tagIncest/TabooAunt Marie

Aunt Marie


Life for me was going pretty good, I had a great job and my own house and no husband....by choice. I liked living the single life. I had lots of friends, went out a lot, dated on and off, but never felt like the time was right to settle down.

Some of my friends thought once that I hit forty maybe I might want to have a family, but I had my nieces and nephews and I was always everyone's favorite aunt, spoiling them all at Christmas and birthdays and that was enough for me.

My older sister lived down in the South Island, so I didn't see her as much as I would like, but her son James had always been my favorite nephew and often he would come up to Auckland to stay with me in the school holidays while to give his mom a break and I would take a week off work to spend time with him.

We always had lots of fun and I was more like a big sister to him and being as I didn't have any kids of my own, I always spoilt him rotten and took him out to the mall and brought things for him and we used to go to the movies together and just hang out like mates.

James thought I was pretty cool because I wasn't like most adults he knew. I liked a lot of the music he liked and I treated him more like an adult than a kid even when he was one. Also I was the first to say I thought it would look wicked if he got a tattoo or piercing some day, even though his parents weren't very impressed with me encouraging him. Anyway we got on really well but as he got older he came up to visit me less and less, he just got busy with his own life.

He had a couple of girlfriends here and there but nothing serious. Mostly he spent his time with school and being on his computer or play station. My sister would fill me in on any news whenever I rang her.

I hadn't seen James for a couple of years when suddenly he rang me to say he was coming up to Auckland for this concert he wanted to see and also there was this body art exhibition the same weekend and he wanted to know if it was cool for him to stay a few days with me. I was of course very happy to hear from him and told him that he was always welcome to stay at my place any time and that it would be like old times and we could do fun stuff like we used to.

He really had no intention of going to the movies or anything with his dear old aunt, he just couldn't afford to pay for accommodation on top of the flight cost, but he agreed that would be great just to keep things smooth.

James also didn't mention that he had been talking to this girl he met online for a couple of months and she was going meet him at this concert. Her name was Amy, she was two years older than him, gothic, and she was hot and if her online behavior was anything to go by, James knew he was going to be getting lucky.

I was very excited about seeing James again, it was 3 years since he had stayed with me and since then I'd only talked to him on the phone a few times, usually to wish him a merry Christmas or a happy birthday or both at once being as they were so close.

Now and then we had briefly spoken when he happened to pick up the phone when I had rang my sister.

I felt quite excited about James' visit, I went and got my hair done and brought some new clothes because I wanted to look nice for him when I picked him up from the airport.

I hardly recognized him when I saw him.....where was that cute little boy I used to know? But there he was, all grown up and looking damn hot with long black hair, pierced lip and eyebrow and dressed all in black.

James knew me though as soon as he saw me and came over and gave me a big hug.

"Hey! Good to see you Aunt Marie! You're looking well."

James couldn't help but notice that I smelt good too as I hugged him back and gave him a friendly hello kiss on the cheek.

"Wow James! I almost didn't know it was you, you look so different."

I was trying not to stare, but my eyes were checking him out.

"Different good or different bad?" he asked cheekily, raising a pierced eyebrow.

"Oh! Most definitely good!" I replied with a grin still staring as I watched him bend over to pick up his luggage, checking out his ass in those black pants.....it was all I could do not to drool as I had long had a thing for the gothic look.

I thought to myself I had better keep reminding myself that he is my nephew and half my age and try to get my act together. So on the way home from the airport to my place, we caught up on things at home and he told me about how school was going and his plans to work next year then travel some. We were chatting away about everything like we used to and all the time I had in the back of my mind how good he looked.

Meantime James was thinking to himself if that girl didn't show then maybe he might make a move, but then he reminded himself that I was his aunt and that he needed somewhere to stay so not worth the risk in case I freaked out if he was to come on to me.

When we got home to my place, there were only a couple of hours before he was going out to meet this girl at the concert. He had just told me that he was meeting friends there, because he didn't want to tell me about Amy in case she didn't show.

I showed James to the spare room where he used to stay and nothing much had changed except now it had a double bed in it instead of a single, which he thought to himself might come in handy if things go well tonight with Amy.

He unpacked some things and went and had a shower to freshen up before going out. When he finished showering, on the way back to his room, I glanced up and smiled at him, thinking how good he looked with just a white towel around his waist and his long black hair wet and dripping down his back.

He saw me smile and came over to me in the kitchen.

"Hey Aunt Marie, I thought you might want to see my tatt I told you about that I got for my eighteenth birthday." and he turned around to show me his back.

"Wow! That is so cool James.....did it hurt?" I said and instinctively reached out and touched it, my finger running down his spine following the design on his still wet skin.

"Nah, not much. I thought you might like it." he replied, turning back around and smiling at me.

He was trying to ignore the fact that my touch on his skin felt really good and as he walked back to his room to get changed, he was thinking to himself....damn I've got to get laid soon, even my aunt is turning me on, as my touch had caused him to harden a little.

After he was ready, I offered to drop him off at the venue and gave him my spare key to get back in as I was going out with a girlfriend and didn't know when I would be home.

As soon as I had driven off, he sent a text to Amy and he was pleased to find out she was already there and waiting for him.

So James met up with Amy at the concert venue and she looked just as hot in real life as she did in her pictures she had shown him online. She was there with a few of her Goth friends, 2 guys and another hot chick and they all seemed pretty cool. Amy seemed over friendly with all of them. James thought to himself she has probably slept with all three.

It didn't take long until Amy was pretty damn friendly with James too and it was looking like it was going be a good night.

All of them enjoyed the show and during the evening Amy had been getting to know him and most of the night James had his arms around her and often she would turn around and give him a smile and a kiss.

After the concert one of her mates offered to drop James back to my place, so of course he happily accepted the ride. On the way home Amy was getting friendlier and friendlier and even though her girlfriend was sharing the back seat with both of them, she was rubbing James' cock thru his pants and kissing his lips and neck and sometimes biting his neck too which was making him so hard that he wanted to fuck her right there in the car in front of her friends.

By the time the car got to my place both James and Amy were breathing hard and James really did not want to stop or get out of the car and he was trying to think of something to say to ask her to come in with him, but she saved him the trouble.

"Hey guys, thanks for the ride. I will text you tomorrow." and she gave them all a kiss and got out of the car with James, giving them a wave as they drove off.

"Come on then, show me your room." she said dragging James towards the front door.

James was hoping I wasn't home yet and was in luck to find my car not there. He had barely unlocked the door when Amy was all over him......this girl wanted him real bad!

He took her to his room and didn't even have time to shut the door when she was pulling at his clothes trying to undress him.

She had his t-shirt off and was admiring his tattoo, and then she kissed him and sucked on his lower lip, taking the lip-ring into her mouth as she sucked. Then she proceeded to undress, taking off her top and James saw she had a tattoo of a raven on her left shoulder. Then she took off her bra too and moved closer.

James kissed her and let his hands explore her perky tits, then kissed down her neck, sometimes nibbling, letting her feel his teeth on her pale white skin, then taking her hard pierced nipple into his warm mouth, he sucked and licked it making her moan in pleasure.

She reached down and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans as James sucked on her nipples. Then she pulled away from him, grinning while she took off her jeans and stood there in just a sexy black g-string.

James took off his jeans too, then his underwear, standing naked in front of her, his hard cock standing up and twitching a little in anticipation of getting some action.

Amy came closer again and ran her finger over his cock slowly making him moan and start to ooze pre-cum.

"You wanna help me with these?" she teased and turned around, bending over a little enticing James to take off her panties. Of course he obliged most willingly and pulled down her g-string, giving her ass and kiss and little nibble as he did so.

Amy turned around and kissed him hard, his hungry cock pressing against her body. She took his rigid cock in her hand and she leant down and kissed the very tip of it, causing it to throb wanting more.

"I guess you want me to suck on this?" she asked cheekily, grinning and looking up at James.

"A-huh." was all he could manage to get out.

"Mmm ok, but me first." she giggled and jumped on his bed, opening her legs, beckoning James to come closer.

Her pussy was neatly shaved and looked very tasty and James being a normal healthy and horny 18 year old did not have to be asked twice. He got on the bed between her legs and started to kiss and lick and suck on her sweet juicy pussy, pushing his tongue into her hole and sucking on her clit, making her moan and wriggle in excitement.

James wanted to make sure he did a damn good job so that she would cum in his mouth and he knew that his pierced lip felt very good up and down her wet slit.

It was about that time that I had come home, James hadn't heard me because he was kind of busy having fun with Amy and I had sneaked in quietly thinking maybe he was asleep.

I went to check on him and before I even got to his room I could hear sounds of moans and groans that I knew to be the sounds of sex.

The door wasn't closed, it was partly ajar and I stood in the hallway and looked through the gap. Damn it looked so hot to see him going down on her and the look of pleasure on her face. I knew I should walk away and leave him to his privacy but the noises were exciting me and so I just stood there, not even realizing that I was rubbing my nipples thru my clothes as I watched him licking and sucking away.

Amy opened her eyes and looked straight at me and smiled. I blushed and was about to walk away, but Amy kept staring at me and smiling, and then she licked her lips and started to rub her own nipples as she watched me rub mine. I knew then that she was enjoying me watching the pleasure he was giving her, and I had a great view of his naked body with his sexy ass in the air as he was bent down going to town on her pussy with his mouth.

It was making me so hot and turned on; it was like I was fixed to the spot. As I watched Amy's expressions and heard her moans and the slurping and sucking sounds James was making, I could not help myself.....my hand went under my skirt and between my legs and I just stood there rubbing my pussy.

Then as I watched Amy cum into my nephew's hungry mouth, it made my juices flow and I could not resist pushing my g-string to one side as I began to finger fuck myself.

"Ohhhhh Yessss!" she cried out as her cum gushed into his eagerly waiting mouth and he hungrily drank up her juices.

James then climbed up her body on top of her and kissed her hard, pleased with himself for making her cum so good and keen for his turn. I had stopped masturbating but was still unable to just walk away, I wanted them both so bad, my pussy was soaking wet.

"Damn, you taste so good Amy." he said in between kisses and nibbles of her neck "Is it my turn now?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure it is babe, but I think your aunt wants a turn too. I think we should invite her in for a threesome." she replied wickedly.

James jumped off Amy so fast, standing up with his hands trying to cover his hard cock

"What the fuck! How long has she been standing there!" he asked, panicking and not knowing where to look, his eyes going from me to Amy.

I don't know who was more embarrassed, me or James, but it certainly wasn't Amy. She just got off the bed calmly and walked over to me totally naked, reaching out her hand for me to take.

"Hi, you must be Aunt Marie. I'm Amy." and she pulled me into the room and kissed me.

Not just a peck on the cheek, she put her arms around my neck and pushed her naked body against me and kissed me passionately full on the lips. I instinctively kissed her back, my hands going around her lovely young body, I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed as we kissed.

James just stared in total amazement, still shocked knowing that I had been watching and still a bit shy about being naked in front of his aunt, but mostly incredibly turned on as he watched his new girlfriend making out with his aunt. He didn't even know that I was bi until just this moment.

I glanced at him, not knowing what to say. Amy seemed to be the only one not concerned about this situation. She pulled me over to the bed and she lay back down on it, opening her legs once more, the smell of her sex was delightful, her pussy so wet from her cum and his saliva from licking her. She didn't have to ask, I knew what she wanted and I wanted it too......so badly wanting to taste what James had just been enjoying.....so I just got on the bed and started to lick her lovely wet juicy cunt.

James stopped worrying about trying to cover up as this new sight of me eating out Amy was making his cock twitch.

"Amy um.......I um......this is what you want?" he asked still kind of blown away over what was going on right in front of him.

"Come here babe, its your turn remember?" she motioned for him to come closer, and as he stood beside the bed, she turned her head and started to suck on his pulsating hard member while I was licking and sucking on her delicious pussy.

It was all James could do not to cum instantly as her warm lips surrounded his throbbing cock. He started moaning in pleasure from each suck from her pretty mouth as the sensation of the stud in her tongue was accelerating the intense pleasure as he felt it scrape along his aching shaft.

Amy was also moaning as her pussy was licked and sucked by my experienced mouth, I sucked hard on her clit and scraped my teeth across it, then I put my fingers inside her and twisted and turned them while I sucked hard on her clit, making her pause from sucking James as she came again, this time into my mouth.

She still had his cock in her hand, slowly stroking it as she recovered from her orgasm and caught her breath. I moved up her body and started to suck on her perky nipples.

Amy was still grasping James' cock in her hand and she moved it in my direction

"He tastes good Marie. Want some?" said Amy, offering his cock to me.

I stopped sucking on her nipples and looked up at James, wanting to taste him so bad but waiting to see his reaction. His eyes widened, partly in shock and partly in excitement. I couldn't tell if he was turned on by the idea of his aunt sucking his cock or what but he didn't seem disgusted by the idea and Amy seemed to be having so much fun playing with both of us, so I just followed her lead.

She got up on her hands and knees on the bed, licking up and down one side of his cock.

"Come on Marie, you can help me. Plenty here to share." giving a wicked grin as she spoke.

So I got on my hands and knees next to her and started to lick his cock too.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" James moaned and his knees almost buckled at the sheer intense pleasure of having two women lick his cock at the same time.

Looking down at us licking up and down his shaft, each time when we got to the tip our lips met and we kissed each other and then back up to the base again, covering his cock in our saliva. Then back to the head of his cock again, both of us trying to suck on the end of it, causing our lips to touch each others, surrounding his cock. His pre-cum oozing out onto our tongues.

We were playfully fighting over his cock, both trying to get in deep down our throat, it was like a game, Amy holding the base of his cock, pulling it towards her for a big long suck.....then I would grab it and pull towards my mouth and suck it deep inside my warm moist mouth.

It was more than any mere mortal man could take, especially a teen who hadn't had sex lately....so with a low groan and a grunt James came just as I was about to pass his cock back over to Amy for her turn to suck on him.

"Ohhhh! Arrghhh!" he groaned.

James splattered his cum out all over both our faces. His legs felt wobbly from the intense orgasm.

"Fuck! I gotta lie down." and he got on the bed to rest and catch his breath.

Amy went straight to his cock to suck off the cum still oozing from it and I wanted some too so I leaned over and grabbed his cock and squeezed it to push out any residue still in his shaft and hungrily ate it.

Then I noticed all the cum on Amy's face so I started to lick it off and she giggled but loved it as I licked her face clean of my nephews cum, then she did the same to me and we kissed each other tasting his juices on one another's tongue.

James just lay there catching his breath and enjoying the show thinking to himself Amy is just as wild in real life as she is online if not more. And his brain was still struggling to process the fact that his aunt just gave him a blowjob. But wild Amy was just warming up.

She let James rest and just watch for awhile and turned her attention to me.

"Marie, you are just a little too overdressed for the occasion." she giggled as she started to undress me.

James just stared as he watched Amy take off my top and bra, thinking to himself......fuck Aunt Marie has huge tits......and Amy seemed pretty damn pleased with them too, wasting no time, she started to caress and suck on them going from one to the other.

I was loving it, this hot gothic chick sucking on my tits while I was looking at my sexy naked nephew was getting me all worked up.

Amy asked me to stand up and she stood up with me and took off my skirt and finally my g-string so that now all three of us were naked. I felt a bit conscious of my body not being so slim like Amy, but she seemed to love all my curves and full mature body and she ran her hands all over me enjoying my body, especially my big 38dd size breasts.

All this rubbing and caressing and kissing was getting James' attention too, having not seen me naked before but often had wondered what my big tits would look like uncovered.

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