tagIncest/TabooAunt Liz In Leather

Aunt Liz In Leather


I hadn't seen my aunt Liz in years, but I hoped that she was still hot. I was eighteen and for most of my horny adolescence she was my favorite bombshell. Now don't get me wrong. She is my mother's sister after all. But the woman is single, six feet tall, with a lean, well sculpted body that has always done her honors from every straight man and some lesbians.

Her dark brown hair flowed way past her shoulders and gave her the distinct feeling of a most predatory lioness on the hunt . . . for a mate. Combine this with piercing green eyes and broad sensuous lips that smile easily and probably were well experienced in the arts of love making and you have a pretty accurate idea of my Aunt Liz, the goddess.

I know that I shouldn't ever have felt so turned on, so enraptured with her artistically graceful body and especially her often commanding manner as well as her ample size 36C breasts. But with a little imagination, you can understand my arousal.

It also didn't help that whenever she came to visit Mom that she would always find ways to give me more than a reserved amount of attention. But the last thing, the hottest thing of all about Aunt Liz, was that she was a rebel, going her own way in life and living life to the fullest by her own standards. This, for some reason made her youthful nephew most incredibly hot.

I was in my summer between high school graduation and arranging for some sort of job until the next spring when my college scholarships finally kicked in. Now, I'm good looking, smart, and personable. I played basketball and some football. I get along with others well enough. But the timing or the economy were working against me. There simply were no worthwhile jobs to be had in my small town. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I was getting pretty down when my mother, of all, people came up with the idea. "I know, what just might be the perfect job for you Brian. But there's just one catch. It's out of town." She offered the suggestion and waited for my response.

"Out of town, huh? And would there be a place to stay tied to it?" I was getting antsy about making some decent money for college. And besides, I also wasn't having much success with dating local girls as of late.

"Well, how did you hear about it? Where's it at?" I was curious, after all. "What kind of money and for how long. And what's the catch?'

"Brian, there's no catch. I talked to someone who has a small but expanding business in the Denver area and needs some good help for a few months. I don't quite know the business details but housing, food, and other needs would be taken care of by the employer. They're not looking for experience just someone willing to listen and learn. There's lots of training involved but the personal experience will be, let's just say . . . life changing in the most positive way ".

Mom could sure dangle the bait. And I was willing to bit. I needed money, and a job and out of this small town in the worst possible way. "Okay. Who, what , and where.? And when?"

"They need someone to train right away. Just in a let out of the way place, some place up in the mountains. But with all the necessities included. even private room and car to use while there."

Now I was really hooked.

"Just one more thing. It's with Liz."

"Aunt Liz? She's looking to hire?" Now the gods had blessed me in the most fiendish way possible. How could I possibly say no?

""Yes, I spoke to her on the phone. She's ready to give you extensive training in a new business she's gotten into. She's doing well financially. Really well, but she's looking for someone for several months. To help out. And, she thought of you first."

"She did? Wow." Was I lucky or what?

"She works out of her newly remolded summer home and her clients come to her as needed. But for the most part they don't stay in residence. It'd be just you and her. Do you think you could that and the responsibilities of helping her?' I didn't quite know whether Mom was teasing me or being serious..

"And do you think that you'd be willing to take orders from her.?" There was a dead-pan earnestness about her expression as she said that.

"Would I be willing? " I thought that I'd died and gone to heaven early.

Then Mom broke out in a broad grin. But there was something about that grin that hinted that she knew more than she was currently saying.

But I answered, not telling I was thinking, either. "Sure, I think I could obey her."

Damn. That slipped out entirely in a way I hadn't expected to vocalize.

Mom, however, just smiled. This time, the smile seemed all too knowing and all too satisfied at the way this situation was turning out. She was quiet for a moment and then started to reach into her large, way-too-oversized leather purse. ""That's what I wanted to hear. Because here's your ticket and you fly out in the morning.."

Now I knew beyond even the faintest shadow of a doubt that someone somewhere was blessing me beyond my wildest dreams. And I'd had some pretty wild ones about Aunt. Liz over the years.

I won't go into a lot of details there or about what all happened next. But I will tell you that when Aunt Liz picked me up at Denver International Airport she was driving a cherry red Porsche and wearing a leather jacket, a very short black leather mini-skirt and stiletto heeled knee boots. And a very, very, sphinx-like smile.

Now I was either going all the way to heaven or had just made a very sharp turn in the other direction. Either way, Aunt Liz was hotter than ever. And whatever the ultimate direction I was headed in, I was determined to thoroughly enjoy the trip.

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