tagGroup SexAudrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 02

Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 02



Thirty minutes later, Audrey awoke, got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned, she leaned over and kissed Pete lovingly. She said to Judy, "Sister, may I have your husband?"

Judy replied, "Of course, Darling. He’s our husband, remember?"

Then Audrey took Pete’s hand and pulled him up, saying, "C'mon, Lover. Get up and sit on the edge of the bed. I want to climb on your cock!"

Pete did as she said, and Audrey knelt on the floor in front of him. She spread his legs wide and enveloped his half-hard cock between her big breasts, teasing and caressing it. Judy arose and knelt beside her sister, joining her in playing with Pete's resurrecting prick.

Pete whispered, "Oh, man! Four Super Tits loving my cock! Fantastic!!"

Next Judy leaned between her sister's tits and kissed and sucked the big knob until it was fully erect and throbbing and Pete murmured with pleasure. Then Audrey stood up, turned around facing Pete's feet, straddled his legs and lowered her hot cunt carefully onto his stiff cock. She twisted around and kissed Pete feverishly. "Mmmmm!" she crooned as it slid all the way up into her juicy twat.

Judy leaned forward again and, taking one of her voluptuous breasts in hand, rubbed the erect nipple up and down on the stiff cock and swollen clit. Pete and Audrey both groaned in ecstasy. Then Judy began licking and tonguing both cock and cunt, and fingered Audrey's clit as well. Pete grasped Audrey's big boobs with both hands and toyed with her erect nipples, kissing and licking the back of her neck and her ear. Audrey began fucking up and down, faster and faster. Then she twisted her head around again and mashed her mouth to Pete's, wailing loudly as she came hard, flooding his cock copiously.

"Ooohhhh . . . . . Uuummmm! It's so gooodd!!"

Pete lay slowly back on the bed, taking Audrey with him. She arched her body to keep Pete's prick embedded in her pussy. And Pete began thrusting into her hot, tight cunt. Judy kept tonguing Audrey's clit and squeezed a finger up her throbbing cunt beside Pete's hard cock until in less than a minute, Audrey shrieked loudly. "Again! Oooohhh, AGAIN! It's so wonderful!!"

Then Judy climbed up on the bed and straddled the two lovers backwards, kneeling over Pete's shoulders. She found Audrey's succulent pussy with her mouth, and carefully lowered her own swollen cunt onto Audrey's face. Audrey found the wet lips and big clit, tonguing and licking them fiercely. Pete kneaded both girls’ full tits and played with their erect nipples. The two hungry mouths and torrid tongues soon caused both girls to stiffen and cry out in orgasm.


The girls continued kissing and sucking frantically until they came once again. And finally Pete lost control. As he grunted loudly, Judy pulled his throbbing cock from Audrey's spasming cunt and engulfed it in her hot mouth, just as his cum began to shoot out in spurts.

"OOOHHHH, Good Lord! I can't stop coming! UUUUUNNNNGGGGHHH!!" Pete shouted, his head falling back onto the bed.

Audrey continued to feast on Judy's hot cunt that was flowing copiously with her juices.

The sisters kept sucking and tonguing in the passionate 69, lying heavily on top of Pete's prostrate form. Judy sucked Pete's softening prick lovingly while teasing Audrey's swollen clit with her slippery fingers. Perfectly in tune as the twins are, they came together fiercely one last time, and then they too were finally sated.

When their heaving chests had calmed, they untangled, climbed off Pete, and fell into each other's arms on the bed beside him.

Judy giggled softly, "Two's company, three's a blast! Welcome to our marriage, Sister."

Audrey moaned, "Oh, it's wonderful! We're going to give a new meaning to the word 'togetherness'. But I’m exhausted! Let's take the rest of the night off. I want a good hot shower and then some real sleep. We can start fresh tomorrow, that is if you both want to. Okay?"

Pete said, "I agree. I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep up with you two gorgeous and insatiable women. But I'll give it my all, even if I die trying!"

The girls giggled and Judy said, "You're too vital to this relationship, Pete, Darling. We'll be very careful not to demand too much of you. But then we girls can still go it alone if we have to!"

Pete chuckled, "Not while I'm still alive and breathing! You know, I also have a tongue. And talented fingers, too!"


Audrey awoke in the guest bed early the next morning, feeling great, her mourning period

abruptly over and looking forward to a life with new meaning. Her love for her sister and for Pete was also totally different and so much stronger. As she thought about the lustful events of yesterday, her pulse quickened. She didn't know, of course, where it would all lead, but she was determined to go with the flow and enjoy! She slipped into a sexy black peignoir, brushed her teeth and splashed cool water on her face, and added a dash of perfume between her lovely breasts and over her soft mound. Then she walked into the master bedroom.

Judy and Pete were sprawled over the bed, lightly covered by just a sheet, and still sound

asleep. Audrey knelt carefully on the bed beside Judy and kissed her lightly on the lips. Judy's

eyes opened and upon seeing her dear sister's beautiful face so close, she smiled and whispered, "Good morning. Oh, Sister, how I love you!"

"And I love you, Judy, Darling. You've turned my life around! I can't thank you enough."

Their lips met again, but urgently now. Audrey pulled back the sheet and slipped under, lying on her side, snuggling up to Judy who turned on her side and rubbed her naked breasts insistently against her sister's. Their arms entwined, their mouths worked hungrily, and they began to croon and whimper softly. Soon their passion was rampant, their bodies pressed tightly and writhing against each other.

This woke Pete and he turned to gaze upon his two gorgeous, loving women, a stirring beginning in his cock. He turned on his side, too, and pressed close against Judy's back,

caressing both smooth, voluptuous bodies. He threw the sheet off and continued fondling Judy's velvety ass and kissing the back of her neck.

The girls were becoming more and more aroused. Soon Audrey sat up and removed her

peignoir. Then she began fondling and kissing Judy's heaving breasts. Pete leaned over and devoured Judy's mouth. When Audrey left Judy's breasts and headed lower, Pete's hands took her place, kneading those jutting beauties and gently teasing the nipples.

As Audrey neared her goal, Judy turned onto her back and opened her luscious legs

invitingly. Audrey buried her hungry mouth urgently between those luscious lips and began to

devour the flowing juices. With Pete's tongue thrusting insistently into her mouth, his hands

arousing her tits, and Audrey's mouth and fingers working their magic on her cunt and her clit, Judy quickly succumbed to the sensations. Her body stiffening, she tore her mouth from Pete's and cried out, "OOOHH! I'm COMMING!! It's WONDERFUL!!!"

When Judy had come down some, Audrey sat up and pulled Judy further down and turned her diagonally across the bed.

"Eat me, Judy, Darling, while I eat you!"

And she straddled Judy in reverse, placing her pussy directly over Judy's face. Soon both

sweet cunts were being sucked and juicing copiously. The sisters were whimpering continually and thrusting their creaming pussies against hungry mouths.

Pete's cock was now fully erect and throbbing for attention. He moved around and knelt

over Judy's head, spreading his legs to lower his stiff rod. She saw the big hard-on swinging so

close, took her mouth off Audrey's cunt and began to tongue the weeping head. Then she fully

engulfed it and slid her lips back and forth urgently.

Audrey tore her mouth from Judy's cunt and sobbed, "Why’d you stop?? Please don't!

Suck my clit -- I'm about to come!"

Judy cried, "I will, but first here's a big hard cock to keep you happy!"

She guided Pete's rigid rod directly into Audrey's swollen cunt and fastened her sucking lips to Audrey's protruding clit.

As Pete began thrusting earnestly in and out, "Oh yes!" Audrey screamed. "That's great! I

love you both so much! And now I'm going to come!"

And come she did, exploding convulsively, gasping loudly, "UUNNNHHH! Oh GODDD!"

Then she again fastened her mouth to Judy's swollen clit and sucked hard, rolling her tongue

around the tiny head. She thrust two fingers into Judy's flowing cunt and finger fucked her

vigorously. Judy pushed her cunt up hard against Audrey's voracious mouth, redoubled her torture of Audrey's clit and followed her sister in orgasm.


It was too much for Pete. He thrust his cock violently into Audrey's spasming cunt, pressed

his loins tightly to her soft upturned ass, his cum spurting copiously from his swollen cock, along with his hoarse cries of joy. The girls continued to feast on each other, and soon both came again, incoherently sobbing out their ecstasy. Pete thrust one last time into that grasping cunt, then slowly withdrew and collapsed on the bed beside the two lovers.

At last, the sisters broke apart and sprawled, exhausted and breathless. Then Audrey

turned around and lay between the other two who turned onto their sides and enveloped her with

arms and legs.

"Wow! What a fantastic way to wake up!!" said Pete.

"Yes, a wonderful way to start the day," added Judy. "Thank you, darling Sister!"

"Don't mention it," murmured Audrey. "Glad to be of service!"

"I had three really great cums. But I haven't had Pete's hard cock yet," said Judy, pretending to pout.

"Oh, Honey, we'll take care of that right away. We don't want you to feel slighted, do we,

Pete?" replied Audrey.

"I don't want to neglect you, Baby. But my cock has had a really strenuous workout the last

24 hours. I don't know whether he's up to it, if you'll pardon the pun," he said with a chuckle.

"That's no challenge for a hot fox like me," Audrey replied. She rose up on her knees, and as she leaned over and teased Pete's limp prick with her jutting nipples and her soft voluptuous breasts, Pete’s cock began to respond quickly. Audrey reached down and played with her gaping cunt as Pete’s cum oozed out, forming a large wet spot on the sheet.

Judy leaned over Pete and kissed him lovingly on the lips, rubbing her pussy on his strong

upper thigh.

"I can that tell you like Audrey's big tits," Judy said.

"I do . . . they're just like yours!"

When his prick was fully hard, Audrey licked the head all around, and then sucked it deep

into her anxious mouth. He gasped and his cock began to twitch and throb.

"You seem to like Audrey's mouth, too, Darling," murmured Judy.

"She's got a . . . magical mouth," groaned Pete. "And a talented . . . tongue to boot! Just like . . . the one that's . . . rooting around in my mouth!" And he sucked Judy's tongue eagerly.

"I hope you don't regret what's happened," she whispered to him.

"Are you kidding? How could I regret having . . . Oh, God, Audrey! . . . double perfection? I've got to be the . . . Uunnhhh! . . . luckiest man alive! Audrey, Baby . . . your hot mouth is marvelous! Keep it up!" And he pulled Judy even tighter to him and kissed her ravenously, his tongue thrusting vigorously into her hot cavern.

"I have a hard, hot cock ready for you, Sister dear," said Audrey. "Let's trade places."

Judy rose up and straddled Pete's belly, bending over and offering her full hanging breasts to his hungry mouth. As his lips closed around a stiff nipple, she slid her cunt carefully back until she felt it touch his cock. Audrey's warm hand guided it expertly into that eager pussy. Judy enveloped it fully and then rose up and began a slow rhythmic fucking, pushing down and back so her clit rubbed firmly onto Pete's pubic bone.

Audrey lay over Pete's chest and began kissing him hungrily, all the while continuing to

finger her pussy.

"So you like my big tits?"

"Super Tits . . . just like your sister's"

"And you like my magic mouth?"

"Oh, Yeah!"

"And my talented tongue?"


Pete began to fondle a satiny breast on each of the lustful twins. Audrey now had two

fingers buried in her cunt and her thumb rubbing her erect clit. Without stopping the exciting teasing of her cunt, she knelt up and embraced her sister, caressing her breasts and teasing her mouth with kisses. Pete's hands ran lovingly over Judy's swollen breasts and Audrey's big, satiny ass.

With all this stimulation, Judy was soon groaning loudly into Audrey's devouring mouth.


Pete and Audrey kept up their assault on her senses, and Judy continued to mangle her

throbbing clit on Pete's body. In another minute, she came again.

"OOOHHHH, LORDY!! It's too MUCH!" she wailed.

A few seconds later, Audrey joined her, moaning loudly into Judy's mouth.


Pete increased the power of his thrusts upward into Judy's spasming cunt, and soon she

cried out again as a third orgasm washed over her.

"OOHHH, I’m coming so HARD!! I can't STOP!" And then, breathlessly, "Pete, Darling,

Come for me! I want to feel your cum spurting inside my pussy!!"

"I'm trying, Darling!" Pete cried. "But I’ve come too much lately. I can't seem to make it!"

"I can take care of that," said Audrey. And she turned around and straddled Pete's chest,

placing her lovely pussy onto his mouth.

"Feast on that, Lover Boy! It's wide open, juicy and hot . . . and I'm going to smother you

with my luscious cunt!"

She pressed her steamy pussy down over his mouth, and began to undulate, up and down,

rubbing his face with her delectable flesh as she continued to finger her now throbbing clit. For a

few seconds, Pete's mouth fought her finger for the stiff little nubbin, but then gave up and concentrated on her flowing cunt. Soon Audrey was shoving Pete's head down hard into the mattress, and his voracious mouth was slurping up her juices. It was just what Pete needed ---- he could feel his orgasm building up.

Judy reached around to grab and squeeze Audrey's heaving tits. "I love you, Sister! You're so good for us!"

Audrey began sobbing as another orgasm overtook her. Pete pulled her ass down tightly to keep her cunt firmly on his feasting mouth. He thrust his cock up hard into Judy, groaned hoarsely with joy, and spurted his cum deep into her creaming cunt.

"OOHHH, YES, DARLING!!" she screamed. "You're cumming at last! And Audrey's

cumming, too!! And now I'm going to cum AGAIN!! We're all cumming TOGETHER!!! It's so


Pete kept sucking urgently on Audrey's pulsing cunt and throbbing clit. Judy clutched

Audrey's breasts and rubbed her erect nipples and kissed the back of her neck and licked her ear. And Audrey kept coming and coming, over and over!

"OOHHH STOP! Please! I can't take any more! Everything's going black!" Audrey


So at last, Pete and Judy ceased their torment. Judy held her sister tightly and the torrid

pyramid slowly collapsed on its side. Pete turned carefully, keeping his cock in Judy and his mouth gently kissing Audrey's swollen cunt.

After a few minutes when their breathing had returned to near normal, they untangled and then embraced together, kissing lightly, fully sated at last.

"Oh, man! What a pair of foxes! Where am I going to find the energy to get out of bed??"

moaned Pete.

"Don't even try, Darling" said Audrey. "You two just lie here and recuperate. I'm going to take a shower."

Pete and Judy crawled into each other's arms, closed their eyes and relaxed.

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