes were now completely on Bruce. She knew from our body language that she had gained my acceptance and there was no threat whatsoever. All I could think of was kissing her with Bruce's cum in her mouth.

She was naked now and approached Bruce with full eye contact in the sexiest way. Hips and arms slowly swinging side to side. Hair falling gently across her forehead. Determined yet playful look on her face. Bruce gave my hand one tight squeeze just before she came within arms length of him, his eyes scanning her sexy naked body, already devouring her with his eyes.

She came up close to him, head titled down and stroked his biceps, feeling his strong frame through his clothes. Without hesitation they started kissing each other and in anticipation of the pleasure to come Bruce picked her up and carried her to the bed. They kept kissing as she unbuttoned his shirt, pausing to look him in the eyes with that seductive look. It was beautiful to watch. To see Bruce's passion and desire, confidence in his ability to please, carrying the natural energy. The desire for those two to fuck was so strong I could almost taste it...on her lips...his cum...white and shiny. Those eyes and that body approaching me with my man's cum in her mouth after he just ravaged her. I almost couldn't wait.

By this time Bruce's hard dick was out and she was giving him a hand job as they made out, tongues so sensually touching and sucking. Bruce's hands cupper her face and kissing her with desire behind every move. They really did look good together.

She took control without any ounce of belittling, moving him to his back, her on all fours teasing him for a few seconds before she let her wet pussy touch his full dick. The cool gliding sensation made Bruce close his eyes. Without hands she maneuvered her body to insert his dick, slow but calculated changing the angle of his dick in the right methods. And then, as Bruce was coming close, she gave him a break and got on all fours, inviting him to doggy style.

The way she presented her pussy was so hot. Who could possibly resist. Bruce fucked her hard from behind. That sexy aggression, moving her hips to squeeze and please his dick. Absorbing her skin and that sexy view as she grunted softly. Her tight pussy begging for his cum. Maybe I will eat it off of those lips, even hotter.

The two of them were going at it completely into each other. I stripped naked and came behind Bruce, pressing my body against his and wrapping my arms around him gently as my boobs pressed against his back. I whispered "I want to eat your cum off of her pussy lips. I want my tongue to taste you deep inside her as I lick and swallow every ounce of your cum, making her cum". I could feel the release, the climax, Bruce's perfect sperm shooting inside her sexy body as his body tensed and relaxed and as the instant sl**piness ensued. He gave me a goofy smile as he rolled onto the bed, exposing her pussy to me to continue to please our new friend. That taste, Bruce's cum mixed with another female's pussy. I'm so warmed up, it won't take long for me to come too.

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