tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 06

Auntie Mabel Ch. 06


Book Six: Sixty and Sexy

Mabel spent the night with Alison; she had never experienced such a fantastic orgasm before in her life, and needed to recuperate. Obviously it took a woman, to know how to make a woman really come. Mabel remembered actually screaming in ecstasy as she orgasmed. She lay in bed with her, as the morning sun shone through the window.

Alison was gently sucking her nipples; she couldn't get enough of Mabel's breasts. Since she woke she had been playing with them. Mabel just lay there thinking, and allowed her to fondle them.

She had been offered an opportunity, to effectively become a billionaire. All she had to do was marry Alison; between them they would eventually own Brit Oil. This was the multinational company that was now owned by Mabel's father in law. He was now very old and sick, and didn't want his empire broken up amongst strangers when he died.

He had no son now to leave it to, as Simon who was Mabel's husband had died a few years ago. His daughter the Lady Allison Armatage, was a confirmed Lesbian and wouldn't marry a man.

However she had suggested to him that if she married Mabel, who already owned his son Simon's share of the Company, then it would stay in the family when the old boy died. He wasn't really happy about this, but decided he had little choice in the matter.

If only his son Simon had given Mabel a son, then there would have been no problem. He could have left his company to his grandson, and died happy. Simon however had a low sperm count and couldn't get Mabel pregnant, no matter how many times he fucked her.

Years ago this couldn't have worked, but the new laws now allowed same sex couples to Marry. It was still very controversial but legal. Mabel suddenly giggled as Alison's tongue slipped up inside her cunt.

'Stop it, you sexpot, I haven't had any breakfast yet, an old gal needs her food,' she complained with a fond smile.

'I am having my breakfast now, if you don't mind, and it tastes lovely,' replied Alison from between Mabel's thighs. Mabel reached down and tousled Alison's hair, it was long and blonde and was tickling her as she licked her clitoris.

'Stop that and kiss me,' she ordered.

Alison slid up Mabel's naked body and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

'You taste of my cunt' Mabel observed, and kissed her back just as passionately.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, and Alison's maid came in with her breakfast. Mabel noticed that Alison made no attempt to cover her naked body, as the maid set the tray on a small table near the bed.

'This is Diana, my maid and friend, Diana this is the famous Mable Armatage, of whom you have heard so much lately.'

Diana was a beautiful buxom woman, with raven black hair and stunning green eyes; she looked to be in her mid thirties and had a lovely smile. Diana sat on the bed and shook Mabel's hand,

'It is a pleasure to meet you at last,' she said in a husky contralto voice.

Mabel also noticed that as she was speaking to her, Diana's other hand was unconsciously stroking Alison's naked bottom. Diana got up and left the room, Mabel watched her leave and thought that her bottom was swaying slightly more than necessary.

They sat down naked at the table and enjoyed their breakfast.

'Diana is a very beautiful woman,' Mabel commented.

'Yes she is, she comes from a village in Italy and is very passionate,' replied Alison munching on her toast.

'Are you lovers?' asked Mabel, in her forthright way.

' Oh yes, she has a very long tongue, and has taught me a lot since I have known her.'

'Is she a Lesbian too?'

'No she is just a very passionate woman, who loves sex. A bit like you I would imagine.' Alison smiled fondly at Mabel.

'I know you aren't a Lesbian Mabel, but these labels needn't restrict us, I don't like men, you do, so what.'

'Is there a reason why you are so against men?' Mabel asked gently.

'I have a reason for everything that I do Mabel, let me tell you a story. I haven't even told Diana this, in fact you will be the only one that I have told.' Alison took her tea and sat back on her bed, she beckoned Mabel to join her. She sipped her tea as she collected her thoughts.

'It was on this very bed that I discovered for certain that I was a Lesbian. I had always been more comfortable with girls than with boys. I used to love kissing and cuddling my girlfriends in the dorm at school. I thought it was harmless, and made the mistake of mentioning it to my mother one day.

She was not amused, and told me that it had to stop. My destiny was to marry a rich man and have lots of children, so Daddy could leave his empire to his own blood. As I was under the age of consent I did as I was told, and played the dutiful daughter.

However on my eighteenth birthday I went into Daddy's study and told him that I wasn't going to marry any man, and that I was a lesbian. He looked at me with disgust, and pushed me out of the room. Later I heard Mother telling him to stop drinking, and go to bed.

That night I was sleeping soundly until I felt my bedclothes being pulled away. It was dark and I couldn't see who was there, I always sleep naked so I felt very vulnerable lying there on my back on the bed. I felt a hand grab me between my legs, fingers went into my cunt and the hand gripped my pubes tightly.

A drunken voice snarled 'What a fucking waste of a cunt.' I felt hands gripping me and turning me onto my face, and a pillow was pushed over my head. Suddenly I was being smacked hard on my naked bottom.

Blows kept slamming against my arse, I tried to scream but the pillow muffled me and I could barely breath. Finally the spanking stopped and the pillow was thrown away, my arse felt like it was on fire.

Hands grabbed my ankles and pulled me partly off the bed. My feet were on the floor and my bottom bent over the side of the bed. The pain from my bottom was so great, that I didn't notice at first that something was being shoved into my vagina. The pain of my hymen breaking, was swallowed up by the general pain of my bum.

My body was shaking as someone was thrusting into me from behind. I just lay there wishing it would stop, and clutching the bedclothes so I wouldn't fall off the bed. Suddenly I heard a loud grunting noise, and I felt a hot liquid filling my vagina.

Shortly afterwards I felt the person back away from the bed, and stumble out of the room. I just lay there sobbing in pain, and didn't move for hours. I must have fallen asleep like that, because I woke up the next morning and I was still clutching the bedclothes tightly.

My fingers had gone numb from the pressure. My bum had stopped hurting and when I finally got up and went to the bathroom, I saw my bottom was red and felt very tender. Something sticky had run down the inside of my legs, and my vagina was very sore and swollen.

As I looked at it, a creamy liquid dripped out of it and fell onto the bathroom tiles. I had been fucked, I couldn't be certain as I never saw him. However I was sure it was my father.

When I eventually went down for breakfast, mother was saying that there had been reports of a prowler on the grounds. She asked if I had been disturbed during the night, I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. He has never mentioned it since, and has always acted correctly around me.

I couldn't tell mother, so I said nothing to anyone until just now. Luckily I didn't get pregnant...' suddenly without warning Alison burst into tears. Huge sobs racked her body, as she felt the relief of being able to tell about a horrible secret that she had kept to herself for years.

Mabel just held her tight and rocked her gently, saying nothing. After a while Alison's broken hearted crying, slowed then stopped. Her face was red and swollen, and her nose was running. She got up and ran into the bathroom to clean herself up. While she was gone, Mabel discovered that she had come to a decision about Alison's proposal. She would accept it, if only to fuck her father off.

When Alison finally emerged from the bathroom, all traces of her emotional storm had vanished. She was wrapped in a bathrobe, and was once again the Lady Alison Armatage.

She was stunned and delighted when she heard that Mabel agreed to marry her. With a squeal of joy she jumped onto her, and kissed her all over her naked body.

Mabel however wasn't in the mood for any more sex, and gently disentangled herself from Alison. She told her that she had lots to do today, and that she would leave all the wedding business to her to sort out.

Mabel then got dressed and hugging Alison tightly said that she would see her soon. Alison followed her to the door and waved to her as she drove back to the village and John.

John was at work, although he was an engineer he often had to go into the office to get drawings printed. The print girl was the lovely Jane Sanderson. The first thing you noticed about Jane was her Tits; the second thing you noticed about Jane was her Tits.

She had fantastic Tits; she was only eighteen so they were firm and perky as well as being very, very noticeable. The engineers had a nickname for her; they referred to her as 'TITS.'

Before Mabel, John was just as enamoured of her tits as every other red-blooded male in the factory. Every time a male would enter the print room for a copy of a drawing, he would talk directly to Jane's tits. Jane had a beautiful heart shaped face, lovely soft brown eyes and a dazzling smile. However if you were to ask any of the engineers to describe her face, they would be hard pressed to do so.

Jane had been cursed with big tits since she was fifteen; she had learned to ignore the fact that men spoke to them, instead of her. She was a very intelligent girl, and the Company realised this. She was going to College, to learn Technical Drawing and Design. When she finished her studies it was planned that she join the design team.

Consequently she had noticed that John, the tall good-looking engineer who often came into her office, was ignoring her tits and actually talking to her. It had taken her a while to register this fact. At his last visit he had chatted to her about some office gossip without once looking at her tits. She was so surprised that she actually looked down at them herself, to check they were still there.

From experience she could also tell that he wasn't just pretending not to notice them, he genuinely seemed to be ignoring them. She had noticed that over the last week he had changed. She couldn't put her finger on just exactly what it was about him. He seemed more adult lately, than the rest of the engineers that drooled over her tits.

After years of wishing that a good-looking man would ignore her tits, and notice her, she perversely felt slightly offended at his behaviour. The next time he came into the office, she stealthily unbuttoned her blouse so her cleavage was more obvious. As she approached him with the drawings she dropped them on the floor. Kneeling down in front of him to pick them up, ensured that he got a good look at her breasts.

Once he had helped her pick them up he had stunned her, by complimenting her on her hairstyle. Hairstyle? Fuck my hairstyle, why aren't you ogling my tits? you fucking man you, she thought furiously. Then it hit her between the eyes, he wasn't acting like an eighteen-year-old boy. He was acting like a mature man. When did this happen?

John was oblivious to all this consternation on Jane's mind. His mind was full of Mabel, he thought about her all the time, and all other females were inconsequential to him. He was looking forward to their first official driving lesson, he couldn't wait to get his cock into her.

His workmates had bombarded him with questions, when he drove into work in his brand new Mini the first time. Rather than tell them that his Auntie Mabel had bought it for him, he let them believe that he had saved up and bought it himself. This news had spread around the workforce, and Jane had been very impressed.

This John obviously had a head on his shoulders, and was sensible with his money. Despite popular belief, Jane didn't have a boyfriend. She suffered from Beautiful Big Tits Syndrome.

All the eligible bachelors believed that as she was so beautiful, and had such lovely big tits she must already have a boyfriend. Therefore no one ever asked her out.

She had tried for one embarrassing day only, to wear a tee shirt with the word 'unattached' written across her breasts. After the umpteenth offer to help her attach them back on, she had never worn it again,

Her deepest darkest secret; was that she was an eighteen-year-old virgin. To her horror, the next time John spoke directly to her face she felt herself blushing furiously. She was simply embarrassed to be looked at so directly, by an attractive young man.

'Are you OK Jane?' he asked as he collected the latest batch of drawings, 'you look at bit flushed.' She heard herself saying, ' I hear you have a brand new Mini, I bet it goes fast.'

'Oh yes,' he replied offhandedly, ' I'm hoping to put it through it's paces tonight.' It wasn't the car that he was thinking of when he said those words, it was his Auntie Mabel. He was hoping to put her through her paces, given half a chance. He looked back at Jane and saw that she was just standing there looking at him.

'These are all the drawings then?' he asked her. Jane couldn't think of anything else to say so just nodded. Without a backward glance or smile, he walked out of her office and back to the shop floor.

As soon as he had gone, Jane ran into the Ladies Room. Entering a cubical she lifted up her skirt and put her hand between her legs. She couldn't believe this, her cunt was soaking wet. She was blessed with thick black wavy hair on her head, and it was just as thick on her pubes. Her entire pubic area was dripping with her juices.

At first she had thought she had come on, but it was nowhere near her time. Feeling the unaccustomed dampness around her fanny she had just stood there wishing John would leave, so she could check herself. What the fuck was going on here? She had never ever had this happen to her in her life.

The other office girls were always going on about which engineer made them juicy. She hadn't realised that a woman's cunt actually got wet and juicy. She had to take a handful of paper towels, and wipe her fanny to soak up the cunt juice.

It must be that John, it's his fault she muttered to herself. Just because he's so fucking tall and handsome he shouldn't think for a fucking moment, that she was fucking interested in him. As she was furiously thinking about him she was still rubbing her damp pussy.

The towels were soaked so she dropped them in the loo. She felt her fanny with her fingers, to see if it was dry enough to pull her knickers back up. Her cunt felt itchy so she rubbed it to relive the irritation. Thoughts of John filled her head again, and she found herself rubbing herself harder.

Her cunt was so wet now that her fingers kept slipping inside it, and the feel of her cunt being filled was wonderful. She sat on the loo and fingered herself faster and faster. She had never fingered herself before, she hadn't needed to, no one had ever affected her like he did.

She suddenly wished that he were here with her, watching her rubbing herself for him. This image of him watching her was so erotic, that she had her first orgasm sitting on the loo at work. It was so strong that she couldn't help gasping out loud, as it thundered through her body.

She sat there trembling until her body recovered itself. Taking a deep breath she again dried her wet pussy by dabbing it this time, and pulled up her knickers. She listened to hear if anyone had come into the room whilst she had been wanking herself. Had she really been 'wanking' herself? Only dirty girls did that sort of thing, was she a dirty girl?

Hearing nothing, she quietly opened the cubical door and looked out. Thank heavens it was deserted; she walked to the sink and washed her face in cold water. A burning sensation suffused her entire body.

Her cunt was still throbbing from her orgasm, her nipples were standing out like kittens noses, and her face was red with embarrassment. Apart from that I appear to be OK, she thought and taking another deep breath walked back into her office.

That night in bed she was mortified to find herself thinking of John again. She had just had her shower, and was drying herself in front of her full- length mirror. She found herself posing this way and that to see how to present her breasts, in the most provocative manner. She lifted them up to test if they sagged at all. They didn't sag, but she noticed that her nipples were hard again.

In fact they were really getting quite uncomfortable, she got some moisturising cream and rubbed it on her nipples. The feel of her fingers seemed to ease the swelling, and she stood there rubbing her nipples and watching herself in the mirror. I am beautiful and I have lovely big firm breasts, she told herself.

Seeing her pubes reminded her that it was time that she trimmed her pubic hair. She was a very hairy girl; she had long black wavy hair on her head. She also had hairy armpits, and her pubic hairs spread out onto her inner thighs and belly. Up to this point in time she hadn't worried overmuch about this. No one but her doctor had ever seen her naked, and her doctor was a woman, and had never commented on how hirsute she was.

She suddenly found herself worrying that he wouldn't like her hairy cunt. Perhaps he liked a nice shaven one, her armpits made her feel like a gorilla. An irrational feeling of panic swept over her, she found her electric razor and shaved her armpits. She then used a depilatory cream on them to remove the stubble.

Lifting her arms up, she breathed a sigh of relief that her armpits were now smooth and hairless. Unfortunately this only made her groin seem like she had an unkempt forest between her legs.

She sat on the toilet seat and started to shave her pubic hairs off. It took quite a while. She had to shave around her vagina, being careful not to touch her cunt lips with the buzzing teeth of the electric razor.

Once all the hairs were removed from that, it only made the hairs on her inner thighs stand out more. She patiently shaved each leg, until she was satisfied all her hair had gone from her legs.

This now left her belly, a large triangle of hair stretched from the top of her vagina to her belly button. Fuck all men, she swore as she shaved off the offending patch. She walked back into her bedroom, to rub some cream on her newly shaven bits.

As she posed again in front of the mirror to admire her shaven pussy, she noticed that there still seemed to be hairs between her legs. It wasn't until she turned her back to the mirror. that she realised that she had a hairy anus. I've got a hairy arse, she thought in horror.

Builders have got hairy arses, not a beautiful girl like me. He'll think I'm an animal if he sees my bum. This was far more difficult; she tried bending over with her bum to the mirror and shaving around her bum hole.

She found that she couldn't hold her bum cheeks apart, and shave around her bum hole at the same time. She tried lying on the bed, with her legs right up in the air so her ankles almost touched her ears. She then couldn't even see her pussy, because her tits got in the way.

In the end she lay on her side curled up on the bed, and closing her eyes shaved carefully around her anus by feel alone. At last she had finished, her bum and fanny felt very strange bald. She could see her naked cunt for the first time ever.

It had always been hidden beneath her thick curly pubic hair. She studied her cunt with interest, her lips hardly protruded at all. She decided that she had a very neat little cunt. She could almost see her clitoris, and rubbed it gently to see what it felt like.

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