tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 12

Auntie Mabel Ch. 12


Chapter Twelve. Fivesome.

Alison had hated men, ever since her father had raped her on her eighteenth birthday. He had beaten her naked arse and fucked her from behind, when she had told him that she was a lesbian and wouldn't give him any grandchildren to inherit his empire.

In moments of introspection; since that incident. She had been honest enough to accept that had he not raped her, she may well have grown out of being a lesbian. Looking back she realised that being brought up by nannies and sent to all girls schools during her formative years, had almost ensured that her first love would be a female.

Her name had been Pamela, she was the same age as Alison and they had liked each other from the first time they met. Soon they were best friends, and often snuggled into bed together to share the gossip of the day. All the teachers at their school were female.

The girls were not allowed out into town without a chaperone, so never had the opportunity to meet boys. Consequently the main topics of conversation; were boys and kissing. Pam and Alison would practice kissing on each other, in case one day they would meet a boy, and be able to kiss them with confidence.

One night in their Dormitory after a birthday party for one of the girls, they had both drank wine that had been smuggled in to the school. They snuggled in together as usual, and Alison looked at Pam lying there in her pyjamas. She had often seen her naked in the showers.

Pam was a true redhead, her skin was very pale and she had large breasts. Her pubic hair was red, and she referred to it as her 'burning bush'. That night Pam's pyjamas were not fully buttoned up, and Alison could see Pam's nipple. It looked like a small strawberry, and without thinking Alison kissed it.

She watched in amazement as it went hard and stuck up. Pam rubbed it between her fingers, ' Look what you've done, it's throbbing something awful,' she complained. 'Let me kiss it better,' Alison offered, and lowering her mouth onto the swollen nipple began to gently suck it.

Pam lay there quietly as Alison sucked her. 'Bloody hell I think I've wet myself,' she exclaimed in horror. 'Of course you haven't,' Alison assured her, ' let me check.' Alison slipped her hand between Pam's legs, and sure enough found that her pubic hair was wet.

They had overheard the older girls talking about getting wet, meaning that their fannies were getting juicy. 'You randy bugger, this is cunt juice,' whispered Alison. 'It's your fault for sucking my tit, so you can dry me off,' stated Pam. Alison got a hanky, and rubbed it between Pam's legs.

However as fast as she rubbed it dry, more cunt juice squirted out until the hanky was soaking. By this time Pam was moaning and grabbing Alison's hand, held it tight against her wet cunt. Alison's fingers slipped inside Pam's cunt easily, and she felt Pam close her legs tightly so she couldn't remove them.

Alison was worried, Pam seemed to be convulsing and gasping for breath. Thankfully she soon stopped thrashing about, and her legs relaxed allowing Alison to pull her fingers out of Pam's cunt. 'Bloody hell, I don't know what just happened but it was bloody fantastic whatever it was,' Pam gasped, ' I think I just came over your fingers.'

'What did it feel like,' asked Alison eagerly. 'Let me show you,' replied Pam, and thrust two of her fingers between Alison's legs and deep into her cunt. She gasped in shock, as she felt her most private place invaded by Pam's fingers.

She could feel them moving about inside her, and soon her cunt was wet and feeling strange. She opened her legs wider so Pam's fingers could go deeper inside her. Alison felt a wave of pleasure so intense that it was almost painful, slam through her body.

She jerked and spas med, under the covers until Pam had the sense to extract her fingers from Alison's cunt. Afterwards they just lay together, snuggled up and hugging each other. 'I love you Aly,' whispered Pam. 'I love you too,' she whispered back.

Looking back on it now it had been so innocent and loving. Just kisses cuddles and caresses. Pamela had married someone in the Foreign Office, and had kids. It was only the beautiful Alison, that had remained a spinster.

Alison was a very sensual woman, as her affairs with Mabel and Diana proved. Alison and Mabel had just returned to the stables after a ride. They had caught John with his rampant cock sticking out of his jodhpurs.

Seeing John standing there embarrassed with his dick out, made Alison's lips twitch into a smile. Mabel spotted this, and in a flash of inspiration told John to drop his pants.

John trusted Mabel implicitly, and instantly pulled his jodhpurs down to his ankles. He stood there looking bemused, with his dick starting to droop from embarrassment. Alison thought he looked so funny, standing there with his dick out.

Before she realised what she was doing she was giggling to herself. Soon her giggles became outright laughter, and tears were running down her face. She couldn't stop, every time she looked at John's dick it was getting smaller. She was gasping for air, as gales of mirth shook her body.

Mabel began to worry, as Alison's horse became nervous at the unaccustomed noise from it's rider. Mabel walked over to it, and tied its reins to a post. She reached up and helped Alison dismount. No sooner had her feet hit the floor, than she collapsed into laughter again.

She was whooping deep breaths of air into her lungs, and tears were streaming down her face. 'Leave us for a minute John,' ordered Mabel, and he was only too pleased to be able to shuffle away into the stable. Seeing him shuffling away with his bare bum and his pants around his ankles drove Alison into a paroxysm of laughter.

She was now seriously gasping for air, and was in danger of hyperventilation. Mabel knelt beside her and rocked her gently. 'There there darling, I've got you, your safe with me.' She whispered.

Alison's laughter; suddenly turned into heart rending sobs of grief and pain. Mabel held her until it had run its course, and she was just laying in her arms getting her breath back. 'I was always so scared of a man's cock, ever since he raped me.

The thought of such a frightening thing ramming into me, scared me shitless. I've been so afraid for years of men and their fucking cocks. Seeing him standing there with his dick out, really brought it home that there was nothing to fear at all,' said Alison between sobs.

'A man's cock is for our pleasure darling girl, I'll show you later if you want,' said Mabel kissing her lovingly. 'He had a great idea though,' said Alison as she got to her feet, and went to comfort her horse.

' I would love to see you riding naked on "Snowburst", she is a lovely white horse and I want to video you doing it.' Mabel just hugged her tightly; she couldn't refuse Alison anything today. She felt that she had reached a watershed, and broken through it at last.

John was hiding in Jane's room; he had changed into his normal tee shirt and jeans and felt a lot more comfortable. Jane was laying on her bed with him, they were just hugging. She didn't know what had happened after she had left, but guessed that it had been something heavy. John had been uncharacteristically quiet since he joined her. Plus he hadn't tried to fuck her.

She was very pleased to hear the sound of laughter, as the girls returned to the house. Kissing John she jumped out of bed and ran to join them. Mabel and Alison were laughing and giggling together. Jane ran up to them and hugged Mabel, 'What happened to poor John, he is hiding in my bed. I think he is scared to come out?' She gabbled excitedly.

Alison went to Jane and to her surprise hugged her tightly, 'It's my fault I'm afraid, but I swear I will make it up to him,' she said. Jane didn't understand, but took the opportunity to hug Alison back. Alison was so much taller than her, that Jane's face was pressed between her breasts.

Alison was stroking Jane's hair, and when Jane looked up at her she leant down slightly and kissed her full on her mouth. Jane opened her mouth to Alison's tongue, and returned the kiss passionately. 'Put her down Alison, you sex pot, I'm starving and want my dinner,' ordered Mabel sharply.

Alison reluctantly released Jane from her hug, and taking them both by the hand led them into the dining room. Mabel Alison and Jane sat down at the table, Alison sent Diana to fetch John. The girls were so hungry, that they started dinner without him.

John looked up in apprehension, as someone walked into the room. When he saw it was only Diana, he breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed back onto the bed.

'Thank the fuck it's you, God knows what's going on here but I don't,' he complained to her. 'They all seem very happy Jonny, and want you to join them for dinner.' She said. 'Women! I'll never understand them in a million years,' he said to himself.

He felt the bed move, and saw that Diana had climbed on it and was kneeling beside him. Her hand stroked his groin, and despite the mental trauma of the past hour his cock noticed the attention. Diana opened his jeans and pulled his cock out.

It was soon standing to attention, and after a few long sucks she straddled him, and without any fuss lowered her hot cunt onto his cock. He watched as she bounced her cunt on his cock, her cunt was very hot and wet, and her breasts were bouncing in time to her fucking.

'I needed this Jonny I've been wanting your young cock since I first saw you,' she panted. 'Do you like my cunt on your cock?' 'Oh yes Diana, I love your cunt on my cock, and you have beautiful breasts as well.' Hearing this Diana took off her top, and exposed her naked breasts to his gaze.

Her nipples were enormous compared to her breasts, and her breasts were very big themselves. John had never seen such big nipples; they could really be called teats. They were hard with desire, and were the size of his thumbs.

He just had to suck them, and sitting up in the bed he grabbed a bouncing breast and fed one of her teats into his mouth. It was fantastic; he sucked at her teat as she continued to fuck his cock.

John noticed that she had hairs growing around her nipples, and looking down at her cunt he realised that he couldn't see his cock, as her cunt hair completely hid it. The sensation of his mouth sucking hard on her breast, and his lovely big young cock deep in her cunt made her come at last.

He watched as she threw her head back in ecstasy, and he felt his balls being soaked with her hot juices. 'Ohhhhh Jonnnnny ,' she groaned as her orgasm flooded through her. She collapsed onto him, and lay there jerking and shuddering as her orgasm receded.

John gently rolled over so she lay by his side, his cock slipped out of her throbbing cunt and he quickly tucked it into his jeans. Leaving her there on the bed; he rushed downstairs to dinner, he was fucking starving.

Jane was too busy stuffing her face to notice John's tardiness in appearing. As soon as he entered the dining room he made a beeline for the hot buffet sideboard, and loaded his plate up. Sitting down at the table, he attacked his food voraciously.

Mabel and Alison just picked at their food as usual, spending more time chatting than eating. Eventually Jane was full, and turned her attention to John. 'Guess what John, Auntie is going to do as you suggested and Alison is going to video it.'

'Yeah right,' he mumbled. Alison watched him devour his dinner, he was so young and she had to admit handsome. He had such an appetite, and not just for food if what Mabel had told her was accurate.

She realised that a great dark cloud, had lifted from a part of her mind. Her fear of men had been obliterated, by the image of this young man standing in her yard with his cock out. He had looked so funny and yet vulnerable, she knew she had hurt his feelings and male pride. Alison was honest enough, to want to compensate him in some way.

She leant over and whispered to Mabel. 'How can I make it up to John?' 'Fuck him,' said Mabel dismissively; he was temporarily in her bad books for suggesting the Lady Godiva show.

It would be a great show for those watching, she was sure that she would look great, riding around on a snow white horse stark naked but for her hair. However it would be her naked arse, bouncing up and down on the hard leather of the saddle.

Alison looked at her in surprise; she hadn't expected Mabel to suggest fucking him. On further reflection however, perhaps it would lay the ghost of her father once and for all.

It would need some careful thought; she had no intention of bending over, while he rammed his big cock up her cunt. It would effectively be her first time with a man, and she would want to be in control of things as much as possible.

'What's our plans for this evening Auntie?' asked Jane. 'Well it's a bit late and far to cold for the Lady Godiva routine,' replied Mabel grumpily. 'I have an idea that might amuse you Jane,' offered Alison, 'how about playing some games?'

'What like Monopoly or something like that?' 'Not quite, this would be more in the nature of role-playing.' 'Oh great, do we get to dress up?' 'What a good idea Jane, yes I think it would go a lot better if we dressed for the part,' answered Alison.

'How about Roman's and Slave's?' suggested Alison with a smile. 'Great, who gets to be the Slave?' As one the women turned and looked at John. 'What?' he said looking up from his plate for a second, 'What?'

After dinner Alison poured wine for everybody, and they sat around the fire drinking and chatting. John finally realised that he had been roped into the girl's plans again, and just shrugged, what was the worst that could happen?

Alison sent Diana upstairs, to sort out a variety of costumes for the night's entertainment. She noticed that Diana seemed happier than she had been lately, and was pleased.

When she judged that they were all slightly tipsy, Alison led them upstairs to her bedroom to get dressed up. Alison and Mabel were to wear long ankle length togas, befitting their age. Jane had the same, but with a very short skirt.

John was given a gladiator type costume, it was mostly straps above the waist and a short kilt that just covered his arse as long as he didn't bend over. John was initially reluctant to wear it, until Jane pointed out as he had fucked everyone in the room except for Alison and Diana, he needn't hide behind false modesty.

Mabel happened to be looking at Diana when Jane said this, and noted that she averted her eyes and blushed when Jane had mentioned her name. 'Oh my God John, don't tell me you have fucked Diana already. Where did you find the time, let alone the energy to fuck her?'

She grabbed hold of his ear, and threatened to pull it off if he didn't confess. 'Don't hurt him please, it was my fault,' admitted Diana, 'I seduced him in the Stable and then in his bedroom. I needed a young man badly and couldn't help myself, he has such a lovely big young cock.'

'Very well join the club Diana, that makes it a foursome by my count,' said Mabel with a smile. 'Who knows what the night may yet bring,' said Alison enigmatically.

They all looked very sexy in their costumes, except for John. He tried to keep his boxer shorts on under his kilt, but it just looked ridiculous. The problem was solved; by all the girls jumping on him and pulling his boxer shorts off.

During the process his cock somehow became hard, and there was much touching and fondling going on. Jane even went as far as stealing a little suck; until she was pulled off him by Diana. 'Don't do that you greedy girl; Jonny has already fucked you up the arse today. Let someone else have a chance.

'Jane went red, as Mabel and Alison looked at her enquiringly. 'My bum was sore from all the riding.' She explained. 'So you thought you would get John to fuck it better?' asked Mabel in amazement. 'Well it did take my mind off it,' Jane answered defensively. 'We are going to have to put you in a chastity belt young madam if you keep on like this,' Mabel scolded light heartedly.

'How do we play this game,' asked Jane, desperate to change the subject. Alison made them gather round and explained the game. 'We blindfold the slave and tie him to the bed, then he has to Identify whoever it is that is touching him. The contestant must not use her hands to touch him'

John offered no resistance as they blindfolded him, and laying him on his back secured his hands and feet to the four posts of the big bed. 'Now be quite everyone, no talking or giggling, I will point to the first contestant. If John guesses who she is then he wins, if he doesn't then the contestant wins,' said Alison. 'Wins what?' asked Jane. 'It's a surprise,' replied Alison, pointing to Jane.

Jane quietly crept onto the bed and lifted up John's kilt with her teeth. His big cock was just laying there minding its own business. The first thing he knew; was a warm mouth kissing his shaft from his balls to his knob. The rest of the girls looked on in wonder, as his cock came to life.

Under the by now expert ministrations of Jane's mouth, it stirred as if alive and then raised its head inquiringly. Jane sucked his knob into her mouth, and ran her tongue all around its circumference. Soon it was upright and eager as usual.

Jane hadn't bothered to wear any knickers under her short toga. She straddled him, and commenced rubbing her pubes against his shaft. 'Jane,' shouted John in triumph.

'Fuck me, how the fuck did you know so soon you fucking cunt?' she yelled in fury. 'I told you your cunt is like a plucked chicken,' giggled Mabel. John smiled, as soon as his shaft had felt a smooth cunt rubbing it, he knew it must be Jane. She was the only girl who shaved her cunt, he didn't know about Alison and he seriously doubted she would actually play, but all the others had hairy cunts.

'Go and sit over there,' said Alison, and then pointed to Mabel. Mabel also crept onto the bed quietly, and only using her mouth started to suck her favorite man's cock. She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft until he was moaning and thrusting his cock up to meet her hot mouth. She didn't attempt to deep throat him, as she knew he would recognise her special technique.

She stopped sucking his cock, and taking her breasts out of her toga brushed her nipples over his face. She allowed him to suck one of her nipples into his mouth, and suck on it. 'Mabel,' he shouted.

'How the fuck did you know?' she demanded. 'That's for me to know, and you to find out he replied cheekily.' Jane had been eliminated, which left Mabel and Diana. He would recognise Diana's massive nipples instantly. Therefore it must have been Mabel, because he didn't think for a minute that Alison would actually play the game. Mabel went and sat with Jane.

To the girls surprise Alison pointed to herself, and climbed up onto the bed. John was laying there feeling pretty smug, as he knew it could only be Diana. Still he intended to have his cock sucked, before he denounced her.

Again a hot mouth sucked his cock to rigidity, this mouth also licked around his balls and between his legs. His cock really got interested, and the girls could see a drop of pre-cum fluid oozing out of his knob. To the watching girls total amazement, Alison positioned her cunt directly over his standing cock and lowered it gently down.

John gasped as he felt the unmistakeable heat and feel, of a cunt being lowered onto his cock. He could feel it sliding down his shaft, and was surprised when it stopped a few inches above his balls. It was then pulled back up his shaft until it nearly slid off his swollen knob. This was repeated faster and faster, until he was being well fucked by the mysterious woman.

John thought he knew why she wasn't thrusting her cunt down onto his balls. Diana had a very hairy cunt, and knew he would recognise her cunt hair against his belly. She was trying to make him think that it could be Alison fucking him.

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