tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAudrey's Sex Trial Ch. 01

Audrey's Sex Trial Ch. 01


Note : All characters portrayed in this story are over 18 years of age.

This story takes place in the near future in a world where sex-related disputes, such as adultery, incest, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and other sexual misconducts that don't involve other physical violence are judged in a special court. The defendant and the plaintiff, each represented by a specialized attorney, confront each other trying to prove or invalidate the accusations. The process normally involves sexual activity in front of the audience in order to obtain pieces of evidence, thus the special nature of this court. Also, the penalties, if any, are always sex-related, and don't include fines or confinement. Finally, the hearings are recorded on camera, and broadcast live on television and on two giant monitors in the court, to allow the people present to see everything in detail. These hearings, due to their heavy sexual content and voyeur tendencies, draw massive audiences, and equally massive controversy. Because of all this, people who are brought to trial here often see their lives changed forever.

Now, the story of Audrey Saunders.


Audrey was way past the point where she wondered why this was happening to her. All she could think of now was what kind of ordeal she was going to have to go through. Though the trials were broadcast live on television, she had never watched one, thinking it lacked decency. So she didn't really know what to be expecting. Her attorney had told her she would probably be put through humiliating situations to prove her innocence, but she didn't know how far it was going to go. Audrey was a 26 years old teacher who taught french at South Lake, and was standing in court accused of having had illicit sexual relations with one of her students. This student, Bud Chadwick, was standing as the plaintiff, claiming she had threatened to give him bad grades if he didn't respond positively to her attempts at seducing him. In reality, his bad grades were fully deserved, and the whole accusation was a perverse game of his, with the objective of abusing his attractive teacher, and humiliating her. This wasn't very rare in these trials, but few knew about it because usually no one besides the defendant cared to look into the matter and expose the fallacy of the accusations.

She was sitting next to her attorney, on the left half of the hemisphere that formed the courtroom. On her right were Chadwick and his attorney. Behind and around them, there was an audience of approximately 200 people. Facing everyone, two meters higher, there was Judge McKinley. Below him, two strong men were standing still, facing the audience. In the middle of the room, between the judge's desk and the attorneys and their clients, was an empty space of roughly ten meters. There were two giant monitors in the room. One was on the wall behind the judge, facing the audience, and the other one was behind the audience, facing the judge and the two men. Right now, the camera was filming the judge as he bent to his microphone.

"How will the prosecution prove that miss Saunders had sexual relations with mister Chadwick?"

Bud's attorney stood up to answer :

"We will provide information regarding miss Saunders' intimacy, that my client could only have had by seeing her naked and engaged in sexual activity."

Judge McKinley nodded and invited Bud to stand as a witness.

"Please stand up, mister Chadwick, the court will now hear your testimony. What information du you have for us?"

"First of all, your honor, I can tell you her pussy... I mean, her sex, is shaven."

Hearing this made Audrey jump. "How the hell does he know that?" she thought. "Is he just guessing? He seems pretty sure..." The judge turned to her.

"We will now verify this information. Miss Saunders, please stand up and move to the center of the room."

Her heart missed a beat as she realized what was going to happen. Audrey always displayed dignity, and was used to dressing in a rather strict manner at school. Everyone found her attractive, but her general behavior and the way she dressed were always modest, self-respecting and never provocative. She also wasn't one to sleep with any man, and few were the men who had ever seen her naked. The thought that everyone in the room and all the TV viewers would soon see her without clothes was terrifying. She quickly realized that her colleagues and friends were following the trial from home, as well as her family. She briefly thought about her younger brother who had always tried to catch glimpses of her naked when she got out of the shower or changed her clothes at her parent's house. Up to now she had escaped his prying eyes. Then she thought about all her students. Knowing how they were, and how attractive they found her, she had little doubt that all of them were home with their eyes glued to the screen right now. She blushed at the thought of all her students seeing her naked. It was only now that she was confronted with humiliation that she realized how many people were watching the hearing. She tried to find a way to avoid what was coming. She swallowed her pride, then stood up and said to the judge :

"Your honor, there is no need to verify this information. I confess that my sex is shaven."

"Miss Saunders, we are here to verify affirmations with facts, not the other way round. Now, please move to the center of the room."

Resigned, Audrey did as she was told. As she arrived at the designated place, one of the two men made a small gesture to tell her to turn and face the audience. She saw the judge's face on the giant monitor, and his words clattered like a death sentence :

"Now, miss Saunders, please remove all your clothes."

The picture on the screen now displayed her own face, and it was clearly visible how frightened and embarrassed she was. People who knew her had never seen her like that. She was always proud and confident, without being haughty. At school, she was seen as a figure of authority. And now she felt so small and vulnerable. Everyone in the room was staring at her. She imagined how many more people were looking at her through the camera. Bud had a vicious look in his eyes that had little consistency with his accusations ; he was clearly not a victim here. But, as he knew, no one was looking at him right now. Seeing that she was not moving, the judge called to the two men who were standing below him, on both sides of his high desk :

"Since miss Saunders isn't cooperative, gentlemen, please help her remove her clothes."

The two men approached her from both sides. Within seconds the first one was unzipping her grey skirt, while the other unmade the buttons of her white blouse. Audrey didn't resist, partly because she couldn't stop them if she wanted to, and partly because she was too petrified to move at all. One of the men was now pulling down her skirt, and the second one removing her blouse. They weren't brutal but moved with confidence, without eagerness. They had obviously done that many times before. The crowd watched, enthralled, as her clothes were swiftly pulled from her. Audrey passively lifted one foot after the other to help remove her skirt, and was now standing in her underwear. She blushed and twitched as she felt the cold fingers of the men on her back and her hips. One was unclasping her bra while the other slid his indexes on the sides of her panties.

Bud had his teacher exactly where he wanted her. So far everything had played out as planned. He thought : "isn't she so cute in her pink little bras and panties!" Audrey was 5.5ft tall, and blessed with a slender body that was drawing away the breath of the entire audience. Her long brown hair outlined her equally beautiful face, though at that moment her expression wasn't exactly winsome. Through the thin glasses she was wearing, she was looking at the floor, trying to avoid the lustful stares of all the men around her. The women were looking, too, some of them jealous of her assets. Almost drooling, Bud was thinking : "Come on, show everyone your cute tits and your little pussy!" He had no trouble concealing the painful bulge in his pants, as all the seats in the room were purposely designed to hide the lower body of their occupants.

She closed her eyes for a second as her bra went loose and fell before her, revealing her breasts to the crowd. At the same time, she felt the cold fingers on her hips sliding along her shapely legs, bringing with them her panties, removing what was left of her dignity. She stood there naked in front of thousands of people washing away with their shameless stares her last bits of intimacy. The giant screens were showing her body in all its nakedness. After a while, the picture zoomed in on her sex. As bud had said, it was shaven. Audrey thought briefly about the people watching her from their house. Surely some of them were already masturbating while looking at this close up of her sex. She felt degraded at that thought, and was now hoping she could get her clothes back and be done with this. She didn't really think about the implications, or the outcome of the trial. She just wanted what was happening right now to be over. Bud's attorney stood up and declared with a seemingly detached tone :

"Please add to the file that miss Saunders' sex is indeed shaven, as stated by my client."

"I can see mister Chadwick's declaration was accurate, thank you. Now, mister Chadwick, I believe you had further elements to share with us, besides what we can all already see?"

"Yes, your honor. I can tell you that miss Saunders is a squirter."

"Can you clarify for the rest of the audience?"

Bud's attorney answered like a schoolboy reciting his lesson :

"A "squirter," to use my client's words, is a woman that squirts transparent and odorless liquid in variable quantity during intercourse, usually when she reaches orgasm. This is also called female ejaculation."

Bud added :

"She squirts when she reaches orgasm. A lot."

The words resounding in Audrey's head shook the very foundation of her sanity. She couldn't believe the words that had just come out of Bud's mouth. She felt she was about to faint right in the middle of the courtroom. At the same time, she was shocked to hear that said so openly and publicly about her, and by the fact that it was actually true. In her panic, she wondered how Bud could possibly know about that. But soon another thought chased the question and chilled her to the bone : what was going to happen now? The judge spoke :

"The court will now verify this new information. Miss Saunders, there are several ways we can do this : either you will masturbate in front of this audience, or you can request to be masturbated by someone else. If you find it more appropriate, we can also provide a dildo operated by a machine. Either way, you will have to reach an orgasm."

Audrey's mind refused to accept what she had just heard. She just stood there, staring bewildered at the floor, her mouth slightly open. Bud, on his side, was boiling with excitement. "So far, so good," he thought. He had spent a week going to his teacher's house every night and spying on her, trying to catch her in an intimate moment. He knew any information he would give at a trial would be taken as evidence, because no one would try to find another explanation. After seven nights looking discreetly through her window, he had finally gotten what he wanted. On the first day, he already knew she liked to sleep in the buff. In fact, she seemed to always sleep naked, and, in the heat of summer, without anything to cover herself. He'd thought : "Little bitch, you like pretending you're all prudish when we're around!" He had thoroughly enjoyed looking at her body, watching her breasts move ever so slightly as she breathed deeply, and even when he knew he wouldn't get anything new, he just stayed at her window, admiring the perfection of her figure, often silently masturbating at his sleeping teacher. Of course, in the morning no one would notice the drops of sperm on the ground beneath her window. Finally, after seven days of spying on her, he finally saw something he could use in court : she had just gotten out of the shower, and had let her towel drop to the floor. She had then grabbed a dildo from her cupboard and masturbated with it. What he saw when she came was what he had just said to the judge.

After a while, Audrey finally managed to articulate :

"I... will... I'll masturbate."

So many thoughts were rushing through her mind right now, she couldn't make out anything clear. Several men brought in a heavy chair and placed it in the middle of the room. It looked like an obstetric table, with legrests and armrests. They were all padded in black leather. One of the two men who had undressed her took her by the hand and led her to the chair. She followed without saying anything, and sat. He lowered the backrest to about 30 degrees. Then the man removed the shoes Audrey was still wearing, leaving her with only her glasses, and placed her feet in the footrests. Doing this spread her legs, and she started blushing again when she felt the cold air of the courtroom brushing against her feminity. Once she was in place, he raised the footrests. She felt like she was back at the gyn, about to be examined. Except there were about two hundred people in the room, and right now most of them had their eyes on her sex. When he raised the footrests, Audrey had had to bend her legs and pull up her knees back to her chest. In this humiliating position, her vulva was wide open for everyone to see, her labia spread, showing her clitoris and the entrance of her vagina. She could hear faint voices from the audience. They all stopped when the judge spoke.

"You are now in position. You can start masturbating. And remember, don't stop until you reach orgasm."

Though Judge McKinley was behind her, she could see him talking through the huge monitor that was right in front of her. A second after he finished speaking, the view on the screen shifted to her. She realized how exposed she was. The camera zoomed in to bring a closer view of her opened womanhood. The detailed close-up left very little to imagination. Aware of what was expected of her now, Audrey slowly brought her right hand to her sex. She closed her eyes when she saw her own hand on the monitor. She was all dry because she wasn't the slightest bit excited. But she thought there was no way of reaching climax if she wasn't. So she tried to block out everything around her, and imagined she was alone, at home. With her fingers, she slowly caressed her inner thighs a few times, all the way from her knees to her pelvis. It felt nice and helped her get started. After about twenty seconds, she felt the first signs of arousal. As she continued caressing her thigh with her left hand, she rested the palm of her right hand on all the length of her awakening womanhood, and started a slow, circular motion.

She could feel her clitoris slowly growing under her hand. She continued this motion for a while, and began to feel some wetness inside her. Her hand still resting on her crotch, she reached with her middle finger and her ring finger for the opening between her labia, and in a single motion, coated them in the hot juice that had begun lubricating her. She then parted her middle finger and her ring finger, and applied her natural lubricant on both sides of her still growing clitoris. She moved her hand up and down, the two fingers gliding around her clitoris. It was finally fully erect. Audrey reached the inside of her vagina with her middle finger, once again coating it with her juices, which she then used to lubricate her clitoris. It was now very sensitive, and glistening with the juice of her arousal. She started rubbing it in a circular motion, slowly at first, but increasingly fast after a few seconds. Her breath was becoming heavier.

The two giant monitors were displaying her intimate performance in full detail. By now, many men in the audience were discreetly touching themselves, though it was hard to tell which ones. Bud was among them. He just couldn't help it. He had waited for this. He had dreamed about it. His hand had slipped inside his jeans and he was gently rubbing the tip of his penis, which was all wet with precum. His mind was full of dirty thoughts. "That's it, miss Saunders! Show us how you fuck yourself! I want to hear you scream in the sweet agony of your pleasure!" Thousands of people were watching her from their homes. As Audrey had suspected earlier, her younger brother, Kevin, was among them. Alone in his room, he was bent forward, to get as close to the screen as possible. This was way more than he had ever seen before. His sister had thought she had never been caught naked, but she didn't know of the times he had left a small camera in the bathroom or in her bedroom. He had masturbated many times to these videos of his beautiful sister showering or undressing, and had even shared them with some friends, and she never knew. But this was different. She was now actively pleasuring herself. His pants at his knees, he grabbed his erect member and started stroking it fast. That's when he heard her : her eyes closed, her cheeks red and her head turned to the side, her slightly opened mouth let out a soft moan. Her fingers were now moving towards her inner labia. She delicately parted them, and then eagerly buried her fingers inside her craving womanhood.

In the living room, Audrey's father, John, was also watching. She hadn't suspected this, or at least hoped he wouldn't watch. But there he was. His wife, Audrey's mother, would have probably killed him right there and then if she had seen him, but she was on a trip to Europe. John felt incredibly guilty about this, but he couldn't help it. For years, he had had incestuous thoughts about his daughter, but had always managed to seal them off. But this was too much, she was practically being offered to him. His hand was no longer his to control when it slipped inside his pants and grabbed his fully erect penis, before pulling it out, freeing it from its restraints. He started stroking it at the same rhythm as his daughter was fingering herself. With her left hand, she was now actively groping her left breast. Now and then, one could hear a soft moan escaping her lips.

While deep inside her she felt the utmost humiliation, she tried to block everything out. What she didn't realize was that most people weren't seeing her as degraded. On the contrary, they were subjugated by the glory of her exposed feminity, and in their excitement, were all praying they could touch her, if only with the tip of their fingers. In his room, Kevin was now on his knees right in front of his television, his right hand stroking furiously his penis while his left caressed the picture of his sister's open vagina on his screen. Back in the courtroom, Audrey reached for her sex with her left hand and coated her fingers with her juice, and gently applied it on both her erect nipples with circular motions. She did this a few times, each time broadening the area she was covering with her hot fluid. After a while, her left hand went down to stimulate her clitoris, while she kept fingering herself with her right hand. She felt a familiar tingling sensation when she touched her clitoris. She could feel an orgasm was beginning to build inside her. She began to accelerate her movement, letting out several small moans in the process. Everyone watched intensely as she began moving her pelvis faster and faster. Her breasts, still glistening with her love fluid, began bouncing on her chest rapidly, and her hands were now moving very fast. With each pelvic thrust her back seemed to arch a bit more. Audrey let out a long moan that emptied her lungs. As she inhaled, her left hand went back to her chest to resume groping her left breast, this time with much more intensity. Her right hand was now moving in and out of her vagina so fast the move was hard to follow, bringing her ever closer to the edge. Finally she felt her body explode, ecstasy filling her being. One last long moan escaped her lips, louder this time, as her orgasm invaded her, soon followed by screams of pleasure. In his room, Kevin could not hold it any longer, and ejaculated on the carpet as he watched his sister riding the waves of her intense pleasure. In the living room, his father was still masturbating furiously, hypnotized by the glorious beauty of his magnificent daughter as she let go of all her inhibitions in a moment of absolute bliss.

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