tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAudrey Changed My Life

Audrey Changed My Life


Another story from Somewhere, On.

It was just another office party. I was drinking with Audrey and Ted. I worked with Audrey and she introduced me to Ted who apparently was her steady guy.

Audrey was a petite blonde with short spiky hair, generous firm tits and an ass that looked sweet enough to eat. Ted was a pretty big guy (about 6' and 200lbs), they were both in their early thirties while I had just turned 21.

I am 5'8", 150lbs, slim and athletic.

When it came time for last call we decided to share a cab as we both lived in the same townhouse complex. While in the cab they invited me to their house to continue drinking as we were all feeling pretty mellow by now.

Once inside Ted parked himself on the couch and Audrey brought us some fresh beers. She was pretty tipsy and I was thinking I might have a chance to score when she mentioned that she was taking a part-time beautician course and asked if she could make me up.

I agreed and she got out a make-up kit (the kind with the lights on each side of the mirror) and she started powdering my face with foundation, blushed my cheeks, did my eyelashes and had me put on some cherry lipstick.

She then had me put on a black shoulder-length wig and asked what I thought. I said I looked kinda weird but she just laughed and said to come with her.

She led me into her bedroom and told me to strip and had me put on a bra, thigh highs, a frilly pink blouse and a short pleated skirt. I was hard as a rock- but she just smiled and gave my dick a quick squeeze- and called for Ted to come in.

I was pretty embarrassed but Ted just smiled and started rubbing his cock through his pants.

Audrey pushed him down on the bed and started blowing him right there. I am sure my eyes were as big as saucers- this was hotter than any porno I had ever seen!

She motioned for me to come over and pointed his throbbing cock right at my face- "come on get sucking" she said.

I put my lips around the head of his cock and licked it a bit. Ted started moaning and was pushing my head down and I managed to get his cock right back to my throat. I had never sucked a cock before and it felt really big in my mouth but I just kept sucking and licking and I had to admit I was really enjoying the sensation of his fat cock in my mouth. When I pulled back to lick the head again Audrey put her hand on my cheek and pushed my face into her wet pussy.

I was slurping away at her tasty fuckhole when I felt a sharp pain in my ass and realized Ted had shoved his cockhead right in my ass! My ass felt like it was on fire and I was trying to pull away but he had an iron grip on my hips and I could only twist a little. He held me tight around my waist and I could feel his cock twitching and then he started pushing. It still hurt but I could feel his cock sliding further and further in until I could feel his balls resting on my cheeks. He pulled slowly back out and then slowly back in several times and it was actually starting to feel really great.

I was gasping for air when I realized my cock was still rock hard. I was moaning and pushing my ass back on his cock- I couldn't believe how good it felt. Ted was really pounding into me, slapping my ass, "thats right bitch- take all that cock-you know you love it, you know you want all that fat cock in your ass you slut, you whore, you fucking cocksucking boybitch, TAKE THAT COCK!" Every word was ringing in my ears and it was true. I really loved his fat cock pounding me senseless.

After a few more strokes I could feel Ted's cock jerking and realized he was shoooting in my ass. He pulled out and Audrey released my head- she pulled me up and guided my cock into the tightest, warmest pussy I have ever felt. I came in seconds- shooting for what seemed like forever. She gave me a really sweet kiss and thanked me. I was still pretty shocked over what had happened but I managed to gather up my clothes and croaked a good night before I stumbled back to my townhouse.

We got together several times after that and every time was fantastic- Ted and Audrey- Wow- you really are the best.

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