Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 02


I made myself look away again. I felt truly perverted to be spying on my aunt like this, but it was hard to look away. And I was stirred by the fact that, as Lucy had pointed out, Aunt Anne had clearly chosen to allow us to spy on her. Most of all I was stirred -- and revolted -- at the thought of seeing my dad's sister with a penis in her mouth. But it was almost impossible to resist the urge to look again.

I admit that although my aunt and Caroline's partner, Jack, both knew I was probably watching, it felt deliciously seedy to be supposedly secretly "spying" on them.

Aunt Anne didn't take Jack's erection into her mouth, though. I was racked both by relief and disappointment. Instead she lay on the bed over him, supporting herself with one arm on the bedhead, which was made of vertical metal bars with a curved bar joining them. She straddled one of Jack's thighs and humped it with her crotch. Her white jacket still covered just her midriff and her outer thigh, but was open at the top and bottom as he ground and rubbed against him.

I watched Jack's hand slip up inside her doctor's jacket. I gazed on as her hand went back to play with his erection. I saw Jack raise his other hand to the open flap at the top of her doctor's coat. He dragged it aside.

Then I saw it. I will carry the image to my dying day.

Aunt Anne's bared breast was indeed little, but with a big, puffy nipple. Instead of having a flat areola from which the tip arose, her whole nipple was a cone-shaped point. It was pale pink. She rubbed it against Jack's lips. He sucked it into his mouth. As I "spied" on them! With my aunt's full knowledge and express intention. Shamelessly. And... and, could it even be, I wondered... with the hope of seducing me?

And then -- then she looked right across at us, though of course she could not see us. And she raised her eyebrows and smiled. I had to look away, blushing.

When I looked back, Aunt Anne was walking towards the wall -- and towards me. She slid the doctor's coat off her shoulders and arms. For a few fleeting moments I saw her gorgeous little breasts and cone-like nipples, her flattish stomach and long, well-toned legs. She was naked apart from her red shoes and her red panties. Then she draped the white coat somehow over the spy-hole. She was hidden from me. I could see her no more.

I turned around to see Lucy reclining on the bed. Her modest, B-cup breasts sagged just a little. She was tugging on her nipples alternately, tugging her right one and then tugging on the left one by the gold hoop piercing. Her breasts rippled and stretched deliciously.

Lucy's knees were parted and bent a little. Her black skirt was high up her thighs, and between them I could see her panties. They were made of black satin and were not tiny but not big either. Above the tops of her black, shiny stockings her pale skin was nicely set off by her black suspenders and black satin panties. Although she was slim, a couple of narrow creases ran across her stomach.

She licked her lips and smiled saucily.

"Come to Lucy, James. I'm a slut. I'm hot and horny and dying for it. My husband's downstairs but I don't care. I want your cock -- your HARD... YOUNG... EAGER... THROBBING... BIG, BLOODY cock..."

Each accented word fuelled my desire. So strangely, did the sound of the rain on the window. Maybe it lent a primordial feel to my fraught emotions. Lucy ran her tongue over her lips again. I was glad of the background sound of the radio to mask the voices from the room next door, and to mask ours from them.

"I want it in my mouth... but first I want you to come and suck my tits and finger my nasty, married, cheating cunt..."

Her coarseness thrilled me, and I lay on the bed beside her. Another bead of perspiration broke as I wondered whether my aunt had had sex right where I was lying. Lucy leaned to one side, proffering her each breast to me in turn to kiss and to suck on. I stared at them and took each greedily, nuzzling and sucking loudly, and biting and tugging on her piercing. She led my hand up between her parted thighs and with a thrill I met her satin-covered crotch. I could feel her pubes through the warm, dank fabric.

I looked down. Her plain black satin panties shimmered in the soft light. She dragged them aside and I gazed at the sight that welcomed me.

Beyond the area that her panties had covered she was shaved smooth. But where her panties had been and surrounding her puffy mound, her dark pubes were long and verdant. I was spellbound. She pressed down on her pouting mound and her outer lips eased open. She pressed a little harder, and the sight of her pink, shiny inner flesh next to the surrounding dark hairs greeted me.

She took my hand in hers and guided my first two fingers inside her moist opening. She gave a low stifled gasp as they entered her.

"Is it nice, James? Is it wet? Is that mature MARRIED pussy tight enough, hmmm?"

"Yes. Oh yes!" I said.

"I'm a real slut aren't I?" she urged.

I was reluctant to speak in this kind of way, as it seemed disrespectful and abusive. But she was egging me on and had already encouraged me to do so.

"Yes, you are, Lucy. You... you should know better at your age. I... I'm only half your age and yet you're wanting me to... to fuck you," I said, my voice husky with excitement and nerves. But it was liberating and arousing to speak to her like this. I squeezed her right breast roughly and tugged on her piercing with my teeth to stimulate her left one. She moaned softly.

"And... and your husband's downstairs," I continued, looking into her eager pale eyes and at her narrow lips. As I spoke this, her eyes dilated with lust. She cooed and groaned as I fingered her, stroking her swollen, lips, her hairy mound and her moist slit.

"But you don't care do you, you... you cheating... bitch!" I added. "And if that's what you want, I'll oblige..."

"Yes, yes, please do -- I DO want it!" she replied. "But first I want to suck your cock while you eat my married, cheating pussy..."

She unbuttoned my shirt and I watched as her lithe fingers swept across my chest. I gazed at her wedding ring. She leaned over me and we kissed again, deeply, passionately, our tongues exploring each other's mouths and dancing against each other. My fingers found her nipple-ring and I tugged on it again. The flesh of her orb tautened and stretched appealingly, and her nipples were hard. Four or five times I pressed each one in turn flat with my tongue and watched it rise again.

Lucy stood up and put her hands up her skirt. She dragged her black panties slowly down her slender, black-stockinged legs. I followed her lead and stood up to remove the rest of my clothes, but I was watching the journey of her hands and her panties as I did so.

To my delight I saw her eyes rest on my erection. I felt oddly awkward and embarrassed as it jutted out in greeting towards her. She stepped out of her panties and left them on the floor -- another item of discarded clothing, this time on the opposite side of the bed to where her bra and crumpled blouse lay.

She stepped to the wall and looked through the spy-hole into the room where my aunt and Jack were, but shrugged her shoulders and smiled saucily back at me.

"Worth checking -- but they're still hidden from view," she said.

My stomach fluttered at the reminder that my aunt was having sex in the room next to ours right as Lucy and I were about to engage in sixty-nine.

Lucy's breasts looked very enticing, despite being not quite as firm as I was used to. As I looked at them, modest in size and just slightly sagging with her maturity, I wondered again how many men had seen them and savoured them in this very room -- and on this, her marital bed -- while her husband took his pleasure with their partners. I gazed at her nipple piercing. It seemed a visible testimony to her vibrant, forty-something sexuality.

I lay on my back on the bed with my head on the pillow. I wondered whether it was the side of the bed where her husband Bill usually lay. Lucy came to join me. Her breasts swayed subtly but sensually. Again I looked into her blue eyes, and as she eyed me up and down she did that running-of-her-tongue thing across her lips again. I saw my erection twitch in an appreciative salute.

From the bedside chest of drawers she took a condom and unwrapped it. She also tossed a tube of lube on the bed. I told myself that she wouldn't need it, as I would get her more than wet enough before I entered her.

She knelt beside me, but facing away from me towards the foot of the bed. Then she hiked up her smart, black skirt to her waist and swung her leg over my head and chest so that she was straddling me. It only took a moment for the move to be complete but it seemed one of the most erotic sights I have seen before or since.

It wasn't the first time I had experienced sixty-nine oral sex. But it was the first time I had done so with a woman old enough to be my mother. Lucy was married, too, yet she was swinging her leg over me to tender her naked hairy, cuckolding pussy to me. Not for penetration, either, but for oral sex. And as she lowered it to my eagerly awaiting face it almost seemed to wink at me, part opening, the pink, married lips surrounded by verdant dark hair. I inhaled her musky aroma.

In the mirror on the dressing table I saw her gaze eagerly at my eagerly awaiting erection. She closed her fingers round it and I felt the hardness of her wedding ring against my skin. She eased the condom over my tip and as she rolled it down my throbbing length she lowered her mouth to my tip. I groaned.

She began to lick. And to suck. And as she did so she lowered her hairy pussy to my eager mouth. And I too began to lick. And to suck. I stared into the mirror at her head sliding up and down my length. It reminded me of the porn movies I watched -- and I suddenly remembered being busted by my Aunt Anne.

Lucy's skirt was bunched up around her waist and I gazed at her pale bum cheeks and the backs of her thighs. I gazed, too, at her dark bum hole, crinkled and puckered. And I kneaded her left bum cheek with my left hand and her right leg, slender and stockinged, with my right hand.

I cupped both her bum cheeks and kneaded and rolled them, exposing and veiling her bum hole and effectively stimulating it as I rolled her buttocks outwards. Her bunched-up skirt and black, lacy stocking tops seemed like a frame to retain my gaze, though there was little risk of it straying. My gaze rested on her dark silky pubes and the pinkness in their midst.

The rain outside began to hammer on the window and it was as if this force of nature drove my primitive instincts. I licked and tugged on her pussy lips with my mouth. I lashed her hard, sticky clit with my tongue. One of her hairs stuck to my tongue but I was too engrossed to remove it. She was sucking me harder. The erotic, up and down movements of her cuckolding head were accompanied by the lewd sounds of each of our eager mouths on tender flesh.

I groaned again. So did she. After a few delicious minutes I sensed that my orgasm would soon approach and, much as I wanted to come inside her mouth -- albeit wearing a condom -- I really wanted to come inside her even more. It seemed somehow naughtier given her married status.

She sensed my approaching point of no return and seemed to share my wishes, for she withdrew her verdant pussy from my mouth. I took the opportunity to remove the fine hair from my tongue.

She looked over her shoulder and brushed her slightly untidy, shoulder-length hair from her face. She held my gaze with her blue eyes.

"Would you like to come in my mouth or fuck me?" she asked.

Her directness and coarseness seemed at delicious odds with the affluence of our surroundings and with her earlier apparent primness.

"I... er... would it be alright to... er... to fuck you, Lucy?" I stuttered.

My sudden embarrassment annoyed me, but then she had caught me off-guard, and to be honest the intensity of the whole situation was slightly intimidating. She was at an advantage, too, having been privy to what was going to take place that evening, whereas it had been sprung on me. I was still struggling to believe it was real.

She gyrated her hips seductively. Her bum cheeks and her pussy were still close to my face. I reached up and ran my fingers through her silky pubes and stroked her soft spongy lips. She whimpered. I ran my fingers along her slit. It was slick with her arousal. I smirked to myself at the knowledge that the lube would be redundant.

"Pussy or arsehole?" she enquired.

Her question stunned me. Suddenly the significance of the lube struck home. But I was speechless.

"Ever done a woman up the arse?" she enquired gently, looking over her shoulder at my eager gaze. She licked her lips and wiggled her hips again in invitation to whichever option I should choose. I shook my head.

"Would you like to, James? Would you like to do this cheating married woman up her arsehole? Would you like me to be your anal slut as well as your oral slut, James?"

I nodded.

"Yes. Yes Lucy. I want that. I want you to be my nasty married cheating slut. I... I want to fuck your arse and come deep inside it, you... you slutty tramp. Thank you," I added lamely.

My words seemed to make her face light up. She swung off me and squeezed some lube along my condom-clad erection. Then she tossed the tube to me and told me to squeeze some just above her bum-hole and then rub it around it.

My heart was thumping in my chest. As I followed her instructions I was again terribly aware that her husband was downstairs with the busty Caroline, and wondered what they were doing right now. I wondered if Bill guessed that right now I was rubbing my lubed fingertip over his wife's most secret and private place.

I thought too of my aunt and wondered if she was giving or receiving oral sex or being -- FUCKED (the association of the word with my aunt sent a shudder of illicit delight through me) -- as I prepared to embark on a new and naughty sexual venture just yards away.

I looked at Lucy's bum crack and dark, puckered bum-hole, glistening with lube. In a wanton move Lucy lowered her shoulders and raised her bum a little higher in invitation. She patiently instructed me and, after a few tentative partial probes and withdrawals, I eased inside her. I had to withdraw quickly as the pressure was almost painful, but my married and experienced instructor had told me to expect this. I wondered whether without the viagra I would have remained hard.

My head was spinning at being coached by a married woman twice my age whose husband was downstairs. And -- I know I'm repeating myself, but the knowledge heightened the illicitness of what I was doing -- the intensity was the greater for knowing that I was doing all this just three yards or so from my aunt, with only a thin wall separating us.

But when I entered my instructress the second time, the constriction was less. I eased deeper, thrilling in the clasping but bearable tightness. At her request I rested my hand on her pussy and began to rub her hard clit. I looked into the dressing table mirror and on her face I saw a grimace of satisfaction and lust.

"Are you watching it, James? Does it look nasty going in and out? Can you see my arse stretching to take your big hard young cock?" she murmured, looking back at me and licking her lips.

I simply groaned "yes" in response. And then I started to thrust in and out, very gently, then, as the pressure eased a little more, I thrust slightly harder and deeper. I braced my other hand gently on her back as I continued to frig her. I could feel her soft, smooth skin and the hardness of her spine. In the mirror I could see her slightly pendulous breasts surging rhythmically in time with my thrusts. But my gaze was drawn to the obscene sight of my condom-coated shaft pumping slowly in and out of her most private place.

"That's it, James! OOOOH yes, I can't believe this is your first time. Fuck my slut-arse harder, you bad bastard! You know how much I love it, even though I'm married and old enough to be your mother!"

I wish I could say that this went on for ages, but I only lasted for a few minutes. And, in response to Lucy's pleas (though I felt slightly uncomfortable about doing so) I repeatedly called her a married slut as I slammed into her and frigged her (despite her earlier invitation, these were the strongest terms I could bring myself to use). The sound of my body slapping into and against hers in synch with my thrusts seemed to fill my head. We both came at the same time. She pushed herself back onto me as I spent myself in her illicit opening. I felt her pussy dance and jerk against the persistent rubbing of my finger, too. As I withdrew her bum-hole gaped rudely, then clamped closed once more.

She reached for a pack of wipes. I placed one over my erection and slid off the condom neatly wrapped in it. It sagged with a fair volume of my spent seed. I dropped it into a pedal bin that was by the bed. I was going to wipe my manhood clean with another, but she pulled the wipes away from me.

She looked at her watch and giggled. I looked at her naked body, as she half-sat up.

"Still a good fifteen minutes or so," she whispered. "Time for us to clean each other up..."

She stooped over and licked my tip, poking her tongue into my slit and running up and down its length, licking as she went. Then she guided my head down over her modest breasts and over her hairy mound to her pouting lips. I followed her example and after easing them open with my fingers I lapped and licked. I poked my tongue into the bottom of her opening and licked it, then licked up and down to her clit. The scent of her musky juice filled my nostrils. Then we kissed again, and she cooed and whimpered as we tasted ourselves and each other.

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