Aunt Maggie Ch. 01


The scene followed would best be described as an older woman and two women fifteen and fourteen years her junior; engaging in the heady rapture of Sapphic entwinement! The dry leaves between the overturned punt and the stone wall became a bed of instruction and learning as the seasoned Gwennie passed on secrets only a woman of her years and experience might possess. Her two eager pupils were only too grateful that their activities would not be reported to their parents. They were also happy to have third tongue and a mature set of hips added into the girlish mix.

Fingers now diddled and strummed as tongues probed and explored. Gwennie poured the contents of the bag out onto the bed of leaves; revealing a large double-ended dildo, a strap-on cock, two adjustable-speed pocket vibrators, and a tube of lubricant. Apparently Gwennie was an enthusiastic customer and supporter of Mummy and Daddy's company!

The event cemented bonds between the three as well as confidences. After that day Gwennie enjoyed a certain loyalty from both young women and vice versa. The "games" between Marion and Maggie continued right up through the years and Gwennie was right there with them; legs apart and with her tongue up one willing wet snatch or another, (but always with one ear cocked one eye watching to see that the privacy of her ladies was assured)!

Now all these years later; through several male and female lovers of the two sisters, through their marriages, Maggie's divorce, through the birth of Marion's son and the death of her husband; Gwennie was still there keeping secrets -seeing all and ensuring the privacy and reputation of the two sisters remained intact. The two women may have been heirs to a lingerie and adult novelty empire, but reputations were still reputations and scandals were still scandals. Someone like Gwennie proved indispensable!

After Mummy and Daddy's passing, Maggie kept Gwennie on at the new estate; the very same house where Maggie now lounged by the pool and stared intently at her nephew while remembering all the wicked things. From an upper window now the housekeeper peered down to the pool. She briefly scanned the scene as it unfolded with Maggie and Billy and she knew what Maggie's next move would be even before Maggie did. Like the two sisters, Gwen was a lady of "dual tastes" and was well versed in such intrigues.

Maggie sensed she was watched and she dropped her sunglasses and turned around in her lounge chair to see Gwennie's face. A smirk was exchanged between the two and then Gwennie pulled the drapes closed; disappearing back into her house and resuming her duties. Maggie dropped her sunglasses and turned back around to "enjoy the show" across the pool. Those lurid thoughts and recollections of hers earlier had made her quite agitated down between her thighs and Billy's rather young virile display across the water was not helping things; if anything... it was stirring the pot for her!

Maggie had originally suggested to her sister that she'd have one of the men from the village to come up and do the work for her but Marion upon hearing of the project told her that her son could come over knock-out the job for her. Maggie'd protested it at first, but Marion was persistent; saying that her son Billy had been getting up to no good and that she'd felt better if his Auntie Maggie was able to watch him while his Mummy was away. She also added that it would be good for him to exert himself this summer with good hard manual labor... so he wouldn't go soft. Oh if Marion only knew, Maggie thought to herself. Nothing soft on that one!

You see, as Maggie watched her sister's boy hufffing and puffing with the tools; straining his muscles all bending in all manner of delightful directions for her; well it made her recall some more wicked little memories of a more recent sort. Her clitty throbbed and she was now lost in a sea of lurid recollection.

It seems a few days after her phone call to her sister where she learned about how large her nephew's "wedding-tackle" had developed, Maggie had taken it upon herself to get out and enjoy the air on a beautiful sunny day (much like this one). Much like today she'd finished her telecommute work early; put on some hiking boots, told Gwennie where she was going and ... WHOOSH! out the door she went to take-in the lovely Dorset air and feel the sun upon her face.

She'd made her way along the roadside to a favorite walking path of hers. About ten minutes into the walk and she realized that possibly having so much tea that morning had not been the best idea before a walk. She looked up and down the trail and realized if she was going to wee, it should not be here. She moved off to the side of the path up through thick bushes and undergrowth. Someone really needed to take a sickle or an axe to this part of the woods but then again... it helped her to not be seen!

She passed into a leafy clearing but decided it was still a bit too close to the path so she trudged up a slope to a secluded rise between trees and surrounded by even denser shrubbery. At the summit of the hill she unsnapped her jeans; dropped her pants and knickers, and squatted. She was away from possible prying eyes and like a hen who could only lay if she was not being watched; she felt secure enough to get her "inner workings" going now.

A half-second later and she produced a steady stream of golden ammonia wee that sizzled in orange fir tree needles beneath her bum. Half a minute later and she was finished. A wipe from a tissue later and she stood up and began to pull up knickers and jeans; leaving behind only a puddle and a wee soiled tissue as the only evidence shed been there.

She was about "zip things up" and to start down the hill when she stopped cold. Somebody was down the hill and was also leaving the path; heading to the first clearing. She hurried to get her bottoms back up and fastened so as not to be seen but as she fumbled with her jeans, she saw his face clearly. It was none other than William her nephew! He hadn't seen her.

She crouched low behind the bushes at the top of the hill and watched him. What was he doing here? A moment later she got an answer. He too unbuckled his belt; unzipped his jeans, and pulled a generously proportioned cock out from his trousers as he looked about to see if he had privacy.

He of course didn't but he didn't know that fact! He was totally oblivious to the presence of his Auntie Maggie; spying from up the hill between two fir trees amongst the dense foliage. He began to piss.

Maggie marveled at what she saw. Her sister Marion had been spot-on! He was fit to have a saddle upon his back or a bit in his teeth, what with the pony-cock he possessed! Her mouth fell open as she watched in amazement - and appreciation!

He finished wee-ing and then shook the last few clinging dregs of ammonia dew from his cock and Maggie expected he was ready to zip-up and move-off. What he did next surprised even his voyeuristic and well-seasoned auntie crouching up the hill in the bushes. He took a furtive look left and then right. A second later out came his phone and he flipped through several photos on it. Upon finding something he found truly inspiring. He commenced to wank himself, and not just a little pull but with vigor and earnestness!

If Maggie's lower jaw had dropped open before... it was now down in the ruddy pine needles and leaves at her feet! She stared at him like an awestruck wide-open mouthed codfish, not believing what she was seeing! There he was in all his glory however; her well-built young handsome nephew pulling-it in the bushes, and pulling it hard by the looks of things while he looked at something particularly naughty and interesting on his phone!

Perhaps she was being too judgmental of him, she thought. He was just masturbating to porn. No harm in that, Maggie figured; lots of people did that. Hell SHE did that! It was nothing she took issue with at all... OH but what a tool he had! What a STROKE he had as well; it looked as if he were attempting to start particularly troublesome boat motor that had perhaps been flooded, (the way he was wanking and yanking at it with such vigor)!

As for his cock, it reminded her of some of those she'd seen when she'd frigged herself absolutely rotten late at night surfing on the internet; real pornstar quality and with a lovely veiny-ness to it. It was truly a piece of masturbatory fodder for her wide-open cow-eyes to feast upon.

Oh and he was a grower too! If she thought he was impressive when he was peeing before her; it was nothing compared to the large thick meaty thing in his hands now that he was stroking and sculpting before her gaze! She felt shamefully wicked but she couldn't tear her eyes away.

Suffice to say, she was impressed; so very much so that she didn't even notice that her own fingers had found their way down into her still unbuttoned jeans, (and that she was giving her own clitoris and absent-minded girly-wank). She just continued to watch things transfixed as his hand made a circle around his cock and continued to piston up and down the veiny shaft; his eyes focused on the image in his phone's screen. Whatever it was, it was truly exciting for he never tore his eyes from the image... well until he did something completely un-expected again.

He checked a message on his screen and laughed. He shook his head and then took a photo of his big stiff cock with his phone. He fiddled for a moment and appeared to hit SEND. He was sexting somebody!

Maggie looked on in rapt appreciation while her own wickedly inspired fingers frigged and rubbed feverishly at the swollen-hooded nub of her clitoris. Nephew Billy continue to masturbate and watch the screen ...oblivious to the fact that he was now entertainment for his auntie; that very same auntie who'd taken him to the zoo, taken him on walks to the park, watched him grow up from a small child into the handsome strapping fellow he was now; wanking himself feverishly in the bushes near her favorite walking path as she did the same horrid self-abusive activity upon herself!

After the space of about four minutes both the naughty nephew and nosey auntie had frigged themselves into a horribly hot state of agitation. Billy began to wheeze and gasp asthmatically and Maggie was now forced to bite down on her lip and wrinkle her nose while her fingers tapped in frantic staccato on her fleshy bean. A great WHOOSH of air rushed from Billy's lungs and his face became a red snarl as his balls tightened. He now had another surprise in store for his deliriously diddling auntie. He began to film himself!

"Oh dear...HE'S FILMING IT?" Maggie's mind screamed! Now she couldn't have torn her eyes away from the scene if her life had depended upon it! It was like seeing a car-wreck on the motorway. As her nephew brought himself over the edge... she was right there with him; auntie and nephew making "the nasty" upon themselves; wanker and voyeuristic familial wankette! It struck them both like a white-hot masturbatory bolt of self-abusive lightning; exploding through both their brains simultaneously.

Bill shook his head and shuddered, "AAH AHH AAH ARRGGGHHHH!!" but he managed to keep filming as Maggie let loose with a barely perceptible mouse-squeak through clenched nostrils. The boy's cock blasted generously long salty ropes of hot clotted cum onto the forest floor below him as his balls emptied their contents. Maggie continued to silently squeak and stifle her anguished whimper of self-abusing joy; her body quaking beyond all means of control. Her cunny suddenly gushed forth with a gushing splash against her frantically diddling fingers; drenching her knickers and jeans in briny orgasmic piddle.

She managed to keep her lips pressed together and stifled the sound of her climax, but only just by the narrowest of margins. It really didn't matter however. Young William was far too absorbed in his own release to hear his aunt's muffled mews. As soon as he was through, he immediately set about checking his work; viewing the film of his salty explosion upon the dry leaves below at his feet.

The young man now put away his slackening penis and zipped himself up. A moment later and Maggie saw him fiddle with his phone. He sent a text message (apparently containing the video-clip of his lad-gasm), and waited. A half minute later and he saw a reply of some sort on his phone and the message made a broad satisfied smile spread across his face. He sexted a quick reply and then stepped from his illicit hiding place back to the path and disappeared.

Maggie brought girlie-dew soaked fingers to her lips and sucked them clean; staring at the spot where her nephew had just been standing. Had she seen what she'd seen really? Another taste of her fingers and a feel of her soaked underthings told that the only possible answer was, YES.

She pulled up her damp knickers and Jeans and made her way down to the path. A quick look left and right and she decided nobody was watching, so she quickly made her way home down the path before anyone saw her and thought she'd wet herself. She walked however; as a changed woman with regard to William her nephew. Something wicked had been set alight inside her and was quietly but steadily smoldering!

Upon her arrival at the house she was still in quite a "distracted" state of mind. She found herself making her way immediately to the loo where she subsequently ran herself a hot bath and deposited herself in the tub. She called for Gwennie, who appeared promptly and per Maggie's request, the housekeeper returned with a brandy for her. Gwen handed her the glass and then noticed the sodden jeans and knickers on the floor.

What happened next involved Gwennie asking what had occurred at the wood and Maggie deciding it was best to not keep secrets from the woman (who had a knack of finding out things anyway). She simply told her trusted house keeper (and keeper of her most scandalous secrets), everything. Gwen for her part was completely unemotional as she heard every last sordid detail from the somewhat still distressed and giddy Maggie, huddled beneath the warm bubbles of the bath; sipping her drink. Gwen simply listened. At the end she posed a question.

"So what are you to do Mahm?" she asked.

"For now I'm going to relax in this tub of hot water and probably rub one out again the way I feel," Maggie replied, " that's what will happen immediately! I simply can't get the lovely image out of my head. Of course over the long run I'll watch his front door and see when he takes another walk...well actually you'll watch his front door!"

"I will?" said a somewhat surprised Gwennie retrieving the soaked Jeans and knickers from the floor to add them to the washing she'd been preparing anyhow.

"Yes Gwennie, YOU!" Maggie answered with a naughty grin forming across her face as her chin brushed against her rising bubbles in the hot bath. She then explained the method to her madness to the shocked and chagrined house keeper.

"Nothing ever escapes your attention," Maggie told her quite matter of factly as Gwennie nodded, "I want you to watch from the west windows of this house each morning and tip me off when he leaves. You are always checking things... you won't draw attention looking out and seeing him as he departs. I want to see if he takes another one of his... walks. I want to head him off and see what happens next."

As strange and unlikely a plot as this sounds, it didn't take long for Maggie's surveillance program to bear fruit really. To be exact; it was the very next day when Gwennie peered from one of the western windows on the upper floor and spotted young Master William leaving in quite a hurry out through his mummy's front garden after his mother Marion left for work. He was out earlier apparently than the day before but had obviously waited for Mummy to be gone and the coast to be clear before making a hasty egress from the house. Gwennie backed up away from the curtains and seized the nightstand telephone in the room; ringing down to Maggie in her home office.

"He's on his way out," she said into the phone. Her voice was straight out of a cheap spy novel.

"Right," came the reply from Maggie who'd apparently decided that she'd done enough work for now and that she needed a break anyway. She hit "save" on her project and stepped to the outer hall to fetch her walking shoes. She promptly bumped smack into Gwennie as she stepped through the door into the corridor.

"What are you up to?" Maggie asked.

"Going with you," Gwennie said without hesitation, "surveillance best done as a team effort, besides... I have needs to feed as well!" Maggie didn't protest against her safest confidante in all things sordid and illicit; she simply didn't have time. The two cut across the back yard and out the back gate; straight down the lane to the wooded path from a different direction. At a distance as they hurried along, they spied William and saw quite clearly that he was making for the path using the front entrance to the wood trails. Maggie seized her housekeeper by the hand and made for a short-cut that would take them both into the same network of tree shaded walking paths; only through a back park entrance (and away from her nephew's wary eyes).

They entered the woods, got on the path and hurried along quietly. Through the trees they were able to look off across the meadow where they saw an interesting sight. As Billy approached the woods on a convergent path along the country road he waved to a figure up the road ahead. A girl with brilliant red hair that shined in the morning sun waived back happily to him from the park entrance at the edge of the thickets.

AHA! So it was a rendezvous! If Maggie and Gwennie were to approach the pair undetected, they'd need to move quickly and quietly. Luckily both knew these woods a great deal better than young William and his intended paramour.


Maggie and Gwennie stole along the wooded paths that crisscrossed the woods and found that they were the only two walkers out that morning, save Billy and the girl. At a long distance, they saw the young couple enter the path together. The two older women had not yet been noticed and immediately jumped onto another path leading them almost directly back to the hill Maggie had wee'd and wanked upon the day before; only it brought them in through the very back of the wooded hillock instead of the front. The two women left the path; stealthily ascending the slope up to the site of Maggie's previous encounter; Maggie wagering that her nephew would probably bring this girl back to the scene of his earlier "dirty deed." Her hunch paid off quite handsomely!

Maggie and Gwennie arrived at the summit of the hill and waited. In half a minute's time, Billy and the girl (who Maggie recognized as a young lady Billy's age from the village down the road), entered the little clearing where he'd been the day before from the path; coming in through the bushes the very same way he'd done before. The two moved into the little clearing and shared an illicit kiss.

Maggie and Gwen watched from the bushes at the crest; hunched-over in a bit of a spying crouch, (like two bird-watchers who'd just seen a particularly rare pair of songbirds executing a courtship ritual). The two love-birds were absolutely oblivious to the presence of the two older women and immediately began to remove clothing. It wasn't long until the young woman's knickers were off, her blouse was unbuttoned and Billy's rampant erection was out of his pants for the girl, Mother Nature, and all the world to see!

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