tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAudry: My Guide to a New World

Audry: My Guide to a New World


I apologize if this fantasy is long winded. This is one of the first I've ever written for here and I just didn't want to forget anything. I would love to hear anything anyone has to say about it. I would especially like to hear if it turned you on. Ethan Cane

* * * * *

For a long time, I've known I liked guys. Well, to be more accurate, I like cocks. Guys, I really don't find sexy. Women, I find sexy. A good set of breasts or a nice round ass with a little waist and big round hips will make me hard in an instant. When I look at a guy, I don't get turned on, but show me his hard cock and I start to salivate. If I had to sit down and count the number of times I thought about a hard cock in my mouth or in my ass, I wouldn't even be able to start. Hell, ask me to do the same thing for the last month, and I still wouldn't be able to tell you.

After I lost my virginity to my first woman, I forgot all about men and their cocks, but as time went by, I felt my sex life was missing more and more, and I started thinking about cocks again. It got to the point that even though the woman I was with at the moment got me hard with a look or a little show of skin, I found myself having a harder and harder time getting off with just the thought of her. I started fantasizing about her putting her finger in my ass or using a strapon on me. I found myself sucking on her fingers to cum.

More and more I found myself going online with explicit purpose of meeting a guy to let me have my way with his cock, but each time, I've chickened out. The closer and closer I got to actually meeting a guy, the more scared I'd get. I started fantasizing about being blackmailed or even forced to be some guy's bitch.

This is where I was at, and who I was at the point that I decided to switch from my little, cramped studio apartment to a bigger one. I searched the market and found a little two bedroom for a steal and the ad said it even had a high-speed Internet connection free of charge. Being more a computer geek every day, I thought this was the best deal I'd seen anywhere. I called the ad and a woman on the other end answered. Her name was Audry, and she said the only time she could really meet anyone was in about twenty minutes. I jumped at the chanced.

When I got the address, it really didn't look like much, and I'd say the neighborhood as a little on the bad side. I went up to the door and a woman in a silky bathrobe answered it. She was breathtaking. Through the thin material, I could make out she had a fantastic figure. The robe held the fabric over a nice big round set of hips and was tied loosely around a thin little waist. The top opened haphazardly over a great line of cleavage surrounded by a wonderfully large bosom. She smiled a little when she noticed my attention to her body. I realized she was looking at me expectedly and got a little embarrassed. Her husky voice laughed a little and said it was all right.

She showed me the apartment, and I loved it. I couldn't ask for more. It was the other half of the house. It was clean and in good condition, and hell, I had quite the attractive neighbor. If I were lucky maybe I'd get to see her sunbathing or more. I had to fill out a couple of forms and two days later I was signing the lease.

I took a couple of weeks for me to move in and set up, but in no time, I was up a running. I'd say in that first week alone, I downloaded more porn than I had my whole life; Guys nude, guys hard, guys doing other guys up the butt, transsexuals nude, hard, getting sucked by guys and when I could find it, guys bending over for t-girls.

At the end of that week, Audry came by the apartment. She was wearing a semi-long black skirt. The fabric was very silky and hugged her hip and hung loosely around her knees. Her white shirt looked more like a man's shirt in style, but it was unbuttoned about two inches below the lowest part or her breasts showed off her sexy stomach. She said needed to talk to me. I was worried now. Maybe something was wrong, and I didn't want to have to move all over again. I got her drink and we sat down. She looked at me right in the eyes, and asked if I was some kind of pervert or something. I was shocked. She said my Internet connection was run off of hers and she could monitor just about any site that I went to. I was horrified and ashamed. I didn't know what to do.

We sat there in silence for a few moments and then she asked me, "Why do you look at that stuff?"

All I could do is meekly answer, "because it turns me on."

"So, you don't like women then?"

"No, I do, I really do love women. I think they are very sexy." I stammered out.

"Even me?" she returned.

"I think you are one of the sexiest women I've ever seen."

She looked me deep into the eyes with a probing stare. "So that's what turns you on, though?" She asked as she waived her hand. "Sucking cocks and getting butt fucked?" I could only nod. "You do that here? You suck cocks and swallow their cum? You bend over so they can put those hard cocks in your little ass? So, they can use you as their little whore?" I looked her straight in the eyes and said I have never actually touched another guy. She looked like she believed me. "But you want to, don't you?" I dropped my head back down and nodded yes.

She stood up and faced the window and let silence flood into the room like a dense fog. Finally she said, "I only moved here a few years ago, and my life before I moved and after has been drastically different." Though I wasn't looking at her, I felt her turn back around. "You know, I could find some way of kicking you out of here. A legal way, a way you couldn't contest or even sue me for, don't you?" Without looking up, I nodded. "Good, then I'm gonna show you something, and with this understanding in mind, I want you to keep it to yourself and yourself only. Is that understood?" Again I nodded.

I heard her closing the blinds. Then she walked up to me. Her hand lifted my face to look into her eyes. They were very soft and tender. She placed one knee on one side of my legs and pulled her skirt up enough to fully straddle me. I was dumbstruck. She took my hands and slid then along her sides and up to her breasts. I found my cock springing to life like an inflatable raft.

Without a noise her hands guided my hands to unbuttoning her shirt and exposed a sexy little white bra. She rolled her head back and guided my hands to unhook the front button on her bra. Her lovely breasts battered her now useless bra to the side and showed their full glory. Her hands slid behind my head and pulled my mouth to her nipple. I slipped my hands up along her back. I lightly sucked her nipple and lapped as it hardened under my touch. She moaned a bit and pulled me closer. I licked and sucked harder. Her moans became louder. My body was electric with want. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head away from her luscious nipple and looked me in the eyes.

She let go of my hair and reached behind her and pulled my hands around to the front of her body, onto her full breasts. Then she slid then down to her thighs and pushed them up her skirt. They slowed as they reached her crotch. "This is what I want to show you. " With that she pushed my hands to her crotch and to where I found a semi-engorged cock. My eyes became as big as saucers. She simply smiled at me that warm smile and let go of my hands to pull up her skirt to her waist. I massaged her cock through her thin panties as it grew harder and harder.

When her skirt was all up around her waist, she smiled and nodded at me. I looked down and put my fingers over the lip of her silky panties and pulled them down to let her hard cock pop out. It was bigger than mine, about 8 to 8.5 and pretty thick, but it wasn't outrageously big. I slid my hands around her warm, hard flesh and she moaned lightly. I started to slowly slide one hand up and down her cock while the other gently massaged her balls. She rolled her head back again and started moaning again. Her hips started to roll her cock into the beat of my hands. She looked so sexy as her breasts swayed when her torso began to slowly gyrate in the opposite direction of her hips. It felt like her cock was getting hotter in my hands and her moans grew more intense.

Her hand reached back up around behind my head and pulled it back from my gaze on her breasts. She looked me right in the eyes and asked, "Are you ready to suck your first cock?" Still dumbstruck, I nodded as my heart jumped just about out of my chest. She lifted her self up fully onto her knees and guided her cock towards my waiting mouth. I tried to pull my head towards it, but she held it fast where it was.

It seemed like and eternity till the head of her cock reached my salivating lips. It rested on my bottom lip and instantly dropped my upper lip to close around her head. My tongue sprung to action, licking ferociously at the head or her wonderful cock. She moaned again and let it pass through my lips. I felt each sexy inch slide into my mouth and I was pretty sure my own cock was going to rip right through my jeans.

Her cock started to slide back out of my mouth and I nearly ripped out my own hair in her hands just to keep its warmth inside my mouth. She laughed and said, "Don't worry boy, its not going anywhere." And then she started to slide it back in deeper. This time I gagged a little. She pulled out a little, and then back in. I gagged a little less this time, and she pulled it out and then back in again deeper. I hardly gagged at all that time and then she pulled out and back in damn near all the way. Then back out the back in this time till the hilt. I felt what pubic hair she hadn't shaved off tickling my nose. She just kept it there and I felt it in my throat. "Hmmm, you are a natural cock sucker aren't you? Most guys can't get used to it that fast."

With that she started sliding it in and out, in and out of my salivating mouth. She let go of my hair a little and I eagerly matched her motion with my sucking. She let go of my hair altogether and started just pushing on the back of my head. Her moans became louder and her strokes became faster. I could feel her balls slapping against my chin.

Her back arched and her other hand reached down below her and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans. Somehow, she unbuttoned and unzipped them with one hand. I felt my hard cock jump out of my jeans. Her hand wrapped around it and slid up and down my swollen shaft.

Her breathing became heavy and she let go of my dick to place that hand behind my head to cement her fucking of my face. Her thrusts were deep and quick, never letting much of her cock out of my mouth. Her moans turned to, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck my cock you dirty little bitch!" My cock was aflame as her balls slammed against my chin. My face was become wet with my own saliva as I hungered for her to cum into my mouth.

She pounded and pounded my face and my hands held tightly to her ass helping her to fuck my face even faster. With one final thrust, her cock spurt it's hot cum into my awaiting throat. Gush after gush shot into my warm, wet throat. She finally started to calm down a little and relax her deep thrust in my mouth. I took this opportunity to pull my head back a bit and lick feverously at her sensitive head. Her body bounced and jumped as she reacted to my busy tongue.

She grabbed my head and yanked it back and looked into my eyes. "Now, how to you want to do this? Do you want to have your way with me? Fuck my tits? Have me suck your cock? Bend me over and plow me with your hard cock?" She stopped to gage my eyes, "Or would you like me to make you my bitch. Shove my cock back into your mouth until I'm hard again. Then bend you over and rape your ass, only letting you cum by jacking you off with my cock in your ass?" I swallowed hard and looked into her eyes. With that, she knew.

She grabbed my hair again and shoved her semi-hard cock back into my wet mouth and I attacked it with my tongue. It didn't take long till her cock filled hard with hot blood again, and she pulled it from my mouth. She stood up and dropped her shirt and bra off her back and then pushed her skirt down past her hips to the floor. I watched her, as she stood there, naked with her large breasts pointing out above her hard cock, which was pointing right at me. She told me to take off my shirt and I whipped it off so fast I think I might have actually ripped it. She told me to stand up and I jumped from the couch. My pants slid down around my knees. She told me to take them off. I slid them off my feet and stood there with my cock hard as a rock, waiting to do what ever she wanted.

She looked me up and down and smiled. "Turn around and kneel on the couch." I did as told. "Now bend over and let me see that little virgin asshole." My torso fell to the back of the couch and I stuck my ass high into the air. I heard her take a few steps away and rifle through her purse. Then I heard her walk towards me again. I heard what sounded like a ketchup bottle squirting liquid and assumed it was some kind of lubricant. That fact was made evident in no time as I felt a very cold slimy substance being rubbed on my little bud. I didn't even mean to do it, I just let out this deep moan. I wiggled my ass slightly against her finger pressing around and lightly into my hole.

She started to push her finger in and I seized up. I didn't realize how scared I was till then. I had been way too turned on to notice earlier. She felt my apprehension and said, "Don't worry baby, I'll be real tender till you're ready to be fucked like the little whore you are." I felt a surge leap through my body starting from my cock. I relaxed and I felt her finger move into me and I felt waves of pleasure radiate throughout my body.

My breathing quickly became so very heavy. It felt so good, her finger sliding in and out of me, fucking my ass. And the way it made my cock feel. Oh god, it was like she had found a new spot on my cock that no one had ever touched before. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt.

Soon she had two fingers in me and then she worked three in. I had never felt anything like this ever before. My body was electric with pleasure. She leaned up close to me and I heard her ask, "Now, are you ready for me to make you my bitch?"

I just about screamed yes!

I heard her laugh and say, "You are too much. I'm gonna really enjoy this." I felt a little more lube along my little bud and then I felt it. Finally I felt it! A cock pressing against my asshole. I have wanted this for so long and now it was finally happening. My cock had never felt so hard in all my life as I felt the hot flesh pressing against my tiny little hole.

Slowly she pushed into me, and I did my best not to fight her, but she sensed when I needed a little space. When I could handle more, bit by bit by bit, she pushed her hard cock into my virgin asshole, and with almost a pop, I felt it was in. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in the longest moan I think my body has ever produced. I heard her moan a bit and then push a little more in.

I could feel every single inch pass into my body, rubbing against that part of my cock I had never felt before. I clenched up a few times as she was pushing in, but in two or three more tries she got her cock buried into me. I left out a staccato breath and I felt her torso rest against mine. It was the most amazing feeling. Those huge breasts pressed against my back as those delicate fingers gripped my hips so tightly.

She started out slowly, sliding her cock in and out of me. I moaned with each light thrust. One of her hands slid up along my torso and pulled my head back so it was right next to hers. I could hear her arousal in her breathing alone. The sound of her made me want her to fuck me harder. I started to rotate my hips back towards hers in rhythm with her thrusts. She responded by fucking me faster. Her cock pounding into me felt so good against that part of my cock I had never really felt before and it made me throw my hips back against her faster.

Her hand fell back down to my hip and gripped it with all her might. We caused each other to fuck faster and faster, harder and harder. Her grip on my hips was iron and her cock in my ass was just as hard. I couldn't have known I could feel so much pleasure. Her hard cock violating deep into my asshole. Her balls slapping against my ass. Her huge breasts sliding across my back.

I was sure I was going to cum just from her fucking me. She started to reach down to my cock with her hand but I grabbed it and put it back on my hip. She kept to my wishes and continued to pound me. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I was moaning and moaning and that, in turn, made her moan even louder. She was pounding and pounding my tight little ass and I know I was going to cum at any second just from being fucked. I screamed out, "I'm gonna cum!" and left loose with a bath of sperm all over the couch.

Her pounding almost came to a halt as my ass tightened around her hard cock. It must have been too much for her, because her body when rigid and she screamed. And then I felt it. I finally felt it. I felt cum shooting up my ass. I was still cumming a little as she shot her load into me and it seemed to intensify the orgasm again.

We stayed there rigid for a few moments, not really able to move. Then she slid her semi flaccid cock from my ass and sat down on the couch. I slowly spun around in my spot and sat down next to her. She reached into her purse she had placed on the coffee table and pulled out two cigarettes and a few tissues. She handed me one smoke and half the tissues and then lit her smoke and wiped off her softening cock. I did the same and then she scooted down to the far end of the couch and put her legs up on the cushions spread wide. She motioned for me to come down and join her. She stopped me so that I was laying on my side with my head in her crotch with her cock less then an inch from my face.

She leaned back to the extent of the couch and smoked her cigarette. When we were both done, she closed her eyes and said, "I want us to both take a nap, just like this." I closed my eyes and just before I fell asleep she said, "And when you wake, I want the first thing you do is to suck that cock in front of you, whether or not I'm asleep." I mumbled yes just before I slipped into unconsciousness.

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