Aunt and Nephew: An Encounter


'Oh Rocky!' she moaned as his tongue explored her. He held her, watching the pleasure on her beautiful face and he couldn't wait to get her to his apartment.

'I think one of us is getting excited,' he smiled, turned, took a drink and lit two cigarettes. Rani felt like crawling under the table. Here she was, with her nephew driving her insane with his soft touch and they were about to fuck each other. She took a long and drag from her cigarette.

'You should be ashamed of yourself,' she said with a smile as the smoke slowly came from her mouth. She liked her men around seven or eight inches long. She loved sucking a man off without being gagged or him trying to ram himself down her throat. He wrapped one arm around her back and the other around her front and hugged.

'Please forgive me!' he laughed, enjoying the feel of being so close to her and he couldn't wait to get closer. His left hand moved up her front, under her right breast and he gently caressed, feeling her relaxing against him and it felt so good. His cock started to grow and he didn't care.

If she didn't like it, she'd tell him in a heartbeat. 'Are you trying to take advantage of me?' she moaned as his stiffness grew against her ass and it was a good feeling to know she turned this young man on. She always had, but this was a special night, a night that they would both be enjoying very much and Rani was going to do anything to make it wonderful.

'I'd never do that,' he whispered in her ear as he softly kissed it. His hand gently toyed with her breast while he continued kissing her ear, neck and shoulder. She just lay against him, his cock continued growing, his hand drove her crazy and his mouth sealed their fate. Rani knew there was no way she could stop him now. Her body was on fire and she needed him to put it out.

'Oh Rocky! I've never been this excited in his life.' Rani moaned wanting to pull from him before she exploded in his arms. Her heart was pounding out of control and it was as if her lonely pussy was burning up.

'You relax and enjoy it all,' he smiled, hugging her tighter, while his fingers teased her hard nipple. 'I'll fix you. After I'm done with you,' he stopped to gently suck her neck, wanting to brand her as his and he didn't care who would see it. 'You'll never want to go home,' he added, hearing her moan and her back arch. Rani couldn't stop. Her body was in control and it loved what was happening. She did too, but she wanted it to last. She wanted to cum in his arms, while he was deep inside her and not here.

'I want to wait,' she moaned pulling from him and guzzled her drink. 'I don't want to do it here.' Rani said with trembling hands, trying to light another cigarette, but it was hopeless. 'Please help me!' she laughed as he took the lighter from her and quickly lit her. 'I want you when we're alone,' she smiled, hoping he'd understand.

'I'm sorry, I keep forgetting it's been awhile,' he said, hugging her, wondering why his Uncle left such a lovely creature to chase after young girls'. 'He's so fucking stupid.' Rocky thought as he held her in his arms, hoping he could help ease her loneliness. 'I'm going to make you feel so good tonight,' he said to himself, savoring the sweet smell of her hair and her tantalizing perfume drifting up his nose, making him harder with each glorious scent. Rani couldn't believe what a wonderful man he was and she couldn't wait to be with him.

'I bet you're going to kill me!' she thought smoking her Cigarette, hoping this show or whatever it was would hurry and start. She'd much rather be somewhere alone with Rocky, but this was a part of her date and she didn't want to ruin it. 'Where are we going after this?' she asked in a needful voice, praying that he'd take her to his place and wear her body out. She needed a loving man like him to screw her to death. He held her and smiled.

'Poor Aunt is on fire!' he thought caressing just under her breast, enjoying her heavy breathing and trembling body. 'I think we'll go to a nice hotel. If that's okay with you,' he said having a pretty good idea that's where she wanted to be right now. He wanted her too, but he wanted to make sure that she was on fire. Rocky wanted this to be the best night of her life. She just moaned and wanted this show to start and get over with. She needed loved and knew the young man holding her was going to be a dream come true.

'I can't wait,' she whispered leaning to his mouth, kissing him, letting her tongue lick over his lips. 'I'm dying!' she moaned, feeling one of his manly fingers graze over her right nipple, sending a rush of excitement pouring between her legs, making her moan louder than ever. Rocky held her, knowing his soft touch was driving the poor woman crazy, but he wanted her on fire.

'I have to make sure that you're ready,' he whispered licking her earlobe, slowly, making sure that she enjoyed every second of it.

'I'm wetter than at any time in my life!' she moaned, savoring his tongue on her ear, enjoying the excitement of being seduced by such a skilled, young man. 'I feel like I'm going to explode,' she laughed lighting another cigarette and pulled from him. 'I do need to stop or I'm going to cum. I want to wait...I want to be alone with you when it happens,' she said caressing his handsome face, hoping he'd understand. 'Something as special as we are about to do.' Rani stopped and couldn't resist touching his swollen cock, knowing it was for her and it was out of this world. 'I want us to be completely alone,' she smiled as her fingers were now turning him on.

His cock felt so good through his thin pants and Rani couldn't wait to feel him deep in her. Back to the place he'd come from so long ago. He turned, giving her access to touch him. 'Oh shit!' Rocky moaned watching a smile cover her beautiful face. 'Do you like that?' he asked with a wink. 'Just think of how good it's going to feel inside you,' he whispered in her ear. 'It's going to slide in you so easy and then,' he paused to kiss her ear. 'I'm going to make love to you all night long!' he moaned when she grabbed him and squeezed with all of her might.

'You keep it up and we're never going to get to your place,' she laughed, reaching for her drink and cigarette. 'When is this going to start?' she asked. She needed Rocky and was ready to go now, but she didn't want to mess up his plans. Rocky moved back, lit his own smoke and he knew she was ready, but he really wanted her to see the show i.e. the porn movie that was going on in his hired Limo on the small LCD screen. She would be ready after seeing it. One touch and Rocky knew that she'd blow up.

'Soon! I want you just as bad, but I know you're going to like this,' he said caressing her thigh, remembering a movie that he'd seen Aunt watching when he was a young boy. He'd come home early from school one day. Rocky looked high and low, but couldn't find her anywhere, until he heard a lustful moaning coming from the basement. He followed the wonderful sound and there she was, lying on a sofa, legs spread wide and her fingers buried in her pussy, watching an xxx movie. 'I came home from school one day and I saw you in the basement,' he said knowing her face had to be red. 'It was so hot watching you and I've wanted you every since that day.' Rocky added, hugging her, just under her beautiful breasts. 'You looked so good lying there, I wanted to help you so bad and I swore that someday I would and you'd never be lonely again,' he said feeling tears in his eyes, thinking of pleasing this beautiful woman and the love he had for her.

Rani was speechless as his words filled her ears. There was one day that she'd went to the basement and had a strange feeling that she was being watched and now she knew that it was her baby watching. 'I still do that once and awhile,' she purred, wishing that he'd been old enough to join her on the sofa, but he was just a boy. Now he was plenty old enough and Rani wanted him to screw her until she fainted. 'Maybe one afternoon you can join me. Pretending to watch me and then come and give it to me nice and hard!' she said with lust in her soft voice, thinking of pleasing herself like she had so many times, but have Rocky come and ravish her. He felt his cock growing so hard thinking of watching her and then giving it to her all afternoon.

'You just tell me when to be there,' he said shifting his straining cock and Rocky was also ready for the show to start. He wanted to be alone just as bad as she did. He'd spent so many hours dreaming of this and it was so close to finally happening too. The hotel that Rocky had booked was in sight and the Limo was approaching it.

Then they checked in the 5 star hotel and in the room, Rocky freshened up a bit, and sat down to watch some TV before Rani arrived from the dressing room area. Rani had changed into a little more casual dress. A light sweater and a pair of jeans that formed a perfect camel toe of her pussy lips. Licking his lips, and looking back up into her eyes, she blushed and sputtered she needed to use his bathroom. When she returned she looked a little flushed, and he could see a darker area at her pussy lips, her pussy was dripping wet to the point of making her jeans dark with moisture.

"Shall we head down to the bar?" he asked. She could only nod her head. At the bar she eased closer to him, he noticed several of the men checking her out, and several of the older women glancing at them with approval. Rocky ordered a beer, and Rani ordered a wine. They went to a table, and sat down and started talking about anything and everything. He quickly finished his beer and waited till Rani's glass was almost empty, he went and ordered another beer and a glass of wine, they'd ran out of the wine glasses, so the bartender filled up a plastic cup which held almost 3 of the glass wine glasses.

Rani's eyes widened in surprise, "That's more like 2 glasses instead of one." she quipped.

Laughing he said, "Oh, enjoy yourself Rani, let loose, live a little." She raised her glass and said, "What should we drink too?".

Looking her in the eyes, he said, "Happiness, Fun, and Family." She nodded her head, clinked glasses, and took a big swig of wine. As she poured some more wine into her glass, she said something about being in middle age and just beginning to become unattractive.

He laughed, put his hand on her shoulder and said that the only hope he looked half as good as her at her age. He started to massage her shoulder, this got the response he wanted, a moan, he continued to her neck, and other shoulder, when he went to the other shoulder, it brought their faces close to each other. He looked her in the eyes, and gently let his lips graze hers. Her eyes fluttered shut, and he moved back and continued to massage her neck and shoulders.

They came around and announced last call for the free happy hour, Rocky rose and went and got two more beers, and another glass of wine. Back at the table, he looked down at Rani and said, "Why don't we go back up to our room, and we'll finish your massage." He put the tray down and reached for her chair to help her out of it. Rani looked up, and only nodded as she rose. They walked to the elevator and to the room without a word, he opened the door and let his sexy senior aunt into the room.

His cock was hurting it was so hard, "I've got to use the restroom, why don't you take your clothes off and get on the bed so we can finish your massage better." He walked into the bathroom and closed the door, not waiting for a response or a reply. He waited for almost a full 3 minutes, cracked the door slightly and looked into the room. Much to his surprise, Rani was laying on the bed face down, stark naked. She'd even removed her panties and bra.

Rocky removed his clothes in the restroom, and walked in to the room, retrieved some lotion, compliments of the hotel, and went to the bed. He looked down on the sexy body laying before him, what he saw was not the body of his aunt, not the body of a 38 year old woman, but the body of a very sexy female, he couldn't believe how tight and toned she was. He'd known women in their 20's that weren't as tight and toned as his lovely aunt. He climbed onto the bed and could see Rani's breathing increase, straddled her sexy ass, his hard cock wedging itself between her ass cheeks.

He heard her gasp, poured some lotion into his hand and rubbed them together to warm the lotion. He started to massage her shoulders, neck and upper back. As he moved and massaged, his cock moved and slide up and down the crack of her ass, he didn't know what was causing her to moan the most, his massage, or his cock. He moved down her body as he moved the massage down her back, as he did his cock slipped down between her legs and the tip of his dick rubbed down along the slit of her pussy. He could feel the moist warmth of her and then felt her move her hips pressing against the tip of his dick, the tip rubbing her clit.

Smiling, he massaged down to her butt, and as he massaged her cheeks, he spread them apart, could see her tight asshole, and down her sparsely hair covered pussy lips. He could see with each move that he made where his cock would push up against her pussy, her pussy would open like a small mouth. He moved so that the head of his dick touched her pussy hole, and allowed just the tip to enter her. "MMMMM, Yessssss." she hissed upon feeling the tip of his cock enter her.

Smiling, he pulled out, she whimpered her disappointment, leaned down, spread her ass cheeks, and licked her tiny brown eye. "OH MY GOD!!!!" she exclaimed as she pressed her ass against his mouth. He felt his tongue press into her tight ass, her muscles relaxing enough to allow his probing tongue to enter her dark Netherlands. She reached around and grabbed a handful of hair and pushed his head, trying to get more of his tongue into her ass. "Never, has anyone done this to me, his God what have I been missing." She moaned. He let his tongue slip downward and plunge deep into her hot, wet hole. Her hips started to buck wildly and he finally found her clit, and sucked it into his mouth. She rolled over onto her back allowing me a better vantage point to get at her pussy with his mouth. Now with both hands full of hair, she ground her cunt into his face, as he licked it hard.

"Oh yes, Rocky, suck your Auntie's pussy." She moaned. He continued to alternate sucking her clit, inner lips, tongue fucking her pussy hole and ass hole, till she exploded into such an orgasm, he thought she was pissing. He knew women can ejaculate when they cum but had never experienced it. Rani was ejaculating all over his mouth and face, and he liked the taste of love juices. As she started to come down and settle down, he kissed his way up her body, stopping at her hip bones, navel, and breasts. Then up to her mouth, kissing her deeply, then as she started to lick and kiss her juices off his face, he let his thick cock slide into her, stretching her.

She moaned into his mouth, "Yessssss, Rocky, fuck me, fuck your aunt." He plunged it in all the way to the bottom. He looked into her eyes, smiling, kissing her softly, he pulled out till just the tip was in her tight hole. He watched the expression on her face as he pushed all the way back in. He continued to tease her in this fashion until, he could feel his own release rising up. He quickened his pace, slamming into her harder and faster, finger entwined, she started to meet his thrusts as she started to fuck him back.

He couldn't believe that this 38 year old woman, his aunt, was giving him one of the best fucks of his life. He looked her in the eyes, and told her that he was going to cum, she pulled him close, digging her nails into his back and ass, his cock swelled, and he started to shoot his cum deep inside her. He came for what seemed like hours, his body literally started to jerk with each spasm of his dick.

Breathless, he lay on top of his sweet Aunt Rani, he felt her kissing his neck, his cheek. He rolled over onto his back, pulling her on top of him, "You were incredible", he said.

"You, my dear nephew, are the best lover I've ever had in his life. I don't know if it's because it's been so long since I've had good sex, or the fact that you're my nephew, or that you are younger than me or what, but you are the best. I hope you don't think ill of me because I allowed this to happen. He pulled her towards him, kissing her deeply,

"Never!" he whispered into her mouth.

She then started to tell him how she'd never had anyone suck her pussy or ass, that she'd read about it, and wondered what it was like, but all of the men she'd been with in the past, said that real men didn't lick pussy and her generation would never even consider something like ass licking to be decent. He laughed and told her that was a normal part of his love making and did it to all the women he fucked. He asked her if she'd ever been fucked in the ass, and she told him never. He pulled her tight against him, and whispered in her ear, "I guess that gives us both something to look forward to on my next visit." With that, he rolled her onto her back and moved into a 69 with her, she licked and sucked his cock clean as he sucked and licked her clean.

As soon as she had him hard again, he moved her into the doggie position and took her from behind. Slamming into her hard and fast, they both came quickly, she looked at the clock and mentioned she needed to go, she had an appointment early the next day. He told her that he needed to get ready to go to work, but really enjoyed their visit, and looked forward to their next. He walked her to her car, dressed in a pair of gym shorts. As she started to get into the car, she kissed him deeply, and massaged his cock and balls through his shorts, sitting in the car, she pulled him close, moving the leg of his shorts to the side she leaned in and took his cock into her mouth, he looked around to make sure no one was coming.

She took her mouth off his cock long enough to whisper in a husky voice, "Cum in my mouth, I want to see what my nephew tastes like." Then she took him all the way down her throat, deep throating him, he could feel her throat squeezing his cock as she massaged his balls. Looking down, he saw her take a finger and dip it into her cunt, he could see the shininess of the slime on her finger, she reached up the leg of his shorts, and as she deep throated him again, she eased her middle finger into his asshole. She started to pump her finger in and out of his ass in rhythm with her head.

He felt her massage his prostate and soon felt his balls tighten, gripping the edge of the car, he thrust into her mouth, groaned loudly and started to cum in his Aunts mouth, and she never missed a beat with her head or finger as she milked his cock dry. Once he started to soften, she pulled him from her mouth kissed the tip gently and said, "Delicious." Pulling her finger from his ass with a wet popping sound, she popped it into her mouth, winked at him, closed the door, and drove off. Damn, his Aunt Rani is a wild woman. Rani gave Rocky the latest cell phone as a "Return Gift" on making the "Mother's Day" the most special day of her life and the memory of which will be etched forever in her mind.

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