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I have been trying so hard to break into the film industry that my husband thinks I'm willing to sell my soul. Mark says that I'll end up having to sign mysterious contracts in blood.

Where does he get this stuff, you know?

I've done everything I'm supposed to. I landed an agent - that was hard! I had my composite and my resume of acting classes and plays from high school and college. I went on a few interviews for parts, but only a few. It was hard enough to get an agent to take me on, but only four interviews in eighteen months?

I was angry, you know?

I got to the point where I needed work. Mark was supporting us on his income from the low-level clerk work he did. His job had a lot of room to advance, and it looked good for him. He supported me emotionally in my acting pursuit, but I could tell he was as anxious as I was for me to get some kind of break.

I tried the accepted route, but was getting nowhere. I started looking through the newspaper for a part time job. What I found there was exciting! I remember running to Mark and jumping around as I showed him. There were dozens of ads for auditions in the classifieds. All I got from him was an eyebrow.

"You know what those are?" He was shaking his head.

"Huh?" How could he know anything about them?

"Read the print there, Penny," he pointed. "See that one? 'Models. Nudity.'"

"Oh come on," I pouted. "They're not all like that!"

He just looked at me with one of those know-it-all male looks. What a shit. Why did he think he knew everything? "This one doesn't say anything about models."

"Uh huh, and what does partial-nudity mean?" He cocked his head at me to make me feel stupid.

"Why are you being like this? You know how much I want to break into the business. Partial means partial, what else?" I knew he was anxious, but what had caused him to suddenly decide not to support me?

"I want you to act, but those kind of auditions are for sex flicks," he said with a slow manner.

He was talking to me like I was a little child. I hated when he did that. Just because he was a man, he thought he knew everything. "You don't know those are all sex flicks. Besides, they can't advertise in the public paper."

"What?" He laughed. "Where do you think they advertise?"

His manner had passed from slightly annoying to really aggravating. His tone said that I was being stupid and it made me even madder.

"It would be indecent. You can't advertise that stuff in the paper." I had to be right. You couldn't advertise for sex in the newspaper, could you? They had special sex papers for that.

"Well, what do you think it means by nudity, then?"

"Obviously for the movies that have some tit, so what? Almost every actress has done a movie and shows some tit. They practically show it on prime time now." Was he that dense?

"And you think I'm going to be all for you going to an audition where they have you get partially naked?"

Was he being deliberately dense? "What do you think would happen if I got a role opposite some big name male star that called for a kissing scene in a bedroom? With some nudity involved?"

"Well, that's different..." He didn't finish.

"How?" I had him. He could see his point was wrong. "If Mel, or Brad, or Leonardo had a bedroom scene with me, kissing, where he was supposed to be touching me, how do you think it gets accomplished without some nudity?"

I could see him thinking, and he looked bothered. Well, he had to expect if I landed a big role that something like that could happen. Didn't he?

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

"Haven't you thought that I might be called to do something like that? Would you be able to handle me in a sex scene on film?"

"I guess," he allowed. "It's all faked, anyway."

"Right, so where's the problem?" I could see the total confusion on his face.

"But these," he pointed at the paper, "are sex films."

"Are not. Partial nudity is all over the movies."

"Okay, okay," he held up a hand. "I don't want to argue about it."

"Fine, I'm going to call about these partial nudity ones."

"Wait a minute, Penny..." He looked like he was going to start again.

"Look, are you supporting me in my career, or not? You know how much I want to act!"

He was silent for a moment. "Sure, but make me a promise?"


"Promise me you'll walk out if the audition turns into a sex audition."

I laughed. "Why, of course, silly."

I had an appointment for an audition! I mean, the very first one I called. I was asked if I had a problem with modeling in partial nudity or working with others for the audition. So, they were up front on the phone and the man sounded really nice.

I was so happy and Mark seemed happy, too, but he reminded me of my promise. He wanted to make love the night before, but I told him that it could effect the audition if I was sore, or acted different.

The audition hall was a studio lot in a warehouse district. Lots of nice looking cars were parked around and the reception room inside was comfortable. I was handed some standard forms to fill out about my personal info and age. I had done these before on the few interviews I had been on.

I had made sure I came looking my best. I had my chestnut hair lightly curled with minimal make-up, in case they wanted to apply some. I was wearing my khaki shorts and white loose blouse. I hadn't wore a bra, because I expected to have to take my blouse off anyway.

Bruce, the producer, came into the reception room and shook my hand. His hand was firm, but very soft. He made me feel right at home. He led me back into the audition studio and showed me the set. There was an overstuffed chair and a small bed with only a bright white mattress sheet.

He told me what I would be doing for the audition. I was to sit in the chair and answer some personal questions for the camera, and then do some modeling. Afterwards, he would have me do some partial nudity footage with another actor or two, depending on how good I performed. And that was it.

I was anxious to get started and nervous. I was finally getting some interviews. I wondered if I could fit in more. I'd have to call all the other places when I got back to the apartment. I could load up and just blaze through them until I got a part. I'd even do the nude modeling, if it got me a part.

I answered several typical questions. "Penny, thirty-three, married, no kids."

"No kids, but married? How come?" Bruce asked with genuine interest.

Most people didn't care to ask why. Not even my agent had asked. I immediately liked Bruce. "Well, I can't have any. Spent a lot of money trying."

"You're infertile? Or your husband?" His voice was all sympathy.

"Me," I shrugged. "Just something I have to deal with, I suppose."

Bruce had me get up and do some modeling poses with the camera running. He would call out what he wanted me to do and seemed pleased that I was able to react to his instructions without hesitation.

"Beautiful legs, Penny," Bruce murmured. "Very nice."

I felt myself blush. What a nice compliment.

I went through many different poses, many suggestive. It was all part of the biz, you know? He had me finally remove my top. I had wondered when that was coming, and I had prepared myself. I tried to remove it as smoothly as possible with no hesitation.

"Wonderful!" Bruce smiled. "You're all natural."

Why did he have to bring that up? I knew I wasn't sporting the kind of tits men wanted to see. He must have seen the look on my face.

"No, don't take that wrong. I love your boobs. Natural ones are so much better than fake ones, in my opinion." He smiled. "I hope that doesn't embarrass you."

With relief, I sighed. "No, and thank you."

Bruce called back over his shoulder to some of the crew behind him. "Johnny, come give us a hand here."

I was directed to go through some poses with Johnny, a tall bodybuilder with a sculpted figure. I almost felt like a lump next to him.

"Penny, you don't mind showing us your ability to pose with a male actor, do you?" Bruce made sure I was okay with everything.

There was no way I was going to ruin my chances. I had to show that I was willing to go as far as any sex scene I had seen in any movie. Hopefully, they wouldn't require me to be totally nude and fake a sex scene with a nude guy, but if it came to that, wouldn't I have to go through with it? What if I froze up on Mel or Leonardo? I had to show them my resolve and easy ability to work with what I was given. This was as much for Leonardo, as for me. "Of course not, I'm ready."

I had assumed that I might get touched, so I was prepared for it when it happened. I didn't even bat an eyelash when Johnny touched my arms. We moved and posed for the camera and when Johnny was directed to touch my breasts, I was ready for that too. His hands slid over my breasts and the tickle on my nipples rippled through me. I almost flinched and laughed, but instead turned it into a bright smile.

"There you go, Penny!" Bruce was smiling, too.

I felt so good and at ease. This was going well.

"Barry? Get in here for the glamor trio." Bruce waved.

A tall black man walked onto the set and smiled at me. He had an open face with an easy smile and bright eyes. I've never looked at a black man that way, but he was handsome if I had to judge.

I was told to take off the shirts of the two men for the camera. Johhny's came off first. His chest was overbuilt and hairless. It was nice to touch when I was told to. Barry's was next, and his chest was more defined while being smaller, more in proportion. I had never touched a black man's chest before, and was surprised to find it the same as Johnny's. Well, I guess I shouldn't have thought they would be different.

A few poses of us standing sandwiched like seen in many magazines were done, and then Bruce had more questions for me.

"We'd like to see how you react to nudity while not being nude yourself. Do you have a problem with full nudity?"

"Me nude?"

"No, do you have a problem with undressing Johnny and Barry and them being nude?" Bruce tilted his head at me in a considering look.

I knew that look. Was I willing to overlook any questions of propriety for the camera? Would I balk if asked to be in a scene where I had to undress another actor? No way. I didn't have a problem with their nudity. "Oh, sorry!"

"No problem; just undress them the rest of the way and let's see how you do."

His words rang in my head. This was all a test. Everything. I was going to pass the test, no matter what. I squatted and unzipped Barry's pants. I froze for the briefest moment when I unzipped and pulled down his pants a little. He wasn't wearing any underwear and my face was just a foot away from his cock.

Wow. I was just a little shocked, but tried to make it look like I was just looking at it. I slid his pants down and he stepped out of them. I tried not to look, but then realized that not looking would look bad. So I made sure I looked at it. My first look at a black cock showed me it was the same as any other. He was circumcised and it looked soft. It was a little large like it was half hard. Oh well, at least it wasn't me standing there slightly turned on. Maybe he liked my boobs.

Would Leonardo like my boobs and be half hard? I smiled.

"Nice, Penny, nice," Bruce had seen my smile.

I turned and undressed Johnny, too. His cock was softer, but it looked really wide. I absently wondered what it looked like hard.

Bruce had us do some more poses again where they were hugging me and dancing. I could feel both of them through my thin shorts. Don't get the wrong idea, I wasn't turned on or anything. This was a test and I was going to show I could be in any scene in any feature film.

"Penny, you're doing great," Bruce said. "Would you mind it if we skipped a second audition and just tested you all in one? You have wonderful potential."

My heart jumped. My pulse raced as I tried not to jump and bubble at his words. "Sure, whatever you think!"

"Great! I have a feeling this is going to be a promising session." Bruce grinned hugely at me.

His enthusiasm washed away all fears, although, to be honest, I wasn't fearing anything. Rather, I was nervous that they might not like me. His words did away with that.

"What I'd like you to do, Penny, is do a slow dance with your hands over your head as Johnny removes your shorts."

I guess that meant the second audition required my full nudity. I had to expect that somewhere along the line. Otherwise, how would they know whether a body-double was needed? This was obviously an audition for a non-speaking part, because there were no scripts to read off of and all the camera work was visual impressions of me. Which all meant, I was auditioning for an eye-candy part.

My husband thinks I can't connect two dots.

I raised my arms and did a slow twirl as they undid my shorts. Johnny slid them down and eyed my panties. His smile was natural. Guys. They just couldn't keep their minds on work.

Barry slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. Bruce had the three of us repeat the hug, with me sandwiched between the two naked men. I was amazed at my calm. Surely they could see my professionalism. Even with Barry's cock nestled in my ass cheeks and Johnny's rubbing on my mound, I was nothing but smiles.

I might have to do stuff like this in any movie I played in; Mark just didn't understand that. Just because I did a nude scene doesn't mean I'm in love with the actor. However, I didn't think I would be able to tell my husband later tonight that I had done this.

"Penny? I'd like to see how you react to touching? Would you handle both Johnny and Barry for me?"

Wow, touching. You usually don't see the actress touching the man, except his butt. Usually the actor touches the actress. I didn't mind having my ass and tits fondled on camera, I could pass it off. But...

No, I better not show I had any reservations. Camera sex was all faked, anyway. I gingerly took hold of Barry and Johnny as they turned to me. I tried to look natural. That didn't work, so I imagined that I was grabbing Mark. That worked. Of course, the natural course of my imagination took over and I stroked both for the camera.

"Excellent, Penny!" Bruce clapped. "You're a natural!"

I beamed at the camera and Bruce as I stroked the two naked men to my sides. It was a little awkward, though, reaching partly down to stroke, so I squatted down. I stroked their cocks at eye level and smiled. Both men had very nice looking cocks, although Johnny's was almost funny, it was so wide. Being able to stroke off two men and knowing I didn't have to finish them was fun. I kept imagining each guy was Mark and gave them some really good hand jobs.

"Okay, let's see how you react to being touched."

I didn't know what to say. Johnny pulled me up as I let go of their very hard cocks. Johnny smiled at me and tenderly placed his hand on my mound. I shivered at the touch. It was so light that it tickled. Barry's hands came from behind me and cupped my breasts.

Oh shit.

Electric arcs jolted me from my nipples to my clit. I go nuts over the right kind of tittle play, and Barry was doing it just right. My head got a little light and I leaned back to keep from looking like a dizzy dork on camera. Barry leaned me against his chest and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. Johnny's fingers slowly worked over my mound as he knelt in front of me. I really tried to keep my concentration on the camera, but it just felt way too good!

"Beautiful!" Bruce encouraged me.

I guess I was doing okay, even if I was having trouble.

Johnny's finger slid along my lips and a moan escaped me. I don't know where that came from! I blushed furiously. Barry's hands were light feathers of pleasure on my tits and his warm chest felt good on my back.

"Flow with it, girl!" Bruce called out. "Let's see what you can do."

I was trying to breathe steady, but Barry's hands and Johnny's finger were chasing pleasure back and forth on my body. My hips undulated once in a long, sinuous move that brought murmurs of approval from not only Bruce, but Barry and Johnny, also.

When I felt the wet touch of Johnny's tongue on my clit, my body convulsed in a ripple of pleasure and gasping. My eyes flew open and I clawed at Johnny's head. Was he supposed to do that? I looked over at Bruce, and he held up an okay sign with his fingers. He nodded to back it up.

Up and down my clit ran a scorching fire of ecstasy. Barry kissed my neck as his hands worked over my nipples in little circles and light pinches. I gasped faster and harder.

Oh shit, I was going to come. How embarrassing.

Bruce must have sensed it. "Do you think we could get an orgasm shot from you, or is that too much?"

The orgasm was already starting. The waves crashed higher and higher as I looked over at Bruce. "Uhnh... uhhh... ye...uhh... yesss..."

My hips shoved hard against Johnny's tongue and I moaned out in orgasmic relief. I tried to keep it low, subdued. My whole body shook with the effort of trying to hold it in. I was amazed that two strangers could do this to me. I hoped it didn't hurt their impression of me.

My eyes tried to focus as Barry held me against him. Johnny stood up and gently planted a kiss on me. I kissed him back, smoothly imagining that it was Mark kissing me. The kiss was very nice for being faked, and Johnny made it all the more realistic by pressing his hard cock between my legs. It nestled there, angled down against my clit. My thighs opened and closed against it, giving it a slight massage as I might if Mark was there. It was okay if I teased him, wasn't it? It would look good on the camera, anyway.

Johnny moved me over to the bed and I gratefully sank down onto it. My legs were shaking. Barry was on one side of me and Johhny on the other. Barry took his turn at my mound with his tongue. Oh my gosh, I have to embarrass myself again? There was no way I could hold back a second orgasm. They always came harder. Johnny kissed me and licked my tits as I got tongued by Barry.

Stars swam in my eyes and my breathing grew ragged again. I'm not sure how or why or if Bruce had said anything, but Johnny's cock was suddenly in my face. I gripped it and imagined Mark as I sucked him down my throat.

I could hear Bruce clapping and encouraging me. I simply can not tell Mark about this. Obviously, some of the sex scenes are not faked if this was a necessary part of any scene. I was determined to show how professional I was. I just hoped they didn't see that I was really turned on. Shit, no way could I tell Mark.

When Johnny moved back and removed his cock from my mouth, I was relieved.

Hmm. I felt relief? Well, it must have been the guilt of wanting to withhold this from Mark, and maybe because I had done well and didn't have to do it anymore for the audition. Just maybe, too, I was enjoying it too much.

Barry moved up to my other side and his cock tapped my cheek. Oh shit. I was being tested on Barry, too? If I balked, they might think I am a racist or something. I gripped his cock as I quickly thought through it. Johnny moved between my legs and put his tongue back on me. I moaned and bucked my hips. Knowing that I was being watched, I put aside my thoughts and sucked Barry's cock into my mouth. It was easier to suck, not being so wide, and didn't taste different, like I thought it might.

Closing my eyes, I imagined Mark's cock and sucked with more vigor.

"Yeah," Barry moaned.

"I love you, Penny," Bruce said with enthusiasm. "Go with it."

The pleasure from Johnny's tongue dulled my senses. He pulled back and I actually felt disappointed. But then he was back. I sucked harder on Barry until I realized that Johnny wasn't pushing his tongue into me. Whatever that was, it was far too wide and hard. I raised my hips up in my delirium and looked down. Johnny was sitting on his shins, his fat cock touching my super wet pussy.

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