tagFetishAunt Natalie and Her Daughters

Aunt Natalie and Her Daughters


I just assumed that the details of my doctor's office nightmare would be kept confidential by my Aunt Natalie. I could not have been more wrong. I'm just grateful she gave out the gory details while I was not around. Her daughters, Sarah, Rebecca, and Rachel, had no problem with teasing me about it.

A few days later, a Saturday night, Aunt Natalie went out of town. The girls were drinking beer and getting loud so I just stayed in my room and watched TV and listened to music. About eleven o'clock, I went to bed and konked out.

At some point around three a.m., I was awakened by the overhead light. I had been in a deep sleep and woke up confused. I started to reach up and wipe my eyes when I realized that I couldn't move. That woke me up quickly and I realized that I couldn't move because my wrists and ankles had been tied to the bed with pantyhose. I was still covered up and Rachel, Rebecca, and Sarah were in the room.

I started asking what was going on and they told me that they had decided that since I was being anti-social, they were going to punish me.

They began to tickle torture me under my arms and on the bottoms of my feet. The covers were in the way, so they yanked them off of me and started in on me. My t-shirt was in the way, so Rachel cut it off with a pair of scissors which left me lying there with nothing on but a pair of boxers.

It was pretty bad and I could do nothing to get away from it. Eventually, though, they got bored with it. That's when Sarah said, "Let's see what he's got." She took the scissors and cut off my shorts while I was howling in protest.

"Somehow, I expected more," Rebecca said. Rachel said, "Wait a sec," and ran out of the room. When she returned, she had a bag in her hand. She took out a ruler and said, "Let's see exactly how long it is." She stood my penis straight up and said, "Hmmm, four and a half inches."

"Not enough for me," Sarah said and they all giggled.

"Let's shave him!" someone said. Rachel took out a razor and some shave cream. Sarah said not to use the shave cream, "just shave him dry."

Sarah and Rachel took turns with the razor while the other one held my penis and scrotum out of the way. Eventually, I was totally bald which they thought was hilarious.

Sarah asked me, "Which nut got hurt?" I told her the left one and so she took her finger and flicked it really hard. I thought I was going to throw up right then and there. Rachel then flicked the other one. The pain was almost as bad.

Rachel took my scrotum in her hand and asked me, "Are you gonna tell anyone about this?" and gently applied pressure.

"No, never, I swear," I said. The pressure increased. "No, really, I won't." She let go and then they started to leave the room. I asked them to let me go, but they just laughed and walked out.

I lay there a while wondering how long I'd be stuck like that. About twenty minutes later, Rebecca came back. Of the three, she would be the one most likely to take pity on me and release me. "I sure am glad to see you," I said. "Hurry up and untie me."

Rebecca said, "Are you kidding? I've never had a guy at my mercy before. The other two went to bed. It's my turn."

I had no idea what she had in mind. She took my semi-erect penis in hand and put some lotion on it. She began to stroke me and I was soon erect again. It didn't take long for me to ejaculate.

"I've never seen a guy come before! I just thought it oozed out," she said. She continued to stroke me. This was very uncomfortable because I was highly sensitive following an orgasm. I was squirming, but she had me and I couldn't get away.

It took a little longer, but I had a second orgasm. It wasn't as much as the first one, but that didn't slow her down. She continued to stroke me, changing hands as she did so.

I asked her to stop because it was really uncomfortable to the point of actually being painful. I wasn't even fully erect, but she kept right on. It took some work on her part, but eventually I had a third orgasm. Not much came out, but I came nonetheless.

Her arms were tired from all that stroking, but she was pleased with herself. "I've always fantasized about milking a guy dry," she said. She cleaned me up and then she started examining my penis. She told me that she didn't have a lot of experience with men like her sisters did. After a while, she finally untied me and left.

Monday morning, the five of us were having breakfast. Aunt Natalie told me that she needed to talk to me after breakfast. The girls started giggling. I wasn't sure what that was about. I had no idea what was so funny about me talking to Aunt Natalie. I figured it must be something else they were laughing at.

Once breakfast was over, Aunt Natalie told me we needed to talk and the giggling started again. We went to my room and closed the door and then she told me that Dr. Moss wanted her to check me out and see if I needed to come back. I put up a mild protest knowing that it would do no good. She would get her way.

"Drop your drawers," she said and I complied. "Toss 'em on the bed," she told me. It was still early in the morning and I was semi-erect. I'd been through so much in the past week that I was almost numb by then. That is, until the door opened and Rachel came in.

I started to howl about that, but Aunt Natalie pointed out that Rachel is going to school to be a nurse and we should have a chaperone, anyway.

Rachel stood behind her aunt while I was getting looked at. Her mom could not see her going through the motions of making a big exaggerated laugh at my expense. Her mom turned to say something and, of course, Rachel straightened up so that her mom didn't know what she was up to back there.

While she palpated my sore scrotum, Rachel held up her thumb and forefingers to suggest the size of my penis and then held up four fingers. Her mom looked back at her and asked what she thought about my testicle. Rachel straightened up and played serious. "It looks okay to me," she said. Then she with a straight face she goes, "His penis seems small to me. Does it look normal to you?"

Once her mom turned back to me, Rachel cracked up. Aunt Natalie said, "It looks normal to me. Small, but normal. It's early in the morning so it's a little stiff, but nothing seems wrong with it."

Rachel couldn't let the moment pass without asking, "How long would you guess it is?"

Aunt Natalie took the question seriously. She wasn't picking up on the fact that Rachel was just trying to humiliate me further. Aunt Natalie tilted her head to one side and said, "I'd guess four, maybe four-and-a-half."

They left and I got dressed. I was embarrassed as much or more than I had been at the doctor's office.

After that, it seemed like those girls made it their mission in life to embarrass me on a daily basis. One morning at breakfast, I was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants and I was standing and talking to Aunt Natalie while she was sitting there finishing up her meal. Sarah sneaked up behind me and yanked my pants down right in Aunt Natalie's face. This was one of several times that I was de-pantsed by them.

Another morning, I took a shower and when I got ready to go to my room, I had nothing to cover up with but a towel. Someone had sneaked in and took my bathrobe. On my way back to my room, my towel got snatched off and I dashed naked to my room. The door was locked and I was surrounded by the three of them. Rebecca finally unlocked the door and let me in.

I was only there six months, but I've had a lifetime to remember them.

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