Auctioning Natalie: Tied & Sold


Natalie was pinned between the grip he had on her hips, and the clutches of the black woman whose tongue continued to ream her mouth; she had no option but to take the advance in her ass without moving for comfort. There was no pause. The man was well versed in angles and break points. He drove in until his balls rested against her butt. The ferocity of his assault was sweet torture. There was no doubt that her ass had just been owned.

Natalie's eyes widened as she drew in a deep breath. Instead of moaning, she gasped as if hungry for air. The black woman seemed delighted by this anal attack.

"My turn," woman #7 said. "Baby, white breasts like yours are my favorite. They look so milky and creamy against my hands. They're begging to be hurt, and that's my speciality."

Natalie looked down and agreed; woman #7's ebony fingers provided quite a contrast against her own lily white breasts. At first, the touch was soft and loving. Then the black woman implemented her famous nipple torture routine, and returned her tongue to fill Natalie's slack mouth.

Those chocolate fingers squeezed the underside of Natalie's vanilla breasts, then kneaded them like raw dough. It hurt, but was nothing compared to the pain of her small asshole being so viciously fucked by the man. Then the dark fingers pinched each of Natalie's brown nipples. Now this, was more comparable to the sharp pain in her ass. Two of her pleasure spots were now being ravished. She was thankful no one was torturing her pussy at the same time.

The woman proceeded to twist the sensitive nubs so hard that Natalie's face grimaced in exquisite misery. For a moment, she almost forgot that her asshole was being savaged. Almost... The sound of the man's thighs slapping against her ass refocused her attention toward her backside. Natalie reached what she thought was her pain limit. She broke the passionate kiss, threw back her head and howled.

"I know it hurts," the black woman whispered while squeezing a bit more. "But it's about to feel so, so good."

For the life of her, Natalie couldn't understand how the pain in her nipples could ever feel good. But when her nipples were released, the black woman bent down and lovingly sucked each of Natalie's tits, sending a salacious sensation down her spine. That pleasure, combined with the joyous assault on her sodomized ass, drove Natalie to the very brink of her sexual sanity. The black woman's tongue was as soothing as those full lips, and they worked in concert to relieve the pain in the nipples.

But the pleasure in her breasts didn't last long as the black woman cruelly removed her mouth. Once again, she twisted those saliva covered nipples, tormenting Natalie further while her ass received a proper plowing.

"I won't make it that enjoyable for you," woman #7 smiled. "I want you to have balance. A kinky yin and yang. He gets the back, and I get the front. You just have to stand there and take it like a good sub."

#3 took note of that, put his hands on Natalie's shoulders for grip, and really went to town on her asshole. She gritted her teeth and made squealing noises, which thoroughly embarrassed her in front of the adoring audience.

The giant cock being shoved in and out of her tiny hole made her so unsteady that she could barely stand. As Natalie's knees weakened, she began to collapse, putting more weight on her bound wrists. The stretch and pull on her shoulders were scarcely registered by her brain which struggled to cope with extreme sensations on the opposite planes of her body.

"She's breaking," woman #7 said, licking her lips while continuing to persecute Natalie's nipples. "It's time we finish her off."

Man #3 remained relentless in Natalie's asshole, grunting, "I want her to cum when I cum."

The instruction to the fellow Dominant was clear. The black woman released the tender nipples, gave them a quick suck for relief, then dropped to her knees in front of Natalie's spread pussy.

As her asshole was being ravished by the large cock and her pussy was being licked by a Goddess, Natalie was overcome by conflicting sensations. The nonstop blitz on her ass was offset by the tender sucking on her clit. Occasionally, the black woman used her teeth to gently bite Natalie's swollen clitoris, making her cry out with fervor. But the black woman made up for it by slowly and lovingly lapping at it afterwards. As a result, Natalie was pushed to the edge of orgasm repeatedly, but her release was denied. She felt like a volcano that was about to erupt.

With the black woman down on her knees, Natalie was able to fully appreciate the intensity with which the audience stared at the threesome. Each guest at this BDSM event looked completely entranced by the sight of Natalie being driven to the brink of a sexual explosion. She was being owned and was obviously aroused by her sexual servitude. Behind this mask, her identity was safe. She permitted herself to let go and delve into the most deviant of pleasures.

She broke her own rule of silence, finally whimpering the words, "Oh God," as her ass was being fiercely fucked and her pussy was being expertly eaten.

Her words only added fuel to the fire, driving man #3 to clench her shoulders so tightly that bruises would surely be left. As hard as it was to believe, Natalie realized he had been holding back. His thrusting became frenetic and she was certain he would soon empty his seed into her ass.

"I have a nice big load for you," the man grunted.

True to his word, he continued growling in her ear but stilled his onslaught. Natalie felt her inner rectum being coated with several large spurts of semen. In a matter of moments, the cock turned flaccid and was withdrawn from her asshole. Natalie's ass gaped now that it was suddenly empty. Immediately, she longed for the return of his hard cock to her most private passage.

"Miss me already?" he whispered. "You're a great fuck with a tight ass. Well worth the anticipation."

He patted her bottom, and Natalie felt cum dripping from her asshole. She was surprised to feel his fingers swipe against her loosened hole, and dip into the creamy discharge. When the cum coated fingers were inserted into her mouth, she was even more shocked. After a moment's hesitation, Natalie sucked his fingers clean. She reveled in the depravity of the moment before she was nudged out of her stupor by the tongue of the black woman on her pussy.

Natalie looked down into those ferocious brown eyes. The passionate black woman licked and sucked deeply on Natalie's clit. Man #3 stood behind Natalie and caressed her lower back and butt, hoping to see Natalie cum into the woman's mouth.

"That's it," the man said to Natalie. "Don't be ashamed to cum in her mouth. She happens to enjoy drinking white women. You've earned this climax, slut."

Natalie's heart pounded and she whispered, "Oh fuck," to herself.

As the black woman laved her tongue across Natalie's clit, the orgasm finally arrived in epic measure. The power that had been unleashed in her body caused the air in her lungs to burst. This orgasm didn't just affect the muscles in her pelvic floor; her entire body clenched and contracted from the explosion. She was barely able to support herself on her now rubbery legs. All of her body weight hung on her wrists, bound tightly above her head. Consequently, her shoulders were pulled in an extreme manner that might have been painful under normal circumstances.

She didn't care. The discomfort in her arms was temporary. This orgasm was something she'd remember forever.

Natalie squirted into the black woman's mouth. It was a culmination of all the delicious agony she'd experienced in her nipples and her asshole. She really was a pain slut. It was true; everyone in the room could now attest to that fact.

Then, she was left limp. While trying to regain control of her breathing, she attempted to stand on her own two feet. The black woman smiled, knowing the job was done. The man helped steady her until she could support herself.

"Exactly as advertised," the Auctioneer said to the audience when Natalie was spent. "Exactly as advertised. Well done."

The audience applauded as Natalie struggled to catch her breath. The two Dominants gave her gentle pats on the shoulder and butt. They whispered things to her, which she was unable to process. The aftermath felt like a blur.

Two young female staffers approached. They wore sexy sleek masks and were scantily clad in black lace dresses. Natalie was freed from her position when they loosened the rope above her head. Then her wrists were untied.

Cum dripped down Natalie's asshole and her own fluids dripped from her pussy. Natalie held her head high as the staffers gently took her by each arm and led her down the hall. The audience applauded enthusiastically as she did the walk of fame. Everyone found what they wanted that day. However, Natalie was certain that her own satisfaction was the greatest of all.

Natalie was taken to a private bedroom where the staffers used a stack of wet towels to scrub and clean every inch of her body. One of the women even used a squirt bottle to clean the inside of her asshole. The whole process lasted several minutes.

The staffers carefully removed her mask. The same process was repeated with her face. Excess lipstick was wiped away and her hair was tied in a profession bun. Her suit was retrieved from the closet as she stood there naked.

The Auctioneer entered the bedroom and removed the gold mask. Her expression was curious.

"How do you feel?" Lea asked.

"My asshole will be sore for the next few days," Natalie replied dryly. "And my nipples feel like they were electrocuted."


As Lea waited for the answer to the suggestive question, Natalie allowed the staffers to dress her; putting on her bra and panties, stockings, then her tailored suit, making her a professional woman once again.

Natalie smiled, "I've never felt so alive. That's how I feel, if you really want the truth."

"I thought so," Lea winked. "Are we still on for dinner?"

"You bet."

When Natalie adjusted her suit, Lea blew a kiss and put on the gold mask once again. She returned to her duties at the Auction. Meanwhile, Natalie thanked the staffers, put on her heels, and left for the office.

The End

Special thanks to SueDanym for the writing contributions.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/06/17

I have difficulty believing that, after a session like the one described, any woman could go back to work. Otherwise, well written and extremely explicit. Decent description of Natalie's feelings

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by ArthurBoon10/19/17

Would have loved to be in that audience.

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