Aunt Betty's Visit Ch. 01


Now that Leeann had a few things of his own to wear Mom and Aunt Betty just wanted to browse around. I suggested that he might want to go to a sporting goods or electronics store. But Leeann insisted on staying right with the us. I bet we browsed another couple of hours in the mall before Aunt Betty suggested we go to dinner. And all the while Leeann was right with us, looking about as sexy from the neck down as I could hope for. I bet he was embarrassed by his erection though. You could tell he tried to hide it a few times with the way he carried things. While we were walking towards the restaurants, Mom said she needed to use the ladies room and suggested we should all go. There was the panicked look again! Mom took his arm and told him he had to make a choice - he could go in the ladies room with us or one of us could go into the men's room with him. He just stared straight ahead with a dumb look on his face. So Mom made the decision. We had made our way into a major store where the restrooms wouldn't be near as busy. Aunt Betty was a few steps ahead, opened the door, looked back and nodded. That was Mom's cue to take Leeann right on into the ladies room. Since Aunt Betty nodded, I was sure the facility was empty but learned otherwise upon entering--Two of the five stalls were occupied! Mom led Leeann into the first empty stall and stood there with the door open. When he first stood facing the stool, Mom grabbed his shoulder to remind him to turn around and sit down. Aunt Betty and I took care of business. I had my hands washed first so I went over to stand in Mom's place. I smiled at Leeann, who was just ready to stand up. This made the second time I was able to watch him struggle to try to position himself for comfort, get his pantyhose straight, and so on. I could so enjoy this! Aunt Betty snapped me out of my fantasies when she told Leeann to hurry up so he could wash his hands.

I think a horrified look crossed Leeann's and my faces at the same time. Aunt Betty used the male pronouns and there were still other ladies in here! Leeann stepped out of the stall and to the sinks to wash. Another lady was standing there and looked very oddly at Brad/Leeann. Aunt Betty looked at her and smiled. To my amazement nothing was said. I later learned that had anything been said, Aunt Betty was going to claim that Leeann was mentally retarded and that some days the only way to keep him calm was to dress him like his Aunt.

There were a couple of nice restaurants in the mall, so we decided to just eat there. Except for a few stares and the waiter looking hard at Leeann (basically trying to look down his blouse) dinner was uneventful. Dinner conversation was very relaxed and didn't focus on the events of the day. We all even had desert. And it was during desert that someone mentioned sleeping arrangements. Mom smiled real big - a smile that others might not recognize as mischievous. But I did. Then she told us that she thought she had that figured out, but it would be better to discuss it on the drive home. After hearing that I was anxious to leave. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long. We were parked on the opposite end of the mall, so Leeann had the chance to walk all the way through it one more time - this time all the way through in his own ladies shoes and carrying a purse!

Leeann got his share of looks, stares, grins and giggles walking back through the mall. And we didn't go straight to the car, either. We stopped and browsed in several stores. Neither Mom nor Aunt Betty were shy about holding up dresses or nighties to Leeann even when several people were near by. As we finally exited the mall Leeann let out an audible sigh. Mom asked him if he was OK and he just said that his feet were killing him, that he was really looking forward to sitting down. We all laughed at him over that, knowing that he was in just a pump. We started joking some about what he'd be like in a spike heel.

Once in the car and headed home we talked about several events of the day. It was almost as though we were tiptoeing around the sleeping arrangement discussion. We were within ten minutes of home when Leeann got brave soul enough to ask. Everyone was silent for a bit, waiting for the wiser, older sister (Mom) to speak.

"Our biggest concern with Leeann is can we trust him? Leeann, you betrayed our trust by, in your words, borrowing things. You say you don't do this for sexual pleasure, yet your cock's been hard almost all afternoon. I don't think we should trust you not to masturbate in bed. I'm a very light sleeper but I also believe that you can probably be very quiet when you're masturbating. So, Betty, I want you and Sheila to take her room. It's every bit as big as mine with the same size bed. Leeann, you're going to sleep with me in my bed. And in case you have some other crazed ideas, I do mean sleep.

"I think we can all use a good nights sleep after today's events Now it's getting late, so when we get home we'll all get changed into our nightgowns and have a snack. Then its off to bed."

We rode silently the rest of the way home. Once there, everyone pitched in to carry all the packages inside. Mom cleared out one of her drawers and made Leeann remove the tags and fold most of his newly acquired things. I say most because she and Aunt Betty had saved a couple of surprises for him. Once things were put away, Mom announced that we should all get ready for bed. With that, Aunt Betty got her suitcase and moved it into my room. We heard Leeann ask what he was supposed to sleep in. Mom told him he could borrow one of her gowns or that he could ask me. With that she showed him two of hers he could use - a pink one that was so short it would barely cover his ass standing up and a white very transparent one. So he asked if he could see what I had that he might borrow. I offered a black translucent knee-length with slits in the front and back and lots of lace and a see-through teddy with snaps in the crotch. Mom was standing in the doorway and saw Leeann reach for the black nightgown. She cleared her throat.

"Remember the rules? I didn't hear you ask."

Leeann blushed a little when he asked "Sheila, may I borrow your black night gown, the one you just showed to me?"

I couldn't help but smile as started to hand it to him. I looked at Mom before he had it in his grasp. "Mom, shouldn't he have to change into it in front of all of us?"

Mom thought for a minute - actually I think she was just trying to make Leeann squirm. Then she answered "He doesn't have to change in front of all of us unless everyone is willing to put on the same show. But he will not be left alone - one of us will be watching when he changes. Brad...I mean Leeann...come back to our bedroom."

I handed him the gown and they both went to Mom's room. We could hear Mom telling him to put things away as he took them off. I could picture what was going on when Mom asked if he was going to take his panties off. Then she told him that no one else in the house would have panties on under their nightgowns so he wouldn't either. I looked at Aunt Betty and she looked at me and we both just grinned real big.

I picked up my nightie and started to go to the bathroom to change. Aunt Betty looked at me with a question in her eyes. She spoke very softly and asked me if we could both just change in my room. After Mom telling me about the two of them I think I was a bit nervous but said sure, why not. She undressed rather quickly and was standing naked when I got down to my bra and panties. She told me to turn around and, when I did, she gently unhooked my bra. She slid her hands to the front of my body as she took it off of me. It felt good!! I turned back around hoping to feel her hands on me more but she had stepped back and was pulling her gown on. I pushed my panties down and stood there in front of her for a prolonged second, then reached for my nightie. As I was pulling it on she stepped into the living room. Little did I know how much fun this week was going to be.

I was the last one into the living room, but I realized immediately how sexually charged the air was. Leeann couldn't hide his hard-on. He could keep it covered while standing up, but the slit in my gown was just right that when he sat down his penis stuck out through the opening. And Mom wouldn't let him keep it covered with his hands - it was too much like playing with it. But Leeann had reason to have a hard-on. Mom's gown was cut so low that it barely covered her nipples and so thin that they were very visible through it. Aunt Betty's nightie was more substantial, but so short her pubic hair peeked out when she sat down. And I had decided to wear the teddy that Leeann had turned down. It was almost as low cut as Mom's gown but not quite as thin. And it was a bit snug and kept trying to pull up into my pussy.

The atmosphere was sexually charged. Though we were allegedly watching the news, I don't know if any of us could have told anyone else what was newsworthy that day. As soon as it went off the air, Mom spoke up saying we should all get a good nights sleep. Well... that was a great way to get us all into our respective bedrooms, but I don't believe much sleeping was going on. I'll have to tell you about the night and more about the week in the next installment!!!!

(To Be Continued)

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