tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAunt Rashida Jones Ch. 06

Aunt Rashida Jones Ch. 06


Everyone is over the age of 18.


"Aubrey seems...nice," he said with a slight hesitation.

Rashida gave him a glance and checked her blind spots while coming off of the highway and smiled.

"She is fun," she said.

The car rolled to a stop at the next intersection and while planning her move into traffic, she took a second look at the light fidgeting of his fingers and laid a hand on his knee.

"Talk to me," she said, rubbing him in a circle.

Rashida ran her vision across the street and pulled out into the heavy congestion.

"I don't have to worry about anything with Aubrey then?" He said.

She flicked the turn signal and crossed over into the next lane, pulling up to a red light and leaned back into her seat.

"What we're doing and what Aubrey and I do can't be known to anyone," she explained, pulling onto the next street.

"Yeah, I know, but," he stammered, being interrupted by his aunt.

"But nothing, baby," she smiled, "I guess this is one of those life lessons I'm responsible for."

"How do you mean?" He looked towards her.

"First of all, you're my family and I'm going to take care of you. My...methods may not be...you know, the best, but this has all happened so fast," she said with a slight sadness.

Rashida pulled into a multi-story car garage and took the first spot she could find and put it in park. She released her seat belt and turned to him with that concerned Aunt-like demeanor and lowered her head to find his eyes.

"Right now, you're my man," she smiled, "But I love many people. Aubrey happens to be one of them."

He turned away and drummed his fingers onto the arm rest and let out a sigh, "So, Natalie lied about you two sleeping together."

A look of bewilderment came over her, "Did you ask her if we did?"

"Yeah, kinda," he mumbled.

"Was that before or after she let you cum in her mouth?" Rashida said quietly with a hint of frustration.

"Before," he admitted.

"Were you thinking about this when she was riding your dick in the bath house?" She smiled.

"No," he said.

Slowly, Rashida shook her head back and forth and shimmied close to him.

"I understand everything that's going on in your mind right now, but I'm not going anywhere. No one is taking me from you," she grinned, leaning into his cheek with a kiss, "These thoughts of...possession and having me to yourself. Let's work on letting that go."

"Yeah, alright," he said, looking away.

Rashida pulled him by the chin and pecked his lips.

"You pounded Natalie Portman into our kitchen table and she had troubles walking afterwards," Rashida whispered, "How many others can say that?"

She glanced around the darkened garage and spotted one or two strangers making their way out. Pulling on the hem of her skirt, she peeled it up and revealed her dark creamy thigh before sliding over his lap. Tinted windows or not, she had to be careful. She bent her head to the side and pushed her chest against his face. Those big hands immediately slid across her smooth skin and grappled onto her large buns.

"Aubrey is a million times the freak Natalie is," she told him, now grinding her purple panties against the fatness building in his shorts, "Do you need a quick reminder of how much I love you?"

"I know how much you love me," he said, his face being smothered by her warm cleavage.

"So, this is the last time we talk about this?" She asked stern.

"I promise," he told her, "I don't want us to be late for our flight."

Rashida pulled away and lifted herself up with a whine, "Ow. Ow! Good, because my leg is cramping. Oh, shit."

She pulled her hair back and secured her seat belt, giving him a smile.

"Just enjoy the ride. I know you have so far," she winked.


"About time. Holy shit," Rashida said, glaring towards Aubrey as she locked her front door.

It was his first time seeing Aubrey Plaza in person and she was just as beautiful and quirky in the flesh as she was in the shows he's watched her in. He can't even count the amount of times he's blown a load to videos of Julie Powers from Scott Pilgrim. Plus, the weirdo April Ludgate made him have to re-watch many episodes of Parks and Recreation after launching cum two feet into the air and falling asleep five minutes later.

It's almost like he telepathically told her to put her dark raven hair into a high and tight ponytail that hung down to the middle of her back and swayed with life with every step. His shorts ballooned out after catching glimpses of her floaty bangs and large black rimmed glasses just below. He couldn't stop there and roamed his eyes down to her skin tight top with long sleeves shoved up to her elbows. Just that glimpse of her light and pale skin made his balls boil. When she turned around to pick up her bags, her thick ass was being held in by her tight pencil skirt with a hint of a heart shape. His feet shuffled across the floor mat with a sudden uncontrollable lust that Rashida quickly picked up on. Those long, delicate legs were toned, no thanks to her shiny high heels and she started down the sidewalk.

"Remember our conversation we had earlier and think about all the things you can share with me," Rashida said out of no where, "Go. Put her shit in the trunk."

Aubrey is no stranger to dark chocolate and as soon as that six foot five tower of muscle stepped from the tiny car, her heart thumped hard and her lips moistened.

"Heeeeyy!" she yelled out.

"Hey, how you doin'? Let me get those," he said smooth.

Aubrey held her arms out to the side with her luggage and stopped in her tracks.

"Oh my, is this a stick up?" She said coy.

He froze and tried to formulate a thought before this awkwardness made him fall apart. Aubrey's eyes darted down and back up and he cleared his throat.

"I...uh, my bad," he struggled to get the words out.

Aubrey handed over her luggage and loaded him up while following him to the car.

"Next time you take a hostage, don't bring a bazooka, silly," she said with a faint hint of a smile, "Trust me. It ends bad."

His brain was already on the fritz with this woman and he was unable to reclaim any dignity he had left. Luckily, her street was dead and no one was around to see him like this. Aubrey and Rashida could be heard loudly greeting each other and the door shut behind her. He pushed the trunk door down and laid eyes on both of them locking lips. Aubrey had her by the face with both hands and leaned over her, making her submit to her onslaught of tongue that swirled into her mouth. He didn't hesitate and slipped into the back seat.

"Good to go," he said, getting ignored.

Both women were caught in each others barrage of kisses and Aubrey finally pulled away.

"What? I missed you," she admitted.

Rashida fired up the car and pulled away, "You saw me yesterday."

"Uh, so. That was a long time ago," Aubrey snapped.

Rashida looked up into the rear view mirror at him and laughed, "She smokin' that shit again and not sharing."

"Yeah, I'm selfish. So, what?" She barked.

Now on the highway, Aubrey pulled herself from her seat and crawled up over the middle console, bumping into Rashida.

"Whoa! The fuck are you doing," she shouted, trying not to kill all of them due to the insane traffic near the airport.

Aubrey fell into the back seat and landed against him.

"There's no way we're making it through LAX and TSA with this rocket he has in his shorts," she explained with a shrug, "Not my fault I'm the only one not wanting to get tazed."

"Yeah, that's totally the reason," Rashida said with hefty sarcasm.

Aubrey pushed herself into him and brought a hand from underneath and cupped all of the heavy bulge that she could, bouncing it against her arm. Strangely, these situations were starting to become familiar to him and he relaxed into the seat, letting Aubrey take control.

"Is this part of my birthday present?" He asked his aunt with no response.

"Sir," she whispered, "We can't allow liquids onto the plane unless they are in a three point four ounce container within a plastic zip lock bag."

His shorts were strained and a tiny wet spot appeared from the smooth tip. He was harder than diamond and licked his lips. She was unbelievably beautiful and her presence was a bit intimidating.

"W-what do you suggest, ma'am?" He said.

Aubrey's breath was tickling his nose and she leaned her weight into him. "Due to certain protein compounds, I believe we must relieve you of all of it. This is just protocol," she explained, biting her lip.

"I understand," he told her.

With that, Aubrey pulled the string to his shorts and yanked them up and over, revealing inch after glorious inch of chocolate cock for her eyes. Aubrey's lips started to glisten with drool until she sucked it back into her mouth. She pulled the fabric down under his massive nuts and let them hang over and down the seat. Aubrey's tiny little hand lifted his shaft from below and felt the tingles down her spine.

"Sir, you do know that weapons of mass destruction must be reported immediately?" She said with fluttering eyes.

"Do they, though?" He said quietly.

He slid a hand up along her back and clamped onto the back of her neck.

"Not all of them," he continued.

After releasing her soft skin, he latched onto the base of her taut pony tail and pulled her head down with force until her lips were dragging back and forth across the biggest and fattest vein he had. He grabbed the bottom of his coke can at the root and banged it into her cheek with cracking thuds.

"Maybe you should shut the fuck up and do your job," he said harshly.

In that moment, his throbbing purple mushy tip smacked into her lips and he pushed her jaw apart, trapping her tongue underneath and filling her wet trap with rigid, blood rushing meat. He bumped her throat and wiggled her head back and forth while pushing down until his bulging and stretched sack pressed against her cheek. Her throat was crammed full of dick, sloshing its hot liquid around him and coating him in juice.

"Almost there, you two," Rashida warned from the front.

"Me too," he bellowed out.

Aubrey's head was being pulled up and down the entire length, making her swallow a foot long of dark rigid dick, slobbering all over it with large swathes of thick spit. He wasn't holding back and held with her an iron grip while using her mouth as a fuck hole. Adding another hand, he tag teamed her head, ramming her into his lap and knocking her glasses into the floor board. If these famous sluts were going to slurp on his cock, he was gonna take full advantage.

"Ugh, it's fucking tight," he growled.

"Good, baby," Rashida said, listening to Aubrey's gurgling and constant swallowing.

"I'm gonna cum. Oh, shit," he shouted.

He slumped into the seat and started railing his hips towards Aubrey's beautiful face, driving his huge cock up into her body with hard thuds. His balls were churning and pulsing warm pre-cum into her mouth until he held her down and splattered her throat with a glob of creamy nut. Aubrey's ass went into the air and she heaved inward.

"Ugh, god," he tightened up.

Aubrey's spooge covered tonsils were taking a beating as he smeared his load against her walls and unloaded enormous ropes into her esophagus. He made sure his hefty testicles were slapping her upside the head to force it all out. One hand on her neck and one on her skull, he held her down and listened to her gulping his generous nut butter into her belly.

After her body extracted everything it could, he pulled her away from his softening boner and her lungs pulled in an abundance of air and she fell back against the seat. His cock flopped out of her gullet and slapped against his belly in a sloppy mess.

Panting and drained, he couldn't move from his slump and glanced over to Aubrey.

"Sir," she coughed, clearing her throat, "You're...you're free to go."

"You sure?" He smiled.

"Uh huh," she nodded with a chuckle.

Aubrey leaned over and snapped his shorts over his flaccid cock and kissed his cheek.

"Nice to meet you," she smiled, clearing her throat again and fanning herself, "Perkins, you weren't kidding about those loads. I thought I was gonna die."

"Told you not to rush into things," Rashida smiled, "No one listens to me."


At thirty five thousand feet, the bulk of the passengers were out cold, Rashida included. Snuggled up into a blanket with her feet draped over his tree trunk of a thigh and a pair of headphones delivering the usual ambient soundtracks to her ears, she was gone. The flight crew had turned out the lights and everything was calm.

Except for his knees.

He looked over at his beautiful, peaceful aunt and wondered why they weren't in first class. He knows she has the money, so why these knee busters in economy? With his hand cupped around her inner thigh and resting against her warm panties, could he really complain? Just then his other arm was being pulled across Aubrey's chest and underneath her own blanket until his fingers were sliding against her exposed pussy lips. He saw her phone light up with a dim screen and she started typing on it. Turning away was his first instinct, but he got a light elbow into the side and he rested his cheek against her mango scented hair.

A: Thanks to the shake, I'm not sleepy. Your fault.

With a smile forming against her head, his fingers peeled apart her slightly juicy lips and felt around the warm and soft bits, lathering his fingers in it.

A: I don't usually suck a dick when I first meet someone. Usually.

A: Don't give me that "uh huh," either.

A: What was it like fucking Natalie? Lucky! I've been wanting to hit that for years.

The growing heat between her legs was causing his boner to push and throb against his aunt's tired legs and he sunk two huge fingers into Aubrey. He felt her shudder against him and buried into her warm honey pot until his last set of knuckles hit the wet rim. Her legs tightened around him to hold him down.

A: Is everything about you big? Lol. Hopefully bank account, too.

A: Kidding. I'm kind of rich.

A: How many holes of mine do you plan on exploring today?

A: I guess we can save the best for Mexico.

His fingers were burrowed deep into Aubrey's gushy pussy and he fucked her as slow as he could to not attract unwanted attention. It was messy and any fast penetration was going to get them caught. Those long and slow drives culminated with his fingers massaging her g-spot before withdrawing and then filling her up again. He smiled after feeling her breaths becoming staggered.

A: Rashida teach you this?

He simply shook his head against hers.

A: Natural then...

A: Shit, you're gonna make me cum

Using the strength in his arm to hold her tight against him, he flattened his palm against her throbbing clit and attacked her from the inside at the same time. He covered his hand in her slippery juices and pulled hard back and forth, massaging Aubrey's gooey pussy and sending her into a trembling frenzy and a light sweat. She shuddered and latched onto his arm, her phone falling into the seat.

Aubrey turned and slid her hand down his pants quickly and forced his shorts out and over until his gigantic dick unfurled itself into the open air. Her silent and emotionless face peered up at him and she could see the fear in his eyes. He watched her descend into his lap and scanned the immediate area for anyone awake. Those balled fists were already clammy with the idea of being caught. He didn't even want Rashida to wake up and see this dumb shit.

All of that worrying faded as soon as Aubrey's plump lips wrapped around his fat leaking head and her strong wet tongue swirled around him. He couldn't see much except for the outline of her dark hair and swaying pony tail, which he snatched up and started tugging it up and down. Warm fingers were rolling around his fat nuts, pulling them and shaking them. She wanted his load this instant and she was going to get it.

He didn't dare make any noise and tensed up. Aubrey's cheeks caved in and slurped hard, jostling his heavy balls up and down while he erupted thick splashes into the roof of her mouth. She let out a tiny moan of surprise as he rained hot liquid all over the inside of her suckling hole.

His head drifted upwards in weakness and he yanked Aubrey's head up with a plop and smiled as a stewardess strolled by quietly. Luckily, he draped the blanket over his boner in time. He tried to stifle his heavy breathing and she leaned into him, her glistening lips touching his ear. After a brief moment of silence, he nearly melted after listening to the biggest and heaviest gulp as his huge salty load plummeted down into her stomach. She licked her lips and rubbed them against his ear.

"That was yummy," she whispered, "I want more, but I'm going to let you recover for awhile."

Within a few moments, he was drifting off and Aubrey got comfortable next to him and closed her eyes.


Off into the horizon, a bright orange with a splash of purple took hold of the sky, reflecting off of the slow moving waves of the ocean. A gentle breeze passed through, ruffling Rashida's bangs ever so slightly. With a glass of wine in her hand, she swirled it around and took a sip. The Chateau Lafite 1982 was a perfect choice and she laid her head into the soft pillow and silently praised her decision. The yellow Brazilian bottoms and uplifting bikini top gave this woman a sultry glow and thanks to her cute shades, she could spot any and all attention headed her way. No one knew her down here and it was perfection.

With her iPad nestled against her stomach, she flipped through one of her favorite websites, Literotica, and pulled up the next chapter in one of her most desired series. This was vacation. This was heaven. With age catching up with her, it was also a great time for Aubrey to take some of the abundance of libido from her nephew. Her hand was already dipped into her moist honey pot, gently taking care of herself while reading a great story.


Just because his aunt picked out the perfect outfit for the club doesn't mean he isn't the nerd from Cali. His blood pressure was through the roof and it didn't help that he couldn't hear anything; he could only feel the earth-shattering bass and Aubrey's big ass swirling around his rock hard bulge. With every thud of the floor, Aubrey twerked her buns into his pants and he thought he was going to faint. Every woman around him was a twenty out of ten and couple that with the alcohol she gave him earlier, he was convinced this was a dream. His hands were suddenly full of her pushed up titties and she swayed back and forth, draping her arms around his neck and grinding on his dick.

Between the flashes of bright strobes, he caught glimpses of some of the biggest breasts he'd seen in person. All of the women around him were stacked and gliding against their partners. He'd lock eyes with some and they would smile or not acknowledge him at all. He's had his way with some of the most beautiful women recently, but a thick and busty Latina was not one of them. He realized his greed with his mountainous erection buried between Aubrey Plaza's thighs and thought, who cares?

It felt like this particular song was two hours long and his underwear was drenched. Aubrey had been rolling her juicy behind into him for awhile and he leaned down.

"This is fuckin' crazy," he said, pressing his lips onto her ear.

Aubrey didn't stop her assault on his loins and rolled her eyes with a laugh.

"We've been here like ten minutes," she told him, dipping her tongue into his own ear.

He felt like a dumb ass and said whatever came to mind, "Huh. That's it?"

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