'Put your glass down,' he said, his voice now sounding a little hoarse, which I did, and had him then half roll onto me and start kissing me. This didn't surprise me but he did a few minutes later for after a few kisses, he moved down and began to kiss and nibble at the nipples of my chest. Not only that, but he sucked on them before moving even further down the bed, kissing my lower chest and stomach before giving the head of my still rampant cock head a kiss.

Then he showed me how a cock should be sucked. First he gave the head a squeeze, making the eye open up and into this he blew a small stream of air from his mouth which made really give out a quiver. Next he tongued it before taking the head into his mouth, his lips tight up around my foreskin, pushing it back as he slowly moved down till I had the whole of the cock head bare of skin so that he could really suck and tease it with his tongue.

His mouth was hot and I couldn't help but give out a gasp at having this experience of having my cock sucked for the first time. He made me groan and have my cock twitch as I felt his tongue move over the G string and my whole body gave out a shiver and I had tingles run up and down my spine and a warm glow fill my stomach as even my balls moved at this erotic sensation that flowed through my body.

Then his head started to bob up and down on my cock as his hand did the same in the opposite direction giving me the most exciting thing that I'd ever experienced, and I loved it. Feeling his tongue move round the bare flesh as he sucked and teased it in his sucking of my cock. So much so, that I soon began to move my hips up towards his down bobbing head and knew that I was about to give him my cumming.

Man! That was some load that I shot into his mouth. Bucking up to him as I began to fill his mouth with my cum, getting the relief that I desperately needed. I think, with getting that extra bit of suction, that he swallowed all of it in one go for the sucking slackened off to just having his tongue rove round over the head as he kept giving me little squeezes of my cock before he finally lifted his head up and gave me a smile before giving the head a kiss and moving up the bed, kissed me.

'That's how to give head,' he said, kissing me again. 'Let's hope that you can do it that way next time.' He must have enjoyed it for with him half laying on me, I could feel that his cock was once again up and hard and pressing against my thigh. 'But now I'm ready to fuck you and as nobody else has ever been there, I'm going bare back.' I found out later that this meant he wouldn't be using a condom.

He rolled off me and got up from the bed and went through to the bathroom to return quite quickly with a tube of what I learned was known as lube. I was mesmerised by his swaying erection as he walked back towards me, it now looking huge to me and even though I'd had it in my mouth, looked far too big to be pushed up my ass. My mouth had suddenly gone all dry at the thought as he half rolled me onto my side and felt him push a finger inside me.

'Dry,' he commented, his finger moving about in my ass, 'but this will help,' he said as he pulled it out and a minute later had him push it back in with a bit more ease now due to him having lubed his finger. He moved it about for a few minutes before then using two fingers before I finished up with him having three of his fingers moving inside me, expanding my hole so that it wouldn't hurt when he pushed his cock inside he told me. For that's what I got a few minutes later.

He rolled me onto my back and I watched him rub some of this lube over his cock that now looked really huge to me as it moved about as he got onto the bed and between my legs. These he lifted up as he shuffled closer to me and put the heels up onto his shoulders, half bending me as he almost lifted my bottom half up and felt the head of his cock touch my ring piece.

My body gave out a twitch to this touching me there and couldn't stop my body from trembling as I felt more pressure being used as both of his hands came up to hold my thighs as he began to push forwards.

'Relax Mark. Relax,' he said, seeing the expression on my face as well as feeling my sphincter muscle trying to stop his entry. This I tried to do but couldn't with this being my first time of having a man's cock trying to gain entry to my backside. There was a little pain as I felt the head of his cock widen me and then suddenly to feel it slip inside.

Wow! It felt huge and I could feel it throbbing away and heard him give out a sigh as the rest of his cock slid right up into me right in till his thighs were tight up to the cheeks of my ass and he could go no further.

'There's nothing like a virgin ass,' he said as he began to move and felt his cock start to slide back until it was almost out and then be pushed back inside me. I can't really describe all of the different sensations that flowed through my body as his cock slid back and forth in his fucking of me. I'm sure I smiled back as he smiled down at me as he moved himself in and out of me.

My body seemed to glow and looking down, could see that I now had another erection lying up on my stomach, twitching away as I was being fucked and found that I was enjoying this, and it got even better. I felt his hands tighten on my thighs and he really began to push harder into me and felt his cock swell a little bit more and then felt his first surge of cum hit the insides of my canal.

It felt incredible as more came splashing inside me and it gave me a thrill to feel it hitting me and I felt my own cock start to follow suit and had my own cum shoot out of my cock to squirt right up onto my chest. He was cumming inside me as I was cumming over my chest and stomach and felt as though I was in heaven at the thrill I was getting by having his cum to do this to me.

He was panting heavily when he came to a halt, his cock really throbbing hard inside me as he smiled down at me. 'That was just great Mark. Nice and tight,' he said, his hands now moving up and down my thighs. 'I'm glad I bought you.'

I was too, having him fuck me every day, sometimes twice and a few times he had me for a third time. I even got to love the sucking on him and got much better at cocksucking over the six months that I lived with him. I now loved having sex like this and when the six months were nearly up, I went onto Ebay again and put myself up for auction again.

Would you believe it! It was Dennis that put in the highest bid.

* * *

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