tagIncest/TabooAunt Lisa Approves!

Aunt Lisa Approves!


George was twenty one, he was almost to North Carolina. He was heading down to visit with his aunt and cousin on his Spring Break. He was almost finished with college and he was heading home for a week. His parents were away on a cruise for four of those days, so he was spending that time with his aunt Lisa and her daughter Carla.

His aunt had always been different from the rest of the family. More outgoing and carefree. She'd flash the men on New Year's Eve and wear the slutty costumes at Halloween, she'd even worn an American flag string bikini last Fourth of July. She was his mother's sister and she'd been divorced for atleast fifteen years. She lived in a secluded beach house with her daughter.

Carla was an only child at her mother's house. Her parents were divorced and she'd see her father three or four times a year. He had a few other kids and they were brats, so she stayed with her mom most of the time. She was finally eighteen and she was about to graduate from high school.

When George pulled up to his aunt's beach house, he noticed a sexy female on the porch, wearing a tight tank top with no bra and pajama pants that were down on her hips, revealing her tight abs. She was turned away from the driveway, George couldn't look away. She was the sexiest he'd seen in quite some time.

When he got out of the car, aunt Lisa was at the door waving at him. "George!! It's so nice to see you, come on in."

She went back inside and George grabbed his bag and headed up the steps. When he got to the top, he about fell back down. The sexy female just happened to be his cousin Carla. Carla, who he had last remembered wore braces and had zits. She was chubby and awkward, this girl in front of him was none of those things.

He regained composure before she noticed he was staring. Making his way into the kitchen, he kissed aunt Lisa on the cheek and she pointed him toward his room at the end of the hall.

He got into his room and closed the door, aware his face was not hot. Blushing, he wished he could die! He checked out his younger cousin, hell, he'd go so far as to say he'd fuck her brains out in his mind already. Hearing aunt Lisa down the hall, he took a deep breath and went back to the kitchen.

Carla was standing in the doorway, obviously waiting for him to come in so she can go back to what she was doing. Seeing her closer, he could see how she'd added some highlights to her hair and she now wore make-up and her nails were done. She'd turned into a woman. What had he missed?

Aunt Lisa belted out to them, "It's almost five. I've already started dinner, I need a couple things from the market. You two mind going? I'll finish up dinner while you're gone and when you get back, we'll eat. After dinner, I thought we could have some drinks on the patio if you want."

George agreed, Carla protested, "Mom, it's not fair! Why should I interuppt my life to go to the market for you? What if someone calls with plans and I'm not home? I need to be here."

George half grinned at Carla's whiny little girl attitude. She'd done that as kids and gotten alot of what she wanted.

Aunt Lisa wasn't having it though, "Carla Maureen, take your ass to your room, put on some real clothes and get your ass in that car to the market for me. Don't make this an issue! As for plans tonight, there will be none! None tonight and none tomorrow either. George is only here for a few days and we're going to entertain him."

Carla's mouth puckered and her lip popped out, she swung her hair back over her shoulders and stormed back to her room. He walked back to get his car keys from the bed and he caught a glimpse of her in her bedroom, her pants on the floor, her ass bare. She hadn't been wearing panties. His cock stirred and he heard Aunt Lisa. Looking up, she was staring down the hall at him.

After the hallway incident, he was glad to be out of the house and away from the pressure of Aunt Lisa. Carla was ticked off all the way to the store, so she ignored him and stared out the window.

Carla had worn a jean skirt, barely long enough to cover the top of her thighs. It rode up as she slouched in her seat and by the time they made it to the market place his aunt sent them to, he almost couldn't control the stirring in his groin. Getting out of the car, he could see her shapely ass and he had to adjust himself to keep anyone from noticing his discomfort.

Inside the market, he had trouble keeping his eyes to himself. In the fruit section, she stood near a melon display that made her tits look ripe. Later in the freezer area, her nipples were rock hard and he noticed a man looking at them with pure lust.

After gathering the rest of the things on aunt Lisa's list, they got back into the car. On the way out of the lot, Carla saw a group of her friends and asked him to stop. He watched her walk over and hug one guy and say hello to the rest. She flirted and teased the guy she had hugged before waving goodbye and heading back to the car.

When she'd gotten in, he decided to try to talk to her. "So Carla, I see you've cleaned up nice."

She was still mouthy in her reply, "Wow, how'd you notice perv?"

He laughed it off, "I'm the perv? You were the one who came to the market without anything under your skirt."

Her face flushed, "How'd you know?"

He grinned, "Lucky guess! So, who's the guy you're going all perv on me for?"

She grinned, "His name's Charles, but we all call him Charlie. He's twenty one like you and he's a college senior like you too."

"Does aunt Lisa know about him?"

Her face went back to murky as she replied, "Yes, but she doesn't like him much."

By now they'd arrived back home and Carla went her own seperate way.

After having aunt Lisa's famous burgers, grilled fries and pretzel salad, they relaxed out on the front porch. Aunt Lisa had cracked open a bottle of gin and she'd tossed him a beer. They sat back and watched the sun set and the traffic fade away.

Around eight, Carla came out dressed in a sleazy black dress and knee high combat boots. Her make-up was dark and her lips were crimson red. She'd teased her hair and look like a completely different girl.

While George admired her body and her sexiness, her mother went off, "Carla Maureen take your ass back in that house, take a shower and dress right! Besides, I already told you, tonight's family time."

Carla stormed into the house, slamming the door. George drank another beer and talked with his aunt.

A little while later, Carla came out in tiny shorts that almost showed her ass and another tiny tight tank top, no bra and he could imagine, no panties too.

She sat at the table and popped open a bottle of strawberry wine. She tossed back the gin bottle and took a shot before following with the wine. Soon they were all laughing and having a good time.

The later it got, the sillier aunt Lisa acted. She'd flashed them twice and made George take off his shirt to show off his muscles. He was sitting in sweats, knowing if Carla stayed around long enough, he'd be hard in no time.

Around midnight, aunt Lisa had started talking about sex, her lack there of and how she needed it soon. She then turned to George and asked, "When's the last time you had explosive sex? What about a blow job?"

Carla's face turned beet red and George's face flushed, "Well, aunt Lisa, I uh, I haven't had any in quite some time."

She smiled, "Well George, atleast you've had some, can you believe Carla's never even seen a real cock? Eighteen and never held a dick in her hand!"

Carla's face flushed even more. That didn't stop her mother, she kept at it, "George, why don't you be a doll and show her yours? She'd get to see what one looks like and maybe you'll get your rocks off too."

George didn't know what to say to that, aunt Lisa had always kept her thoughts clean around the kids, but he and Carla were no longer kids.

He started to sputter an answer when Carla, all red faced spoke up, "What? You afraid to show it? You got a little dick or what?"

With another gulp of his beer, he got brave. He stood and undid the button of his pants. He tugged the zipper down and then slid his pants and boxers down to his upper thigh. His cock flopped out, semi-hard and looking fine. He'd trimmed his pubic hair the weekend before and his cock was already pretty nice sized before it was hard. He was proud of what he had.

His aunt chuckled and Carla's face seemed to get even redder. She leaned over closer, as if she was examining it. He gulped down the rest of his beer and bravely spoke, "You can touch it if you want, no harm in checking it out if you haven't seen one before."

Lisa got up from the table and went inside. George walked over near Carla and waved his member in her face. "You gonna touch it or are you too scared?"

Carla reached out and touched the tip, then her fingers curled around it and stroked him a few times. Her nails slid gently down the underside and found the neat patch of hair he had. She ran her finger through it and down to cup his balls. She ran her nails across them, his cock stiffening at her touches.

Her eyes met his and she got brave, "You know I could just open my mouth and pop your dick in? You could be getting a blow job right here on the porch from your own cousin."

Just as she finished her sentence, her mother came out and again got demanding, "Damn Carla, don't sit there and tease the boy! Open your mouth and give him a little pleasure. Haven't I always taught you not to be a cock tease? Always be a cock please!"

With her mother's blessing, Carla opened her mouth and sucked George's cock inside. She dribbled down his cock,gagging on his length. As she struggled for air, he pulled out. She was choking and red faced.

"Now, now, the little smart mouth can't take what she's dishing or what?"

After he finished speaking, he pushed his cock back into her throat. This time she was more prepared and bobbed her head up and down a few times before letting him go again.

"Damn Carla, you're gonna give a man blue balls around here!"

"Haha Georgie, want me to satisfy those balls?", she giggled and her cheeks burned red hot.

"Little miss smarty pants, you're going to regret that little girl!"

George tugged Carla up from her seat and pulled her inside. Aunt Lisa stood at the sink, her back to them.

George smiled at Carla and mouthed watch this. She grinned back, too embarrassed to say another word.

"Aunt Lisa, Carla's still teasing, can I borrow your room for awhile? I'd like my pleasing!"

Aunt Lisa didn't even turn around, "Sure thing Georgie, make her do what she teased!"

With permission allowed, George grabbed Carla and flipped her over his shoulder and headed down the hall to the furthest bedroom. Stepping inside, he tugged those tiny shorts down, revealing Carla's rounded, tan ass. As he tossed her onto the bed, he pushed her legs open and exposed her almost bare pussy. She had a tiny patch of hair in the shape of a heart. He spread her lips apart and flicked his tongue across her bare clit. His motion excited her and she moaned. He rubbed harder up and along her clitoris, she cried out this time, her hands finding his hair. He focused on her swollen clit, his tongue moving circles. Over and over, his figure eight motion making her hips buck at the count of each one.

Her nails digging, he pinned her arms with one hand and flickered his tongue against her. As she cried out a second time, he slipped two fingers inside her dripping pussy. Her pussy clenched and her orgasm flowed over her. She shivered, her cries ringing in his ears .

He stood before her, his cock solid. He tugged his shirt off and tossed it aside. She sat up and locked eyes with him, "Can I try this again? I can do better."

Before he could reply, she pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and took his whole length into her mouth. She sucked on him, deep in her throat. She groaned, a fullness overwhelming her as she kept his entire cock deep in her mouth. She suckled, her fingers teasing his balls. She scraped her nails over his cum filled balls. The sensation drove him nuts. He had to stop her before she made him cum in her mouth.

He pulled her to her feet and he sat back on the bed.

She climbed into his lap, tossing her shirt aside, her breasts bounced in his face. "Damn you're a hot little number Carla, I can't believe you never touched a dick til today and you've never had real sex. Guys around here must be blind."

She slithered closer to him, his hands cupped her ass. She nibbled at his neck before whispering, "I don't tell my mother my sex life, I'm experienced. Wasn't the blow job I gave you in here a real teaser?"

He was shocked, "What? You mean you're not a virgin? I was so worried I'd have to say no to taking your virginity!"

"Oh sweet Georgie, I've been fucked, tied, whipped, teased, pleased, fingered, licked, sicked and came on! Charlie and I even tried anal," she teased.

George could feel himself grow harder, he could feel the built up pressure and needed to blow soon. He cupped Carla's breasts and pulled her closer, his tongue teased her nipples. One hand slid down between her thighs, slipping a finger inside to rub her tender o spot.

Soon Carla was shaking again and his cock was nearer to her entry. He found her o spot and rubbed harder. She quickly slipped down over his cock, hips grinding, she took the control.

He lay back against the pillows, her breasts bouncing over and over as she rode his cock. Her cowgirl rocking, flexing her cunt around him. He rubbed her clit while she bounced in his lap. She grew bored and decided to switch positions, she turned away from him and slipped him back inside her. As she arched her back and rubbed her hips, he reached around and with both hands spread her lips and applied a vibrator to her swollen nub.

She knew she was about to explode. She knew she couldn't do a thing about it. She kept her hips rocking and her body moving, he kept those fingers spread and her vibrator firm against her clit. As he arched his back and buried himself deep inside her, she came. This time with an intensity so powerful. He kept himself deep inside as he too came. He exploded deep inside of her, filling her with his love juice.

When they finally could move, Carla and George went out to the porch where Aunt Lisa was waiting for every detail with drinks!

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