tagIncest/TabooAunt Robyn Ch. 02

Aunt Robyn Ch. 02


Aunt Robyn's Tale Continues

Robyn Feinberg's life changed dramatically in the months following that first encounter with her nephew Davey.

Davey took almost complete control.

He told her when and what to eat, how to dress, with whom and how to socialize, but most especially, when and how to have sex. Robyn followed his every instruction without hesitation or question. The only area in which Davey did not interfere was in her work. Robyn was already a successful financial planner, and he saw no reason to intrude in an area of her life that was not "broken". For reasons neither of them would have guessed, she became more focused and driven in her work and less timid with her clients and staff.

Davey had stumbled upon a simple yet highly effective method of exacting control over the submissive women who were his conquests; he called it "the hard tease method". By simply not allowing them to have an orgasm during sex, or completely withholding sex all together, they became even more submissive. They went to any measure to please him, hoping that he would reward them with a good, hard fucking.

Davey loved to tease his aunt – he especially loved it when she begged for his cock. With most of their sex sessions, he bound her to the bed, or a chair or other sturdy piece of furniture. He pinched and bit her nipples, deep-throated her with his cock, or very briefly fucked her with his fingers, toes, cock, a sex toy, or other object that was handy. But rarely did he make her cum – which is what Robyn wanted the most.

Davey had even convinced Robyn that if she attempted to ease her frustration by pleasuring herself, he would know, and he would not be happy. This was of course nothing more than another mind game he played on her, but it was one that she fell for.

"Go fuck yourself, Robby."

When Davey said this to her it meant that it was OK for her to use her vibrator, or masturbate in whatever manner he instructed. This also meant that she was expected to do this at that precise moment – Robyn's response bordered on being Pavlovian.

Generally, this order occurred while she was at home, where she would simply strip from the waist down and play with her pussy, or straddle the arm or the leather couch, or even press herself against the washing machine as it entered the rinse cycle, or use whatever method he devised. He even once had her masturbate while talking on the phone to her sister Stacey, Davey's mother.

But Davey also had no problem with calling her at her office, or on her cell phone, or even sending her a text message with his order for her stop whatever she was doing and pleasure herself at that moment. That summer Robyn had gotten herself off several times in her office, in her car while sitting in traffic, and in the restroom while waiting for a dental checkup.

Robyn's assistant, Diane, "caught" her on one occasion. On this day, Robyn had received a text from Davey as she was returning from a client meeting. Unable to make it to her office, where she could have easily locked her door, she hastily rushed into the supply closet, hiding herself behind a stack of copy paper.

Robyn did not hear her assistant come in. At first thinking she had stumbled upon two people having sex in the closet, Diane froze just inside the door and listened. After hearing her boss finally reach her orgasm, she silently let herself out and waited. When only Robyn emerged, Diane smiled to herself.

"Couldn't even wait 'til she got home, huh?" the 30-something black woman mused, shaking her head.

Davey's control over his aunt continued even after he returned to college to begin his fourth year. He had coordinated her wardrobe, having her buy new outfits and toss out those he didn't care for. He left her with a meal plan of the foods he thought she should eat. He even gave her instructions to follow regarding her hygiene and grooming: she shaved her pussy or was waxed once a month.

And of course, the orders for when and how to "fuck herself" continued. She now received them via text or email at least two or three times per week. Robyn was never without her smart-phone or the new mini-vibrator that Davey had given her.

She eagerly and proudly carried out her nephew's instructions.

When the year-end holidays approached, Stacey invited Robyn to spend them with her. Davey would also be there. Stacey and her husband, Neil, were now separated and he'd moved out of their home four months prior. No one was surprised that their marriage had gone sour, least of all Davey, who was shocked that they had stayed together for as long as they had. Davey knew that his mother was the total opposite of her sister – more of an A-type like his dad. Like her son and estranged husband, Stacey preferred to be on top.

Robyn arrived two weeks before the New Year, the day before Davey got there. She was very anxious to see her nephew, which didn't go unnoticed by her sister. Stacey also took note of a few other changes in her older sister – new clothes, slimmer waistline, and a manicure – all things that Robyn never bothered to care about before. Still not quite the natural beauty that Stacey was, Robyn was now a much sexier Plain Jane.

"You're seeing someone, aren't you?" Stacey interrogated. "And the sex must be really great to cause all this to happen!"

Robyn could only blush – if her sister ever found out the truth she feared Stacey might try to kill her. To deflect her sister's questions, she made up a story about a new client she was attracted to – nothing more.

The next morning at the airport, it took everything Robyn had to restrain herself from pouncing on her nephew when they saw him. The prolonged, intimate hug they gave each other made Stacey slightly concerned.

Davey was due to return to school a week into the New Year, and Robyn sought every opportunity she could to be alone with him. One afternoon, she offered to take him to see a movie; instead they drove to a secluded area of the local park, where she sucked his cock in the back seat until he told her to stop. He then ordered her to strip, sit on the hood of the car and masturbate. Despite the near freezing temperature – around 40 degrees – and the possibility of a chance passerby seeing her, Robyn did as he requested. It took her less than five minutes to bring herself to one of the most satisfying orgasms she'd had in months; the first she'd had in his presence since the summer.

On a few occasions, Robyn was able to successfully sneak into her nephew's room at night for intense, multi-orgasmic sex sessions. This proved particularly difficult since his room was directly across the hall from his mother's room – Stacey rarely went to bed early and usually slept with her bedroom door open. The trickiest feats for Robyn were not crying out or moaning too loudly – especially when Davey fucked her in the ass – and getting back to her room when he was done with her. Davey didn't seem to be as concerned as she was with getting caught, so Robyn was especially careful.

On New Year's Eve, her luck ran out.

Stacey had been invited to a small party at a neighbor's house a few blocks away, and asked Davey and Robyn to go along. Davey – as was now the norm – chose the outfit that Robyn wore; tight black slacks and a white silk blouse with a plunging neckline. Most of the men at the party, and a few women, found it difficult not to stare at Robyn's ample breasts that were literally on display. Although not bothered by what her sister was wearing, Stacey was actually a little jealous that people paid more attention to Robyn than to her. This was something that she was not accustomed to.

Robyn clung to Davey's side most of the evening. Those who didn't know that they were related naturally assumed that they were a couple. Her clinginess only increased as the night went on and more drinks were consumed. Robyn, who was not much of a drinker, became less and less discrete with her affections towards her nephew. Davey, who didn't drink at all, nursed a club soda and did nothing to dissuade his aunt's obvious desire for him – her hand-holding, playing with his hair, whispering in his ear, pressing her groin against his thigh.

Not many people noticed, or cared – most were too busy attempting to secure their own potential "hook-ups" for the evening, or trying to make sure spouses didn't catch them flirting with others.

Stacey, now working on her third scotch, did take notice. She was not sure of what to make of what may have been happening between her son and her sister. As the haze of alcohol slowly crept up on her, she divided her time between watching them and flirting with the host when he was able to sneak away from his suspecting wife.

At midnight, there was the customary cry of "Happy New Year", followed by lots of hugs, long passionate kisses, much groping and one or two slaps across faces.

Robyn, now draped around her nephew, pressed him against the wall.

"Please, baby!" she moaned into his ear, "I need you to take me out of here an' fuck me!"

"Sure, Robby." Davey grinned, pulling her away. "Follow me!"

Both searched the room to ensure that Stacey was otherwise engaged. In the opposite corner, she was locked in a passionate kiss with a very tall, muscular black man she'd only met minutes before. Grabbing their coats, Davey pushed his aunt out the front door ahead of him, pausing to catch his mother's eye as she broke from the kiss, and then turning to follow Robyn out.

"Where the hell are they going?" Stacey wondered, while allowing herself to be groped and fondled.

Once at the house, Davey began pulling off his aunt's clothes as they ascended the stairs. Still too drunk to think or care, Robyn helped shed her things while taking every chance to stick her tongue down his throat or suck his into hers. They left a trail of her clothes from the top of the stairs to his room.

Davey pushed his aunt down onto the carpet, walked over to his bed and sat.

"Crawl over here and suck me, you slut!" he ordered.

She obediently crawled to him on all fours, slightly wobbly; her large tits drooped to the floor so that her nipples dragged on the carpet. Pulling herself up on his lap, Robyn undid his belt and zipper and pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles. Davey's cock was already hard. She rubbed her face against it, smearing pre-cum on her forehead and nose, before taking him all the way to the back of her throat.

Davey leaned back on his elbows, admiring the way her head bobbed, as she gagged and slurped on his cock.

"Just like I showed her!" he said to himself. "She learns very fast and very well."

Pulling her up to a standing position, Davey led his aunt to the upholstered leather bench that usually sat at the foot of his bed. He told her to lie down, and Robyn instantly crawled onto her stomach, allowing her arms and legs to hang over the edges. Davey firmly bound her knees, elbows and wrists to the bench with silk robe belts, leaving her ass lifted, spread and waiting for him.

They'd tried this position once before, and both loved it.

Wetting two fingers, although he didn't need to, Davey slipped them into Robyn's slippery snatch – he still marveled at how tight she was. Crouching slightly, he entered her; slowly thrusting in and out. Gradually building his momentum, Davey gripped her hips tightly and began slam fucking his aunt's pussy.

Although still buzzed, Robyn was in heaven. More than anything, she'd grown to love when her nephew fucked her like this – bound, bent over and pounded, in her pussy or her ass. She loved being his slut.

"F-fuck me, Davey!" she moaned. "Fuck me hard!" Robyn could feel her orgasm was almost there.

"Omigod!" Stacey screeched as she entered the room. She'd been standing outside the door to her son's door for more than a minute – the door that Davey had neglected to close behind him.

"You fuckin' dirty bitch!" she screamed as she stood over her helplessly bound sister. "How could you?! You're fuckin' my son! Your nephew!"

Craning her neck as best as she could, Robyn attempted to follow her enraged sister as she paced just above her head, trying to make eye-contact and plead her case.

Neither of them seemed to notice that Davey, now silent, but just as smug as ever, had only slowed his pace. But he did not withdraw himself from Robyn's pussy.

"Oh, mother," he finally chided, sarcastically, "Aren't you being a bit dramatic?"

"Shut up!" his mother snarled at him.

Kneeling so that she was closer to her face, Stacey yanked her sister's hair and glared at her, before giving her a solid slap across her face. The rush made her nipples hard.

"Please, Stacey! I'm sorry!" Robyn sobbed. "I'm so sorry..."

"Mother." Davey interjected calmly, but firmly. "Please sit down."

Reluctantly, Stacey released her sister and took the chair directly opposite them. She continued to glare at her.

"It's OK, Robby." Davey said calming his aunt. Softly he stroked her ass while continuing his slow, firm thrusts inside her.

"This was all my doing, mother," Davey began. Over the next ten minutes he calmly explained what he was doing. He told them about his other conquests, his sexual preferences, why he'd chosen to include his aunt and that regardless of what his mother thought or how she felt – he wasn't going to stop.

Robyn had stopped sobbing. She was still very nervous, but she could also feel her orgasm building again.

Davey continued to slowly fuck his aunt while his mother watched. Stacey didn't move or say a word, she only sat and watched. Slowly she realized that she wasn't as angry with her sister as she'd been before – maybe it was the alcohol, or the adrenaline, but the fact was, her nipples were getting hard and her panties soaked; she was getting turned on.

Finally pulling his cock from Robyn's pussy, Davey stood and smiled at his mother. She couldn't help but stare at her son's rigid, glistening cock.

"Care to join in?" He asked, "There's plenty to share."

Robyn wasn't sure what he meant by this and made a sudden attempt to free herself.

"It's OK, Robby." Davey assured her as he began stroking her hair. Crouching again, this time in front of her face, he soon had his cock back in her throat.

Robyn was too preoccupied with her nephew's cock to notice a small, soft hand caress her back. That same hand slowly trailed down to her ass and thighs. And suddenly, two fingers, much smaller than Davey's, were firm thrust into her pussy.

It took her a few more seconds to process that her younger sister was finger-fucking her.

"There you go, mother!" Davey encouraged. "Take control. Robby needs to be handled firmly, told what to do and how to do it. She loves it when you make her your slut!"

Stacey didn't need much more encouragement. This wasn't the first time she'd taken another woman in this manner.

"So you like fucking my son, you whore?" She snarled. "Is that the kinda whore you are? One that takes my son's cock in her pussy, and in her mouth..?"

"Her ass too!" Davey added, "Robby really loves being ass-fucked!"

"Really?!" Stacey exclaimed. Moments later she jammed two fingers from her other hand into Robyn's tight asshole. "You really are a fuckin' slut-whore! My own sister, a dirty fuckin' cunt, slut-whore!"

Seconds later, with a loud grunt, Robyn had a full-body shuddering orgasm. As she tried to catch her breath Davey withdrew his cock from her mouth and began untying her arms and legs.

He helped her to her feet and allowed her to flop down on the bed still trembling. Smiling, Davey bound her wrists above her head with one of the belts and secured the other end to the headboard.

"You know, mother," Davey smirked, "Since you made Robby cum, I think it's only fair that she return the favor!"

"You know, son," Stacey smiled back; "I think you're right!"

Stacey was very proud of her body, which she had maintained very nicely into her 40s. She was shorter than her sister (5'5") and slender, every bit a MILF. Reaching behind her, Stacey unzipped her short, black cocktail dress, and let it drop to the floor. Pulling the sides of her thong over her hips, she stepped out of it and tossed it onto the dress. Her pubic hair was shaved into a small, heart-shaped patch.

Slowly she climbed onto the bed, wearing only her bra. Robyn flinched slightly as her sister began stroking her stomach and pinching her nipples. Davey watched and smiled.

Without uttering a word, Stacey straddled her sister's face. Firmly grabbing Robyn's hair, Stacey pushed her sister's mouth to her pussy.

"Oh, come on now, Robyn." Stacey whispered. "You sucked your nephew's cock, I'm sure you won't have any problem sucking your sister's pussy!"

Robyn did as suggested and began licking Stacey's moist lips and stiff clit. She'd never been with another woman before and was unsure of exactly what to do, so she tried her best to mimic what she'd seen in the girl-on-girl scenes from her porno collection.

"That's it," Stacey moaned. "Just like that!"

"Our Robby learns what you like really quickly." Davey said as he climbed onto the bed behind her. Taking one of Robyn's ankles in each hand, he spread her legs and put her feet against his shoulders. Once again he entered her and began to slowly fuck his aunt's tight pussy, causing her to groan as she ate her sister.

Leaning forward, Davey kissed his mother on her shoulder, then the small of her back, and then at the top of her ass just above her crack.

"Hey!" she said playfully, "I didn't say you could do that!"

"You just finger-fucked your sister to orgasm," Davey responded, "now she's eating your pussy, and you have a problem with your son kissing your ass?"

There was a brief silence and they both laughed. Robyn thought it was funny too, but couldn't laugh because her mouth was covered by her sister's pussy.

Minutes later Stacey's breathe quickened – she was about to cum.

"Yeah!" she snarled through clenched teeth, bucking her hips harder and faster on Robyn's face. "Make me cum, make me cum, you bitch! Of fuck, you're gonna make your sister cum all over your fuckin' face...!"

Stacey's body stiffened and she literally fell forward onto the pillows. Davey leaned forward and licked his mother's spread and exposed ass, causing her to jump.

"Oh!" she gasped. "You are a nasty boy!"

Davey smiled and began slam-fucking his aunt again. Robyn's partially opened eyes rolled to the top. Sweat poured from all over as she felt another orgasm building inside her. Davey felt the muscles in her pussy tightening and knew that she wouldn't last much longer; immediately he began to slow his pace.

Regrettably, Robyn knew what he was about to do.

"No, Davey please...." She begged. "I need it! Please don't stop!"

"What do you say, mother?" Davey asked. "Should I let her have another one?"

Stacey had moved back to the seat across from the bed where she admired her son fucking her sister.

"I don't know," she mused. "Do you think I should have my son make you cum again, Robyn? Or should I have him pull that stiff cock out of your hungry pussy? Maybe you can watch while he fucks me instead!"

"Please, Stacey...Davey," Robyn wasn't sure who she should beg to. "Please don't stop."

"OK." Davey responded with a sigh as he began to increase his pace.

"Th-thank you...." Robyn groaned; tears began to form in her eyes. Minutes later, she came again.

The next morning, Robyn awoke still bound at the wrist to the headboard of Davey's bed. Her nephew and sister were nowhere in sight. She sighed, stretched and closed her eyes again. She knew when they did return what she might be in for; she'd need all the rest she could get.

They woke her about an hour later. It was almost 9:00AM. They untied her and waited for her in the kitchen while she showered and dressed. They ate breakfast as they talked.

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