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Aunt Brini


Please do not read this if you are under 18 years of age. I would love to hear any and all feedback as I would like to add chapters to complete this story. Thanks for reading and feel free to vote.

CH. 1

My divorce had been final for a year, and there was still a hole in my life. My ex was a cocky, stubborn, selfish bad boy that had screwed half the ladies in town before I figured out what he was up to. Luckily, when my father agreed to help us finance the boarding stables, he decided to keep the deed in his name until the loan was paid in full. That way, when my lying asshole ex got caught, I didn't have to give him half of the stables in the divorce settlement. Or so my father told me later, and I was profoundly grateful. Then, the place was mine, and I was content, but not really happy. I loved the companionship of being married, and I REALLY missed the sex. But since my divorce, I have been leery of men, not really trusting any of them or my own instincts enough to weed out the bad ones.

At 32, I still had a nice figure and smooth skin. I kept my long brown hair in a braid most days. My firm 36C breasts often peeked out of my low cut tank tops as I worked. The skimpy shirts are convenient and comfortable, both of which are a plus when dealing with animals all day in the heat. Plus, they made me feel sexy and sensual, which I really needed as an ego boost at that point in my life.

It was the hottest summer that anyone around here could recall. The thermometer skyrocketed to 101 with a relative humidity of about a gazillion. I really didn't mind all that, except I thought that I should maybe dress a little more conservatively with my nephew coming to stay with me. Since my ex-brother in law was career military, their family had been overseas in Germany for a long time. I had not seen them in eight years. Instead of calling me Sabrina when he was younger, my nephew called me Brini. It was cute, and it had stuck through the years.

Jack was 23, a year out of college, and disillusioned with life in the big city. He said he wanted to come out to the "Boonies" and help me on the farm. The place isn't huge, but I could always use an extra hand. I was also excited over the prospect of having someone there to talk to and hang out with, although I wasn't sure how much we were going to have in common. I felt so old and he was bright and young.

I picked him up from the train station at 3 that afternoon. I recognized him immediately, but he had grown so tall! As he made his way towards me, I realized with a shock that he now stood well over six feet tall compared to my 5'6". His frame was no longer the skinny kid I remembered, but lean and muscled. His blond hair was cut short and neat, and his smile dazzled with beautiful pearly whites. I noticed several women in the terminal stop to just stare at him as he walked past. When he got to me, he looked down with his gorgeous green eyes, grinned, and pulled me into a bear hug that took my breath away.

When we broke away, we were both laughing and smiling. I felt a familiar ease with him immediately and I could tell that he felt the same about me. We collected his luggage, threw it in the back of the Jeep, and headed for home.

"All I have eaten today is vending machine crap, so just about any real food would be good," he told me.

"Was it a long ride?" I asked

"From Chicago to Colorado Springs is a hell of a haul on a train," Jack said. "Beautiful, but I would have been better off if I drove myself," he laughed.

We had a wonderful dinner that night, and caught up on old times. The two bottles of wine that we consumed with dinner went to my head pretty quickly. Around 11, I showed Jack his room, and headed down the hall to bed. I usually sleep in the nude, but tonight I thought I had better put on a nightgown. I could probably go naked again in the future, but better that we relaxed into a household routine first.

We settled into an easy companionship in the next few weeks, working and living alongside each other. He was open and friendly, and knew just how to make me laugh. I asked Jack if he had any interest in the nightlife in town.

"Oh, I don't think so," he said. "I did some pretty heavy partying in Chicago and it gets old after a while. Maybe some other time." He gave me another of his thousand watt smiles that melted my knees and made my pussy grow damp.

About a week later, we were working together in the barn.

"Aunt Brini, I'm headed in," he said to me.

"Go ahead," I replied. "It is almost quittin' time anyway."

I finished my chore with dirty thoughts on my mind about how good he looked without a shirt or as I watched his muscles flex. I had quit berating myself for having these lustful thoughts. It was a normal female reaction to such a beautiful sight, and it wasn't like I was ever going to act on any of these feelings, right?

When I entered the house, I heard water running in the bathroom, and I assumed he was in the shower. I banged on the door.

"Hey don't take all the hot water!" I yelled jokingly.

"If you don't want to waste it, then come in with me!" he yelled back, laughing.

"Yeah, right!" was my snappy reply, and I wandered into my bedroom to get some clean clothes. He had to be joking, but the way it made my pussy feel was no laughing matter.

He came out with only a towel wrapped around his hips and stood in my doorway. He was still damp, his hair tousled, his skin glowing.

"It's all yours," he said looking directly at me without a hint of laughter now.

I looked back at him and felt the sparks fly in my stomach, and I wasn't sure if he meant the shower or something else. I chose to take it at face value. "Thanks," I mumbled as I got up and made my way into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me, and I heard his throaty laughter as he sauntered down the hall. I took my shower quickly. I didn't want to stimulate myself further and do something I would regret.

When I unlocked the door, the house was quiet. I assumed that Jack had gone out to sit on the porch and catch the cool evening breeze. I padded down the hall and noticed that his door was slightly ajar. Catching a movement from within, I couldn't help but creep closer, curious. What I saw would have kept any red blooded woman rooted to the spot. My nephew was standing naked, with his back to me in front of the window, looking out. He was slowly stroking his cock to attention. His smooth buttocks were beautiful and perfect, and all I could think about was grabbing a cheek with one hand as I grabbed his meat with the other hand.

Suddenly, he shifted slightly, and I got a good view of his tool. It had to be at least 8" long and thick in girth. It was magnificent, and I let out a small gasp. He heard me and turned around to meet my eyes. I saw a small smile at the corner of his lips before a more stern expression took its place.

"Aunt Brini, were you watching me?" he demanded. "That was very naughty of you." He strode over to me, not caring about his nudity or full erection. He took me by the shoulders and looked me in the eye.

"Naughty girls get punished, you know," he said. I didn't answer him, as I was stunned into silence. "I have noticed the way you have been looking at me lately. Like I was your lunch. But it is about time that you understand that I am the man and I am in charge. You will submit to me and be punished for invading my privacy."

He let go of my shoulders and guided me by the elbow down the hall and into my bedroom. I was powerless to resist, not even able to find my voice. I was scared silly, but excited at the same time, instinctively knowing that this boy, (no, not boy. This person leading me was a man) this man was going to take me places that I had never dreamed.

In my bedroom, Jack leaned me over the end of the bed until I was completely bent at the waist, my ass in the air, and totally vulnerable. The towel that I had wrapped myself in after my shower felt like it was riding up leaving my ass cheeks exposed to his hot gaze. I was totally mortified by being forced into this position, and even more humiliated when I realized that he had taken his belt out of his pants and was holding the buckle in his hand in preparation for using the leather end to discipline my peeping self. He stood back admiring the view for a few minutes before bringing the belt down lightly on the underside of my exposed cheek. I jumped in surprise, but there was little pain.

"I know you think that was too easy, but I want you to count them as I finish. This will serve as a reminder that I am the one in control. You will be getting twenty lashes and I will not stop before I am done. If you get up or attempt to stop me, I will force you to accept it and we will begin from the start. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said breathlessly.

"Yes, Sir," He corrected me.

"Yes Sir," I repeated. How could I be getting so turned on from this? Me, who swore independence from men. Me who vowed never to let another man control my life. "Get a grip," I thought to myself. "This is just some kinky sex and nothing more. I'm in, he's in, just go with it and maybe we will still be able to look at each other at the breakfast table."

My thoughts were swiftly interrupted by a sharp crack and sting on my left ass cheek. "One!" I ground out. That hurt! He pushed the hem of the towel up over my back, and I was completely open and on display. I was also completely humiliated knowing that he could now clearly see that my pussy was wet and excited.

Another sharp crack and this time it was my right cheek on fire. "Two, Sir!"

He spanked my ass several more times in various areas as I counted off "Three, sir!" Slap. "Four, Sir!" Slap. "Five Sir!" My ass was on fire and we were only 5 smacks in! I was arching my ass and back in circles trying to escape the lingering sting, and succeeding only in getting more aroused by the second. He stood back and looked at his handiwork as I writhed.

"You are beautiful like that. Your ass is already glowing pink. I think we can achieve a nice red color before we are done," He said with a grin.

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK! His blows landed as I counted them off, sinking deeper into depravity. My whole body was on fire now, blood singing in my veins. I felt so raunchy! Bent over my bed while my nephew administered a sound spanking to correct my naughty behavior. "Unnnnngh," I groaned and he stopped again at 10.

His hands caressed my tender rear and he leaned over to croon in my ear. "You are doing a wonderful job. You are halfway there, sweetheart. Halfway there." He stood up again and I arched my back inviting him to complete his task. I was beyond rational thought at this point, only caring that I was pleasing him by taking my punishment well.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK! He gave me five more in quick time as I struggled to keep up with the count. My senses were starting to go into overload, and it almost became too much. He stopped again to briefly rub my smarting ass and leaned over to look me in the eye.

"Look at me!" He commanded. I was compelled to do as I was bidden, and I saw only admiration and love in his eyes. "You've done great. You only have five more to go. Okay?" He waited for me to respond. I hesitated. Was he asking my permission? Some instinct buried deep inside me told me that if I went with him, I would not regret it. I nodded. "Say it!" he said as he jerked my hair slightly.

"Okay, yes. Yes Sir!" I gasped as he jerked harder to remind me.

The last five straps were agonizingly sharp and came at a slower pace to help me keep up with the count. I was dying to reach back and rub my aching ass, but he had not told me to so I stayed put. He brought up his own hands again to stroke my throbbing buns, but this time his finger wandered a little lower, rubbing just the outer lips of my juicy pussy. I moaned and he chuckled slightly at my predicament. He leaned over and captured my mouth in a long, slow, hot kiss as he continued to rub my cunt and ass cheeks. I was almost in a frenzy of longing when he stood and ordered me to get on my knees in front of him.

"You have a steamy little cunt, there, Aunt Brini. I think that you liked being a naughty little slut. " He wanked his huge cock slowly in front of my face while he spoke. "I know you like what you see, little slut. I heard Mom & Dad talking about how it has been a long time for you and how you needed to get back on the horse. I think Dad even had some ideas about helping you out in that regard himself. But too bad for him I got here first. You are mine. Open your sweet mouth."

I did as I was told, not daring to believe what I was hearing. Did he really plan all of this from the beginning? I had no time to think about it as my attention was directed at his cock, sliding over my open lips and cheeks. He took his sweet time, but finally forced my mouth down on his erect member telling me to suck it slowly and enjoy.

He tasted like heaven in my mouth as I eagerly swirled my tongue up down and around his luscious crown. I savored the swelling head in my mouth for a few before easing my lips down the shaft. I bobbed up and down, guided by his hands in my hair. After I had his cock all juiced up, he pressed my head down further and I opened up to receive his cock into my throat. I gagged slightly not used to the sensation. He eased up a bit, and I instinctively took a deep breath. He pressed my head down again so that the crown was lodged in my passage. I held it there massaging the tip with my throat muscles until the urge to choke became too strong and he eased up again, half dicking my face until I calmed down and he could resume fucking my throat.

"You were born for this," he told me. "What my asshole Uncle wanted with all those other sluts for is beyond me. He could have had his very own gorgeous little slut at home, just waiting to be used," he whispered to me. "You are enough woman for any real man."

I was startled at his words, but my spirits soared and I strove to maintain my composure as he steadily stroked his fat cock in and between my stretched lips. I couldn't believe that I was on my knees, my hunky nephew fucking my face, my horny pussy gaping for attention. I had never felt so alive as I did at that moment. He truly had brought out the slut in me. He picked up the belt again, and I moaned. "Just a few love taps, beautiful. Something to warm you up again." I didn't think that I needed any more warming up, but I was starting to trust him to make it good, and tried to maneuver to display my already reddened ass for his belt.

He slapped gently at my ass cheeks as his hips moved in and out still working his fat prick in my mouth. The harder he smacked, the harder I sucked on his prick until I was almost in a frenzy, my cheeks stinging and throbbing from the abuse. His movements became short and jerky, and he told me he was about to come.

"I want you to swallow every drop, Aunt Brini," he instructed.

I plunged my face down on his cock and he exploded. I could feel his spunk splashing at the back of my throat, and I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with his spasms. He grabbed my hair and forced me to stay down on his pole as he finished. I massaged his wilting cock with my tongue before swallowing and coming up for air. I was almost afraid to look him in the eye, but I felt compelled.

He was smiling. "You are fantastic, Aunt Brini," he told me. "You obeyed me completely. What a good little slut you are." I flushed at his words, in awe of the fact that I was actually proud at what he was saying. My ass was still on fire and I was wagging my hips in a silent plea for attention to my hungry pussy. He grinned at me. "Are you a horny little slut after your punishment?" he asked me. I could only blush and nod as he looked down at me. "Well that is part of the punishment, slut. You are not allowed to come without my permission, ever again. I will punish you severely for that. And I don't mean a beginner's spanking like I just gave you either, slut. You will be getting the real deal, understand?"

I stared at him. Did he really mean to turn me into his own personal slut? Instead of the outrage that I expected at the thought of this, my pussy contracted, and I swear that I almost came right there. He chuckled and bent down to my level to whisper in my ear, "Yes, slut. I am going to use and enjoy your sweet body from here on out. You belong to me now and you will submit to me. In every way. Understand?" he asked again quietly.

I looked him in the eye and felt another rush of pride and lust as I gathered my courage and said "Yes, Sir."

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