tagInterracial LoveAunt Emma Ch. 01

Aunt Emma Ch. 01


Hello, dear readers. I'm glad you are here, ready to join me in this most improbable of tales. My name is Stephanie Fuller, pleased to meet you. Imagine me shaking your hand right now. Good, so... the reason for you being her. My story goes like this and I promise you, every word is true, no matter how out there it sounds. This is important stuff, I wouldn't lie about it. We go back ten years to the day before my 18th birthday. To the day my aunt, Emma Benning, came to visit my sweet, wholesome family and turned our lives upside down.

I was sitting in my room, reading some Jane Austen. I love her work, still do, and I was lost in the book when I heard the doorbell ring. I placed it gently on the bed, trying to stifle my excitement, as I heard footsteps outside my door, running swiftly along the landing and descending the stairs. My sisters, Rebecca and Ashley, were way ahead of me, already flying down the stairs to greet the visitor. We all knew that "cool" aunt Emma was coming today, wanting to be here to help celebrate my 18th birthday tomorrow. We were a pretty conservative family - my father was a member of the Conservative party here in Britain - like your Republicans if you didn't know - and so wasn't the most liberal with his daughters. We were privately educated and boys were a big no-no. At least, they were for me - my sisters were 19 and 21 respectively, so it was more difficult to stop them seeing boys at university, but I was still firmly shut away in the family abode.

Even so, neither of my sisters had had a proper boyfriend yet, even with their lives out of the family unit being freer than mine. I guess we're all just shy girls at heart. At least, that's what I thought. My mother was quiet too, tending to just go along with my father in all things related to us. Apparently she'd been a bit more forthright before she married him, but I didn't really know much about her life before us. She didn't talk about it much.

Aunt Emma ... well, she was different. I opened my door and saw my sisters clutching hard at Emma, who was hugging them back with equal vigour. Her bright red hair glinted in the hall light, her whole ensemble fashionable, colourful and in complete contrast to the beiges and dull tones of our family. She was like a breath of fresh air whenever she visited. We all loved her - except my father. He was always reluctant for her to visit, though we didn't know why quite yet.

I smiled down at her as she raised her head, spotting me. She fixed me with those penetrating blue eyes and grinned.

"Birthday girl!" she shouted. "Come on down, I want a hug. I'm not too old to hug, am I?"

I grinned back. "Of course not!"

Seconds later I was in her arms, enjoying the closeness. I so rarely hugged my parents, they were often aloof and cold towards us, even if they loved us equally in their own way. But this ... this felt more like real love. The closeness, the warmth ... I loved it.

"Oh, hey now, I need to breathe, you know!" she laughed, forcing me to disengage. "Oh, you are growing up now, little one. I can't call you that tomorrow, can I? Oh dear, how time flies."

"You can call me it if you like, auntie," I smiled.

"Well, maybe I will then ... just not when your friends are around ... but I feel like maybe you'll be a woman tomorrow and then maybe you'll change your mind. I've been looking forward to your 18th birthday for a long, long time. It'll be a special day for you ... for all of us, I think."

As she spoke, I saw ... I don't know, a strange glint in them. Like there was something even more special than my coming of age celebration she was thinking of. A surprise party, maybe? I always enjoyed surprises and something told me that tomorrow I'd be getting a big, big one. I couldn't wait.

"Ah, Emma," my father said from his study doorway. "If you want, I can take your bags to your room."

"A pleasure as always, Horace," she said, slipping her gloves off casually. "I would be very grateful if you do that while I say hello to Fiona. It's been too long and we ... there's a lot to discuss."

My father's expression darkened somewhat, which confused me.

"You know I don't approve of ... that," he said, checking himself. "I ... you know I don't like it."

"We can talk later," Emma said, firmly. "But ... we had a deal, Horace. You can't back out now. It has been honoured faithfully up until now ... but it is time for ... the inevitable to happen."

"I ... later. Later, we'll talk more. I'll get your bags," he said, exiting the building and starting to collect the enormous number of bags, trunks and wotsits from her convertible.

"You've got a lot of stuff!" Ashley said as our father came back in, clutching at various containers.

"I will admit to bringing more than normal," she smiled, that same glint in her eye. "It is a ... special occasion, after all."

My father sighed and climbed the stairs, bags in hand.

"Anyway!" Emma squawked. "Where's your lovely mother at?"

"She's in the garden," I said.

"Wonderful, I'll go see her right away. Can you help your father, girls?"

We agreed and set about helping him, soon having finished the job. My sisters returned to their rooms but I felt a little pang of curiosity about the exchange between my father and aunt Emma. Something was going on that we didn't understand and I wanted to know more. I had a hunch they wouldn't tell me, so I would just have to eavesdrop a bit.

I padded quietly down past my father's study - he was back inside working on his new book - and slipped past in silence. My destination was the back door and, easing it open, I walked down along the outside wall until I could peek round the corner. There was my mother and aunt, deep in conversation. I strained to hear ...

"... I'm not sure they're ready," I heard my mother say.

"Nonsense," Emma replied, hands on hips. "The agreement is in place, Fi. We made the deal and it has been over 20 years. Is that not long enough for you? I know what you are, woman. I'm your sister. You are more like me than you think ... hell, I know deep down you are worse than I am. You were always more shameless, more willing to push the boundaries of what we could do with..."

"I know, I know," my mother interrupted."I still feel it. Fuck, I feel it every fucking day!"

I was shocked beyond words. I'd never heard my mother swear like that in her life, not even when she got stung by all those bees a few years before.

"I want to fucking ... break my vows, to go back on all that I promised Horace when we got married. I do ... but ... my girls ... they're so innocent. I ... what if they can't handle it?"

"They've got Benning blood in them, Fi. They will definitely handle it ... they'll handle everything with ease. No matter how many of them they take on, no matter how long and thick each one is, no matter how much cu..."

"Okay, I get it," my mother blurted out. "Look, Horace has issues... I don't know if he'll stick with our bargain."

"He will," Emma said, coldly. "He has no choice. Everything is in place already. They'll be here tomorrow at 9am sharp. Then the second batch at 11, the third at 1 and so on."

"My God, Emma," my mother blanched. "How many have you got ... how many?"

"Last count was about 20," she grinned. My mother's face went pale ... but I saw her put her hand on her chest, which was heaving ... with excitement? Fear?

"Oh my ... 20? Are you crazy?"

"Hmmm, maybe ... perhaps we should double that?"

"Fucking hell... you're making me... Emma..."

"Yes, Fiona?" Emma chuckled.

"Triple it."

"Ha!" Emma exclaimed, pulling her sister in for a hug. "I knew the old Fi was still in there. I'll make the call. This'll be the best birthday bash ever, I promise."

I couldn't risk them seeing me so I slipped away as quietly as I had come, tiptoeing up to my room. I had no idea what the two of them had been talking about, but something told me I'd never forget my 18th birthday.


I had returned to my book when a quiet knocking interrupted me. In slipped my two sisters, Rebecca and Ashley.

"Hey, baby sis," Ashley, the eldest, said.

"Hmm," I murmured, wanting to continue reading.

"Mother said dinner was almost ready, you coming?"

I looked at her. "Ash ... do you know anything about what's happening tomorrow?"

"No, I guess we're just doing what we normally do. Dinner at Mario's, maybe church, something like that. You know, the normal wild adventures..."

"Perhaps ... but I heard Emma and mother talking and ... well, mother was swearing! And ... she seemed very ... I don't know, excited about something. I've never seen her like that before."

"What ... did she touch her chest like this?" Rebecca said, copying the gesture my mother had made.

"Yes, exactly like that!"

"I saw her do that once, a year ago or so. We were in town picking up some clothes from the tailors and ... these young boys walked past. I think they were from the local comprehensive. They looked pretty tough, all big trousers and such. And ... they were all black, like really black. It was strange, not many black people in our town ... so they really stood out."

"And mother ... she did that when she saw them?"

"Yes, she just stood there looking at them, her hand on her chest ... she was really staring at them like ... she was transfixed," Rebecca said. "I think she was really .. I don't know, scared? Shocked? I don't know how else to explain it. I had to shake her by the arm to get her moving."

"I wonder what Emma has in mind that would make mother scared like that," I pondered. "She almost mentioned something about things arriving or people arriving ... Emma said 20 then 40 then mother said to make it 60."

"Must be money, what else could it be? Like a 'hey, go out and spend all of it on clothes or whatever' present."

"I guess," I said. "I mean, 60 isn't really a lot, but I wouldn't say not to it."

"Sounds good to me anyway, there's that pair of adorable Louboutins I've had an eye on. I don't go for stuff like that normally ... you should totally get them, they'd look great on you!" Rebecca laughed.

"Well, maybe ... though where would I wear them? I don't exactly go to many big parties or stuff like that!"

"I'd just have to borrow them then," Rebecca chuckled. "Accidentally..."

"Hmm, maybe I'll think about it. They probably cost more than 60 quid anyway. I'll probably save it, see if something comes up."

"Oh, you are so wild, sis," Ashley said, rolling her eyes exaggeratedly. I gave her a playful slap on the knee and then we all got up and went down to dinner. I felt happier to have talked about the garden scene with my sisters. It felt like I'd got it all sorted in my mind, even though ... Emma had said "They" would be here at 9. Not 'It'. Why would she refer to money as 'They'? Because the notes were in bags? That didn't make much sense ... and 60 wasn't so much that you'd need to get it delivered in bits and pieces.

By the time I'd got downstairs those old questions had returned and I was no nearer to answering them.

My mother had outdone herself on the food as usual. It was a sumptuous menu we were greeted with, tonnes of vegetables, loads of succulent meat. It was divine and we all tucked in heartily. It was the one area where neither of my parents skimped - we always ate well. As my sisters and I cleared the plates and my mother started to dish out the dessert, my aunt sat back and observed the three of us sitting back in our places.

"So, girls ... you got boyfriends yet?"

"No, auntie," we almost all said in unison, before giggling a bit at how we all answered together.

"Are you serious?" she chuckled. "Not even you, Ashley? University not having the usual affect on you, I see."

"Well, I ... not really. I've had some dates, but nothing serious. I'm more concerned with my studies. Law is hard work!"

"Hmm, yes..." Emma mused, looking thoughtful.

"I mean, there was this one boy," Ashley said, blushing. "But ... well, I don't think it would have worked out. He was nice, but ... oh dear, I'm not really comfortable talking about this, sorry."

"No, tell us," Rebecca said, eager for some gossip. "Who was he? Was it Kevin, that science geek who is like totally in love with you?"

"Becca!" Ashley said, aghast. "No, not him ... okay, um, it was Denis. You know, he's..."

"Denis? Wait ... the post grad? Isn't he a bit ... old?"

"He's 24! It isn't exactly old, Becca," Ashley said. "But ... look, it is difficult. He's ... um, black."

"Black?" Emma asked. "Oh my, that is a turn up for the books..."

Her eyes had that strange gleam in them again, I noticed. Something was going on that I didn't understand.

"Well, he's like mixed race, African father, English mother, I think... so he's not like dark or anything," Ashley spluttered.

"Hmm, well, that is very interesting..." Emma said, shooting glances at my mother and father. "Very interesting indeed."

"I don't think you should be associating yourself with ..." my father started.

"Oh, please," Emma said. "It is 2018, Horace, for goodness sake. You're not still hung up on that sort of thing. I mean, really."

"No, I ... I just don't want my daughters ... you know ..."

"I think it is too late for that now, Horace," Emma sneered and, again, I was confused as to what she meant.

"Yes," my mother said. "Much too late."

My father looked at her, mouth slightly open. She returned his gaze, a rare look of resolution in her eyes and my father visibly sagged in his chair, as if he'd just been hit with some terrible bit of news.

"I ... think I'll work on my book," he said, quietly. Emma and my mother said nothing as he left us.

"So... tell us more about Denis," Emma said eventually, breaking the awkward silence.


I heard her saying goodnight to my sisters and then her coming to my door. Aunt Emma slowly opened it, peeking inside. I sat on my bed, legs crossed under me.

"You decent?"

"Just a bit ... thoughtful," I said.

"Big day tomorrow," she said. "Life changes when you hit 18..."

"But it won't be that different ... just a number, nothing will actually change immediately. I don't know why people make such a big deal out of it. My sisters didn't change, they're basically still the same."

Aunt Emma merely smiled at me, putting her hand on my knee. "Because your parents have sheltered you from so much ... but that changes tomorrow. You'll see ... but you don't need to worry. I'll be there with you all the way ... as will your mother and sisters. All of us in it together, side by side ... maybe more than that ..."

"Um, yeah, sure?" I said, confused.

Her hand caressed my cheek. "Your family loves you and what happens tomorrow ... well, it is because we love you and your sisters. Trust me ... now, get some sleep. You're going to need to be well rested to face the challenges of being a proper woman, okay?"

"Right," I murmured. As she left the room, she turned to me and smiled.

"It's going to be wonderful..."

But I couldn't sleep. I lay there in the dark, unable to drift off, thinking about all that she'd said. Just what was going to happen? I knew I was going to see my friends later, go to the nightclub in town (my first time, father would never let me sneak out when I was under age) ... but what else? My family had always been straight down the line, none of this mystery business. But no matter how much I cudgelled my brains, I couldn't force out an answer.

So I got up to get some warm milk, something that might make me drowsy. Aunt Emma was probably right, tomorrow would be a long day, so it was important I got to sleep at a sensible time. As I padded down the stairs on my bare feet, I noticed the lounge door was slightly ajar and I could hear my parents and aunt Emma chatting inside. For some reason, I decided to tiptoe over and eavesdrop again. Twice in one day, what a rebel I was.

I peeked through the gap and saw my father sitting in his favourite armchair, glass of brandy in his hand, facing away from me. He was looking at my mother, who for some reason was standing in the middle of the room, arms behind her sides ... completely naked! Behind her was my aunt, who was reaching round and grasping my mother's breasts, squeezing them gently.

"Oooh, yes, it has been too long since I got to play with these," Emma was saying, moving around to stand next to my mother. "Fuck, they look as suckable as they ever did, Fi."

I stared aghast as my aunt fastened her mouth over one nipple and started ... what, licking it? Sucking it? I wasn't sure ... except for the low moaning sounds my mother was making. My God, she was enjoying it. Emma moved over to the other breast and repeated her suckling and my mother pressed her sister's head to her with one hand, eyes closing, mouth open slightly, cooing with pleasure.

"That's enough, Emma," my father said, sipping the brandy.

"Oh my dear Horace, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You know what's happening tomorrow, after all. There's nothing you can do..."

"I know," he growled. "A deal's a deal. My God, woman, must you rub my nose in it?"

"Ha, maybe I will," Emma laughed. "Would you like that? Maybe you'd want to eat up all that delicious coming out of your dau..."

"Enough! I ... said stop, okay?"

"Do you want to, Horace?" my mother said. "Be honest, please ... after all, I'm going to."

"Fiona, no... you can't ..."

"Oh yes, each one of them," my mother said.

"Oh baby, yes," Emma chuckled. "It's going to be fucking awesome!"

"Come on, Horace, you know it's going to amazing to watch all three of them being ... mmm, I'm getting so horny talking about this," Fiona said.

"I can help you there, sis!" Emma said and, to my horror, she got down on her knees and ... and began licking my mother's vagina! I was shocked and stepped away from the door, being careful to remain silent. Forgetting the milk, I escaped up to my room and shut the door. What was going on? This was crazy!

I lay down on my bed, facing the ceiling and put my hand to my forehead. My heart was beating like crazy, my ... I suddenly realised that my nipples were hard as bullets! And ... oh my God, my vagina was soaking wet! I was ... turned on by what I'd seen! It was beyond gross ... and yet ... and yet.

I pictured the scene downstairs in my mind ... and then got up, exiting my room and going back down. The door was still ajar and the scene was almost as I'd left it ... except my mother was on all fours now, facing away from my father, who was watching calmly as my aunt licked and kissed my mother's asshole!

I almost squealed as a surge of excitement coursed through my entire body and, involuntarily, I thrust my hand into my underwear and began to diddle my clitoris. I bit my lip as pleasure washed over me as I masturbated to the sight of my mother being eaten out by my aunt. I was terrible, I was beyond disgusted ... I was hornier than I'd ever been in my whole life!

"Oh fuck," my mother gasped as I watched her sister stick her tongue up her ass. "Still just as good with that as you always were!"

"If hubby here wasn't such a stick in the mud, I'd have been doing this to you much more regularly than once every 20 years!" Emma said between licks.

"Stick something in my pussy, I really need something in there," my mother moaned. Emma's travelling bag was on the floor nearby and, with a grin, she reached inside and pulled out an enormous black dildo. My eyes opened wider, if that was possible, as my aunt started to work the gigantic plastic phallus into my mother's vagina.

"Just like old times, Horace!" Emma laughed. "Well, except there's only one in there now, of course, ha ha!"

My father said nothing, but continued to watch the two sisters fornicating in front of him. Emma was driving the big fake cock in and out of my mother now, the frighteningly big object disappearing all the way to the root inside her over and over again. Just as my mother began to gasp and moan that she was cumming, I too felt my own orgasm shake me to the core. My knees almost buckled and I drew blood biting hard on my lip to prevent myself from crying out.

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