tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAunt Rashida Jones Ch. 08

Aunt Rashida Jones Ch. 08


Everyone is over eighteen and this contains incest.


What kind of aunt rejoices when her nephew gets dumped and has to come to his rescue?

The selfish kind who will do anything to get what they want...

Aunts are human, too.

Chapter 8: Welcome home


After twelve long hours, Rashida's home was completely silent after a chaotic tornado of emotions, ravenous and unquenchable lust and extravagant display of affection ripped through the core and into the basement. In the epicenter was two people dealing with things two different ways and both were beyond the point of no return. One had what they wanted and the other simply couldn't resist and gave into the charm each and every time.

The darkness broke from the light of his phone and she slid through the evidence that got him kicked out of his now ex-girlfriend's place. Picture after picture of his aunt's impeccable body in a myriad of costumes and outfits, often sometimes completely nude and filled with little notes addressed to him, were limitless. She let out a slight victory smile against his chest and dialed in on his little snores. After pushing her slut-frequency into the red, it was only a matter of time before Kate found out.

From what she heard, the conversation was very brief. Something along the lines of "I don't care what weird shit you're into, but this is too much," and simply told him to get out. Rashida didn't want him to go through too much turmoil and this was adequate and didn't require her to step out of the vehicle and ask Kate if she would like to get her back dirty. The Jones' are a bunch that you shouldn't mess with.

Tears flowed and love was given. She did her best to sway the conversation in her favor on the way home since after all, this was her fault. Admitting her addiction was the first step and getting her man back was the second step. Trying not to ruin her career was in the equation for awhile, but this need...this craving for all that delicious dick was temptation she could no longer ignore.

Like a good aunt, she forced him to shower and prepared a big dinner for him to get the coping started. Once he came down and got seated, she revealed herself in an elegant yellow flowered silk kimono that barely covered the bottom of her taut buns and slid his plates in front of him. She laid a hand on the back of his head and she watched silently as his eyes made their way from her shiny smooth legs up to her striking and finely detailed lace stitched panties. That yellow on almond contrast would bring his knees to a wobble each and every time.

Rashida's hand found her hip and she followed his eyes up to hers. She prepared his favorite hairstyle and gave him her best view with those angled bangs and snug pony tail. She wouldn't be the best aunt ever without a clear white set of specs and her thin silver hoops topping her off.

"Welcome home, hun," she said gently. She nodded to his plates and smiled, "Don't want this to get cold. It's your favorite. Spaghetti and meatballs."

"Looks good," he responded softly.

"I do my best not to disappoint," she smirked, "Is there anything else I can get you, my love?"

He was half way to putting a fork full of noodles into his mouth and muttered a "Nah," and she gave him a rub across the neck before pulling away and starting a round of dishes. She quickly made a dent in the mess she had made and heard the plate scraping and called back.

"More, kiddo?"


Rashida stepped to the table with another massive helping and filled his plate.

"Tell me when," she ordered.

"Whoa," he called.

She grabbed a butter knife and started smearing melted butter all over some garlic bread.

"Forgot about this. My bad," she smiled.

Preparing things for him was the best feeling and she knew when his hand was drifting up inside of her robe and gently kneading at her butt that she had won him over. He swirled his finger tips around her thick cheeks and clamped down, rubbing all of that chocolate flesh into his palm and feeling on her panties.

"Dessert always comes last in this household, you know," she turned, pointing the knife at him with a straight face.

"Yeah, I dunno about that," he popped off.

Rashida leaned against him and latched onto his mouth with a firm grip, "Boy, you calling me a liar?"

"Maybe," he muttered with puffed lips.

She hiked a leg and draped it across his gigantic tent and laid into it, causing him to let out a light grunt.

"You know damn well if I wanted you to have dessert, you would have already had it," Rashida said firmly, sliding down into his lap and covering all of it with her big warm ass. All of that rock solid tension fit snug into the smooth valley filled with yellow lace and she finally let his mouth go. She quickly slapped down one of his grabby hands and pointed down. "Behind the chair, mister," she ordered him.

"Makes you think you deserve treats now, huh?" She said quietly. The kimono slipped up and revealed her soft shoulders before falling away and revealing everything to him. She leaned back with her elbows on the table and her swaying ponytail came to rest, giving him the perfect view of her flawless body. She coerced the swelling between her cheeks by squeezing around it with a slow pulsing rhythm.

The tiniest movements of her wide hips caused heavier breathing from him and she slowly worked them in a circle, her eyes not leaving his. She could see and feel that rage building and smiled.

"Love me?" Rashida asked quietly, biting her lip.

Her nephew sat and swallowed before offering up a reply and nodded without saying anything.

"Was she better than me?" She asked, her voice considerably softer, her head tilting towards him.

Rashida leaned in and unfurled all of that hefty dick from his shorts and situated her damp lips on top of it, resting back on her elbows. She swirled the hot glob of liquid that latched onto her fingers and slid her hips on him.

"You were taking so long to answer...thought I'd give you a hint," she said without a drop of emotion.

She finally received a shaking head and locked her legs into the underside of the chair with her toes, pulling herself up and gliding her moist panties and fat juicy pussy lips across the full slab of cock. To her surprise, he didn't dare lift his arms to touch her. He sat and took it.

Rashida's velvet lips smeared her love up and down those delicate swollen veins and cuddled the leaking top, swirling around on it and coating it in a shine before bathing the shaft in more warmth.

Her nephew was built and she licked her lips while staring down this full course meal that was hers for the taking. She felt a slight twinge in her thighs and rocked her hips against him harder.

"Nobody worship's this dick like I do," she smiled, a slight wince coming over her face. "Ain't that right, babe?" she huffed, taking it upon herself to use him how she pleases.

He balled his fists behind the chair and slowly gave her another nod. He couldn't tear his eyes way from her gliding up and down on his huge dick and waited patiently for her to let him get what he wanted. He found her eyes that moment he heard her moan.

"Mmph, you wanna sink deep-deep-deep up inside there," she squirmed, "I know how you think, my baby boy." Rashida's head fell back and she desperately pushed her hips up and down, fucking herself on his thick pole.

"You want me, baby?" She cried out.

"Y...yes," he stammered.

"What do you want?" She moaned in between her words.

"I wanna fuck you so bad," he blurted out.

"Wrong answer," Rashida said, shaking her head.

He quickly tried to find the answer to her question and could only focus on her loud groans and delicious titties heaving up and down right in front of his face. He couldn't think about anything other than grabbing her by the tiny waist and plunging twelve inches and slamming his balls against his Aunt's backside.

"Oh, mmph, I'm gonna cum," she shouted out towards the ceiling. Rashida's hips were churning those heavenly lips all around his bloated shaft and her thighs collapsed around him, shuddering violently and soaking his shorts in a quick burst of juices. Rashida's face scrunched up behind the specs and she moaned out, releasing all of that built up tension straight into her nephew's cock.

"Fuck," Rashida said, standing up, "I needed that."

Her nephew got a face full of soft chocolate abs and she pressed her drenched panties into his chest while filling out her kimono. She reached between the both of them and slid her hand around his gooey balls and looked directly into his soul.

"Tell me what I want to hear and all of this is yours," she said firmly. "Until then," she cocked her head and let go, stepping off of him, "You can use my panties like you used to."

His hands slipped away from her as she stepped off.

"RJ...c'mon, stop playin'," he mumbled.

"Oh," she turned and smiled, "Did I do that?"

She pushed a finger into the engorged head and smeared some liquid that was bubbling up. He watched that same finger disappear into her mouth and her eyes lifted up at him.

"Not quite ready, yet, I'm afraid," she smirked, "I'm a master chef. I would know."

A tiny hand tried to wrap around his monstrous boner and Rashida pumped up and down, flopping his fat sack against the chair.

"Say the magic words and I'll drain every last drop," she whispered, pecking at his ear. Rashida felt a tug on her head and she removed her hand from his cock. "Boy, please...you better let go," she demanded. It didn't take him long to release her and she resumed beating him off. "You'd love to just push my head down there and make me suck it, huh," she teased, biting on his lobe, "Wanna grab me by the head and slap those balls into me?"

He nodded quickly and she pierced into his teased and tortured mind with a giggle. "My poor baby boy needs that release so bad," she said, nibbling on him. As much as she loved messing with him, she was starting to tease herself. "Oof, that's a big ass dick, honey," she panted, "How did I get so lucky?"

Her man was sweating and sticky all over and she absolutely loved that he was putty in her hands. After over a year of working his yummy dick time and time again, she knew he was about to spray the ceiling in jizz; huge fat ropes of cum blasting like a rocket into the air. Those veins were bulging and blood raced through them while she jerked him off quickly.

"Gonna cum, baby," she asked quietly.

"Uh huh," he muttered.

"Gonna cum for me, huh?"

"I'm...I'm...," he groaned.

Rashida let go and pulled away. The moment she locked eyes with him when he realized, she felt a genuine fear wash over her. She hesitantly waved a finger back and forth, taunting him more.

"Didn't say the magic wor-"

Bowls of spaghetti and plates crashed into the floor and Rashida's face landed with a thud on the table. She was too tiny to over power the hand that had her by the hair and it was futile to keep trying to push up. With grit teeth, Rashida grunted as he impaled her to the hilt and started clapping his gigantic balls into her hind legs. Her legs weren't able to touch the floor and they swung freely as he wildly pounded that heart shaped almond ass into submission. The slapping of flesh and roaring thuds from her hitting the table blew up through the dining room.

"Oh, god," she screamed out, taking every single last bit of dick into her.

Rashida's kimono was stripped from her arms and her hands were quickly tied behind her back. She took a hit to the head as he grabbed her pony tail with both hands and yanked her from the table, furiously delivering back shots to his teasing whore of an aunt. Those fat ass cheeks were smacking into his waist in waves of luscious chocolate.

"You didn't say the magic wo-," she said, getting muffled again, "Mmph! Mm! Mmmph!"

Rashida felt an arm around her waist and suddenly he was walking with her to the basement stairs, still fully immersed inside. He slammed the door behind them and pushed her over the top of the couch. Now the tearing of her panties and the screams coming from her wouldn't be heard.

He dislodged from her aching sloppy pussy and buried his face deep into her creamy ass, marinating his entire face in Rashida's gooey juices. She shivered and moaned out, cumming instantly all over his chin the second his meaty tongue dabbled into her butt hole and overloaded her senses. He viciously devoured his aunt's tight bud and she came again when he plunged a few inches into her. Rashida's legs kicked into the couch until she held them in a stretch, riding out another wave while he swirled around in her ass.

Rashida heard a slurp and felt relief and cool air as he dropped his heavy meat onto her back with a splat. Those long inches started to slide between her cheeks until a smooth velvety feeling pushed on her slobbered butt.

"Go ea-," she attempted to say, getting that colossal dick stuffed deep down into her darkened tunnel and gritting her teeth, screaming out into the big room. She grunted as he snatched her up by the hair and savagely bottomed out each and every time, drilling a foot long in and out of Rashida's wide ass.

"Auughh, fuck, fuck, fuck," she hollered out, being held in the air by hands and dick. Her nephew cranked his hips and furiously fucked the ever loving shit out of her with no ounce of holding back. The sound of Rashida's body being pulverized would have landed them in trouble upstairs, but down here, she was at his mercy. His hands slipped down around her neck and tightly held her in place while he brutally slammed into that delicious almond booty. She was completely out of control and came again in a shivering frenzy all over his cervix punching cock while slowly being choked out.

"You. Mother. Fu—Ahh, shit, shit...," she shuddered, "I'm cummingughhh-god damn it..."

She was caught off guard and he pulled her around to the coffee table. He didn't say a word and the moment she turned onto her back and locked eyes, he was on top of her and was rigorously sliding it through his hand back and forth. He caught her by the bangs and held her head up, the continuous drip of liquid smearing on her puffy lips. Rashida heard the moans and groans and opened her mouth.

With one flick of her warm tongue, a gush of hot lava sprayed her face and covered her smooth almond skin in nut butter. Quick splashes of thick ropes drenched her forehead and glazed her glasses, fat streaks of jizz falling from the rim. She couldn't see, but she could feel that sizzling cream permeating across her entire face. Thick globs quickly built up onto her lips and glued her mouth shut.

She felt him release her cum covered hair and through a tiny opening under her glasses, she watched silently as he swung his cock like a hammer onto her chin, beating her with large blows and smacking sticky nut all over her chest and all over her table.

He sat down behind her and pulled the furniture closer and dragged Rashida until her head was angled up towards him. He dropped his big black dick on her face and his huge nuts rested flush on her splattered forehead. Stretching out his arms on the couch, he left her tied behind the back and dribbled lingering hot seed out onto her neck. He relished in the fact that she looked like she had just went through a twenty man bukkake and sighed.

"Good place for you, bitch," he said with confidence, "I'm going to make sure you can't walk in the morning."

Rashida didn't object and breathed quietly through a tiny hole in her cum mask. He didn't say the words that she wanted to hear and maybe he never will, but for now she had him all to herself and from the sounds of it, she was going to get everything and more that she could ask for.

What's a girl to complain about now?

To be continued...

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