Aunt Sherry Comes to Visit Ch. 01


Ellen served them dinner. Sherry made her kneel near her. While they ate, Sherry feed Ellen, as if she was, her pet. At irregular instants, Ellen, herd her aunt's voice.


Ellen looked seductively, at her uncle, as she unbuttoned another button, on her dress. When the buttons were opened, to her navel, Sherry pushed the dress, off Ellen's shoulders. Ellen held her dress, in her arms, and served them, naked to the waist.

When they had finished, their dinner, Ellen was unbuttoned, to her crotch. Her dress fell back. Ellen's pubic hair, was visible, above the last secure buttons. Sherry stripped Jim. She led him, into the bedroom. Sherry, gently, lay him down, on the bed. Sherry propped him up, so he could see the show.

Sherry posed Ellen, for him. She used Ellen, to arouse Jim. Sherry sat Ellen, into the chair, next to the bed. Sherry adjusted the lights. She bathed Ellen, in a soft spot. She spoke to Ellen, with menace in her voice.

"If your show, does not get me off, tonight, I'll be a bitch, all day tomorrow. You'll need, a pillow, to sit down. Have I made myself, clear?"

"Yes mistress."

Ellen was excited, to be on display. It was, one of the fantasies, that turned her on. Since Ellen had gotten her tits, everything, sexual, turned her on.

While Ellen Masturbated, for her uncles excitement, Sherry slipped on a sheer teddy. She joined Jim, on the bed.

"Does she, turn you on?"

Jim just leered at Ellen, who was bringing herself up, and off. Ellen was, totally, into watching the couple, make love on the bed.

"Fuck me now. I'm so hot. Make me melt, then you can eat her, sweet, pussy."

Jim was like an animal. He was raging with lust, for his niece, as he poured his passion, into his wife's cunt.

Ellen's orgasm was wild, and loud. The feral sounds, from deep inside her throat, roused Jim, to wilder passion. He knew, Sherry liked her sex, rough. He liked it, rough also. Jim rutted, with passion.

Soon, Sherry's sounds, matched Ellen's.

"Fuck me, asshole. Make me cum."

Jim rutted, with passion, as Sherry spasmed, in full orgasm. Sherry was in her after glow, when she spoke the Jim.

"Eat her pussy. Make her scream. Then fuck me, again, until I do."

"Yes Ma'am"

Jim spoke to Sharron, however the lust in his eyes, was for his, nearly, naked, niece.

Sharron took control.

"Stand up, bitch. Open."

Ellen flirted with her eyes, as she unbuttoned another button. Sherry slowly repeated her command, three more times.

Ellen unbuttoned, her last button. She let the dress, fall to the floor.

Sherry, had Ellen kneel, between them.

"Feel her tits. Aren't they nice?"

"Yes, Ma'am, they are."

Jim mauled, Ellen's, sensitive, tits.

"Take her. Make her scream. Eat her cunt. I think, you'll be the first one."

Jim threw Ellen down, onto her back. He kissed her lewdly. He bit her nipples, to full erection.

"Open your legs, whore. I want to see, that sweet pussy, before I eat it."

"Yes sir."

Shivers of excitement, ran through her, young, body. Ellen opened herself, to Jim's, lustful, gaze.

"Get it wet. Get it hot. Make me want it."

"Yes sir."

Ellen, was already hot. All she could do, to comply with his orders, was to flirt, with her eyes. She brought herself, back up to orgasm, with her hands. Ellen's head, was swaying. Her eyes, were glazed. She began, to moan.

"Fuck me. Please. I am so hot. I want it, so, bad. Please."

Ellen screamed out her orgasm, as her back arched. She spasmed, and shook.

Ellen was limp, when her uncle, began his oral assault. She felt drained. She had experienced, more sex today, than all the days, of her life. Ellen was drained. Her vagina, was not.

Ellen's vagina, flowered open. She began to moan. Jim fondled Ellen's ass, as he ate her. Ellen's ass was sensitive, from her earlier chastisements. The rough handling, of her ass, brought sharp pains, from the abrasions, the belt had made, earlier.

Ellen began, to moan. Her hips began, to rock. Ellen reached her orgasm, again. She cried out. Her uncle continued, caught in his own lusts. He continued to lick, and suck, her wet, open, vagina. Ellen began to scream, in earnest. Her noises, came from deep inside of herself. As Ellen shook, her deep, feral, noises, became words.

"God. It's so good. I want it, so, bad. Fuck me. Fuck me, like a man."

Jim was enraged, with lust. He started to climb up, Ellen's body. Sherry grabbed his hair. She pulled him, to her.

"Fuck me good. You'll have the little slut, in due time. This time, it's for me."

Jim was filled with lust, he did not care, who he fucked. He was going to fuck, someone. Jim slammed his erection, into Sherry's wet, and willing, cunt. He took her, with animal lust. The sex was violent, and raw. Sherry was in, full orgasm. Her lusts, were as high, as Jim's.

As Jim fucked her, Sherry teased him.

"I can hardly wait. I want to see her, under your cock. Tomorrow you will fuck her, while I beat her ass. We'll. both, be so happy."

Sherry pulled Ellen, up to her. She pushed Ellen's head, to Jim's mouth.

"Fuck her, with your tongue. Lick her face. Taste her. She is, so, sweet."

Jim was fucking his wife, as he licked Ellen's face, crudely. Jim was in heaven. He was inflamed, as he rudely abused Ellen, with his tongue, and his mouth.

"Kiss me, like a whore, bitch, or I'll slap you."

Ellen began to kiss Jim, with passion, as he continued, to fuck his wife. Sherry was, in heaven. She loved, to abuse people. She loved to get fucked, with pure animal passion."

Sherry's orgasms, were coming in waves. The sensation became, too intense for her. Sherry pushed Jim, onto his back. She commanded Ellen.

"Suck his cock. Take his lust. Eat his cum."

Ellen was grinning broadly, as she crawled over to her uncle. She took his firm erection, into her mouth. Jim began to spank her, as she knelt, to her task. Ellen brought herself, up to orgasm, with her hand, as she fucked her uncle, with her mouth.

Ellen could feel, Jim's erection swelling. She tried, to pull her head away. Jim grabbed her, by the hair.

"Swallow it bitch."

Jim stroked his cock, into her mouth. The ferocity of the assault, frightened Ellen. The raw sex, excited her. Ellen took, her uncle's lust, and his semen, into her mouth. She swallowed, them both. Ellen began to orgasm, as Jim's erection, softened in her mouth. Ellen began to weep tears, of frustration. She wanted more.

Jim's lust, was satisfied for the day, he slipped into sleep.

Sherry put Ellen, between her legs.

"It's about me, bitch. Don't forget it."

"Yes mistress."

Ellen lowered her head, ministering to her aunt's lusts. Sherry was much harder to satisfy, than Jim had been. Ellen, and her tongue, were tired, when Sherry was finally satisfied. Sherry cuddled with Ellen, as they fell into a deep, restful, sleep.


Ellen woke, in a state of passion. Sherry was, between her legs, drinking her passion, and her salty secretions. Ellen shuddered out a, small, but pleasant orgasm, as she roused herself to consciousness.

Sherry looked at Ellen, with a deep smile, as she climbed up, into Ellen's arms.

"I love, early morning, sex. It's so, refreshing."

Sherry kissed Ellen deeply, with little passion. She spoke, smiling like a predator, sizing up its prey.

"It gets more exciting, as the day goes on."

Sherry bit Ellen, on the side of her neck, hard enough to bring both pain, and lust, to Ellen's eyes. Sherry continued to stimulate her niece, with sharp nips, on her tender neck.

"In the night, it gets intense. I can, hardly wait."

Ellen was excited, by the sexual stimulation, and the sexy words. Sherry looked down, at her captive.

"Jim loves, early morning, sex, also. You have sucked my husband's cock, like a girl. This morning, you will suck him, like a woman."

Sherry smiled deeply, with a leer in her eyes.

"Get used to it. This is your last day, as a child. When your mother left, you were a little girl. She will return, to find a young woman, in her place."

Ellen shivered, with anticipation, as Sherry peeled back, the covers.

Jim was sleeping, soundly, on his side, facing them. Sherry gently prodded him, onto his back, without waking him. Jim's erection was prominent, on his stomach.

" On your knees, slave. Last night, you were a serving slave. This morning, you're a pleasure slave."

Ellen sank to her knees, beside her sleeping uncle.

"Yes mistress."

Sherry was on her knees, along side of Ellen. Sherry was rousing Ellen to passion, with her hand, as she spoke.

" A woman, always, gets off, sucking a man's cock. Kiss it, like a little girl."

Ellen, leaned her head down. She kissed, the head of the rigid cock. Ellen covered the cock, with kisses, never allowing the purple plum, to pass her lips. Sherry spoke, in a sultry voice.

"Now, kiss it, like a woman."

Ellen's eyes were sparkling, she was breathing hard.

"Yes mistress, I'll serve your man, well."

"See that you do, bitch."

Ellen took the erection, into her mouth.

"Get it as wet, as your cunt. Make your mouth, smooth as silk, just like your, dripping, pussy. You're, such a slut."

Ellen pulled her mouth, from the erection.

"Yes mistress."

Ellen worked up saliva, in her mouth. She coated the erection. It glistened, as she stroked it, in and out of her mouth. As Ellen's mouth descended, onto the erection, Sherry urged her on.


Ellen tried to take more, and more, of it into her mouth, with each stroke.

Jim roused, to consciousness. He was already, in full rut. Jim propped himself up, so that he could watch, Ellen work on him. He mauled, her firm tits.

As his lust rose, he began to spank, Ellen's ass, with sharp slaps. Ellen's vagina exploded, with electric currents, of fire. Ellen rose, to her orgasm, as Jim took full control, of her mouth, and her head.

Jim thrust deeper into Ellen's mouth. She began to gag. Jim pulled back. Sherry whispered into Ellen's ear.

"When it gets to the back of your throat, swallow before you start to gag."

Ellen heard her mistress's orders. She could not, acknowledge them. Jim's passion, delivered deep thrusts, into Ellen's mouth. Ellen had no choice, but to comply. Jim was insistent, on having Ellen's throat, as well, as her mouth. Jim began spanking Ellen, hard, with loud slaps.

"Fuck me, with your mouth, bitch, just like you'll fuck me, with your cunt, tonight."

Ellen wanted to scream out, 'Yes sir.' Her only option, was to follow her orders. Ellen took the erection, to the back of her throat. She swallowed, as she did so. Jim thrust deep. Ellen felt the erection, pass the muscles, in the back of the throat. She smiled inside, saying to herself. Just like a woman.

Ellen took over fucking Jim, with her mouth, and her throat. She was not, sucking his cock. She was, actually, fucking him, with her mouth. Ellen began to spasm, and shake, as Sherry brought her to orgasm, with her hands. Ellen forgot her job. Jim did not.

He took her mouth, and throat, with long strokes, that brought him great pleasure, and a rousing orgasm. Ellen felt the erection swell, and thicken, in her mouth. Ellen's attention, returned to serving her mistress, by serving, her mistress's man.

Jim groaned deeply, as his pushed, the full length of his cock, into Ellen's throat. He loved the feel, of her throat muscles, gripping his cock, as he deposited, his first ejaculation. Jim pulled his cock back, out of her throat. He filled Ellen's mouth, with his seed.

Ellen let her mouth fill, with the salty fluid. She coated, Jim's softening erection, with the, silky smooth, salty infusion, that mingled, with her saliva. Her mouth, and throat, was as smooth, and slippery, as her vagina was.

Ellen shivered with lust, and anticipation, knowing it would not be long, until she fucked, him for real. Just like, she was fucking him, with her mouth.

Ellen's eyes, flirted with Sherry. Ellen's vagina, was still on fire. She knew, her only chance of relief, this morning, was from her mistress. Ellen pleaded, with her mistress, with her eyes, as she managed to get, the semi erect cock, past her throat, one more time.

Jim rolled over, and kissed his wife.

"You're such a good instructor, dear."

"Yes I am. Now, get out of here, and leave us girls to ourselves. I have much, to teach this little slut, before this day is done."

Jim smiled, kissed his wife, as he arose, and inquired.

"When will the tart, be ready to fuck?"

"Your tart will be hot, and ready, to consume, at eight. Do not show up, either early, or late."

Sherry's words, were commands. Jim knew it. He acknowledged her orders.

"Yes Ma'am. I always, follow your orders."

Sherry pulled Ellen, between her legs. She spoke to Jim, with menace in her voice.

"You had better, obey me. I'll beat your ass, just like I beat hers. I'll enjoy it, just as much."

Sherry turned her attention, to Ellen. She did not acknowledge, Jim's submissive reply.

"Yes ma'am."

Sherry pulled Ellen's head up, as she glared down at the Ellen, on her knees, in her servitude. Ellen was between Sherry's legs. Sherry spoke,in a dreamy, sultry, voice.

"Now my little tart, I'll have the last, of your childhood. Ellen sparkled.

"Yes mistress."

Ellen dipped her head, to Sherry's wet cunt. Ellen began to kiss, and lick, her mistress. She was happy, to bring her mistress pleasure. Sherry pulled Ellen's head up.

"Eat my cunt, like a woman, bitch. I want to see your face, as wet, and shinny, as you got, my husband's cock."

Sherry pulled Ellen's face, tight into her cunt. She humped herself, against Ellen's face. Sherry was moaning.

"Drink my juice. Lap it up, like cream."

Sherry flooded Ellen, with her cum. Ellen tried to drink it all. There was too much. Sherry shuddered out, her orgasm. She began to issue orders, in staccato bursts.

"Eat me. You fucking, little whore. Make me come. Bitch. Fuck me, with your, hot, mouth."

Ellen was having difficulty breathing, as Sherry covered her face, with her open, wet, cunt. Sherry shuddered, and shook, as her orgasm, took over her body, and her mind.

Sherry was aware of nothing, but her own pleasure. Sherry's lust, came from raw, intense, sex. It came from deep, inside herself. Her pleasure came, from being, in total control. In many ways, Sherry found more satisfaction, in dominance, and control, than she did from sex.

Sherry rested, in her after glow, as Ellen, obediently, licked her mistress clean. Sherry sent Ellen, to the bathroom.

"Take care of yourself. Take a shower, then make coffee. You'll serve me, naked, on the patio. It's such a nice day. There are pastries, in my cooler. Open a bottle of champagne. I'm in the mood, to celebrate."

Yes ma'am,"

Ellen left the room. When Ellen had finished, her morning ritual, and her shower, she left the bathroom. She passed Sherry, on her way, to the kitchen. Sherry was on the bed, making love to herself, with a life size dildo. Sherry was into, her own pleasure. She took no mind, of the Ellen's, wide, eyes.

Ellen set the table, and found the pastries. Ellen opened a bottle of champagne, from the cooler. The coffee was hot, when Sherry arrived. She was dressed, in a bright spring dress, with a floral design.

Sherry told Ellen, to get a cushion, for her knees. She made Ellen kneel, by her chair. Sherry fed Ellen, like a pet. She gave her, sips of coffee, and bites of pastries.

When Sherry was finished, she spoke her commands.

"Go get dressed, like a little girl, for a trip to the mall. You will be dressed, like a woman, when we return."

Sherry jumped up. Her eye's sparkled, with excitement. Ellen's excitement came, not just from the chance to go shopping, which she loved to do. Ellen's excitement came, with the dreams of being dressed, like a woman, by her mistress. Ellen shuddered, with a flush of wetness, in her vagina, as she thought of her coming initiation, into womanhood.

They arrived at an exclusive mall, in a large condo. Sherry and Ellen, shopped, with a light, happy, air. They shopped, like an aunt, and her niece. There was no hint, of their relationship, as mistress, and slave.

Only the clothes, that Sherry bought for Ellen, spoke of their their true relationship. Sherry seemed to have, no spending limit. She rarely looked at the price tags, when she made her purchases. Several of the clerks, raised their eyebrows, at the sexy apparel, for the young lady. Their raised eyebrows changed, to broad smiles, as Sherry tipped each clerk, with a hundred dollar bill.

Late in the afternoon, Sherry's mood changed. Her eyes became sultry, with an amused glint. They were in the back booth, of a small restaurant, when Sherry commanded, in a low serious voice

"Play with yourself. I want to see, some sparkle in your eyes."

"Yes Ma'am"

Ellen's face, was flushed. Ellen reached her hand, into her crotch, as she slid forward, in the seat. Ellen had started the shopping trip, quit modestly dressed, complete with proper underwear. Ellen was now dressed, in a sexy sheath dress, that was, primely, modified, by the conservative silk jacket.

The sexy nature of the dress, was only evident by the tight, short, skirt, that showed, below the, hip length, jacket. Underneath, the sheer, white dress, Ellen wore a red garter belt, rose color silk stockings, and nothing else.

If Ellen, would have removed, the long sleeved jacket, she would have created a sensation. The dress had tiny, shoulder straps. The panels, over her ample breasts, barely covered them. There were cut outs, around the waist. The panels, that connected the top, and the bottom, of the dress, covered, but did not conceal, the red satin garter straps. Ellen's navel was bare, as were the sides, of her hips, and the rise, of her ass. The crack of her ass showed, just above the low waist line.

Ellen began to masturbate. Her touches were light, as she started. Her light touches, turned rough, and feral, as her passion rose. Her voice rose, in moans. Sherry threw her, a linen napkin.

"Put this, in your mouth."

Ellen took the napkin. She held it close, against her mouth. Sherry's voice was deep, and harsh.

"I'd slap you, if we weren't in public. I said, put it, in, your mouth."

Sherry's eyes narrowed, as she spoke.

"I'll beat your ass, for your disobedience, later. I won't forget."

Ellen's, "Yes ma'am," was muffled, as she stuffed the napkin, into her mouth. Ellen's submission, and the thought, of a spanking, were enough, to complete Ellen's orgasm. Ellen's shrieks of ecstasy, and delight, were only faint sounds. Sherry heard them, but no one else did.

Ellen removed the gag, from her mouth. Sherry slid forward, in her seat. Sherry stroked herself, as she spoke to Ellen, who was basking, in her after glow.

"Next, are some golden rings, in your ear's. I'll have, a little flower, put on your chest, just where your tit, begins to swell."

Ellen's eyes, flew open.

"My mother'll kill me. I'll be in the house, for a whole year."

"Nonsense, my pretty slave. Your mother, will say nothing. She knows, I'll beat her ass, if she does."

Sherry's passion was rising, as she added, with a mischievous smile.

"I have, you know. I have beaten her ass, many times. I have enjoyed it, every time. I'm the big sister, you know."

Sherry began talking aloud, to herself, as well as, to her niece. Sherry's words, brought her waves of pleasure, as she spoke.

"I took your mothers virginity, with a dildo, when she was, just about your age. As for your father, he'll say nothing, either. I fucked him, on his wedding night, while your mother, sat in the chair watching us, as she cried. I loved her tears, then. Just as I love yours, now. That night, I made him fuck your mother, in the ass. It was the only virginity, I'd left her."

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