tagIncest/TabooAunt Laura Ch. 03

Aunt Laura Ch. 03


Our week together had progressed while my parents were gone so that Laura and I would have sex as soon as she got home. I couldn't wait and she could never say no. Later after we ate dinner we would then go up to her room for more activities. I never slept with her and she seemed disappointed each night when I left her. But then, when the morning came, she was in my bed to wake me by dropping her mouth onto my young cock. I loved the way she did this each day with her hungry mouth. After the first morning when I had made her lift her dress up so I could fuck her from behind, she never came into my room fully dressed again. She would leave her dress in her room and just wear her stockings, heels and garter belt for me. Her panties also stayed on the bed in her room.

The second night she came home, I was there already in the house because I had no interest in being with my friends when I had the choice of being inside this sexy, submissive woman. I heard her come through the door and then walk into the kitchen to start our dinner. I loved the sound of her heels on the hard wood floor. She looked good in the light summer dress and the black stockings and heels. She said hello as she saw me come into the kitchen. I just looked her over from head to toe and smiled at how good she looked. She stood there and waited, knowing that her evening was about to begin.

"Take off the dress and hand it to me," I told her.

"Yes, Sir," she replied as her hand went to the back zipper and pulled it down. The dress opened and fell away from her body and then to the floor around her heels. She stepped out of it and picked it up and brought it to me.

"Did you enjoy our conversation on the phone today, Laura," I asked her as she stood directly in front of me. Her chest was heaving as her arousal was becoming evident.

"I did. It makes me so hot when you talk that way to me." She said as my hand slowly caressed her tits just above her low-cut black lace bra.

"Pull the bra down so I can see your nipples," I said. She dropped the bra straps down off her shoulders and pulled the cups below her fat tits and then slipped the straps up again. The effect was to hold her nice big breasts up while still allowing me to see her nipples pointing out and getting hard.

"Do you recall what told you I would do to you tonight, Laura," I asked as my fingers aroused her nipples to hardness.

"You said you were going to hurt my big tits and fuck my ass. That's what you said, Sir," she trembled as she uttered the words.

"Do you want my cock in your ass, Laura," I asked her.

"Yes, Sir, but I am afraid. But I want you to do it to me," she whined at me.

"Will mine be the first cock in your ass, whore?"

"Yes, Sir, I have never had anyone take my ass," she said in a labored breath as I pinched down on her inflamed nipples.

"Take off your panties and bend over the table for me," I told her. Her hands took the sides of her lace panties and slid them down to her heels and then off. She rose up and handed them to me. I took them and watched her bend over the dining table and reach out to take hold of the far edges. The sight of her in that position made my cock rock hard and I dropped my shorts and underwear and moved forward. Holding her hips in my hands, I pushed my cock into her wet cunt.

"Oh, yes," she gasped as she felt me push hard into her depths.

I moved at a slow pace, pushing all the way into her and then pulling almost all the way out. Her breathing was erratic and she was moving with me in an urgent and steady motion. After several minutes, I pulled out of her and looked down to see how wet and slick my cock had become. It was time.

"Hold on tight, I am going to rape my aunt's virgin ass," I told her as she stiffened and I could see her knuckles whiten as she gripped the wood of the table top.

Placing my cock head directly on her soft brown star and rubbing it up and down, I saw her relax a bit from the pleasurable sensation. Then I aimed directly at her snug opening and began to force myself into it; waiting for the first rush of my cock into her. It took quite a bit of pressure but finally the head opened the entrance and I popped into her. I held myself in that spot as she cried out.

"Oh, my God," she screamed as the invasion hurt her with a sudden and sharp pain.

Still remaining motionless, I watched her relax just a bit as her ass became more accustomed to the cock having breached her virgin entrance. Taking this as my cue to begin moving deeper, I slowly pressed into her, then stopped, waited, and then proceeded some more. At each point in this assault, she was gasping and whining from the new sensation and from the pain of having to take it all inside her.

"Oh, please, Sir," she growled as I pushed almost all the way in, "it hurts so much."

Going the last bit and holding it still inside her at full length I held her hips and stroked her ass with my hands and looked down at the sight in front of me.

"Play with your cunt for me," I told her as her hand moved from the side of the table and slid under her to start to move on her clit and cunt lips. Her hips rose slightly to allow her hand to press down to her wet center. I waited and did not move. I could not believe how tight her grip was on my cock. I could feel the movement of her hand and then her arousal. After a brief time. I began to feel movement from her impaled body.

"Oh," she moaned as her movement began to increase and her ass relaxed on my hard cock. I gave her more time to adjust and to become more aroused. Her fingers were circling and moving on her clit and her ass pressing back on the full cock buried within her. Slowly, I began to pull back out of her just a bit before pushing back forward again. With these very short easy plunges into her, Laura's moaning increased and she started to move with me.

"More, please, give me more" she finally gasped as her ass met the thrusts and gained an urgent rhythm that matched my increased movements.

"Tell me what you need," I demanded. She wanted longer and harder strokes, but she needed her to beg for it.

"Oh, please, I need it so much," she whined back at me.

"What, Laura," I asked, "tell me what your body needs."

"My ass," she cried out, "I need you to fuck my ass. Rape your aunt's ass, Sir," she panted in her need for more and harder treatment.

Pulling almost all the way out of her, I thrust forward my full length and then withdrew again and began to pound her ass ruthlessly.

"Oh, my God," she screamed as I attacked her now without any regard for her.

"Anal fucking whore," I repeated over and over again as I took her last virgin hole and gave her all that I had. I could tell that the pain had slowly ebbed while her fingers were driving her ever closer to her climax.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes," she panted, "cum in your whore. Fill your Aunt's raped ass with cum. Fuck your cum into my ass."

Laura was screaming and crying out like a wounded animal as she came hard on my cock. Her ass was contracting around me as I launched cum deep into her bowels. She continued to cum without stop. The knuckles on her left hand turned white as she gripped hard onto the table top. Her right hand was buried in her convulsing cunt. I kept at her until I heard her moans subside. I collapsed on top of her exhausted body. Her head turned to the side and her mouth sought mine as we kissed and tongue lashed each other for several minutes.

"Did you like that, Laura," I asked with my lips beside her ear.

"It was incredible. That was the most powerful orgasm I ever had. It hurt so much at first but then the pain left and the feeling was so overwhelming. I need you to do that to me again and again. It was like being raped and then discovering how much you need to be raped," she confessed.

I pulled back as I lifted away from her and my cock freed itself from the tight enclosure. Looking down, I saw cum flowing out of her stretched ass as she lay on the table top.

"Let's get cleaned up in the shower and then we can eat," I told her as I walked to the stairs and headed for the large bathroom in the hall.

The shower felt good as I soaped myself and felt the hard spray from the shower head. The shower curtain moved back and Laura was beside me. She took my wash cloth and began to wash me. I just stood there and enjoyed her pampering. I turned and faced her and she took my cock and lovingly washed it for me. Then, squatting down, her mouth took it in and she began to lick and suck me back to life. Looking down at her I realized that this was the first time she was truly naked in front of me. All the other times she always wore her heels and stockings because she knew how much I liked her dressed that way. But this was different and to me it seemed so raw and more intimate. Her eyes looked up at me as she worked on my almost hard cock with an incredible passion. My hands reached out to take her head in my grasp and I began to fuck slowly into her tight lips; pushing deeper into her throat. Her hands grasped my thighs as I used her mouth and throat.

"You cocksucking whore," I moaned down at her as I forced my cock fully into her. Her hand was between her legs and I saw her working her cunt and clit as I banged away at her mouth. But I wanted more than a blow job from her and pulled myself back allowing my cock to exit her mouth. Taking her hair in my hand I pulled her to her feet in front of me. Her breathing was in gasps and I could see that she was once again highly excited.

"Fuck me," she begged, "please fuck your dirty cocksucker."

Turning her to face me, I forced her back against the tile wall. Reaching down I lifted her from under the back of her thighs until her cunt was lined up with my hard cock.

"Put it in your cunt for me, slut." I told her and she reached down and pressed the fat cock head between her moist lips. I dropped her down slowly and her arms wrapped around my neck as she was completely impaled on me. Holding her under the thighs with her back to the wall I was able to slam into her with hard forceful strokes. Her legs locked onto my hips allowing her to move with me.

"Ohhhhhhh, yessssssss," Laura screamed as her orgasm was almost immediate. She held me tight as her body spasmed onto mine. I loved being deep inside her tight compact body and to watch her go through the violence of her powerful orgasm. I kept pounding her and she held on tight. All the while she moaned and encouraged me to fuck her hard.

"Use me, use me," she moaned, "Do it hard."

Laura again was delirious and out of control. She only knew how much she needed my cock and her body was grinding against mine as she was fast approaching another climax.

"Fill my cunt," she begged as she grabbed my neck and held on. Her orgasm ripped through her body and she was screaming from the sensations. I could feel her thighs tighten around me as she convulsed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she seemed to go limp in my arms. When I felt her orgasmic contractions subside, I lowered her down the wall until my cock pulled free and she was sitting on the shower floor.

Standing over her as the water pelted her entire body, I took my cock and stroked it a few times which was all I needed to bring on the cum that she had demanded from me. With Laura looking up at me, the first blast hit her on the forehead and then was washed down over her face. Shot after shot found her face. My thick white fluid mixed with the water and covered her face and splattered her hair.

"Clean up and come to my bed when you are done," I told her as I rinsed off and got out of the shower. Laura looked up at me with surprise since I always went to my bed alone. She was never in my bed except for our morning wake-up ritual. I always left her when I was finished to sleep alone in her own bed.

Things were changing. There would be no dinner tonight.

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