tagBDSMAuctioning Natalie: Tied & Sold

Auctioning Natalie: Tied & Sold


It was broad daylight on Park Avenue, the most attractive and impressive area of New York City. Like most days in the big city, the working class went to and from their offices, the wealthy enjoyed fine dining, and tourists strolled the neighborhoods while taking pictures.

Aside from the norms of the busy neighborhood, Natalie stood naked in a barren room on the 38th floor of a luxury apartment building. She was positioned in front of a window, which was covered by a thin white curtain for privacy.

Her hands were tightly bound together above her head, attached to a black rope which hung from a hook in the ceiling.

An embellished black mask hid the top of her face, but highlighted her prominent nose and chin. It allowed the beauty of her face to show, while concealing her identity. Her long dark hair cascaded freely down her back, and her lips were accentuated by ruby red lipstick.

Silk black stockings with a seam running along the back covered her shapely legs. They made her impossibly long limbs seem even longer. Black heels completed her scant attire. Her body was on full display, in all its nude glory.

No one would deny that she was enchanting. A rare combination of strength and femininity, she appealed to men and women alike. While slender yet curvaceous in the right spots, she projected an image that her body was built for rough fuckings. At the age of 34, Natalie had come to realize that she greatly enjoyed being sexually used by others, and that was exactly what she expected today.

Not even her closest friends knew about the depraved secret she kept. Her submissive desire and craving to be used for the pleasure of others might be hard for them to understand.

Eventually, she let professionals take control in this secret place of congregation. It was an elegant setting where like-minded people of a certain class could indulge in their very naughty desires. The masks were discretionary. But for Natalie, it was an absolute must; no one could know that she allowed herself to be treated in such a scandalous manner. She was a high powered lawyer for God's sake.

The rules were simple. Secrecy was sacrosanct. Cleanliness was non-negotiable. Respect was necessary. This was an exclusive affair and everyone came dressed accordingly.

As Natalie stood there bound and masked, she watched the female Auctioneer step into position beside her. The Auctioneer wore a purposefully revealing suit, cleavage and all, along with a gold mask to conceal her identity too. She was a tall woman with a commanding aura, which made her perfect for the job.

In a strange turn of events, Natalie had joined these taboo gatherings at the request of the Auctioneer, who incredibly was also a lawyer named Lea. They had been opposing counsels during a lengthy trial. When the case ended, Lea asked Natalie out for drinks.

"You know something," she had said to Natalie at a private table, while they both slumped, battered and exhausted after the grueling case. "Women like us are a rare breed. We work our asses off. We're smart. Sophisticated. Dedicated. And we both like to be fucked a certain way. I could tell what kind of woman you are the first time I saw you."

Natalie almost spit out her drink. Was she really giving off some type of sexual vibe? How was this woman able to deduce that Natalie liked the rough stuff?

For most of Natalie's adult life, sex had been vanilla. The usual grind was required to achieve orgasms of the minimum standard. However, in recent years, she had made a few naughty requests of her partners to spice things up. Rough fucking. Light choking. Some spanking. But most importantly, she had asked to be treated as a sexual plaything, as opposed to a romantic partner. Only when these conditions were met was Natalie able to achieve earth shattering orgasms.

Had one of her ex-boyfriends spread word about her deviant desires? Or was Lea a sexpert extraordinaire? Natalie wondered as she stared, with a deer in the headlights look.

"I belong to a club, of sorts. It's for men and women who enjoy pushing the bounds of unconventional sex. Think about it. It's a highly exclusive network and we could use new members like you. Don't worry, no one will ever know. There's a formal contract that includes a confidentiality clause. We're all bound to secrecy with waivers and agreements. Quite a few members are lawyers. If you're still uptight about privacy, we can offer you a custom made mask from Venice. A few of our esteemed female members wear them. It puts them at ease while exploring the darker parts of their sexuality."

Natalie was dumbfounded and her cheeks turned bright red. Lea had seen this look before, many times. Undaunted, she forged ahead and disseminated information that made Natalie's panties instantly wet.

After some dialogue designed to calm Natalie's sudden hyperventilation, Lea continued her pitch. "Kinky stuff. Ropes. Whips. Group settings. Dominance. Submission."

"Like BDSM?" Natalie asked.

Lea smiled. "It's a BDSM club. Actually, I participate in a very unique way. How would you like to be sold? If you agree, I'll make sure you go to the most exciting bidder."

Their secret conversation continued until Lea pushed a card with a phone number over to Natalie. With that she stood, paid the bill, smirked down at Natalie, turned and left. She was confident that a call would be forthcoming. That fateful meeting had been the start of Natalie's blessed sexual emancipation.

After several days of intense deliberation, she made the call, figuring she had nothing to lose. After all, Natalie thought, who was Lea going to tell? They were both career women and had a lot to lose in terms of their reputations and potential clients.

At that point, her lessons began; ass, pussy, mouth. She was disciplined in all the arts. Her body was trained to hold erotic positions for long periods of time. All her pleasure points were found; strengths and weaknesses determined. It wasn't long until Lea had classified Natalie as a bondage fiend and pain slut. That was the proper diagnosis for this inexperienced sub.

Of course, Lea had greatly enjoyed her role as Natalie's sexual mentor. Having been responsible for the training regimen, Natalie was especially well versed in giving pleasure exactly to Lea's specifications. They had spent many enjoyable evenings with Natalie's face planted in the pussy and asshole of her carnal coach. At the end of a rigorous day in court, meeting for the illicit activities was a welcome treat. Their shared enthusiasm and work ethic made them especially well suited to both give and take in their respective roles.

That was then.

Now, the guests took their seats in the room. There must have been at least 15 people present, which seemed to be the standard. Natalie couldn't do an exact count since she was locked facing the front wall. From down the hall, she heard more people milling about in the remainder of the apartment (at least another 15).

It was true what they say about other senses being heightened when one was hampered. The sounds of footsteps and of people settling into the upholstered high back chairs was clear. Soon she heard quiet whispers about her beauty. Eventually conversations turned to ways in which the guests envisioned using her for their gratification.

The potent combination of being bound and not knowing what would take place made Natalie's pussy moisten in anticipation. Juices pooled at the tops of her thighs since she had no pubic hair to hold it in her intimate space.

The Auctioneer struck a gavel on the podium. "Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin, I would personally like to thank you all for coming. We have a wonderful line up of men and women today. We are certain that you'll enjoy the pleasures we have in store."

She dispensed with the usual formalities as the event began. Her words were professional and spoken with the assertiveness required of a good attorney. However, there was also a seductive and playful quality to her delivery. The small audience applauded when the proceedings were officially underway.

The Auctioneer continued, "First we begin with Natalie, this stunning beauty standing beside me. Officially, she's a working professional, highly respected in her field. Unofficially, in front of you all, she'll be used as someone's Fuck Toy."

Natalie couldn't contain her excitement and the involuntary spasm of her pussy.

"I know that many here have a fetish for working women. Believe me when I tell you that Natalie has brains which parallel her incredible physique. Which one of you would like to own her? Who wants to make this highly educated woman submit to your sexual whims?"

Even though Natalie was unable to watch, she heard murmurs of approval. The Auctioneer, however, made note of the nods, licking of lips, and sharpening of gazes. Lust was in the air and Natalie was on everyone's appetite.

"First, we'll begin with a showcase of her legs."

The Auctioneer left the podium with a leather paddle in hand as she approached Natalie. Then she rubbed the tip of the paddle along Natalie's black stockings. Natalie did her best to remain still, despite her own excitement.

"These legs are long and flawless," the Auctioneer said. "Without heels, she stands at 5'8". She's a runner and has completed quite a few marathons for charity. Just think of how good it would feel to run your fingers, lips, pussies or dicks across these legs."

Natalie became wetter as the paddle moved upwards and was swatted against her ass.

"I know that many of you enjoy administering a good spanking to a ripe ass. Natalie's butt is perfectly round and lush; her tender skin can handle long bouts of paddling. Allow me to demonstrate demonstrate."

The paddle was pressed flat against Natalie's left butt cheek, and was then withdrawn by the Auctioneer. A thunderous clap sounded as contact was again made between the paddle and her ass. It echoed loudly in the room and caused Natalie to flinch, despite her best efforts to remain still.

Another blow was delivered. Then another. And another. Each blow was harder than the last. Both cheeks received the scorching sensation associated with spanking, in equal measure.

When the spanking finished, the white skin had been reddened and radiated heat.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, that's just a teaser," the Auctioneer smiled behind her own mask. "Now for her anus."

Ass fuckings were something Natalie had only grown accustomed to since joining this secret BDSM group. Although she was tall and seemed strongly built, her anus was delicate and tiny. Only the experts in attendance could fit large cocks into her forbidden hole. It required control and patience.

Soft, feminine hands touched Natalie's butt and forced her cheeks apart, exposing her small brown hole to the group. She felt utterly exposed and vulnerable as air flowed across her anus. Oddly enough, she could also feel the room's hungry eyes peering at it, in all its splendor.

"As you can all see, her hole is barely there, tiny and begging to be stretched. Someone's lucky cock could find nirvana in there today."

For the daring part of the presentation, the Auctioneer put the paddle down and held Natalie by the hips, turning her around so she'd face the small audience.

Natalie saw the crowd through her mask. It was the typical group; an even split of men and women. All were sharply dressed in a casually elegant way. Their faces held the same look of desire as they each hoped to get off in a special way. The sight of Natalie's breasts and pussy seemed to mesmerize the attendees when it came into view.

Natalie's nipples turned rock hard.

The Auctioneer picked up the paddle again and pressed it firmly to Natalie's labia, which incidentally put pressure on the clitoris too.

"I can honestly say that I've had the pleasure of tasting what's between these legs. Ladies and Gentleman, whether you want to fuck her pussy or eat it, you're in for a real treat."

Natalie felt the paddle move to her round breasts, circling her light brown nipples. The paddle softly spanked the underside of each tit, causing her breasts to jiggle in front of the adoring crowd.

"And just look at these tits," the Auctioneer said with delight. "Can any of you believe they're real? And they are very real, I can assure you."

Natalie moaned when the Auctioneer bent down to roughly squeeze her left tit and bit down gently on the nipple. The Auctioneer gave the nipple a quick suck before releasing it.

Finally, the paddle moved up to Natalie's lips.

"Last, but not least, her mouth. Perfect for kissing. Perfect for sucking. Perfect for cleaning. Did I mention that she loves to eat cum? Both men and women's."

More approving nods came from the crowd.

"In closing, this one is a pain slut," the Auctioneer summed up. "She has a high tolerance and craves your best."

Natalie immediately took note of the audience reaction, which ranged from gasps to grins.

The Auctioneer stood behind the podium once again and fielded offers. Whoever proposed the kinkiest sex acts, done in the most provocative (yet reasonable) way would win the bid. The offers came in, each more enticing than the last.

Finally, Natalie heard the magic words that caused her whole body to spring to attention. Her nipples strained and her cunt began to quiver eagerly.

"Sold!" the Auctioneer said aloud, striking the gavel against the podium. "We have a tie. To guests #3 and #7. You may now collect your prize to split amongst the both of you."

The winners had made their intentions clear beforehand:

Man #3 didn't wear a mask. Natalie recognized him from the society section of the newspaper. This well known philanthropist had vowed to tame Natalie's ass with a good spanking. Precision was promised; a leather flog was his tool of choice. Then he would own her asshole with his enormous cock. Reassurances were given that he was an expert in ass fucking and taming spirited women.

Woman #7 had rich, dark skin. It would be Natalie's first experience with a black woman. Her full, luscious lips looked like they enjoyed giving and receiving erotic entertainment. She was also without a mask. A well regarded expert in breast play, she knew all the tips and tricks of nipple torture. By using just the right combination of pinching and twisting, she could administer stimulus that gave sweet suffering, without leaving lasting damage. And as a lesbian, she knew how best to eat a good pussy.

Natalie had never shared sexual pleasure with a black woman before, and the idea excited her greatly.

These two Dominants were selected by the Auctioneer because of their collaborative potential. While Natalie was tied in this precarious position, both would provide for the sub at the same time; one in front, and one from behind. It would give the small audience a memorable show.

Natalie's entire body trembled as the winners approached the front of the room. She had been used in front of a small group before; the exhibitionism only heightened her eventual release. This was the first time she'd be used by two people, who would work in concert on different sides of her body. It was her dirty dream come true.

The black woman was the first to make contact, rubbing her dark fingertips across Natalie's milky white skin. Natalie looked down and was aroused by the color contrast, especially as the fingers rubbed across each light brown nipple.

"You feel tense," woman #7 said. "First time with a black woman? I like being the first. It's an honor to be your first black Domme. Don't worry baby, you'll enjoy it."

Natalie didn't reply. She never did. Hiding her voice was part of remaining anonymous. She simply looked at this powerful woman through her mask, hoping she wouldn't be recognized.

Their eyes locked intensely, and for a moment, Natalie wondered if this dominant black woman had recognized her from somewhere. A public advertisement for her legal services, perhaps?

When man #3 picked up a leather flog, Natalie turned her attention to him. He made practice motions that looked choreographed. She was quite certain that he was the expert he claimed to be. The look of wicked delight on his face led Natalie to believe the flogging would hurt. With her hands tied above her head, Natalie's body was completely vulnerable.

"I've had my eyes on you," man #3 said. "Ever since I first saw you weeks ago, I've wanted to use you in the dirtiest of ways. Let's see if your ass was worth the wait. First, I'll turn you sideways so that everyone can see me pummel and plunder your sweet little asshole."

Natalie allowed herself to be turned, so that the three participants were lined up in a row. As Natalie's eyes focused on the beautiful woman in front of her, she felt soft slaps from the flogger against her ass. When the slaps became more forceful, the woman in front of her smiled in delight at the devilish discipline.

Soon, the flogger cracked hard against her ass, causing Natalie's body to stiffen and jerk from the burning bliss left in its wake. Natalie moaned and made staccato grunts, which she tried to suppress.

Woman #7 inserted two of her dark fingers into the recesses of Natalie's mouth, as if testing her gag reflex. "Hurt much? Do you like that sort of pain, sub?"

Natalie just nodded while her bottom was still being flogged.

"Good girl. I have just the thing for these delicious nipples of yours. Just as soon as he takes your ass."

The crowd stared in reverence as the man kept flogging Natalie's ass and the black woman leaned forward to kiss her mouth. The full, plump lips were a treat for Natalie. It was everything a good kiss was supposed to be, especially when their tongues danced together. The flogger cracked Natalie's ass painfully and she moaned desperately into the black woman's mouth. When Natalie opened her eyes in apprehension, she could see the woman peering back, assessing her reaction.

Natalie was certain that the woman enjoyed kissing someone who was moaning in agony from a severe flogging. The woman seemed to be increasingly aroused from the pained vocalizations of Natalie. Behind her, she heard the man murmur in satisfaction as he continued to redden her ass. She was sure he had a massive hard-on already.

Between the two sexually charged beings, Natalie felt like a conduit for deviant erotic energy. The effect on her was tremendous. In addition to the overpowering rapture she reaped from the pain, knowing the two Dominants were getting off on this made her feel supremely submissive.

The flogging stopped, which could only mean one thing. Though her lips were still locked in a lusty kiss, she heard the sound of a bottle opening and lube being squeezed. The man gave her ass a powerful slap with his bare hand, making Natalie's entire body cringe. He aggressively marked his territory before the fucking began.

Then Natalie felt the familiar sensation of her cheeks being pulled apart, thus leaving her asshole exposed. Immediately, the sensation of a hard, lube covered cock was felt by her brown pucker as it lined up for penetration.

"I enjoy fucking a woman in the ass this way," man #3 said, caressing Natalie's ribs, starting at her waist and moving up, towards her restrained arms. "It's like you're a beautiful, fuckable piece of meat. I'm going to do it nice and rough, just the way you like it."

His strong, reassuring voice made Natalie even more aroused as he reached down and pushed the head of his lubed cock into her tiny, well trained asshole. Natalie tried to break away from the kiss, but the woman grabbed the sides of her head and wouldn't release her hold.

As the cock was expertly introduced into the small opening of her ass, Natalie breathed heavily through her nose. Her eyes widened while waiting for the searing pain that she expected. It came soon enough, and Natalie screeched in response.

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