tagIncest/TabooAunt Harriet Ch. 1

Aunt Harriet Ch. 1


Ever since I was a kid I had a fetish for hairy armpits. I remember being enamored by the masses of hair in an unshaven armpit and it always seemed to arouse. I jerked off millions of times in the loo fantasizing about a sexy brunette with extremely hairy armpits. She was almost always dressed in a white nightie the blackness of her groin visible and her hairy armpits undulating before me like thick tufts of hair looking like astrakhan fur. I would always cum when I thought of my dick feverishly in her unshaven underarms. I looked for pictures in porno magazines with bushy armpits and I specially looked for Italian movies and I remember a few heroines showing real dark bushy underarms.

Except for stray stolen glances at the few women who still stayed hairy I did not see any grown woman with bushy underarms. The woman whose bushy armpits really had an impact on me was the tall voluptuous German who I had seen at the beach when I was hardly twelve. She must have been in her early forties with what seemed like enormous breasts. Her eyes were closed and she was lying on her stomach but I though I could see some hair sticking out from her bikini bottom from her asshole. I couldn't believe my eyes as my young prick started swelling in my trunks. It was difficult to hide my erection so I sat near her where I could have a good look at her body. Her boyfriend or husband was lying next to her rubbing some lotion on her back.

Suddenly she turned around and stretched her arms behind her head. The sight before me was awesome. Lush jet-black hair sprouted from her unsheared armpits. It seemed to stick out upwards for miles as my drooling eyes gazed lovingly at the long bushy hair in her unshaven armpits. I wanted to masturbate at the sight of the hairy forest but as you can imagine it was difficult to stand up in the beach and jerk off in front of dozens of people. My cock though wasn't to be put down as it strained and maybe stained against my trunks. The man then started rubbing some lotion on her arms as he slowly moved upwards into her bushy armpits. It was unbelievable as his hands disappeared in the hairy jungle of her bushy underarms.

He even pulled the long silky hair in her underarms as if measuring its immense length as I burst like a dam in my trunks. I looked around shamefacedly but no one saw my jism stained trunks, as I dived not the cool water. From that day I roamed the beaches to look for my goddess but to no avail as I failed to see any woman with real bushy underarms. That is till Aunt Harriet or should I call her Aunt Hairy came to stay for a few days with Uncle Rob at our house. She was hairy. The moment I saw her bushy eyebrows I knew I had to see her in the nude. Aunt Harriet had come after so many years and now hat I was 16 I could visualize her unshaven underarms.

While they were ensconced in the guest room I was hatching a plan to see Aunt in the bath. I knew I would then be able to get a glimpse of her hirsute body. The bushy eyebrows almost meeting together did not whet my appetite and I was looking forward to catch a glimpse of those furry underarms and her pubic jungle. I shared a common bathroom with the guest room and I drilled a small hole from the door, which opened out from my bedroom so that I could directly see the shower area. I went to sleep early and started my vigil by the door early morning though there was no sign of Aunt Harriet. Soon enough my vigil paid off as she padded into the bathroom.

She was in a nightie, white, I gulped, like in my fantasy, and as she lazily stretched out I saw the immense growth in her bushy underarms "wow" I moaned as I viewed the heavy hedges in her armpit garden. It was a wonderful sight as my eyes peered through he peephole. I wished I had drilled more as she swayed around the bathroom as I yanked out my erect dick. I started lowly wanking myself as she disappeared from the bathroom as swiftly as she came. I was disappointed yet I knew more was to come as I jerked violently on my swollen penis.

Soon enough she came back into the bathroom and lifted her nightie over her head exposing her bushy armpits. I checked to see if my room was locked as my flaccid dick jumped to attention straightening out in front of me. I slowly peeled the foreskin and moved my hands up and down my raging dick. She looked at her immense armpit hair and ran her hands through the mass of hair in her unshaven pits. I was shocked was she contemplating shaving off her armpit locks. I nearly cried out in anguish, as she pulled at the long silky growth in her unshaven underarms. It seemed to be at least six inches long as she tugged at he center of her armpit hair. She looked around, I thought looking for some scissors to trim some of he long armpit hair but to my relief she was only looking for some shampoo as she opened the shower.

There was a hands free nozzle too which she directly aimed at her pubic bush as her hands moved feely into her crisp hair at the juncture of her thighs. She was moaning softly as I vigorously wanked my prick. Suddenly she directed he nozzle at her bushy armpits. The matted hair in her unshaven armpits looked very sexy as torrents of hot water lashed into her armpit thatches. I was swooning with pleasure as she gathered some soap and started lathering her right armpit bush. I was ready to explode as she languidly ran her hands in the hairy bushes of her armpit forest. The fluffy hair in her armpit fleece as white as the long silky hair spilled out of her untrimmed armpits.

I started to spurt gobs of cum all over myself as I couldn't hold back gazing at this sexy woman lovingly playing with the wet tresses in her unshaven pits. I had to see more but she soon finished her bath and left.

I decided that I would drill a hole from her side of he bathroom and see her in the guest room hoping that I could watch her being fucked by Uncle Rob. My mom sent me up early to bed while they sat down for drinks and once again I spent my time wanking thinking of how I would enter the bathroom once they got into bed. I was keeping my ears open to hear of any sounds. It was past midnight when they entered the room they were talking loudly and sounding drink. She was saying "I want your dick inside me" while Rob was saying "Darling I want to cum in you hairy armpits. I am glad you didn't remove your armpit forest after the fight last night" Now I knew why Aunt Harriet had been contemplating shaving her armpit locks in the bathroom in the morning. I thanked god that she had not shorn her armpit hair.

I slowly opened the bathroom door and moved stealthily across and sat down near the opening I had made. I hoped that they would not come to the bathroom though I kept the cupboard meant for towels open to jump in there in case they came in for a leak.

Soon Uncle Rob had his hands on Aunt Harriet's big ass. My crotch was getting uncomfortable against my jeans. With one hand I unzipped them and freed my cock. She soon had her shirt off, and I could tell she had a white bra on in sharp contrast to the jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. He put his hands into her hairy underarms as she unzipped him and out sprang from the cage his swollen dick. "Uncle Rob had the biggest dick I have ever seen." It was about 10 and a half inches long fully erect and it began to rise upward as his big horse like dick sprang free "Come on, Rob, I want to see your huge cock in my bushy armpits" She knelt down as he rubbed his engorged dick into her unshaven underarms. I couldn't control myself at this erotic sight as I yanked hard on my dick. Her pretty face was now only inches from his humungous penis.

The veins stood out along the mighty shaft and the hairy ball sack below made it look even bigger. She took the massive dickhead into her eager mouth as his hands rummaged through her armpit garden. I began stroking my swollen prick fast as it slid in and out of my forefingers wet with all the precum oozing out. I knew I would cum but I eased off as she devoured his huge penis head trying to stuff more of his schlong into her stretched mouth. She looked up at him, one lock of her hair now hanging over her face as she grabbed the bottom of his dick with both her hands and began stroking his cock while she sucked the other half of his monster dick in her mouth. He spurted out his cum and his face contorted in pleasure but she hadn't had her orgasm and therefore she wasn't finished. She grabbed his limp dick and rubbed it into her armpit forest trying to get some life into his big dick.

Soon Uncle Rob started kissing her body. I could tell that she was moaning as he was furiously lapping up her bushy cunt. He was erect and he started pushing his penis into her hairy cunt and started thrusting, hard but slow. "Fuck me harder my darling!" she said to Uncle Rob. She thrust her hips to meet his penetrating thick penis, feeling her pelvic bone against the massive hair jutting out of his groin. Her arms were behind her head as I glimpsed at the shag of jet-black hair in her armpit forests. The luxuriant hair in her bushy armpits was glistening with sweat as the aroma floated through into the bathrooms. I jerked purposefully on watching her being fucked while keeping my eyes plastered on the matted hair in her bushy underarms. His body stiffened so she grabbed his monster dick and stuffed it against her open mouth pushing her tongue out as she licked the end and pulled his foreskin right back exposing his angry purple helmet.

As the first spurts came shooting out she opened wide and caught them on her tongue She sucked slow and hard drinking the copious amount of liquid that came from Uncle Rob's member. I too spluttered my cum all over the bathroom. But Aunt Harriet was not finished she once again rubbed his now flaccid dick into her heavy pelt under her arms and soon enough he sprang to life. Like me he too seemed to be an armpit hair lover as his limp dick started expanding. Aunt Harriet asked him to fuck her hairy armpits. He pummeled away as his cock disappeared into her armpit forest. My cock rose once again and I started wanking my aching dick. I couldn't remember having cum so many times as he pounded away at the coarse matted hair in her bushy pits. He rocked up and down as his dick entered the folds of her bushy armpits. "Keep your huge dick in my bushy armpits I am cuummmmmiiiiinnnnggggggggg," she screamed as his dick moved to and fro in her bushy underarms. "I want you to cum in my hairy armpits" she moaned as Uncle Rob's massive dick swept into her majestic lawns of her unshaven pits. "Darling I want to cum I can't hold on any longer," he screamed as Aunt Harriet started convulsing into multiple orgasms.

I was pumping hard at my swollen prick as I started to spurt wishing I could have deposited some of my cum in her other hairy armpit as Uncle Rob shot loads of cum right into Aunt Harriet's extremely hairy underarms.

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Hairy can be so erotic

The natural woman is so underappreciated

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