Aunt Caroline


"Like what?"

"With the passion you have, and it shows that there's a beast in you, I just needed to let it out."

Staring at her in her eyes, I said...

"Maybe you shouldn't had."

That is when I started to pound her as hard as I could.

"Holy fuck, pound that fucking wet cunt."

I fucked her nice and hard, trying to keep my next orgasm from coming by thinking of other things but I couldn't, I wouldn't, I didn't want to think about anything else but me, pounding my Aunt deep and hard.

"God it feels so fucking good."

I said, under my breath.

My balls hitting her asshole.

As I was fucking her, I grabbed her tits and made her suck on them herself.

I approached my orgasm, so I got out of her and sucked on her clit real hard and fingered her until she came again, this time stronger then ever before.

I turned her on her belly and picked her up so she would go on her knees.

I ate her ass and asshole before sticking my dick back inside her snatch.

This time I was able to get as deep as I wanted to, and God it felt great.

I grabbed the side of her body and fucked her hard, pounding her so hard that it hurt my balls as they were bouncing like crazy.

"Tell me I have the best pussy you ever fucked."

"You're my first Aunt Caro."

I said with the little breath I had.

"Oh my God, you're losing your virginity to me?"

"Yes, and I wouldn't have it any other way, I always secretly wanted you to be my first."

Hearing that, my Aunt came all over my cock.

I had to pull out because I almost came myself when I felt her warm juices flow all over and around my hard cock and drip down to my balls and unto the bed.

She turned around and sucked my cock to taste herself again.

I gripped the bed sheets hard and tried my hardest not to cum.

She finally let go of it, and at the right time I might add, and turned around again on her all fours.

"Fuck me in my ass, treat me like the fucking whore I am, take me like a fucking dog."

I tried to shove my dick in her ass but it wouldn't fit, so I bent down and spat on her ass and fingered her, spitting again on the outer rim.

She turned around and spat on my cock real fast and turned around again, laying her head on her pillow and using both hands to spread her ass cheeks for me, and I went inside.

And holy crap, it was even tighter than her pussy, fuck, every single new things I was trying out was better than the last.

I went balls deep in her and fucked her hard again, grabbing her big tits as I did while my balls were hitting her wet pussy with every thrust.

"God I love how you fuck me baby, and the way your balls are pounding against my wet pussy."

"I fucking love your ass Aunt Caro... I love every holes you have."

"Cum in it baby, just let yourself go and cum in Auntie Caroline's ass."

I let myself go just like she said and pounded her ass as hard and fast as I could for another good five minutes until I exploded inside her tight asshole.

My cum filling her so much that a lot came out of it when I pulled out.

I finally realized that my cock was sore as hell and needed a break.

I collapsed beside her while she was still on her knees, I turned my face to the left and our eyes found each other.

Both panting, we smiled at each other.

She leaned to me and gave me a passionate kiss.

My cock was still hard but when she introduced her tongue inside my mouth I wanted to fuck her again.

After she stopped kissing me she layed her head on my chest, running the tip of her fingers on my body.


She kissed my cheek.

"... was it good for you too?"

I slapped her on the ass as I responded.

"Fuck yeah, it was even better than I could imagine.

And trust me, I imagined us fucking often."

We laughed at that as we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

The end... Or is it?

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