tagIncest/TabooAunt Mary Nylons Ch. 02

Aunt Mary Nylons Ch. 02


I could hear my mom getting ready for work and I tossed and turned in bed with the huge erection that I had kept hard all night. I wanted to jerk-off more than once at just the thought of the past evening's events with my aunt and her nylons. I could hear the two of them talking and laughing so I knew my aunt was already up and about.

My Mom came into my bedroom to check on me and told me to keep my aunt company until she got home from work and we would all go out to dinner. I heard the car start and the garage door close and felt my heart start to pound in my chest at the thought of being alone in the house with my beautiful aunt. I was wondering if she was wearing nylons already this early. As I lay on my back and I could clearly see a tent from my huge erection under the covers. The house fell completely silent and I could only hear my heart pound in my chest.

The door to my room was closed and I heard a small knock and before I could say come in, my aunt slowly entered and stood at the doorway. She stood with her back against the wall with both of her hands behind her holding something. She wore a long pure white robe that came down to her ankles. It was tied loosely at her waist and was open at the top reveling lots of cleavage of her beautiful full tits and open at her legs. I took a deep breath at the sight of her and her beautiful long legs in sheer black stockings. She wore a pair of white three inch spiked heel mule slippers. I love the smell of closed pumps but my nylon foot fetish is so strong I love the look of the open toe and heel mules even better.

The contrast of the black nylons against her pure white heels was beautiful. I could clearly see her dark reinforced heel and toes of her nylons against her white slippers so clearly. The slit in the middle of her robe allowed me to clearly see up to her stocking top and the beginning of one of her garters holding the stocking top smooth and taunt. I felt my erection stiffen at the sight of her voluptuous figure and my aunt’s eyes caught sight of my erection under the covers.

With a smile and a “Good morning!” She asked how I slept. I confessed not a wink and she laughed saying “I told you that you would need all the rest you could get young man!”

She walked to the foot of my bed and tossed on the bed a box and a black garter belt that she had held behind her. I knew what a box of nylons looked like and knew that these nylons were brand new. She came over to my side of the bed and sat down. She crossed her legs and the room filled with that swish of her stockings rubbing across against each other.

Her white robe had fallen open across her beautiful black nylon legs and her knee was in reach. She placed my hand on her stocking thigh and reached over and kissed me long and hard. I felt my cock grow another inch at the feel of her stockings as my hand glided across her smooth taunt shiny nylons. My aunt Mary started to open her mouth and I moaned as I let her tongue enter. Her hands went for my covers and pulled them down hard past my thighs down below my knees exposing my now huge erection under my white briefs.

My cock was so hard you could see my straining cock against the white cotton fabric and the top half of my cock’s head was exposed sticking out and above of the tight elastic waistband. She reached for my waistband of my shorts and said, “Off with these old cotton shorts, we need something a little more feminine for you today, and lifted and pulled them down. My cock sprang out like a cobra ready to strike. She said as she starred at my arousal “My god you have a big beautiful cock!

She reached for my cock and stroked it softly with her hand. She smiled as she was working her thumb slowing up and down my rock hard shaft. She pressed firmer on my weak spot just under my cock head. She then put her whole hand around my cock and squeezed it hard and tight, I squirmed and froze at her touch and moaned, “Oh God”

As she held my cock in her tight grip she looked into my eyes, “You are so weak for my stockings aren’t you dear. Your fetish burns so deep!” “Oh yes Auntie, so much!” I moaned softy still rubbing her nylon knee. “David I have been watching you for quite some time you know, I have been watching you stare at my legs, stare at my feet, always when I was in nylons, and then you running to the bathroom to jerk-off. I knew you had a stocking fetish a couple of years ago. The thought of you jerking off to my legs excites me, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I taught you how really weak you are for women in nylons. I love weak men.

Her grip on my cock grew even harder and I could feel my cock pulse in her hand. Are you ready to learn dear?” Her grip grew even harder on my full erection and I almost gasped in pain! I was already at her mercy “Oh yes, Auntie, please so much!”

"Good!” she said as she slowly released her firm grip and went back to a soft easy rub, “You are going to learn some things you never dreamed of, my weak nylon nephew!"

"First I will reward you for that nice foot rub you gave me last night and for being so patient because I wouldn't let you to fuck me," she assured me. I knew how badly you wanted to fuck me last night. You were so close to having your first real fuck, your first real taste of me, then I cut you off. I loved cutting you off and having you thinking about it all night."

She stopped rubbing my cock and squeezed it hard again. "First I am going to go easy on you and we are going to have some fun because I’m so fucking horny this morning, she laughed. “Then I will teach you how to serve a women in control; I will teach you just how strong your fetish is and what you will do for it. I'll show you your real nylon sissy weakness!”

She reached for the box of nylons that had the name Albert’s written across it and opened it. Under the thin tissue paper that separates the stockings I could see that they were black nylons. She pulled out three pairs of new stockings. She held one pair up and let them fall to their full length. “Off Black” my favorite color she whispered. They were like black magic, in my eyes, so shiny and smooth almost transparent. These nylons were smoother and sheerer than anything my Mom ever wore for that matter neither had I.

Beautiful, virgin stockings that had never been worn before. You could see the perfect clear outline form and the shape of the leg and foot with the beautiful dark bands of the stocking's tops and big dark reinforced heel and toes of the foot area. I could see the name of the stocking brand across one of the stocking tops in bright pink and white lettering. “Albert’s in pink fancy script and “Velvetized” under it in white. I gasped at the sight of them; I wanted to feel them so badly feel them in my hands, feel them against my face, and feel them on me! My Aunt Mary smiled at my blank expression and said, “You’re going to love these!”

She pulled a stocking taunt between her hands and started to glide it across my sensitive hard shaft. My body jerked and my back arched at the touch of the cool black stockings. I gasped and moaned out loud “Ohhh Aunty! Oh Aunt Mary they feel so smooth!”

She smiled and said, “Wait until you feel them on your legs dear!” She continued to rub, play, and tease my cock with the stocking.

I just moaned with pleasure. Clear pre-cum started to form and stain the new stockings and she whispered, “My, my what do we have here?” while she fingered my pre-cum then licked it. She placed one of the new stocking around my neck and tied it like a scarf and then did the same with hers. She reached for my hard cock and tied another stockings around my shaft and slid it down to the base, and tightened it firmly. I could feel my cock stiffen and my veins stretch and grow; making my cock go stiff and stand up and out even further.

She picked up the garter belt and hooked it around my small waist; in no time she had me standing next to the bed with her new stockings on hooking and adjusting the last garter to my stocking tops. She pulled and adjusted the garter belts shiny metal clasps up as high as my stockings would allow and had them stretched to the limits.

They felt like nothing I have ever felt against my legs. Her hands smoothed out any little wrinkle from my ankles up to the stockings tops. They looked like glass against my legs and they were so ultra sheer. I loved the big dark reinforcements the best and they covered my toes fully. The dark, reinforced heel was cupped my just like Aunt Mary’s stockings. My cock was sticking strait up full and hard against and past the smooth satin front of the garter belt. At the sight and feeling of wearing Aunt Mary's stockings and her standing in front of me wearing the same.

I never saw my cock that big, so full and erect. My veins were clearly visible on my dick and my head was full with my pee hole wide open. “Oh Auntie they feel soooo good on me!” I moaned.

Aunt Mary was sitting on the bed as I stood in front of her. She caressed my stockings for the final fit. She starred at my huge cock that was only inches from her. “My god you’re so fucking big for your age; your cock is so beautiful!”

With that, her red lipsticked lips parted and I saw my entire cock disappear into her warm mouth. I was not ready for that and was shocked at her quick action. I gasped and moaned again at how good it felt. My Aunt Mary went to her knees in front of me and rubbed the back of my stocking legs up and down as she continued to suck my cock with her skill. The feel of her wet tongue curling around my shaft, her lips rising and falling from my head down the shaft, and the sound of the slurping and her own muffled moans excited me like I had never experienced in my life.

As I looked down at her on her knees sucking my cock, I could see her spiked heel slippers. They had both fallen to the sides of her feet and I cold clearly see the soles of her nylon fee. She wore the same nylons from the night before and they were covered with my white cum stains over her toes, and the heavily stained light, ultra sheer wrinkles of nylon across the soles of her feet.

I felt my knees start to weaken from her licking and sucking my erection and at the sight of her cum stained stocking feet. I remembered her nylon foot fuck that drained my cock last night. I remembered how fine those nylons felt against my cock how they smelled so good.

As she worked and pulled on my cock with her lips I felt my stocking tops tug with each long pull against my cocks head. I was starting to moan and breath deeper; felt my balls ache and my sensitive shaft becoming more sensitive to the touch of her slippery tongue. I moaned out load, “Auntie yes, yes that feels so good!” trying to give a warning that I was on the brink of cumming. But she continued at a faster pace after my warning to her.

“Oh Auntie please! I going to cum I can’t hold it any longer!" My mind raced with thoughts but I was running out of time; did she want me to cum in her mouth?

She went right for my weak spot just under my head of my cock, at the top of my shaft that small spot that is sooo ultra sensitive and she feathered her tongue against it. Aunt Mary was not holding back at her slurping sounds and her own moaning, as we were the only two in the house. I felt myself lose it. That moment of heavy build up, the rush of cum, that moment of no return was here. I held on to her head for balance and felt my hot cum spurt. I heard her moan the instant I felt my cum squirt into her warm wet mouth.

My knees buckled and I pushed my hips back and forth toward her lips as I felt my release shoot over and over. I tried not to close my eyes and looked down at her. Cum was squirting out the sides of her mouth as she licked and swallowed as fast as she could.

She opened her mouth and was smiling looking up at me, I could see she had cum and salvia dripping from her lips and chin. She then released a huge load she had in her mouth smearing it with her tongue over my cock’s head then again sucking it up.

She held my cock firmly with one hand at its base then squeezed pushing out anything left over. She moaned, “God you're cum tastes so fucking sweet!” I have been thinking about the taste of your cum in my mouth all night!” She licked clean my cock’s head. My cock was still bouncing back forth from the strong cum release and not showing any signs of shrinking.

She stood up and let her robe fall to the floor adjusting her stockings in front of me. She stood there wearing only a black garter belt, long black stocking and her white spiked heel slippers.

Without her black bra holding her tits back like the night before, they were open for me to view. Big and full with nipples that were the size of silver dollars. The black stocking that she had worn as a scarf fell smoothly between her big tits. My eyes starred and followed her full tits down to her small waist and shapely hips. I could clearly see her small dark patch of shaved pubic hair between her garters. Her stockings tops were pulled up very high with the fronts of her stockings just below the line of her pussy; the backs of her stocking tops were pulled ever higher and tighter to just below her firm cheeks of her ass. God she had a beautiful body and great legs!

She climbed onto my bed and lay on her back, her breasts spread and fell to the sides of chest. She raised her hand and with one finger she motioned me to her.

“Its time young man you learn lesson number one, how to please a women with your tongue!” she cooed.

I was on top her on seconds and she pulled my head down to the middle of her huge tits; my face was against her sheer stocking that lay between her breasts and I kissed the stocking as well as her smooth bare bosom. I reached and placed both hands on them; I felt how firm, full, and heavy they were. Reaching under the sides of both of them I lifted them in my large hands pushing them together. Those nipples were so dark and big, I started to kiss and lick every inch of them giving equal attention to both.

As my tongue ran circles around her nipples, I felt our nylon legs wrap around each other’s. I couldn’t believe the feeling of my nylon legs sliding against hers; the room was filled with the swishing sound of our stockings rubbing each other’s.

My firm erect cock found the top of her thigh and she made sure to move her stocking thigh back and forth against it. I was moaning once more from the soft silky nylons under my erection.

I could feel her nipples growing larger in my mouth as a suckled them. I ran my teeth across them and she whimpered “Yes that’s it bite them! Bite them harder!”

I started to bite and pull on them and she started to squirm from it whimpering out, “Oh yes that’s it!”

I could feel her hips start to move under me and my cock slid off her stocking thigh to between her legs. I was ready and eager to enter her. It was all I thought about during the night; how close I was to fucking her.

She smiled and laughed softly, “Oh, not yet my stocking stud, you have some more work to do first!” She held my head by my thick hair and started to push my head down toward her stomach. I knew exactly what she wanted and my kisses ran down her stomach and across her satin garter belt. As my face shifted toward her pussy I was low enough to run my hands across her stocking tops and down her thighs. Her stockings felt so smooth and cool as I stroked them. I went down lower and started to kiss her stocking tops just below her pussy. She started to spread her legs apart wider and I could clearly see her pink wet opening. I starred at the beauty of it. It was so silky and pink, so wet and moist I could not wait to serve its needs.

I started to kiss and lick it lightly not really knowing what I was doing. She moaned and gasped at the touch of my tongue finding her slit. Her hips lifted to meet my tongue and her hands on my head pushed firmer. She moaned, “Oh yes that’s it, yes that’s it!” I started to go much deeper and her pussy felt like velvet in my mouth as I began to lick, suck, and pull on her large pussy lips. The taste was sweet and thick and I found myself licking deeper for more. I was fucking her pussy with my tongue as deep as I could, and when I pulled my tongue out then directly up to the top of her clit, she lifted her hips even higher and was now crying out very load with pleasure.

I had found her weak spot! She held my head firmly at that spot I had found with moans of, “Yes, yes, oh god yes!”

My tongue concentrated and worked her sweet spot, my chin was dripping wet and I shifted to her stocking tops to wipe my face. I smeared her pussy wetness across her stocking tops and her black nylons glistened with her pussy juice.

I then went back to the wetness for more. Her pussy lips were big and long and I sucked and pulled on them eagerly. Her legs spread wider and her pussy opened up further, it was so wet and pink. She moaned and whimpered more as my tongue found her opening. In and out, then up again to her weak spot. She moaned, “Oh yes right there, right fucking there!”

I remembered how she worked my weak area with her tongue before. I lost control and shot my load of cum into her mouth; I did the same with her clit. I flicked and teased it faster and faster and my tongue feathered it.

I felt her whole body start to shake and she reached for her long firm nipples and was squeezing them hard. Her moans were loader than ever and her breathing was fast and steady. I grabbed her stocking thighs and worshiped her pussy more passionately than ever.

She shouted loudly “Oh Hun I’m Cumming! I’m fucking Cumming!” I felt her pussy spasm in my mouth and against my tongue, her stocking thighs squeezed my head so hard, her loud cries were now muffled sounds of pleasure. I felt her body fall from a state of tense twitching to peaceful calmness and light moaning as she released my head from her strong nylon thighs.

My face was soaking wet and once again I wiped it against her stocking tops. She had shifted to make sure her stocking leg was rubbing against my hard shaft. She knew what I liked, she knew my weakness for her stockings was strong. She also knew just a moment of contact with her nylons would give me an even stiffer erection.

She reached for me to climb up higher to her. I let my rock hard cock slide all the way up against her nylons as I moved upward. Once again I was kissing her beautiful tits, and moaning at their taste. She smiled, laughed, and complemented me on my excellent tongue performance.

“Lesson 2 young man!” she teased. She shifted herself and centered me; I felt her soaking wet, damp pussy hair as the tip of my cock traced against her. I was so close to the opening; I could now feel her large pussy lips against my smooth shaft. I moaned at the touch as the head of my cock came in contact with her wet, warm opening.

“Oh Auntie!” I moaned and with one desperate push I felt my cock slip and slide into the wetness and I could feel her pussy lips stretch open to take me in. I heard her gasp and we both moaned as I entered her, further pushing deeper and harder; it felt like my hard shaft fell into warm silk. I knew I was in deep from the comfort and warmth of her damp pussy, which had now fully consumed my hungry cock.

I moaned and gasped, “Oh Auntie, Oh Auntie!” She held me in place and told me not to move, she wanted to feel all of me in her and feel me deep.

She whispered in my ear and her voice quivered softly “Oh my god, your so fucking big, your cock feels so stiff, soooo good!”

I could feel her pussy muscles start to work my cock, crip it, and hold it tight in place. She lifted her stocking legs up and around my waist crossing her ankles and pushing down firmly. I felt myself push in a little deeper.

“That’s it push it deeper! Fuck me good!" she began slowly to allow me to move and I could feel her smooth stocking feet work across my ass. I moaned at the touch of them sliding against me.

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