Aunt Sue's Panties


"Harvey always made fun of me, when I cry at movies," she said quietly.

"Harvey is gone!" he said.

"Yes, and my Derek is here!" she sniffled, as she rested her head against him.

That night was love making, just love making.

Sue woke Derek the next morning the same way that she had the previous morning. But she didn't make the same mistake. She had the bacon all ready and the coffee made, she only had to do his eggs.

Her morning blow job for him was a huge success.

He told her that he had to work through lunch that day but that they'd go out to dinner to celebrate their new relationship.

"Oh, lovely," Sue said, "I'll make sure that I'm dressed specially for you."

"You are always dressed specially for me, Susie Belle," he said with a smile and a kiss to her cheek.

"Just so that you know, Susie Belle;" he added next, "Tonight, after we get home from dinner, I'm going to fuck you in the ass!"

"Eeep!" she squeaked. "Really, are you?"

"Do you doubt it?" he wanted to know.

"No, sir, I don't," she said.

"I just want to give you the afternoon to think about it, Susie Belle," he said.

"Thank you, sir," she said, a little pale from his announcement, but already feeling a damp spot in her clean panties from his announcement.

He told her that he'd be there at 5:15 PM that evening. She went to the garage to wait for him, she had another plan.

Derek arrived and opened his side of the garage to pull his car inside. There in his headlights was his Aunt Sue. She was bent from the waist, with her hands resting on the work bench against the wall. She was wearing black 5" heels, black stockings, and a black garter belt and nothing more.

"Wow!" he said to himself, "Home was never like this!"

He pulled in and parked the car, and then she moved immediately. She crawled to him, opened his door, and said, in a grateful tone of voice:


Then she reached up and unzipped his pants, reaching inside for his prick, as he smiled.

"End of a busy, sweaty day, love; Derek's not clean!"

"Derek, my Derek, my Master Derek smells like a cock down here and this slave has no objections to that. Clean you next time all over with my tongue, Master," she said, taking his cock into her mouth and letting it get hard.

She held him there until he gave a huge grunt and came in her mouth; her eyes were on him constantly.

He got out of the car, put his cleaned up prick away, and said to her:

"Get up here and hug me, Wonder Woman!"

She grinned at him as she slid into his arms.

"Don't be angry if I ask: may I please wash you?"

"Sweet Susie," he said in a lilting voice, "Take me into the shower and do your worst, or maybe your best."

She giggled at that and they went arm in arm to the shower.

She climbed in after him, not bothering to take off the stockings or garter belt.

"Oh, shit, look at you, woman!"he exclaimed.

Then she giggled again, as she began to wash him. When she was finished, she said softly:

"Master, please turn around."

Derek turned and faced the plexiglass wall of the shower, with her behind him.

"This is one way that I tell you how much I love you," she said, spreading his ass cheeks wide with her hands and inserting her lips, nose and mouth. She moved until she could kiss his ass hole and lick it with her tongue.

"I'll tongue worship your ass every chance you give me!" she recited to him.

"Susie, Susie," he said, "You're a treasure."

She poked at his ass hole until she could slide her tongue inside just a bit, at the same time, she reached around and grabbed his cock and jerked him, working both ends of him until he came all over the shower wall.

He staggered into the corner of the large shower stall, and Sue scuttled over to the wall of the shower and licked off his cum, getting most of it in her mouth, while he came back against her and held her by her breasts pulling her against himself.

"Dinner out, love?" he said.

"Yes," she said joyfully, "My Master promised."

"And what else did he promise?" he asked.

She buried her face in his chest and said:

"To fuck me in the ass tonight!"

"Excited?" he asked.

She shook her head 'yes' without moving.

"Nervous?" he asked next.

She shook her head 'yes' again.

"Want to back out?" he asked then.

She shook her head 'no' then.

"Susie, my Susie Belle is the best!" Derek crooned into the top of her head.

The dinner was at a nice restaurant, with some shadowy corners, where at times couples dined. They were put in one of those corners.

He stretched his hand across the table and laid it on top of hers.

"This is so nice," he said.

"Anywhere with you is nice!" she answered.

Then she said, in a more sober and somewhat apologetic voice, "I guess maybe I should rein myself in a bit; I get a bit emotional."

"Not a bit, Susie," he said, "I love your excitement and your excitability."

"Thank you, Master," she said softly, leaning down to kiss the back of his hand.

They ate slowly and in companionable silence. Toward the end of the main course, Sue excused herself to go to the ladies.

When she came back, she had a slight grin on her face.

"You okay?" Derek asked.

"Yes, sir," she said, and, just as the waiter was approaching from behind her, she reached across the table and gave Derek her panties.

"Eeeeep!" she screeched, when she saw the waiter, an older man, standing there.

But all the waiter said, before walking away with a smile was:

"The gentleman is indeed fortunate."

"Yes, he is!" Derek said back to the waiter.

"Minx!" he said then to Sue, who responded:


"I guess!" was his answer.

They decided against dessert and went on home.

In the car, Derek spoke to Sue and said:

"When we get home, I want you to strip naked in the garage. Then go to the family room; get on your hands and knees and wait for me."

"Yes, sir," she said.

"Good," he returned.

They rode in a tension filled silence for a while:

"Is Susie excited?" he asked, putting his hand on her thigh.

"Susie is wet!" she answered.

"Hmm," he said then, "Susie might like this."

"She already does," was Sue's answer to that, as they were approaching the house.

"In the garage, sir?" she said.

"Yes," he answered, "That's where you strip."

He pulled part way into the garage and turned to her:

"Out now, in front of the car, in the headlights and take your clothes off."

"Ohhhhh," she sighed and got out of the car.

She never took her eyes off of the windshield, as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. Under her dress she now wore dark thigh high stockings, heels and a bra. The bra was removed and set aside with her dress. Then it was the heels and finally the stockings, leaving Sue standing in the light of the headlights totally naked.

Derek pulled the car in then, and got out.

"You know where to go and what to do," he said.

"Yes, sir, I do," she answered.

"Good, do it!" he said next and Sue turned and went into the house.

She got herself into position and waited for him, getting wetter and wetter around her pussy, as time went on.

Finally, she heard him coming. He was wearing only a robe and carrying a tube of what looked like K-Y and a pack of condoms.

"Ready, love?" he asked.

"And excited," she answered.

He knelt behind her and began to apply the K-Y to her ass crack. He worked his fingers inward and slowly greased up her entire ass crack region. Sue was moaning all the while and twitching her ass around and wiggling as he did it.

"Mmmmm, Susie Belle's excited!" he said.

"Yes, Master, yes she is; Susie Belle wants to be fucked in the ass," she admitted.

"Well, let's begin," he said.

She groaned just a little as he inserted a finger in her ass hole and then, after a little, another. She pushed back against the fingers that were invading her and causing her temperature to rise.

Then the fingers were pulled out and she mewled with disappointment.

"Now!" Derek said, and fitted his cock head against her ass hole.

"Now!" she answered back to him.

Sue winced and went into a breathing sequence to deal with the pain of the insertion of his cock head into her ass hole. But the pain subsided in a bit.

He entered her slowly, pausing to let her get acclimated at each point. This way he made steady progress, until he was completely inside her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sue moaned, when he finally began to move his cock.

"Never . . .never filled like this! Never!" she said, almost inarticulately.

Then Derek began to move to fuck her ass, and a strange thing happened. Sue spontaneously came. With no other stimulation, she just came and pushed back against Derek with the weight of her ass, as he continued his fucking.

"Uh . . .Uh . . .Uh . . .Uh . . .!" she moaned as she almost collapsed from her orgasm.

Her ass, already incredibly tight, clenched around Derek's prick, and brought him to an orgasm also. He collapsed on top of her and didn't move for a bit. Finally, he moved and came back, dressed now, with a wash cloth and towel for her.

"Are you okay, Susie love?" he asked.

She looked at him and said: "Pretty bright and chipper for a woman who has just been corn holed!"

That made him laugh. He handed her the panties that she'd given him earlier and said:

"Here put these on; we need to talk."

"Yes," she agreed, because there was something on her mind that she needed to say to him, and she knew that now was the time.

"May I?" she asked.

He nodded.

"I want you to know, Derek, my love, that there are no strings here; do these things and live here while you want, but when you are ready to move on, I'm not going to wail and cry and try to hold you, do a guilt trip or any of those kind of things," she said, in an earnest voice.

"Yes," he said, "That's what I want to talk about too."

"Oh," Sue said in a voice full of disappointment. "So soon? So soon, Derek?"

And then Derek shocked her so much that he blew her world away. He got up from the couch where they were sitting, and took her by the hand so that she was standing with him and he got down on one knee.

Sue just about exploded:

"Nooooo? Really? Reeeeeeaaaaaaallllyyy?"

She was kind of hoping around and said, in a loud voice:

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

"Susie, honey, I haven't asked yet," Derek said patiently.

"Ask! Ask! Please now Ask! And yes, yes, yes!" She said almost overcome.

"Susie!" he said again with a smile on his face.

She put her hand over her mouth and held it there to give him the chance. He spoke at last:

"Susie, the burning down of our Annie's house has turned out to be the single most important event in my life. This, all of this is too lovely to pass by or let end; Susie, will you marry me? There won't be a problem, since you and Mom had different Dads, you know!"

But he was interrupted then by two things. First was her screech:


And second was her grabbing him by the hand and running, positively running out the front door.

"Have to tell someone," she said excitedly, "Got to!"

"Susie," he said, still running after her.

But she wasn't listening.

There was an elderly, white haired man out walking his dog, who stood transfixed, as this beautiful young, almost naked woman with a man in tow surged up to him.

He calmed the dog down by a simple use of the name: "Fergus!"

Sue erupted and said:

"I had to tell someone, and you're here . . .uh?"

"Oliver!" he said, "But. . .uh Miss . . ."

But she rode right over his concern for her near nakedness:

"Oh, Oliver, I'm so glad you're the first to know; Derek just asked me to marry him!"

She launched herself at Oliver then and landed in his arms, with Fergus jumping up to lick her.She took time to pet Fergus, telling him too how excited she was.

Oliver, his hand gingerly on Sue's naked back, held out a hand, which Derek took but then said:

"She never answered me!"

"Oh, Miss," he began.

"Sue;" she said, "It's Sue."

"Miss Sue," Oliver said then, "You'd better answer him."

She spoke, in tears now, against Oliver's shoulder:

"Tell him of course 'yes', always and eternally 'yes'."

"Uh, Miss Sue," Oliver said, "I think that you'd better tell him yourself."

"Yes of course, I should," she said an whirled now launching herself at Derek and saying:

"Yes, I will, of course I will! You'll never regret asking me!"

"I know that, Susie, love," Derek said. Then added:

"Maybe we'd better go in; you're, uh, not dressed."

She looked at herself then and gave out another 'eeep'. But precisely at that moment, Oliver gave her his jacket to wear.

"Oh, thank you, Oliver, you're such a gentleman; please come in for a drink in celebration."

Oliver looked at Derek, who smiled and nodded 'yes'.

"Bring Fergus too," Sue said, "We'd love to have him."

They went inside and Derek poured some wine for each of them and the toast was for Derek and Sue's happiness.

Then Oliver excused himself and Fergus to leave. He looked at Derek and Derek just smiled and said to Sue:

"Susie, give Oliver his coat back."

Oliver just barely suppressed a grin, as Sue obeyed and shed his coat with thanks, giving him another hug.

As he hugged her, he smiled at Derek over her shoulder, and Derek winked at him.

"You're so lovely!" Oliver said, as he left.

Then Sue whirled around and threw herself at Derek.

"I've wanted this as an impossible fantasy almost all of my life!" she said.

"Even when I was taking Lorraine Dickman to the woods?" he asked.

"You remember that?" she said smiling.

"Of course I do; you were such a bird dog, determined to keep me from getting a feel from her."

"No," she said, shaking her head, "Not at all; I was so jealous, was the thing, and if you would have asked me to go to the woods with you, and in the woods told me to take off my clothes and blow you, I would have in an instant."

"Now you tell me!" Derek moaned.

"Better late than never," Sue said grinning broadly, "I'll go to the woods with you anytime."

"I bet you would, Susie, my Susie!" he said, matching her grin.


They were quietly married. They sold off Derek's mom's property to a group that wanted to put up some condos for the elderly, and made a handsome profit from it. Of course, Sue had, from Harvey, quite enough for both her and Derek to live on.

Derek continued coaching and teaching at the college, rising gradually to the head coach position. Their sex games never abated, for Sue pledged to be his sex slave for ever. And she still is!

The End

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