tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 10

Auntie Mabel Ch. 10


Book Ten. A Family Affair.

Luckily it had been arranged for Jane to spend the night with Mabel, because after their session they both fell asleep for a while.

When Jane woke, her face was stuck to Mabel's breast.

The cum on her face, combined with the cum all over Mabel's naked body had dried.

She had to carefully peel herself from Mabel's skin.

Mabel was still sleeping, and Jane quietly sat on the side of the bed to gather her thoughts.

Looking down at her own naked body, she couldn't see any areas that weren't covered in the sticky residue of cum, and or cunt juice.

'Fuck me, I stink of cum,' she muttered.

The tops of her inner thighs had stuck together, and she had to gently pull her legs apart.

Her cunt was still tender, but it was her arse that was complaining the most.

It had been well fucked with a vibrator, and as it had been her first time, it still throbbed.

At least her cunt didn't look as messy as Mabels.

Jane shaved her pubes, so although they were covered in dried cum, from a distance you would hardly notice.

Mabel however had thick golden pubic hair covering her cunt. This was absolutely matted with dried cum and cunt juice, and would need a good scrubbing to get it back to its normal golden glory.

'Oh for fucks sake, its all over my fucking hair as well.' Jane swore softly.

She ran her eyes up Mabel's beautiful naked body.

Although her cunt and breasts were covered in cum, her golden hair in its customary bun, had escaped the cum storm of the last few hours.

Jane smiled a wicked smile, it had been Mabel's plan that after she had stretched Jane's arse-hole with the vibrator; she was going to bugger her with the big strap-on cock.

However Jane had taken advantage of Mabel's orgasm to tie her wrists to the bed.

Jane had then buggered Mabel's arse with the strap-on, and had thoroughly enjoyed every fucking thrust.

Although her bum was tender Jane could honestly admit that she had thoroughly enjoyed the last few hours of sex with Aunt Mabel.

Jane had very recently lost her virginity to John, but although that experience had been exciting and erotic, even welcome she hadn't been able to enjoy it.

It had happened too fast and unexpectedly, for her body to have relaxed and savoured the moment, when his cock deflowered her.

She had promised herself, that she would take charge the next time they fucked.

Jane closed her eyes and fantasised about buggering Mabel again, only this time John was standing behind her and buggering her at the same time.

'Hello sexy bum,' said Mabel.

Jane jumped off the bed in startled surprise at Mabel's voice in her ear.

'Fuck me Auntie, you almost made me wet myself then.'

'By the state of these sheets it's a bit late to worry about that my little sex bomb.'

'Sex Bomb! You can talk Madam, have you seen the state of your cunt? and look at my face and tits.

Whose cum do you think is coating every inch of my body?

My mouth is full of your cum.'

Jane had another wicked thought.

'Mabel how supple are you?'

'Not as much now, as I used to be.'

'Were you ever able to kiss your own cunt?'

'Fuck me dear girl, I've never been that supple, why?'

In reply Jane leaned towards Mabel and gripping tight hold of her head thrust her tongue deep into her mouth, kissing her thoroughly.

She let go and sat back with a wicked grin.

'Well now you have just kissed your own cunt.

I hope you enjoyed it.

My mouth tastes like your cunt, I'm not kissing anybody else until I have had a good hot shower and brushed my teeth.'

'Good idea, lets go,' agreed Mabel, and taking Jane by the hand led her to the bathroom.

Mabel's phone rang as she was just about to enter the shower with Jane.

She told her she would join her shortly, and answered the phone.

It was John, he had just called to find out what was happening.

Mabel told him that she couldn't see him, because she had Jane staying the night.

When asked why she told him that Sue had asked Mabel to baby sit Jane, as she had a surprise for her husband and needed some privacy.

John told Mabel he loved her, and would see her tomorrow and hung up.

Mabel put her phone back and joined Jane in the shower.

John was very disappointed he had really looked forward to seeing Mabel again.

He wanted to talk to her about Jane, and also of course to fuck her if at all possible.

Why was Jane spending the night?

Her mum had a special surprise for Jane's dad, did she?

John still remembered clearly watching Jane's mum naked on the kitchen floor, with a vibrator stuck up her arse.

There was only one reason he could think of, that would need Jane's absence from the house.

Sue was planning to fuck her husband, and possibly take his cock up her arse.

As John now had nothing better to do, he thought he might wander along to Jane's house and see what he could see.

He got dressed and after informing his mum Doreen that he was just popping out for a little drive he left the house.

Sue was really excited her plan was working out very well.

Jane was gone for the night, thanks to Mabel.

She had checked with Bill her husband and he was due home soon.

It would just give her time to sort out the romantic candle light dinner, and of course prepare herself for a good arse fucking.

Bill had asked if she would try anal sex early in their marriage, but she hadn't been interested.

Only recently had she actually tried anal stimulation with a vibrator.

The trial ended in acute embarrassment, when she had to have the vibrator pulled out of her arse by her daughter.

However despite that aspect, the main thing that had come out of the trial was that Sue had experienced a multiple orgasm.

It had nearly blown her mind but she wanted to experience it again, and was determined to get her husband to give her a good arse fucking tonight.

Bill arrived home, just about the same time that Jane arrived at Mabels.

Sue had put on her sexy low cut dress, and as she had breasts just as big as Jane she was a sight to stiffen the limpest of cocks.

Bill had an easy day for a change and was relatively fresh, so when he was greeted at the door by his wife; he was very surprised and pleased.

Sue kissed him and fondled his cock through his trousers.

'Welcome home big boy, I am feeling so randy tonight.

I have sent Jane round to sleep with Mabel, and we have the house to ourselves.'

Bill looked over her shoulder, and saw the table with the candles and wine ready.

'Have I forgotten our anniversary?' he asked.

'No my love, I just thought I would show my appreciation of all the hard work you do to keep Jane and I happy.'

'I'm starving what's for dinner?'

Sue took him to the table and settled him down with a glass of wine, while she dished up the food.

They had a lovely dinner, and Bill relaxed more and more as the food and wine worked their magic.

Soon he was laughing with her over anecdotes from work, and his mind turned from Medical thoughts to more personal ones.

During the dinner he was sure that Sue wasn't wearing a bra, as she leant over the table he could see down her dress and had a good view of her lovely breasts.

As her husband he had often seen her totally naked, but in this situation a glimpse of her breasts seemed more erotic.

When the dinner was finished, she dragged him into the sitting room and sat with him on the sofa.

They had both drank a bottle of wine each, and were relaxed and happy.

'Bill,' asked Sue, 'do you mind very much if I suck your cock?'

Bill couldn't believe his ears, but in the warm glow of the fire he decided to shut up and go with the flow.

'Yes my darling, you may suck my cock, thank you very much.'

Sue giggled and kneeling down by the side of the sofa undid his belt and opened his trousers so she could get at his cock.

He had already become hard, so it was difficult for her to pull his cock out of his pants.

In the end he stood up and stripped off his trousers and underpants completely, then sat down again.

'Thank you darling, that was most helpful,' Sue said as she grasped his big cock in both her hands.

Sue had often sucked Bill's cock, mostly in bed and sometimes in the kitchen.

Bill found that being able to sit on his sofa in front of the fire; with a beautiful big-breasted woman sucking his cock was really nice.

They didn't have to worry about Jane barging in, and catching them fucking about.

As Sue sucked his cock, Bill leaned over and grasping her dress pulled it completely off her.

As he had suspected she was completely naked under her dress.

His cock swelled even more, as he watched her kneeling naked on the carpet with his cock in her mouth.

When she judged his cock was big and hard enough, she stood up and straddling his lap lowered her cunt down onto his cock.

Sucking him had made her very juicy, so she slipped over him easily.

Bill took a big naked breast in each hand, and sucked on her nipples as she gently bounced her cunt on his cock.

Sue was further turned on by the fact that she could see herself reflected in the patio windows, bouncing up and down on Bill's lap.

As it was dark outside, the windows acted like a mirror.

It also meant that they couldn't see John sitting in a garden chair, watching them fucking.

John was enjoying himself immensely, he really fancied Jane's mum Sue.

After seeing her fucking her arse with a vibrator, he had enjoyed quite a few fantasies involving her arse and his cock.

He knew he couldn't be seen either by them or any neighbours, due to the location of the house.

He leant back in the chair and took his stiff cock out, so he could wank as he watched Sue perform for him.

'I'm getting ready to come Sue,' warned Bill.

Sue immediately stopped fucking his cock and stood up, her wet cunt sliding easily off his cock.

'Oh no you don't Billy boy, I want a lot more from you than a quick fuck.

I have brought you a present.'

Sue walked naked into the kitchen, perhaps wiggling her bottom slightly more than required.

Bill watched her naked arse and visualised his big cock rammed between her bum cheeks.

After all this time, he couldn't wait to bugger his beautiful sexy wife.

Sue was in the kitchen for a minute and returned with a cardboard box.

In it nestled the big vibrator, that had given her such mind blowing pleasure in the kitchen.

When Bill saw the size of it he asked,

'What the fuck am I going to need that for?'

'That my darling is what you are going to work up inside my arse, to get it stretched enough for your big cock,' she answered.

Sue turned her back on him, and wiggled her naked bum in his face.

'You want me to stick that monster up your little bum hole? Why?'

Sue came clean, and told him about trying it out in the kitchen a few days ago.

She left out the part where Jane got involved.

Bill was really pleased, that his beautiful sexy wife had gone to all this trouble just for him.

Bill stripped the rest of his clothes off, and hugged her to him.

'I assume all this is to be done very gently.' He said.

'We will play it by ear,' Sue replied, ' I will kneel down in front of the fire and you can fuck my cunt doggie fashion.

When I feel I'm ready then you can lubricate my bum, and use the vibrator to stretch it for your cock.'

They both had another drink, and Sue was giggling as she knelt down on the carpet with her bum to the window.

John had a really good view of her naked arse, and wanked his cock harder.

Bill knelt down behind Sue, and slipped his cock back into her already wet cunt.

He soon had a steady rhythm going, and held her hips as he fucked her from behind.

John was a bit disappointed, as he had no interest in watching Bill's arse.

Luckily Bill withdrew his cock from Sue's cunt and stood up.

He straddled her arse and squatting down on her like a cowboy, reinserted his cock.

Again he began to fuck her cunt hard, this time however John had a perfect view of Bills cock fucking Sues' cunt.

John could even see Bill's big bollocks slapping against her, as he fucked her.

Now it was Sue's turn to call a break, as she felt her orgasm getting near.

'Time for my bum,' said Sue, 'use plenty of KY please.'

Bill picked up the vibrator, and lubricated it thoroughly.

He then squirted KY into and around her bum.

For the first time in years, he pushed his finger into her anus and stirred it around to stretch it for the vibrator.

Soon he judged it was relaxed enough, and switching the sex toy on he offered it up to Sue's waiting arse.

Bill's cock got really hard, as he slowly pushed the knob of the vibrator into Sue's anus.

Sue was really trying to relax her bum, and swayed it from side to side, in order to help it enter her.

Soon it was in her bum, and Bill gently rotated it so as to stretch her anus.

After a while Sue could feel her bum accepting the size of the toy, and told Bill to push it in a bit further.

He did so until it was entirely up her bum, with only an inch sticking out.

'I think it's time for your cock.' Sue gasped.

Bill couldn't wait, and slowly pulled the vibrator out of Sue's arse.

As it popped out he saw her anus had been stretched wide, and her bum was gaping.

Rubbing some more KY into her opening, he pushed his rampant cock deep into her arse.

Surprisingly Sue found it easier to accept his real flesh and blood cock up her bum, than the unyielding rubber vibrator.

After a tentative start Bill was soon fucking her arse just as if it was her cunt.

He noticed the difference in the tightness of the hole he was fucking.

Sue's arse seemed to grip his cock tightly, no matter how hard he rammed it up her.

Bill stopped fucking her bum for a minute, and asked her if she would do something else for him.

He asked her if she would consent to being blindfolded and tied up, as he buggered her.

Sue was enjoying her arse fuck so much, that she would have agreed to anything.

'Just be quick dear, I want to come over your balls soon.'

Bill pulled his cock out of her bum and went into the bedroom. He found a night mask to use as a blindfold, and a belt to tie her up with.

Bill knew he was pushing his luck by asking Sue to do this, but he thought this was the best time to ask.

Bill had always fancied a bit of bondage, and when he surfed the net he invariably found himself looking at young girls tied up in various ways as they were being fucked.

If he could get Sue interested, then perhaps she would tie him up and suck his cock while he was helpless.

This fantasy had come about, due to an incident when he was just an intern.

The trainee doctors were always playing practical jokes on each other, to combat the more depressing side of the job.

One evening at the end of his shift, he had been jumped by a group of fellow interns.

They pulled down his trousers, and handcuffed him to a chair in the Consultant's office.

The Consultant's name was Amanda Steel, and she was known as 'Stainless Steel' due to having no sense of humour at all, and by going strictly by the book at all times.

They had put a large paper bag over his head with the words

'A present for you' written on it.

Young Bill was terrified, he couldn't get free and he was scared to death of this particular Consultant.

On the rare occasions when she acknowledged his existence, she talked to him as if he was a moron.

The fact that she talked to everyone else in exactly the same manner; did little to allay his feeling of inadequacy when he was in her presence.

He froze as he heard someone enter the office; he heard a surprised gasp and then nothing.

The person seemed to be just standing by the door watching him.

'Hello?' he whispered, 'is there anyone there? I can't get free,'

Bill heard the door to the office being locked and someone walked around the chair in which he was trapped.

He felt his handcuffs being tested for tightness.

A voice said 'Ummmmm.'

Amanda Steel was a very nice woman, however she had learned early on in her chosen career that nice didn't cut it.

Being a woman was a crippling handicap, in the world of medicine.

In order to succeed, she had to be twice as good as her male associates.

She had created a persona that seemed to work for her.

She had no close friends in the Hospital, therefore few weak spots in her armour.

A competitor for her job; would use such things against her in the political world of the senior medical staff.

She knew right away that this offering was young Bill Sanderson;

'Randy Sandy' was his sobriquet if she remembered correctly.

He was reputed to have the biggest penis, of the current batch of Interns.

Looking at him sitting there terrified his cock didn't seem all that special.

Still she was a doctor and was sure she could fix that.

A Consultant's reputation was built on fear and respect with a dash of mystery thrown in.

With the door to her office locked she knew she wouldn't be disturbed, no one would dare.

She knelt down between his legs, and lifted his limp cock so she could inspect it more closely.

It felt heavy in her hand and with her other hand she cupped his testicles to feel their weight.

Bill jumped at the first touch on his cock.

'What the fuck? Who is that?' he whispered.

'Shhhhhhh,' was the answer.

He felt his cock being lifted into an upright position, and his foreskin pulled right back.

A hot mouth encompassed his knob, and he gasped in shock as he felt the suction.

His cock went from limp to rampant in a few seconds, he wasn't known as 'Randy Sandy' for nothing.

He had fucked his share of nurses, who wanted an association with a future Doctor.

He thought that this might be that nurse in Obstetrics, who had been flirting with him earlier in the day.

Amanda was impressed despite herself, at the size of his cock.

It soon became difficult to encompass his knob with her mouth.

Instead she licked his shaft from his balls, all the way up to his knob.

She now had both hands on his shaft, and was wanking his cock firmly.

Bill was ready to come, this was a new experience, someone was wanking and sucking his cock and he had no idea who it was.

For a horrible moment he even thought it might be the Gay intern, who had wandered in and found him helpless.

Amanda undid her white smock, and lifted her large breasts free of her bra.

Shuffling closer to his rampant cock she positioned his cock between her breasts, and rubbed them up and down his throbbing shaft.

She could tell he was near to orgasm, and rubbed her nipples against his balls.

Bill had breathed a sigh of relief, as he felt the unmistakable softness of female breasts against his hot cock

The thought of his cock between large mysterious breasts; was enough to make him come.

As he gasped in the first throes of his orgasm, Amanda covered his knob with her mouth again.

She could feel his balls contracting as he squirted copious amounts of his cum into her mouth.

Amanda had always been a cum swallower; and as fast as his jets of hot cum squirted into her mouth, she swallowed it down greedily.

At last he collapsed back in the chair drained and satisfied.

His cock shrank back to its previous size; Amanda kept her mouth on it as it shrank.

She loved to feel the results of her efforts.

His cock slipped out of her mouth, and she licked her lips to collect the last drops of his cum and swallow them down.

She tucked her breasts back into her bra, and buttoned up her smock.

As a thank you for cheering up her day, she pulled up Bill's trousers and rolled his chair towards the door of her office. Unlocking the door she established that the coast was clear, before rolling him out into the corridor.

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