tagBDSMAuburn Mistress Ch. 02

Auburn Mistress Ch. 02


The red headed woman who stood over me had at first started off as a customer then quickly turned into a friend, how was I to know that she had other plans for me?

I’ll get you up to date, we ad gone for a drink and whether she drugged my drink or I suddenly couldn’t hold much I found myself awake in her spare room dressed in her underwear, gagged. My hands tied to the headboard and my ankles tied at the same point exposing my ass to this beautiful older woman. Elizabeth, or Mistress as I was being forced to call her was stood over me dressed in thigh high boots with a wicked looking heel, stockings and Basque and she looked twenty years younger than her actual age, she was stunning. There was one thing about her stunning appearance that worried me greatly. Strapped around her firm waist and between her legs was a thick 9’’ realistic looking black cock, veins, bumps the lot!

I so wanted to ask her not to do what she was planning but she had stopped that problem earlier by placing a ball gag in my mouth, all I could do was pathetically moan and grunt. Mistress just smiled down at me, in any other situation the smile would of made me melt, but here and now I was panicking. I had never been with such a forceful woman before and had never had anything up my arse.

Mistress walked around the side of me, very slowly, with purpose, in a way I was wishing I were blindfolded. I closed my eyes to somehow escape what was happening to me, but each time I did so she pinched one of my nipples and squeezed. She wanted me to see everything. Mistress Elizabeth knelt on the bed between my spread legs, her hand moved up my strong thighs and began to stroke my cock which itself was bound within a tight harness. My 8’’ shaft was twitching and throbbing with her touch, I looked down to see her blood red fingernails closing around my shaft as she pumped slowly up ad down. I couldn’t believe it there was no precum, this woman was stunning by now I should of exploded over my chest.

“Awww cant my little slut cum?” she asked in a teasing tone, “That’s my fault slut, you see the harness is tight on you, therefore stopping you from making a mess before the days out”.

My eyes widened as I caught drift of what she meant, this evil bitch who was forcing me to call her Mistress wasn’t going to let me cum all day, that was torture enough. Her hand was feeling bliss despite the throbbing member that didn’t show signs of cumming. Then she stopped, so abruptly. From a bag on the floor she reached in and pulled out a small jar, slowly turning the top and keeping the label out of my sight she delved in provocatively with two fingers. The morning light allowed the fluid on her fingers to glisten right in front of me. With her left hand she went back to rubbing my trapped member while her right hand vanished towards my ass. Although I guessed what to expect the lub was cold on my puckered virgin anus, she circled her fingers around it and smeared the crack of my ass.

“Hmm slut this looks just like a pussy, my pussy to use as I please”.

It felt cold, but dam good. I had been with a few girls my age but Mistress Elizabeth was something else, even though I knew that she would hurt me someway I was happy to lie back feeling her touching my taboo area. But the good feeling had to end, and no matter how slow she tried to do it as her finger began entering my anus I tightened up.

For the next twenty minutes all Mistress did was look into my eyes, rub my cock back and forth and finger my ass. Occasionally stopping to re lubricate her fingers. It started with one, then two and finally three, making me feel relaxed by taking her time.

“Enjoying slut” even when Mistress abused me verbally she had a soft yet commanding voice.

I had to admit I was enjoying, I was no way gay or even though of my ass being touched, but this was bliss, it would be heaven if only the mad kidnapping bitch let me cum. I nodded while my eyes rolled back in my head, humming through the gag.

She stopped and sharply pulled her fingers from my pleasured hole, “Well slut it stops here, time for your training to continue”.

From my position I couldn’t see a great deal but certain senses had been awake and my ass was pretty wanting at the moment, but only for her fingers. That’s not what I felt, I felt a bulbous head pressing at my virgin ass, or pussy as it was being named.

“Relax slut, either way this is going to take away my babies virginity, so relax or it will hurt”.

I understood what Mistress was telling me and tried to relax, easier said than done. Slowly she pushed forward as the head got wider and wider opening my anal passage and causing me great pain. Under the gag I grunted and moaned, I fought for breath and was sure I didn’t look good with my nostrils flaring looking for fresh air. My god it hurt, how the fuck could people be gay. Soon the widest part of the head started to enter me and with a small thrust from her it slipped in, my tight virgin anus closing around the shaft of the black cock.

Nothing was said and Mistress knelt ever so still between my legs, her eyes closed taking in and enjoying my fighting noises of discomfort. As I started to quieten down she knew I was coming accustom to the size and soon she began pushing it deep, until I took all 9’’. Once I felt the fake balls against my ass she pulled out slowly to the tip. The drove in deep, out slowly, then drove it back in. Holy shit I was being fucked by this stunning older woman who I had once called Ma’am from a work point of view and now had to call her Mistress. She was sweating and her pale skin glistened with the bodily fluid, she was really getting into it, pumping back and forth taking away my dignity.

Soon I found myself wanting it whenever she pulled out, I was pushing back into her, shit was I gay? no no I cant be this is against my will. My grunts and moans did nothing to slow her down. As the rampaging cock ravaged my anus her hand started pumping my cock and my balls were on fire.

Eventually se slowed down and concentrated on my cock, wanking it and pulling it about. Every time I opened my eyes I could see her pointing my cock downwards into my face, the problem was I could feel my heavy balls burning with hot cum inside them. Then from nowhere I exploded. Through the tight cock harness and ring, it left the tip of my cock like a large, very large bolt of lightening. Cum splashed over my face and chest, it got in my hair, eyes and covered the gag that kept me silent. My chest was heaving and I struggled for breath, all Mistress Elizabeth could do was smile lovingly at me.

With the strapon still deep in my ass she unbuckled it from her waits and retied it around my own waist leaving the 9’’ cock in my ass as she stood. I watched her moved to sit at the side of me, still smiling, happy with raping me. Even through the cum that covered my face I could smell her pussy, excited from what she had done. Leaning over me she kissed my sticky forehead and removed the gag.

Now your thinking if I was here against my will I’d scream, in a way I wanted to but then I didn’t. I was exhausted and gasped for breath, but still Mistress had other ideas, her fingers scoped up the cum from my face and chest and she pushed it into my mouth. I tried to fight her with my tongue and push the cum back out but as my mouth was fairly full she put the gag back in and strapped it up, tight.

To be continued…

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