tagAnalAunt Janet's Hot Tub

Aunt Janet's Hot Tub


"Billy, you must remember Aunt Janet," said my newlywed wife Roxanne.

"Of course I do. How could I forget?" as I eyed her long and tall body that was adorned with what seemed like D cup boobs that had nipples thrusting out from her bikini top. She was cute with short curly black hair. We were visiting Roxanne's parents and relatives in Long Island after two months of marriage.

Aunt Janet invited us in and then we went out back. Aunt Janet sure seemed to be flaunting that body as she served us Long Island Tea under her umbrella at the small table by the pool. I was starting to feel that familiar feeling in my groin as I watched Aunt Janet walk around. I was hoping that Roxanne wasn't looking at the bulge starting in my shorts. Tonight Roxanne would be helping me get rid of that tension from my 8 inch cock. Perhaps a blowjob or maybe some doggy style fucking!

After some small talk Aunt Janet invited us into the hot tub next to the pool. We had swim suits in the car and I enthusiastically accepted, but Roxanne begged off and suggested she might take a nap inside. Aunt Janet was agreeable and after changing I left Roxanne inside and jumped in the hot tub, trying not to show my hard on to Aunt Janet. She was already in the hot tub. I slipped in on the opposite side.

"You know that Roxanne and I are like sisters," Aunt Janet said. "We're only eight years apart. I was born twenty years after her father. I was a surprise!"

"I believe it," I said. "You two could pass as sisters easy. I feels a bit strange calling you Aunt."

"I like you calling me Aunt Janet," she said. "It seems kind of kinky to me."

My cock jumped a little bit when she said that. Then she almost made me cum right away.

"I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable," as she slipped off her bikini top. What a set of tits! I'm not positive they were D cups, but they were large, soft and hung down just perfectly. The areola were dark and the size of half dollars with nipples sticking out. They certainly looked excited to me! But then she started rolling her nipples between her fingers and the nipples got even longer.

My cock was as hard as a rock now and having trouble finding room in my swim trunks. I finally slipped my hand to my cock and pushed it out one side of my trunks. I didn't dare stroke it as I might have cum right away. All I could think about was how it would look thrusting between her boobs as she licked the tip of my cock on each up stroke. I was starting to think about her pussy now as well. I decided that I needed to exert some mental discipline if I didn't want to spurt right then and there.

"So how close were you with Roxanne?" I asked.

"Oh, I was like a big sister to her. I explained about sex to her after coming home from college one year. I think she was about twelve years old at the time and I knew that her parents wouldn't say anything. Roxy asked me about sex and I told her all about it. I suggested that when the time came that she give her boy friends blowjobs, but not to let them inside her pussy."

Aunt Janet continued "Her first dildo was a gift from me when she turned 18. A smallish silver vibrator that was about six inches long. I showed her how to use it. After she got started and was enjoying herself I took mine out and started to cum at the same time she was. Roxy was fascinated with my pussy and I let her play with it a bit. She started to rub my clit and insert her fingers in me all the while asking how it felt. So I turned around and did the same to her and we compared how we felt while playing with each other."

"I hope that this doesn't give you a bad impression about me," said Aunt Janet.

"Not at all," I said. My hand was already starting to stroke my cock under the water, but I desperately didn't want to let loose in Aunt Janet's hot tub.

Aunt Janet next suggested that I sit next to her since the jets in the hot tub were loud and she was having trouble hearing me. So I moved over staying low in the water so that my raging hard on wouldn't be front and center.

As I sat down Aunt Janet had her hand under my ass. Her finger was pointing up through my trunks toward my asshole. Then her hands disappeared and her bikini bottom was being thrown over the side and she insisted I take mine off as well. "Fair is fair," she said. So I slipped mine off and threw them over the side as well. Aunt Janet had hold of my cock when I sat down and I was playing with her slit as well. And surprise, surprise she was completely smooth, a full brazilian.

Next she insisted that I sit on her other side and this time her hand was under me and her finger was soon in my ass! She then warned me not to stroke my cock as she wanted me to last a while longer. I started to play with her pussy under water. Her smooth pussy gave way to a large clit. It was poking out and I couldn't miss running my thumb over and around it. Aunt Janet moaned as I squeezed her clit between my fingers. Then I inserted my middle finger into her pussy, as far as it would go. I thought that if she could finger my ass, I should finger her ass as well. So I slipped my arm behind her and under her butt cheeks and found her butt hole and started playing with that. After a couple of moans from her I slipped my finger into her asshole and she came, for the first time.

"Billy that was wonderful. Now I want to take care of your cock. This is a very private back yard so don't feel inhibited about being nude. Stand up and let me see that dick of yours. Roxy let it slip that you are hung well."

I stood up and my cock was at full attention. As I faced Aunt Sarah, she grabbed it and started to stroke it.

"Very nice. I think that would definitely fill my cunt." She then grabbed my cock and led me out of the hot tub to a large tanning area next to the pool. She pushed me in a chair and was on her knees as she put her lips to my cock head. Soon her was licking and stroking my cock. Next she took the whole thing down her throat. Wow! Aunt Janet performing deep throat on me. All of a sudden between the straps of the chair I felt a finger pushing at my asshole. I grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them apart so that she could insert her middle finger in search of my prostate. Soon she was finger fucking my asshole and swallowing my whole cock. She was running her tongue all around my shaft and then it would disappear down her throat. After she came up for air she did the same thing again.

"Aunt Janet, I'm about to cum!"

"Give it to me," she gasped between thrusts on my shaft.

So I did. Rising deep from my balls I gave her a large spurt in her mouth. She swallowed the whole thing and then surprised me with a quick french kiss.

"Back in the hot tub," she said. As we jumped back in I saw her wave to the house.

"Roxy is awake," she said. She threw me my swim trunks and told me to put them on. "Roxy doesn't need to know about this."

Roxanne was out the door and by the hot tub just as I got the swim trunks on.

"I see Aunt Janet is showing off her boobs again," Roxanne said. "She has a magnificent set and is usually topless when in the pool or hot tub. She loves to sun bathe nude as well. But enough of that. I'll bet the sight of those tits has given you some ideas about later tonight. I'll try to make it worth your while. But for now keep your stiffy under control."


I sat next to Billy on the way back to the hotel and never let on that I watched him and Aunt Janet the whole time that I was "taking a nap" in the house. I even video taped most of it.

I had called Aunt Janet before we went over and told her that Billy was a good lover and had a big cock, but he needed more imagination while having sex. We had never had anal sex. He was uptight about talking about sex toys and had never talked about another woman sexually. I thought that we never had a chance to have group sex.

So I asked Aunt Janet if she could start the ball rolling that day and continue with it over the week. I knew that Aunt Janet was just the person as she and I have had some wonderful sex at her house. She had started my sex life by having dildo parties, first just with me and then with a few other friends. They always ended up with a lot of kissing, touching and feeling. And many orgasms!

After Aunt Janet got married we would have threesomes and then sometimes we'd have an all out orgy in back. My pussy and asshole were very experienced. But I had calmed down after moving away and didn't dare tell Billy anything about my sexual past. He was a keeper and I didn't want to screw it up. But after a couple of months of marriage I think he needs a little push so that we can spice up our sex life.

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