Aunt and Cousin's Summertime Visit


"Don't stop. That feels good," I said looking down at her hand moving back and forward while tightly gripping my stiff prick.

"I like what you're doing too," she said looking down to watch me touch her, feel her, fondle her, and caress her tits.

Done with foreplay and wasting no more time with that, she stopped stroking my prick to stand on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear.

"I'd love to suck your cock Johnny. Would you like me to suck you? You can even cum in my mouth. I don't mind. I swallow," she said with a dirty laugh.

Fuck me. My aunt wants to blow me right here in the kitchen. My aunt wants me to cum in her mouth. What a summer? What an unbelievable summer?

"Yes," I said while visualizing receiving a blowjob from my aunt and cumming in her mouth.

I couldn't believe it when my aunt Kathy dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Not even taking the time to stare at me or stroke me, she just gobbled my stiff prick. My aunt was blowing me. I couldn't believe my aunt was blowing me. A long time sexual fantasy, I immediately put a hand to the back of her head and humped her mouth while fucking her face.

"Blow me auntie. Suck my cock."

"Being that I have your stiff prick in my mouth," she said removing my prick from her mouth to speak while laughing, "call me Kathy."

"Suck Kathy. Suck my cock. I can't wait to cum in your mouth."

"And I can't wait for you to cum in my mouth John," she said stroking me faster while sucking me deeper.

* * * * *

Only, too soon in her blowjob to be interrupted, as soon as she started sucking me, really started sucking me while stroking me, my cousin Diane walked in the kitchen. I was too engrossed in my aunt's blowjob to hear my cousin or to see her standing there until it was too late. My cousin just stared at her mother on her knees with my prick in her mouth.

Pulling myself away from my aunt and covering my cock with my hand, I didn't think I'd be embarrassed with my cousin seeing my prick but I was. Maybe if my prick hadn't been in her mother's mouth, I wouldn't have been as embarrassed as I was. Maybe if my cousin wasn't such a goody-two-shoes, I wouldn't have been as mortified as I was.

Such an awkward moment, my innocent cousin not only made me feel so guilty but, as if holding up her moral mirror to me, she made me feel like the incestuous pervert that I had become. Had my aunt not been drinking and had I not been so lecherously horny, we both would have been more discreet. What was I thinking?

No doubt, thinking with my cock instead of with my head, I can't believe I allowed my aunt to blow me right there in the kitchen. I can't believe her daughter, my cousin, caught her mother, my aunt, giving me oral sex. We should have been more discreet. At the very least, we should have moved from the kitchen to the bathroom or to the bedroom for more privacy. But we were both a little too drunk to think clearly enough to curb our incestuous passion for one another.

Embarrassed that my cousin caught her mother giving me a blowjob and that my cousin caught me with my stiff prick in her mother's mouth, it was one of those moments when I didn't know what to say or what to do. What could I possibly say in defense of my perverse sexual actions with my blood related, female relative? There was nothing that I could possibly say to assuage my moral, virginal cousin's opinion of me. No matter what excuse I made, even if I said that I tripped and accidentally impaled her mother's mouth with my prick, she'd never believe me. Even if she did believe me, which she just might, she'd never understand.

What could I do? Hoping that she'd understand and forgive me one day, there was nothing to do other than to apologize. I felt like such a pervert. I felt like such a lecher. This was my cousin who I grew up with, went to school with, and played with while watching endless hours of television together.

How dare I do that to her? How dare I ruin her opinion of me? How dare I destroy our loving relationship for sex? In the way that she was looking at me, I dare say that I felt worse than she did that she caught me with my prick in her mother's mouth.

Instead of feeling sexually excited that my cousin saw my cock, I felt mortified and humiliated, feelings that I'm not used to having, especially while having sex with a female relative. Perhaps because my cousin was so morally innocent, I suddenly felt like the pervert that I am. It's one thing to demonstrate my perverse behavior when it's shared and/or reciprocated but it's quite another thing when having incestuous sex in front of someone who would never stoop so low to have incestuous sex with her male, blood related relatives.

Even though deep down I was sexually excited that my cousin saw my swollen cock and would, no doubt, masturbate for years over Diane having seen my prick, I still felt like such an incestuous cad in taking sexually advantage of her drunken mother. Truth be told, her drunken mother was taking sexual advantage of me in the way that Mrs. Robinson took advantage of Benjamin in The Graduate. Truth be told my sexy, whore of an aunt was as much to blame as I was.

Yet, with the jury in and the verdict about to be read, I didn't have to wonder very long as to how my cousin would react to seeing her mother blowing me and to seeing my exposed prick. A bit premature in my plans to seduce my sexy cousin along with her whore of her mother, I knew my cousin would be more of a challenge bedding than was my mother, my sister, or my aunt. Still, I felt like such a pervert having my cousin catch me receiving a blowjob from her mother. How could I be so stupid? Now I'll never have sex with my cousin. Her catching me having sex with her mother will ruin everything.

* * * * *

My cousin was so beautiful, even more beautiful than my sister. My cousin was so sexy, even sexier than my sister. Where my sister was an evil bitch, my cousin was so loving, nice, and kind. Even though she was a dumb woman, a good woman who would help a stranger in need, even if she had to suck snake venom from a stranger's cock, she was a morally a saint of a religious woman.

Now with everything ruined by my uncontrollable, incestuous lust for my aunt, I didn't know what to say or do to console my poor cousin. The shocked look of disappointment on my sweet, dear cousin's face is something that I'll never forget and will remember for the rest of my life, that is, while masturbating over her seeing my stiff prick, of course. With my stiff cock still sticking straight out from my pants and my hand barely covering my prick, undaunted, my aunt stared up at her daughter. Fortunately saving the day by thinking faster than I did, my aunt took control of the situation by uttering just two, one syllable words.

"Snake bite," said my aunt standing to address her daughter.

"Snake bite?" My cousin looked from her mother to look at me.

"Your cousin John was bitten by a rattlesnake that slithered out as you came in," she said.

Instantly Dian's look changed from shocked anger to kind helpfulness.

"Let me," said my cousin. "I'm experienced with snake bites," she said nodding her blonde, pretty head as if she needed that extra motion to give more affirmation to what she just said. "Out of the way mother. Give me some room," as if she was a nurse taking charge in an emergency room while waiting for her mother to move out of the way so that she could kneel down in front of me.

My sexual fantasy come true, just as I couldn't believe it when my aunt Kathy fell to her knees and started sucking my cock, I couldn't believe it when my cousin Diane dropped to her knees, took my still stiff prick in her hand, and started sucking my cock while stroking my cock.

'Thank you Jesus or more appropriately, thank you Satan,' I thought to myself.

Quick to join the party, my mother and sister walked in the kitchen to watch my cousin blowing me, I mean, of course, sucking out the snake venom from my cock.

"Snake bite," said my aunt to my mother with a wink.

"Snake bite," said my mother to my sister with a wink.

"Snake bite," said my cousin removing my cock from her mouth to speak to my mother and sister while looking up at them. "Don't worry. I'm good at sucking. I'll suck the poison right out of him," she said.

"She's done it before," said my aunt with a wink. "She's good sucking, I mean, at treating snake bites."

Then, my cousin looked up at me with her big, blue eyes, removed my cock from her mouth to speak, and said what no woman has ever said to me when my cock was buried in their mouth. Coincidentally, she said the exact same words that I imagined Sister Mary Katherine would say to me when sucking my cock in my sexual fantasies about her.

"Don't worry Cousin Johnny I'll save you but it would help, if you put a heavy hand to the back of my head to steady me so that I don't fall off my knees in sucking out the poison from you."

'Thank you Jesus or Satan, whoever was responsible for my cousin sucking me and asking me to put a heavy hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head,' I thought to myself.

Always ready to help my cousin whenever I can, it was my pleasure, literally and figuratively, for me to put a heavy hand to the back of Diane's head and push her forward to allow her to take my cock deeper in her mouth. A skilled poisonous snake sucker, she stroked me faster as she sucked me harder while sucking me deeper. Maybe because this was my virginal cousin, maybe because she thought she was saving my life instead of blowing me but better than even the blowjob that I receive from my mother, my sister, and my aunt, my Cousin Diane was giving me the best damn blowjob of my life.

"Suck my cock. Diane. Suck it. Blow me cousin," I said putting a heavy hand behind her head and humping her mouth while fucking her face. "Suck out the poison. I don't want to die."

* * * * *

Being the Devil that I am, there was simply no way that I wanted my cousin to spit out my cum. If this was my only chance to cum in my cousin's mouth and watch her swallow, I couldn't wait to cum in her mouth. Within seconds, with her stroking me still faster and sucking me harder, waiting for it and holding it back until I could feel cum welling up from the bottom of my balls, I unloaded a volume of cum in her mouth. Holding her there in place with two hands while she struggled to move her head away from my grasp, I watched her gulp and swallow my cum down her throat. Finally, after shooting a second load of cum in her mouth and down her throat, I let her go.

"Oh my God! Gross. I've been poisoned. Mom! Help me! Johnny wouldn't let go of me. He ejaculated the snake venom in my mouth and I swallowed it all," said my cousin Diane. "I'm going to die!"

"Hurry, there's only one thing to do," said my aunt. "Carry your cousin over to the couch Johnny. We'll all have to take turns sucking the venom out of her."

The first time seeing Diane naked, not quite sure why my mother needed to remove her bra for us to suck out the poison but my mother immediately removed my cousin's bra and panties. Then, as if she was an EMT in an ambulance or a nurse in an emergency ward, my mother spread her niece's legs and knelt between them and started licking and sucking her while fingering her. Then, it was my sister's turn to lick, suck, and finger her hot cousin. Next my Aunt Kathy moved between her daughter's legs and did all that she could to remove the poison by licking, sucking, and fingering her daughter's poisoned pussy.

Finally, it was my turn. Once sufficiently licked, sucked, and fingered, making sure that no other errant poison got inside of her, as a medical precaution and the least that I could do to help save my poor cousin after forcing her to swallow, I plugged her hole with my cock. I was fucking my cousin, I mean administering much needed medical help to save her life. Pounding her pussy, a virgin no more, when she finally had an orgasm, she wrapped her arms around my neck and French kissed me.

"Thank you for saving my life Johnny," she said.

"You're welcome," I said smiling before saying the good part. "We're not out of the woods yet Diane. To make sure that the snake venom is all gone and doesn't infect the related tissue that will surely paralyze you before killing you, we must repeat this process two times a day for the next three weeks."

"Okay," said my cousin Diane nodding her blonde, pretty head while smiling.

For the next three weeks, my mother ate her niece, my sister ate her cousin, my aunt ate her daughter, and I fucked my cousin senseless. In between, my cousin, the snake poison expert that she had become, as a precautionary measure to make sure that I was no longer infected and no longer in danger, continued sucking my cock on a daily basis to make sure that she removed all of the snake venom.

The odd thing, especially when living in Boston, a place not known for having snakes, especially rattlesnakes, it was strangely coincidental how many times I was bitten by a snake that summer. Fortunately for us, now rattlesnake poison experts, we were a family of lickers and suckers.


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