tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 07

Auntie Mabel Ch. 07


Book seven.


Alison was a happy woman; she was going to marry Mabel. This meant that the Oil empire; that her father had built up would survive and she would become a billionaire as soon as he died. At the moment she was laying naked on her tummy, on her bed. She could feel Diana's hot naked bum cheeks as they rubbed against the small of her back.

Alison hoped that Diana didn't take it into her head to tickle her, as both her hands were tied to the bedposts. At the moment Diana was being good, she was just rubbing aromatic oils into Alison's neck and back.

Now and again she leant forward to reach higher up her body. Alison could feel Diana's hairy pubes brush her naked skin. 'Your cunt hair tickles Diana, I'll have to shave your pubes one day.' 'My men like a hairy cunt miss, but I'll shave your blond fuzz off if you like.' Diana retorted.

Alison loved being massaged; she was also a qualified Masseur herself. She had used her knowledge of a woman's body, to seduce Mabel on the massage table. Thinking of Mabel made her cunt wet; Alison was a confirmed Lesbian. She hoped that the close proximity that might come out of this relationship; would enable her to make love to Mabel many more times.

Her cunt getting wet made her wriggle her bottom. Diana took that as a signal to move down her body, so she could kneel between her legs and oil her bottom. Alison felt the warm oil being pored over and between her bum cheeks. She gasped in pleasure, as Diana opened her bum cheeks and gently pushed a finger into her anus.

She closed her eyes as Diana rotated her finger to stretch her bum hole. She unconsciously opened her legs wider, to give her unrestricted access to her anus and cunt. There were times when Alison felt outnumbered; of the three of them she was the only lesbian.

Both Diana and Mabel, would fuck men without a thought. They were just very sensual women who loved sex, and didn't have many hang-ups about it. She on the other hand couldn't stand to have a man touch her. She didn't even like to be near them if truth be told. When she was CEO of the Oil Empire; she would surround herself with beautiful intelligent women to help her run it.

Diana was her maid, during the day she had to do as Alison told her. In return she insisted that when she was massaging Alison, she would be in complete control. This explained why Alison was tied securely to the bed. She was totally at Diana's mercy, and that knowledge increased her pleasure in the situation.

Diana was quite capable of whipping her naked arse. She had done so before, when she remembered a slight given her by Alison during the day. Tonight however, she seemed content to make gentle love to her.

She indicated that Alison get up on her knees, and stick her bottom in the air. This presented her anus and cunt to Diana. She started to smack Alison's bum cheeks, first the left one then the right one. Over and over the palm of her hand slapped onto her naked bum, until both cheeks were rosy from the gentle punishment.

Alison groaned with bliss when the smacking stopped, and she felt Diana's long tongue slip into her bum. She loved having her bum licked, and her maid's tongue thrust into her anus and sent shivers all over her naked body.

She felt it withdraw from her bum, only to feel it entering her cunt. Diana could push her tongue deep into Alison's cunt, until her lips were between her cunt lips. She would then lick her cunt from the inside, moving her tongue about until Alison felt like coming into her mouth.

The only thing that made Alison different from most lesbians; was that she refused to be fucked. She would not allow any of her female lovers to strap a cock on, and insert it into her bum or cunt. This was due to a horrible experience she had suffered when she was younger.

She smiled as she felt Diana's nipples rubbing over her back. She would often gently slap her back with her large breasts. She had very large nipples, and sometimes would insert one of them into Alison's anus. Diana untied Alison's wrists from the bed, and turned her over onto her back.

It was time for a little 69'ing and Alison opened her legs for Diana's tongue. Diana lowered her juicy pussy onto Alison's mouth, and they licked and sucked each other's cunts.

Her maid then knelt by her side and inserted two fingers into her wet cunt. She started to finger Alison's cunt vigorously. As her cunt was being stimulated, she reached up and fondled Diana's breasts as they bounced above her.

The brisk rubbing of her cunt brought her to her orgasm, and she arched her back as it raced through her body. 'Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Diana you cunt you, you fucking bastard,' she screamed. Diana held her gently, until the aftershocks had dissipated. She then leaned over and kissed her deeply, thrusting her tongue into her mouth.

'My turn now miss, you know what I want,' she whispered. Alison then got off the bed and took a strap-on cock from the dresser. Diana watched as she adjusted it, so it stuck out from her groin just like a rampant man's. Alison wouldn't allow anyone to fuck her with one of these, but she would fuck her lover with one if asked.

Diana always asked to be fucked, and buggered when it was her turn to come. Alison watched as her maid took a tube of lubricant, and greased her own anus thoroughly. Her cunt was already extremely juicy, and didn't need any extra lubrication.

Diana then walked over to the open window, and bent over with her elbows on the window ledge. She had told Alison that she liked to feel the breeze on her face; as she was being fucked. 'Please don't fuck my cunt miss, I'm sorry I was naughty,' she said piteously. Alison just smiled at hearing this plea for mercy, she knew what Diana liked. When she was ready Alison positioned herself behind her, and inserted the big rubber cock into her maids wet cunt.

Holding tight to her shoulders for purchase, she started to ram it into Diana's willing cunt. She liked to be fucked hard, fast and brutally. Alison's breasts were bouncing madly, as she pounded the cock into her maid's cunt. The sheer force of her fucking; caused Diana's tits to slap back and forth on the window ledge. 'Ow, Ow, please stop miss, please stop fucking my cunt.'

It was time to fuck her up the arse, so Alison pulled the cock out of her throbbing cunt. Diana reached behind herself, and with both hands gripped her bum cheeks and pulled them as far apart as she could. This enabled Alison to locate the cock against her anus.

She then stood still, as Diana wriggled her bum backwards onto the cock. Soon her bum cheeks were pressed hard against Alison's groin. 'Please don't fuck me up the arse miss,' she begged. Hearing this Alison withdrew the big cock, until it was almost popping out of her anus.

Then with a grunt of effort, she slammed it back up her tight arsehole, over and over. As Alison thrust it in, so Diana moaned and groaned as if in pain. Again Alison's breasts were bouncing around with the effort, and she was starting to sweat all over.

Suddenly Diana arched her back, and grabbed hold of the sides of the window. With a howl like a wolf she threw her head back and went rigid, as her orgasm hit her. 'Owwwwww, missss Owwww.' She always addressed Alison as miss, even in the throes of passion. Diana's arse clamped tight around the cock, as she rode the waves of incredible pleasure that washed through her naked body.

Eventually her body went limp, and she almost collapsed out of the open window. As she fell forward her bum was pulled off the cock, but Alison managed to catch her around her waist. She held her steady, until she regained control of her limbs. Diana was just lying on the window ledge, sobbing quietly after her orgasm.

Outside in the dark garden, was a man sitting on a branch of a tree that gave him an unobstructed view of the window. His name was Charlie, he was one of Diana's lovers and he owned a video camera. He had just taken a video of the future CEO, of an Oil Empire worth billions.

It showed her stark naked, fucking a woman's cunt and then buggering her. From the pleas for mercy that he had recorded, it looked as if a maid was being raped by Lady Alison Armatage. Alison's face was clearly shown, as were her full naked breasts bouncing about as she fucked the poor woman. The camera even showed her nipples erect in passion.

The poor maid was clearly heard begging Alison not to bugger her. The next scene however showed Alison smile, before commencing to fuck the poor girl up her arse. Finally the maid seemed to faint from the pain, and collapse onto the window ledge sobbing her heart out.

Charlie thought to himself, if this isn't worth a few million then I don't know what is. After a last appreciative look at Lady Alison's naked tits, he climbed down from the tree and left quietly.

Diana had planned this whole scene, she had been furious when that old whore, Mabel Armatage had shown up. What the fuck was Alison playing at, she was offering the old cow a fortune for just signing a marriage contract. What about her, after all the effort she had made to ingratiate herself with the Dyke. She had even let her fuck her up her arse, for fucks sake. Of all the sexual things that Diana hated most, it was being fucked up her arse.

It wouldn't have been so bad, if she could have buggered the Lady Alison in return. However her Ladyship's cunt and arse; were not for the likes of a mere maid to penetrate. Just now when she was gently smacking her Ladyships virgin arse, she had envisioned herself whipping it with all her strength until it bled.

As yet she had no concrete plans on how to use the video, but she was sure that it would come in handy one day. Now even though her arse was very tender, she would have to go into the woods surrounding the house to meet Charlie.

After sucking his cock, she would probably have to bend over and spread her arse cheeks for him as well. Why the fuck, did everyone want to fuck her up her arse?

Mabel and Jane.

The next morning Mabel put her plan into motion. She phoned John before he went to work, and told him she was having another dinner party. This time he was to bring a girl with him. This would defuse any suspicions about their relationship. He replied that he had no idea who to ask, as he didn't have a girlfriend.

'I have an idea, ask that Jane girl,' suggested Mabel with a grin. John thought he would have as much luck asking Miss World to join him for dinner. However Mabel had tasked him with this, and he would give it his best shot.

John ensured that he needed to visit Jane's office, and she was flabbergasted when he asked her if she would do him a favour. Her hackles immediately rose when she heard this.

The last time an engineer had asked her for a favour, he had asked her to jump up and down for him. She had nearly kicked him in the balls the cheeky fucker. However after much throat clearing, he asked her if she would come to dinner with him.

'Why are you asking me?' she asked suspiciously. 'Don't tell any of the other engineers,' he said, 'but you are the only girl that I ever speak to.' Despite herself, Jane's manner warmed because of his candour.

'What do I have to wear, something low cut perhaps?' she asked sweetly, ready to scratch his eyes out if he answered in the affirmative. 'I have no idea what we will be wearing,' he admitted. A brilliant thought struck him, and he gave Jane Mabel's phone number. 'This is my Auntie Mabel's number,' he explained 'please ring her and ask her about those sort of girlie things.'

'I haven't said I'm going yet,' she snapped. The crestfallen look on his face gave her great pleasure. So much so that she felt her cunt getting warm. She realised that this could be a golden opportunity to come into his private life and make him suffer. How dare he make her 'wank' her cunt thinking about him?

She would ring his Auntie Mabel, and squeeze all the embarrassing information about him, out of her. Seeing him start to turn away, she put him out of his misery for the time being. 'I will contact your Aunt and we will arrange things between us. I will let you know when to pick me up from my house.' She turned her back on him, and he scurried out of her office.

He was working with an older engineer named Fred; he asked where John had been. 'Oh I've just asked Jane out to dinner,' he replied off handedly. 'Not TITS? You haven't asked TITS out to dinner have you?' Fred asked him in amazement. 'Fucking hell you have some nerve I must say, good on you boy. Did she say yes?' 'Of course,' John replied coolly as he walked away.

Only now did he fully realise what he had done. He had asked 'tits' Sanderson out, and she had said yes. The story would go round the factory like wildfire, and he would be a hero. None of the lads had ever dared ask her out, certain that she would laugh at them for their impertinence.

He was surprised to find that he felt great; it was so nice to be able to be open about a relationship. He loved May, and wanted her all the time. It was so hard, that he had to keep their affair a secret. He knew why, he wasn't stupid; she was far too old for him.

He smiled to himself; his mates were going to be jealous of him. They would think he was possibly fucking a kid like Jane. They couldn't know that he was already fucking a grown woman, on a regular basis.

Mabel could barely conceal her glee when Jane rang her. She wasted no time, and invited her round to meet her that evening. Despite herself she had to stifle a smile when Jane walked into the room. The description, 'In walked Jane's tits, followed closely by Jane' fitted the situation to a tee. She was a beautiful girl, but you couldn't see it, because her tits actually got in the way.

'Lovely to meet you at last, John has told me so much about you,' said Mabel with a welcoming smile. Jane was invited to sit down, and asked to share some tea and biscuits. They chatted about inconsequential things for a while, and Jane found herself relaxing in Mabel's company.

Jane asked quite a few questions concerning John, and Mabel answered them in such a way, as to suggest that John was very interested in Jane. 'Oh yes John has told me all about the most beautiful, and may I say sexiest girl in the factory,' she confided. 'He asked for my help in overcoming his shyness, as far as you were concerned.' Mabel whispered in a conspiratorial manner. 'I hope I have been able to give him a few pointers, regarding girls.' Ah Jane thought, so his Auntie's advice is the root of his apparent new confidence.

Jane was surprised to say the least when she first saw John's Aunt Mabel. She had expected a little old lady, but the beautiful golden haired woman looking at her wasn't a little old lady. For a start she had tits as big as Jane's, but for some reason they didn't dominate her body.

Mabel was wearing an Arran jumper, it was high necked and a cream colour. It effectively disguised the size of her breasts, unless she stood sideways to the observer.

'May I call you Aunt Mabel?' Jane asked politely, 'I must admit that I was surprised at the change in John during the last week or so. He seems far more mature and interesting, and it seems that it is all down to you.'

Jane hesitated and then asked Mabel a question. 'I have a problem, and I wonder if you can help me the same way you seem to have helped John?' Jane took a deep breath and continued. 'It's my breasts you see, so far John is the only male in the company, that seems able to look past them so to speak and see me.'

'Who buys your bras dear?' Mabel asked in her forthright way.

Jane felt strangely comfortable with this tiny woman with the big tits. She told Mabel that her mum still bought her bras for her. 'Can you show me your bra please?' Jane felt no embarrassment whatever, as she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.

She stood there in front of Mabel, who looked at her from a few different angles. 'Hmmm, your straps need adjusting, do you mind?' Jane stood still, while Mabels fingers slipped between her bra straps and her skin. After a minute Mabel stood back and considered the result of her adjustments.

'Wait here please dear, I need to fetch something from my bedroom.' Jane stood in the middle of the lounge in her bra and skirt; the lounge had patio doors that led out into the back garden. There were no curtains, as there was no way that any passer by could see into it unless they were standing in Mabel's garden.

John was standing in Mabel's garden; he always came into her house through her patio doors in case anyone was watching. Mabel had invited him over, but had warned him that she might have company. If so he was to wait, until she let him know the coast was clear.

He didn't know what to expect, but he certainly didn't expect to see Jane 'tits' Sanderson standing there in her bra. As he watched, Mabel came back into the room.

'I thought I had a spare one in my drawer, still never mind, as we are all girls together.' So saying Mabel pulled off her jumper and then unhooked her bra. She slipped it of and offered it to Jane. 'We appear to be the same size, try this one dear, it's nice and warm' she suggested to Jane, offering it to her. 'This type supports your breasts, without sticking them in peoples eyes.'

Jane found herself in awe of this beautiful confident woman. She didn't know anyone who would have done such a thing, with such complete disregard for convention.

Jane wanted to be just like this woman, so she just shrugged, which made her breasts bounce delightfully. Seeing this John felt a stirring in his pants, as his cock started to take notice. Jane reached behind herself and with ease of practice, undid her bra and slipped it off her shoulders.

Her lovely firm breasts were now fully exposed to John's eyes. He noticed that they were the same size as Mabel's, but a bit 'perkier' due to the fact that she was about forty years younger. Jane's nipples were small and pink, compared to Mabel's larger nipples.

John theorised that this was because Jane's nipples hadn't been sucked as much as Mabel's had been. Thoughts of sucking nipples, really had an effect on his cock. Seeing both the women in his life bare breasted, was very erotic and his cock wanted out.

Jane's mum Sue, had wanted to protect her daughter's breasts from sagging. The bras that she bought did this perfectly, however they were similar to the nose cones of missiles. Mabel's bras were made from a softer material, they did the same job but in a more subtle fashion. They also cost ten times the amount that Jane's cost.

Mabel helped Jane into the bra, after much adjusting she declared herself satisfied with the result. 'Lets try this on as the final touch.' She suggested to Jane. Mabel handed her jumper to Jane to put on. John had to get his cock out and rub it, to ease the pressure on his balls.

When Jane had put Mabel's jumper on, she looked at herself in a mirror. The effect was amazing, she still had big tits; no type of bra could hide that fact. However they were no longer the main attraction, they had dropped a few inches and allowed her face to be noticed.

Jane was delighted, and impulsively hugged Mabel, forgetting that she was still naked from the waist up. 'Thank you Aunt Mabel, it's like one of those makeovers on telly. I feel like a different girl, I can't wait to show J...., mum,' she said blushing at her Freudian slip.

Jane made as if to remove the jumper but Mabel told her to keep it and the bra. 'I have plenty of both dear, they suit you, and perhaps your mum can buy you something similar the next time she goes into town.'

The show was over and John stopped rubbing his cock, he had enjoyed that. He was over the moon that he alone of all the engineers; had seen Jane's tits.

Jane meanwhile was summoning up her courage to ask Mabel another question. 'Mabel you wear such smart and sexy clothes, do you have any advice about knickers?' 'What about them dear?' 'Mum also buys my knickers for me, they are nice and comfortable but I wondered what sort you wore.'

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