tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 09

Auntie Mabel Ch. 09


Book Nine. Teaching Jane.

Sue Sanderson was plotting how she could get her daughter out of the house for one night.

Ever since her experience on the kitchen floor, she had been thinking about anal sex with Bill.

The problem was Sue was a noisy fucker, and fucking next door to her daughter's room didn't allow her to let herself go as she wanted to.

Her husband Bill was a successful Doctor, and worked very hard.

Their sex life was so so, mainly because their house was badly set out.

In order to have a decent fuck, they often had to go down to the kitchen. After years of denying him anal sex, she had at last tried it out with a vibrator.

The result was mind blowing; she had gone into multiple orgasms and had to be rescued from it by her daughter Jane.

Although that experience had brought them closer together, Sue was still not ready to discuss her sex life too deeply with her daughter.

No, it would be best if they could have the house to themselves for one night at least.

Jane was upstairs on the phone to Mabel, she had lost her virginity the previous night after Mabel's Engagement party, and she was dying to talk about it to someone she trusted.

Jane had become a lot closer to her mum recently, but was still not ready to tell her every detail of her sex life.

For some reason this reluctance didn't apply to Aunt Mabel.

Jane trusted her for some strange reason, even after the events of last night.

Mabel stunned them all by announcing her plans to marry her dead husbands sister Alison, this had shaken but not broken Jane's faith in her.

Jane had wondered what the best way was to inform Mabel; that she had finally been fucked by John.

In the end she decided to be subtle about it.

'Hello Aunt Mabel.

It's Jane to thank you for the loan of your beautiful dress.

It's a bit stained and I wondered what was the best way to clean it?'

'Hello darling girl, lovely to hear from you, don't worry about the dress.

I don't care what you've done do it, as it is yours to keep.

How to clean it, depends on what stained it.

'Uh I'm afraid that John stained it,' admitted Jane.

There was a silence at the other end of the phone for a few seconds.

'Don't tell me the dress worked,' asked Mabel.

'I should say so, I can barely walk today, it worked so well.'

'I am so happy for you my darling girl, congratulations on becoming a woman.'

'Thank you Aunt Mabel, it wouldn't have happened without you.'

'Nonsense my love, I wasn't there'

'Yes you were, I kept thinking what would Mabel do in this situation and acted accordingly.'

'Well you will be interested to know that you have christened that dress, I wasn't wearing it when I first made love to my husband.'

'I would have asked mum how to clean it but I was embarrassed to tell her that the stains on the lower part were from me, and the stains on the bodice were from John.'

'That's a point dear, I hope he didn't come in your womb?'

'No although it was touch and go for a second, but he pulled out of me and came in my mouth.'

Mabel burst into laughter, ' Oh you sexy minx, there is little I can teach you now about sex.'

'Well that is why I rang; it was not just because of the stains.

You remember we were talking about anal sex?'

'Oh my god Jane, don't tell me he fucked you up the bum as well,'

'No, thank God, or I would still be in bed, I'm sore enough as it is.

However I really Love him and want to make sure that he loves me as much.

I want to be the best fuck he's ever had or going to have, and to do that I have to know everything you know about sex.'

'My darling child, I am Sixty years old, I have had a lifetime of sex.

I can describe a lot of it to you, but in the end you have to actually do it to be good at it.'

'Can I ask you a personal question?'

'I'm going to regret this, but ok fire away.'

'As you're going to marry Alison, and as she is a lesbian, can I assume that you have made love to her?'

'Oh is that all, yes my love of course I've made love to her.'

'Have you ever had anal sex with her?'

'No, Alison has a few hang-ups about sex, and I have never actually fucked her in any hole.'

'Oh bugger, I was hoping that if you had done it with her, then perhaps you could have done it with me.'

'Good heavens girl, have I created a sex machine in you.

Are you asking your old Aunt Mabel to fuck you up the arse?

Why on earth would you want that from me?'

'To be honest I didn't have any control over losing my virginity.

It happened so fast that I found myself just hanging on, and taking everything he did to me.

I need experience in some things to be able to control John.'

'I see, the ancient Greeks had a famous saying.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Drink deep or taste not the Thebian spring

There, shallow drafts intoxicate the brain

Whilst drinking largely, sobers again.

Perhaps I should teach you everything after all, it may be safer for you than only knowing part.'

'Thank you Aunt Mabel, if you can take me through these things, then I am sure that I will benefit from your teachings.'

'Very well, it will help me if you make a list of all the things you think that you need to know.

Then we can work our way through them in some kind of order.

I will be busy today, as John is giving me an extended driving lesson but I should be free tonight about nine.'

'Thank you so much Mabel, I'll see you then.'

'Goodbye dear.'

Jane hung up the phone and laid back on her bed.

She had asked for help and Mabel had offered it.

Jane only hoped that she could learn as much as possible from Mabel, before she was alone with John again.

Mabel had mixed feelings as she hung up her phone.

She was genuinely pleased for Jane that she had lost her virginity to John. Part of her however was very jealous, and regretted the fact that she would have to give up her toy boy lover to another.

Still she was to have John all to herself today, and she was sure that she would enjoy herself.

Jane had run downstairs to tell her mum that she was going to see Mabel that night.

This had given Sue an idea and when Jane left the kitchen she rang Mabel.

Mabel's phone rang again, and she picked it up.

It was Sue Sanderson, Jane's mum.

'Hello Mabel, it's Sue Sanderson.

'Hello dear, I was just talking to your daughter a minute ago.'

'I know, she said she was coming to see you about nine tonight.

I wondered if I could ask you a big favour?'

'Certainly dear, how can I help/'

'Would it be possible for Jane to spend the night at yours.

I have a surprise for my husband, but I really need the house to ourselves to make it work.'

'It's ok by me dear, but Jane will have to bunk in with me as I haven't got a spare bed.'

'I'm sure Jane won't mind, she thinks the world of you and I know she would love to see more of you.'

'Its forecast to be stormy tonight, perhaps you can tell her that I would rather have somebody to stay with me during the night.

I'll leave it to you to tell her then dear, I hope your night goes as planned.'

'Thank you Mabel I do appreciate this, goodbye.'

'Goodbye dear.'

Mabel smiled to herself, she seemed to be getting more involved with the Sanderson family than she had expected.

Still they were all a nice bunch of people, and she wished them all well.

As for Jane seeing more of her, she had already seen Mabel naked so there wasn't much more to see.

Mabel had arranged a surprise for John, she was going to take him to the seaside.

She packed a bag with various things, and also assembled food and drink for a picnic.

At the appointed time John turned up outside her flat in the mini.

She beckoned him in; when he entered the flat he saw the two boxes in the hall.

'Please take these to the car then return here.' Said Mabel.

John made short work of this and going back into her flat, he closed the front door and swept her up into his arms.

He kissed her passionately, and slipped his hand up under her skirt to grasp her naked cunt.

The feel of his hand between her legs got May instantly juicy, and she pushed her groin forward.

He slipped a finger into her cunt and fingered her gently, until he heard her moan with desire.

To fight back she unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his hardening cock.

As he was fingering her cunt, she was rubbing his cock.

The faster he fingered her, the faster she wanked him.

John had to give in first as he felt his cum rising,

'Whoa May, you'll make me come if you keep wanking my cock.'

'You stop fingering your poor old Auntie's cunt, and I will stop wanking your big cock.' She replied breathlessly.

He had to surrender first, and reluctantly pulled his fingers out of her wet cunt.

May grabbed his hand and lifting his fingers to her mouth, slowly sucked her cunt juice off them.

'Oh God May, I can't wait to fuck your lovely tight cunt tonight,' he said.

'Ummm, perhaps we could just have a taste before we leave,' replied May leading him into her living room.

She sat him down on a chair, and lifting her skirt lowered her hot cunt down onto his upright cock.

They both groaned in pleasure as big cock met tight cunt.

When she was sitting comfortably she kissed him again, deep and slow.

'Tell me about Jane,' May said in her forthright way,

'I hear you gave her a good fucking last night.'

John was stunned, how the fuck had May heard about that so quickly.

He was still trying to get his head around what had happened last night.

His face went red, and May felt his cock start to soften inside her cunt.

'Don't worry my darling boy, I'm not a bit angry with you, I am proud of you.'

'You're not angry?' John asked, ' thank you May, I really didn't know what I was doing at the time.

For some reason I thought it was you I was fucking.

I was angry at you and wanted to punish you, so I fucked you as hard as I could.

When I looked down after I'd come I saw it was Jane, I must have gone mad for a while, I can't explain it even to myself.'

May slipped a breast out of her bra, and offered her nipple to his mouth.

As he greedily sucked on it, she held him close and ground her cunt onto his balls.

Soon he was rampant again, May stood up causing her cunt to pull away from his cock.

She then knelt down between his legs, and took his cock into her mouth. Between sucking and licking his cock; she apologised for the way that she had broken the news of her possible departure from the village.

'You know I love you May, and I will forgive you anything.

I was so hurt last night that I'm sure I went mad.

What on earth can Jane think of me? I almost raped her in the car.'

'Don't worry about that darling boy, Jane was very impressed with your lovemaking, and I suspect wants more of it.'

May told him how proud she was, that her teaching had made him such a fine lover.

As she continued to suck his cock he was stroking her golden hair, he was so relieved that May had taken the news so well.

Although he was feeling strong emotions about Jane, he still loved May passionately.

'I'm glad you didn't cum in her womb, you must have pumped lots of cum into my womb, but I am an old woman.

If you pumped your sperm into Jane's cunt you could well get her pregnant, and she is only eighteen after all.' She pointed out.

'That was more due to rage than judgement' John admitted.'

I was only concerned to punish you, by fucking your mouth and filling it with my cum.'

May looked up at him with her big blue eyes,

'Again I am so sorry that I hurt you love, I intend to give you a very good time today to make up for it.'

Saying that May stopped sucking his cock and tucked it back into his trousers.

Standing up and tucking her breast back into her bra, she grabbed his hand and led him out to the car.

'Where are you taking me?' John asked.

'We are going to the seaside, I have hired a beach hut and we are going to eat drink and fuck, not necessarily in that order.'

On the way to the seaside town that May had chosen John was surprised at how competent a driver she was.

He watched in astonishment as she negotiated complex roundabouts and road junctions with consummate ease.

She used the gears efficiently and was always in the right gear for the situation.

Finally it hit him, 'May you can drive can't you, this driving lesson business was just a ploy to fuck me wasn't it?'

She glanced at him and smiled wickedly,

'How else could I get you to myself so many times?'

She explained that she had been driving for decades, and it was only the fact that his parents hadn't known about it that inspired her to come up with the driving lesson idea.

'Why did you spend so much money buying this car? You could have just spent a couple of hundred on an old banger.'

'I bought this car for you John, when I leave it is yours to keep.

Call it a love gift from a grateful old woman to a handsome young man.'

John just spent the rest of the journey quietly watching her.

May was so out of his league that he wondered what on earth she had seen in him to even bother talking to him, let alone fucking him.

He leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes.

A vision of Jane with his cock in her mouth, and his cum pouring out of it and running down onto her naked breasts, made him smile to himself and he felt his cock swelling again.

He must have drifted off because the next thing he knew they were parking outside a large beach hut.

'Come on sleepy head, up and at 'em;. I'll open the door while you bring in all our stuff.' Cried May happily.

'This is what happens when you are fucking two women at the same time, you randy little bugger.'

They were soon settled in the hut and May set out the picnic on the table.

John admitted that he was starving; as he looked at all the various foods available.

He noticed a Mars bar and a ring doughnut, seemed to be taking pride of place on the table.

'I fancy that doughnut John, be a dear and bring it over to me please.'

He went to pick it up but was stopped by May saying that he wasn't to use his hands to carry it over to her.

John was stumped; perhaps he was to use his mouth?

May gave him a clue when she told him to get his cock out.

'You sexy little woman May, I would never have thought of doing this.' He said.

Taking out his cock he found that if he was quick enough, he could just get the doughnut over his shaft before it swelled too much.

His cock was so big that it was threatening to split the ring doughnut.

He walked across the room to where May was now kneeling on the carpet.

The rules were that May wasn't allowed to use her hands either.

He tried to position his cock in such a way, that she could nibble around the doughnut.

'Mind you don't bite my cock.' He warned.

May just giggled and managed to eat most of the sugary treat, until it fell off his cock.

She then licked his entire shaft, to remove all the sugar that had stuck to his cock.

Standing up she then moved to the table and unwrapped the Mars bar.

'Fancy a quick snack?' she asked, as she dropped her skirt onto the floor. As she rarely wore knickers, this revealed her naked cunt to his eyes.

Sitting down on the small sofa she opened her legs wide, and to his delight slowly inserted the chocolate bar into her cunt.

When she was finished, only a few inches of the bar was sticking out of her.

'Eat it all up like a good boy, then lick me nice and clean.' She ordered.

Kneeling down between her legs, he soon munched his way down to her cunt lips.

He found that he had to suck the bar out of her cunt, in order to finish it off.

When he had eaten it all, her cunt was covered in chocolate.

He did as ordered and licked her clean, finishing of by kissing her squarely on her golden cunt.

She leant forward and kissed him.

'Ummm chocolate flavoured cunt, makes a change from cock,' she commented with a smile.

May then opened a bottle of champagne and poured them both a glass.

'Here's to us.' She toasted.

'Here's to you, my complicated Lady May,' he replied.

They tucked into the rest of the picnic, in a more conventional fashion. May ensured that John drank more than half the bottle of champagne.

She leant back on the sofa with her legs open and said

'Fuck me John, I want that big cock in me now.'

John stripped off his clothes and knelt between her legs, he lifted her legs up until they were resting on his shoulders, and thrust his cock deep into her cunt.

The champagne had made him tipsy but hadn't affected his libido, so May just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of his big young cock thrusting up into her cunt.

He stopped fucking her just long enough to remove her top and bra.

He loved to see her big tits bounce as he fucked her.

Soon may called a halt; she didn't want him to come just yet.

Rummaging through her bag she brought out a strange device.

She handed it to him and explained that it was an anal douche, and he was to go into the bathroom and squirt warm soapy water up his bum, before going to the loo.

This will make your bum as clean as mine already is she said.

As promised I am going to show you something of anal sex.

John pottered of to the loo as ordered.

When he returned he commented on how strange it had felt to clean himself like that.

'That's nothing my dear boy, if you ever go to an expensive health spa you would be subjected to something called a Colonic Irrigation.

This is nothing compared to one of those.'

'We are going to do a version of 69 now,' she declared.

'As you are curious to know what it feels like to be fucked up the arse, we are going to experiment with anal sex.

While you are using a vibrator on my arse I will be using one on yours.'

John was tipsy enough to be all for this, and held the vibrator that May had taken out of her bag of bits.

He noticed that his one was a lot thicker than hers.

'I can take a thick one up my bum, you will have to get used to it slowly.' She explained.

They got into position with May on her back and John kneeling over her. With much giggling they both lubricated each other's bums.

John was an old hand at getting May's arse ready for his cock, but as he rubbed the lubricant in and around her anus he could feel her doing the same with his bum hole.

It felt really strange and he gasped as her finger entered his anus, and rotated inside to spread the lubricant around.

'Time for vibrators,' she said, and as he gently inserted his big one up her bum, she was equally gently inserting her thinner one up his.

'Gently stir it round to stretch my bum.'

She instructed as she was stirring it inside his.

John found the feeling of something up his bum a bit unsettling.

The vibrations felt funny but not really sexy.

'Copy what I do,' said May.

She started to fuck his arse gently, he followed suit and began to fuck hers.

'How doe's it feel so far?' she asked.

'Not very sexy, just strange.' He replied.

May grabbed his dangling cock and guided it into her mouth.

As she was fucking his arse with the vibrator so she was sucking his knob.

John thought that this was a lot better, he loved May sucking his cock and she was also rubbing and fondling his balls as she did so.

'Try a thicker one,' he suggested.

May withdrew the thin vibrator, and picked up one the same size as the one up her arse.

Johns bum hadn't quite been stretched enough to take this one, and he really felt his bum stretching as she pushed it into him.

May angled this bigger vibrator towards his prostrate gland, and he started to feel his cock react to this internal stimulation.

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