tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAunt Dominates Me

Aunt Dominates Me


Puberty is a difficult stage for all people and everyone goes through it. In the early 1960's the teenage rebellion was beginning, the Rolling Stones and Beatles were around and there were Mods and Rockers. I was just 18 years old and was fully enjoying the new fought for liberty by growing my hair long and trying to act nonchalant all the time. However there were still some bastions left, and no matter how hard I tried to act free and liberal, there were still certain members of the family I froze with awe and respect for when face to face with them.

My aunt was one of them. Peroxide blonde in the beehive style, small and petite and never smiling. I was at her home almost every day during the summer holidays hanging around with my cousin. When she arrived home late in the afternoon he was mostly never around preferring to play football which I was not really into. It was a difficult period for me, not really knowing what I really wanted.

Just lately I noticed my aunt always wore black nylons and tight black skirts. She always did since I can remember but I was never aware of this. Some how I felt this was cool but when ever some sexual tones took over my thoughts I was frightened and thought I would be struck to stone like Sodom and Gomorrah and so I always reverted to my obedient dutiful nephew role. This however changed.

My aunt would come home and make tea always asking myself to join her which I did. She would then sit in her chair opposite me and roll her nylons down to her ankles. I always felt this looked awful with her nylons rolled down. However when she rolled them down I felt my loin stirring, especially when she put her hand up her skirt to release the nylon from her garter belt. I always looked away politely pretending not to notice. Soon the stirring in the loin was advancing to a certain amount of stiffness. I wanted look and see her undo her nylons but I was frightened.

Just lately the stiffness was becoming uncomfortable and embarrassing. What if she noticed? I soon started making excuses to leave early before my hardness developed into a full raging erection which would be impossible to hide in my Levis jeans.

My aunt was a very stern person and I am very sure would not be very understanding towards my predicament if ever she noticed it. Slowly and surely I was becoming braver catching glimpses of her thigh now and then. It was a shimmering white in great contrast to the black underwear and a real forbidden zone for me. It really excited me making my stomach churn and my loin ache. I was not too sure if she saw my looking and when I thought she did, immediately looked down into my lap or my cup of tea.

By now I was masturbating every night trying to imagine what other secrets she had hidden underneath her skirt. I had never seen another girl naked before and never seen pictures either. I once found a pack of playing cards with naked women on the back which belonged to my father. The genital areas was just a smudge but they all had nylons and garter belts and massive breasts. Another source to feed my new found masturbation mania which I was going through then. I would masturbate even during the day thinking of the black sexy underwear on her white legs all under her skirt.

After several weeks I was obsessed by my aunts' home coming. If I missed it for some reason I was almost devastated. Soon I was sure she could see my bulge when I got up and left. She never showed any recognition of seeing it. I was not sure she even recognised my presence there at all. Now I was drinking my tea and looking past the cup to see her pull the garter on her garter belt down to release the nylon. She would cross her leg and sort of turn sideward's to do the whole operation, then turn and do the other side. She would then roll the stocking down her leg to her ankle, one after the other. She would then sigh in relieve saying how nice that was albeit not directly to me and then commence to drink her tea.

When I watched the whole scene for the first time I got a raging 'hard on' and had to excuse myself and headed straight to the toilet where I relieved myself. When I got up and left, which I tried to do hurriedly so she would not notice, I was not sure whether I caught a glimpse of a smile on her face. It was embarrassing but I must admit I had an explosive ejaculation afterwards. The mere fact of me masturbating in her toilet while she sat on the settee with her stockings down was absolutely mind blowing for me then.

The following day I was really full of anticipation. My stomach hurt and my loin ached. I masturbated early morning and again at lunch time. My cousin was out again and I hung about in his room. My aunt came home took her coat off and put the kettle on. She asked if I wanted a cup of tea and I replied yes please. I sat in the front room opposite her seat and read the TV times. She brought the tea in and settled down as usual. She then proceeded to undo her nylon tops and then roll the nylons down one after another. She seemed to be slower today, more precise or was it my imagination? She then sat back and took her tea in the hand. I watched and then something happened that made my heart stop. She opened her legs and looked across to me. I could see right up between her legs. She had white panties tight and taught in between her legs. I thought I glimpsed a few wisps of pubic hair. My heart stopped and I though my crotch would explode.

She leaned across to me, her face expressionless and said, "Do you like what you see?"

I was panicking, caught out, red handed and no excuse at all. I could not get a word out, my face red and hot with embarrassment.

She said, "stand up!" and I obeyed immediately. My Levis jeans were now bulging out making my present state more than obvious.

She put her tea down; stood up and said "follow me".

I thought god now I am in trouble. Will she cane me? An earlier punishment she used on us when we were younger. She led me into her bedroom and made me stand in front of her dresser table. She removed the stool from underneath the dresser and placed it in the centre of the room in front of me. I was sure I was going to have some terrible punishment committed on me. She then demanded I pull my jeans down. I thought the world was now collapsing on me. She would see my cock and that was the last thing I wanted, an unthinkable nightmare was now coming true. I delayed slowly going into a shock state.

Again she snapped, "Pull your jeans down and do as you are told!"

I had no choice and pulled them down. Underneath my cock was sticking out of the top of my pants.

"The rest also" she snapped.

I did and there I stood with my underpants and jeans down by my ankles with my cock sticking out like a flagpole. She went towards me and then passed me to go to her dresser.

"Hands behind you back." I heard her say.

She tied my wrists together with something.

She then said, "There that's just to stop you touching yourself, which I do not want to see you doing at all"

She then proceeded around and back in front of me. A dialog was then taken up some thing similar to the following:

Aunt: "I have observed how you have spied on me these last few weeks, is that so?. I asked you a question and now I want a truthful answer."

Me: (cock now wilting), "Yes I have aunt and I am very sorry, really. I just could not help myself."

Aunt: "Do my legs and thighs excite you?"

Me: "Yes aunt, very much."

Aunt: "Do you masturbate thinking of me?"

Me: (gulping): "Yes aunt."

Aunt: "Well I am going to show you some more now and let's see how you cope. I must get changed and you can watch my dear. "

My heart was racing now, unable to believe my ears and comprehend how I had avoided a terrible punishment short of death from her. She unzipped her dress at the back and then

pulled it aside over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood in front of me. She now stood in a black bra, garter belt and nylons rolled down at her ankles. I still thought they looked silly down there but could not keep my eyes of her breasts. She had small breasts but very large dark brown areoles which was very sexy, nothing like the women on the playing cards from my father. She had close fitting white silky panties and I was thinking I could make out a mound underneath the panties in between her legs. She raised one leg and placed her foot on the stool she had previously placed in the middle of the room in front of me. Her crotch was wide open and I was certain I could make out a slit in between her legs as she removed the nylon from her foot. Again I saw dark brown wisps of hair sprouting out at the sides of her panties.

My cock was now hard again and it was twitching upwards all the time. My aunt looked across at me and said:

"I can see you are enjoying this."

After removing her other nylon in the same manner she turned her back to me and then undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. She placed her hands over her breasts and turned around and walked towards and past me to her dresser behind me. I could see the flesh on the side of her breasts as she walked past. I heard a draw being pulled and something removed and then being closed again. She walked past with a bra over her breasts and then faced me again with her back. She fastened her bra and turned around. She then turned and picked up a petticoat lying on the bed behind her. It was white and silky material again. It was very short and had a deep cut still allowing me to see the top of her breasts. She then went underneath her petticoat and removed her panties, letting them drop on the floor as she looked across at me and queried:

"Are you enjoying this dear nephew?"

I nodded and gasped "oh yes Aunt Penny."

She then walked passed me again to her dresser but I did not move. She returned with a pair of stockings. She put her leg up on the stool and pulled a stocking on. I glimpsed a view right up to her crotch and saw for the very first time a dark patch which focused into pubic hair. My stomach churned over and over and pre cum began to ooze up and make my cock head gleam. I had never seen female pubic hair. In fact I never even imagined they had hair, especially so profuse. Again with the second nylon I saw her pubic hair which seemed strong and profuse -- maybe more than mine! She then put on some panties easing them up under her petticoat and over her stockings.

"Ah yes that's nice and fresh." she said, and looked across at me.

My knob was dripping with pre-cum and twitching upwards all the time.

"Hmm you do seem to be in a bit of a state," and laughed at me.

She picked up her panties from before off the floor and came over to me. She caught the glob of pre-cum dripping down from my cock with her panties and then hung them over my cock. She went to the back and released my tied hands and then said:

"You may want to do something about that predicament now." and left the room.

My hands dived to my cock and with one hand I stroked it maybe two three times and then exploded into her panties which I held in the other hand. Oh god my balls ached and exploded and streams of cum came which I thought would never end. Her panties were drenched completely and my cock still stood out hard and arched upwards towards my stomach.

My aunt returned and saw her panties in my hand drenched in cum. She moved to the bed and sat sideward's towards me.

She said "I have not finished with you yet and looked at me sternly. If ever word of this episode ever gets out then I will make your life misery. Is that understood?"

I replied "yes aunt."

"I am warning you young man just a hint and I will tell your mother I caught you masturbating here into my panties --right?"

I replied that it was clear to me.

"Finally we will never speak of this ever again."

I replied again "yes Aunt".

Then my aunt went to explain what she wanted from me.

Aunt: "I want you to wank over my breasts and cover them with you're cum. Do you think you have enough cum left in you to smother my boobs?"

Me: I was shocked when I heard my aunt say wank but I replied, "yes aunt I do."

Aunt: "Good," she said and stood up and removed her slip.

She sat on the bed and released her bra at the back and then lay back keeping her bra over her breasts.

Aunt: "Now come over to me."

I waddled across, having still my jeans and underpants down by my ankles. My dick was a little limp now.

My aunt looked up and said "now shower me boy."

She removed her bra and her breasts seemed smaller now she was on her back. However she had the most giant sized areola I could have ever imagined. The reminded me of saucers. My cock was still only half hard and I saw a gleam in my aunt's eyes.

"Well get on with it," she snapped at me.

I started to stroke my cock, pulling my foreskin back and forth over my cock head. I could see her nipples sticking out in the middle of her saucer like areolas and she was flicking her fingers over them. My cock got harder and was glistening from cum from before. My aunt took her finger and rolled it over my cock tip collecting juice from me. This sent a shiver through my body. She then smeared it over her nipple and murmured hmmmm. I could feel my balls contracting and my stomach tensing. I was breathing hard and sweating. Suddenly I saw my aunt's right hand dive down into her panties and delve into the jungle of pubes she had. Her eyes closed and she was moaning under her breath.

She opened them again and looked at me with a look I had never seen before. Her eyes were so deep and her lips seemed swelled up. Her left hand was still squeezing her breast.

"Cum for me," she said and looked at me.

I could feel an explosion coming and some guttural sounds started to come up my throat. Suddenly I had no control and I screamed out aghhhhh and my cock spurted out a stream of cum. I pointed at her chest and her far right breast but her bedclothes caught the first load.

Then more came over her tummy and her left breast. Her hand spread my cum over her breasts and down on to her tummy. She was moaning and her hips were jutting upwards.

"Hmmmm, yes, yes," I could hear her say.

I tried to flick the rest on to her breast but it landed on her neck.. She sucked her fingers with my cum on them and manipulated herself down in her panties.

I heard her cry out, "oh god yessssss."

while moaning and groaning all the time. She then sounded like out of breath and went limp. After awhile she started to quieten down. She had removed her hand from her panties and I saw a damp patch develop between her legs. This confused me. She looked at me and said

"never a word ever again -- do you hear me?"

I replied "yes aunt." She then sent me to the bathroom to clear myself up.

We never mentioned it again. I saw her seldom because I was embarrassed by the whole situation but to be fair she never treated me different as to before.

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