tagNonHumanAunt Lilith Ch. 03

Aunt Lilith Ch. 03


Unfortunately for both Maurice and Lilith, they were not alone. Azazel, one of the four Gods who sided with Jehovah, had chosen that moment to attack on his own. He had been trailing Lilith for a while, determined to crush the daughter of Belial. He couldn't conceive of a better opportunity to do so, since she was obviously drained from her tryst with her nephew.

Being a God, he was quite cocky in his own way, and hadn't even consulted Jehovah or the others in his camp before unleashing his divine power upon them. No one was forewarned, prior to the moment that Azazel simply torched the walls of the Koenig house and entered what remained of it. There were no angels at his back, merely his intense, Protean abilities.

Koenig was terrified at first, since he had never met a God in his life. He had no idea who had destroyed his residence. He just knew that this thing wasn't human. Azazel had taken the form of a walking flame, incinerating everything, and Maurice feared that he would be burnt to a crisp.

Lilith, however, wasn't so rapidly cowed by this sycophantic deity. She viewed him as a fool, and dealt with him as such. After all, she had learned contempt for Jehovah's minions from her father, Belial. That wasn't cast aside because of an attempt to blaze through a mortal's dwelling and kill both of them.

"Father, lend me strength to stop this evil foe and save my kinsman!" Lilith prayed to the God of Justice.

At that point, Azazel should have been quite afraid, because he was no match for Belial, the former El Shaddai several times over. He hadn't even been in action for centuries, spending his time flattering Jehovah. The God of Justice was something far more potent, and he would not let his daughter be quashed by the likes of Azazel.

Belial didn't merely give Lilith help, however. He arrived in person, his mighty hailstorm preceding him and announcing that he had chosen to enter the fray against Azazel.

"This isn't a time for mortals or angels, Lilith. I know that you can take him, but I long ago swore vengeance against the so-called Beasts of Jehovah's Court. Now, it is time to carry out my oath and annihilate this cohort of my adversary. He's made the mistake of giving me the chance, after all.

"You have one chance to switch sides, Azazel, and to make amends for backing my enemy. If you don't, then I will indeed cut you off, the only way I can. Maurice, Lilith, just get to safety. I have a God to kill!" the mighty Prince sternly commanded his descendents.

"If you're so great, Belial, how come you're not El Shaddai again? Could it be that your side is losing both Gods and angels by the dozens? I don't fear you and your confederates, O God of Justice! I will show you that cruelty is power, not equity or balance! Die, once and for all, so that I can bring your carcass to my King's throne with pride!" Azazel scoffed, though part of him indeed dreaded the legendary power of his foe.

"You weakling! You let Jehovah deprive you of human worship, just as he does to others, and thus you're not equal to my loincloth! Besides, don't you know by now that your Master hates pride, except in himself? He demands servile humility from all others, even his fellow Elohim! Which is why I can never serve him, letting myself be his dog!" the swarthy rival to the King of Heaven insisted, as their blades clashed yet again.

For several moments more, Maurice and Lilith viewed this spectacle from outside the still blazing house. Impervious to the heat or pain, both of the Elohim fought their duel, but Belial repeatedly got the upper hand. Azazel's cowardice and rustiness were apparent, and he was soon at Belial's mercy: that is, if Belial were to show any. Since he was a God of Justice, he had no use for anything but someone's deserved fate.

"You can't kill me, Belial, unless you can trap me in this form!" Azazel reminded his enemy, though he now felt the Prince's foot at his chin.

"Oh, I think that I can manage," Belial sneered menacingly, before the human firefighters arrived, all stunned to silence by this scene.

"How so? You have no traps!" Azazel croaked.

"That's where you're wrong!" Belial declared, jumping out of the fire, while Maurice angrily ordered the men to put out the fire. Acting on habit and instinct, they simply complied like sheep.

The hoses came on and the God's meaning was manifest, as the water put out the flames and caught Azazel in his fiery state. The evil Deity had forgotten that even a divinely caused fire can be put out by an elemental force such as water, given enough quantities of it. Too late, Az found himself being puffed out with the regular blaze.

"NOOOOOO! Don't let them extinguish me! I am dying! Mercy, Belial!" he pleaded at last.

"Hardly, you fool. You had your chance to yield. Now, we'll let Nature take its course and wipe you out! I knew that I had you, once you chose to become Fire. You forgot that Water is also a basic force in the Cosmos, and so can put out a simple blaze, no matter who ignited it. You're out of practice, but you won't get a chance to undo your blunder. Enjoy your short life as a demon!" Belial mocked the foolhardy Deity.

Despite his doom, Az fought to survive a bit longer, before the hoses eliminated his divine soul. His carcass, still smoldering, instantly turned demonic. He was an undead entity now, and was thus vulnerable to even most angels.

"Can I take him now, Father?" Lilith begged Belial, while the firefighters now returned to a state of shock from the events, their distraction caused by their job now removed.

"Well, I'm not one for kicking a fallen God when's he down, but I'll make an exception here. It's bad manners to interrupt anyone's romp with a beautiful lady, let alone set his house on fire just to kill said woman. Besides, I want rid of this menace at last!" Belial gave his permission.

"Thank you, Father. This is for Maurice, you pig! And for his nice home, which you burned to the ground!" Lilith declared, as she skewered the newly awakened demon, before he could use the residual powers of a Nosferatu.

"Can I do anything, Lord and Aunt Lilith?" Maurice wanted to know. He wanted revenge for what the cruel being had done to his abode.

"Certainly. Piss on him. Urine, for some reason, keeps a demon's wounds from closing or healing. He'll be dead in seconds from the impalement," Lilith urged her relative.

"No problem for me," Maurice said, still furious at the destruction that would take forever to undo, if it could be done.

Lilith's advice proved quite true, as the squealing creature demonstrated through the rest of his ordeal. His death was complete when his body melted at last and turned into mercury, the basic element which formed the Gods and demons.

Maurice still worried about how to explain this to his neighbors and where he would live, but at least he had the satisfaction of seeing the evil force which had sought to harm Lilith eradicated. That was the least he deserved for disrupting their pleasure.

"What do we do now?" he inquired, rather drained from the episode and genuinely not sure about his life from this point onward.

"It's simple. I can give these poor souls amnesia, including you. Or, if you please, I can make you an angel. You are of the Nephilim, after all. If you weren't, there would be only one choice. The others still get amnesia, but you don't in that case," Belial finally spoke again.

"Two questions, then," Maurice answered.

"Field them, my son," the God of Justice encouraged him, confident of what these would be, from his knowledge of mortals.

"Do angels need shelter?"

"Technically, not even humans do. But, no, angels have no particular requirement there. What's the other one, oh homeless dentist?" Belial winked with some humor.

"Do I still get to fuck Lilith?"

"Tell you what. You can have sex with her, openly, this week. Afterward, you can continue being lovers. You're a descendent of Adam, after all. On the other hand, I don't want to prevent Lilith or you from doing your jobs. Furthermore, I'm not sure what precedent this would set if all of my angels had regular sex with each other. So, until further notice, you keep this a secret. Both of you keep it that way.

"Which means that Lilith needs to continue her trysts, lest someone wonder why she stopped. Since I'm a God of Justice, however, that means that you should sleep around, too. Besides, my genetic projects need more divine DNA, and you can donate that, don't you think? Both of you might also help make it easier to lure some angels away from Jehovah, if you don't mind using your bodies in that cause. It would be for the greater good.

"There is one other issue. I want total honesty. I deserve that much. Lilith, what do you really feel about Maurice. Is he a typical mortal of Adam's line, or something else to you?" the deposed Supreme Being insisted.

"I don't know for sure, Father, what I feel about him. I just know that it is special. He is different. Must be his bedside manner or his bedroom manner, anyway. Or it just be his candor. He's the most brutally frank man I've known. Doesn't that stick out about him?"

"Yes, it does, though not sexually. But, then, I've been celibate for too long. I need to get out again. This war has just consumed so much of my attention, to the exclusion of anything else. In fact, I've just thought of a better plan for Maurice than my previous one. He and you can still be lovers, and screw around with others.

"But that is not all. Maurice will be a secret angel. No one will know but us that he is no longer mortal. Certainly not Jehovah. If he gets a whiff of my plans, my advantage will be gone. The plan is clear. He will rule the world for us, as the first angel ever to govern mortal affairs. On our behalf, of course. He will be my viceroy on Earth, and help my agenda by ensuring the favor of the humans for our side against our enemy's.

"Mind you, the servants of Jehovah, once they see his power, will think that he is the Antichrist. But we'll know better. He will just be our representative to the mortals and head of the government that we prefer.

"Well, how does that sound, Maurice?" the God thundered.

"I've yet to get a better offer, and something tells me that Jehovah wants my head, anyway, now. What better way to strike back at him? I suppose that I've chosen sides for sure, now," Dr. Koenig agreed.

"Honey, your side was chosen for you, long before you were born. A descendent of Adam and Bath-Tammuz is an abomination in the sight of Jehovah by definition. Anyway, you made the right choice, actively backing our side in this war. Who knows? You might tip the scale forever to our advantage. You might win this whole conflict for us by your decision," Lilith smiled, and then kissed her new lover.

"Sounds great, but I still get this week, right?"

"This week, and a lot more weeks afterward, as you heard," Belial's daughter reminded him.

"Good, because I'll need a vacation before I get to work for my new boss. And I don't know what better retreat than one with my favorite lover of all time," Maurice grinned.

"Seriously, I'm glad to have you on my team. But, for my sake, get a room, as you mortals say," Belial laughed, before he left to celebrate his triumph over Azazel and the shift in his fortunes.

"I plan to, Dad. With pleasure," Lilith snickered, as she guided her new angelic lover to an abandoned cottage in an unknown country. Maurice was right. The war could wait. She had promised him a week of delight, and she would deliver on it.

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