tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 13

Auntie Mabel Ch. 13


'I hope you realise young woman, that I was the only one today was hasn't had an orgasm,' mentioned Mabel, as she walked with Alison along the richly carpeted corridor back to her bedroom.

'Don't worry my beautiful darling,' purred Alison,

'I intend to give you one of my special massages.'

'Ummm I'm looking forward to that, just be sure to leave my bottom out of it. It's tender now, and you apparently want me to bounce about naked on one of your horses tomorrow.'

'I promise you I will pamper your lovely little bum Mabel darling,' she replied.

Jane was having a serious talk with John about Diana. Diana was lying between them on the bed. She was lying on her back with her legs open, so Jane could examine her hairy vulva.

Jane was pulling her fingers through Diana's long thick pubic hair, and comparing the texture of her cunt hairs with the hairs on her hirsute belly.

'What do you think of this hairy belly John?' she asked. John ran his fingers through Diana's hairs,

'I find a hairy women very natural and sexy,' he said. Jane asked Diana to turn over onto her belly.

She parted Diana's bum cheeks, so John could inspect her hairy anus.

'What about this hairy arsehole? Doesn't it turn you off just a little bit?'

John rubbed his finger around Diana's anus, feeling her hairs that sprouted between the cheeks of her arse.

'Nope, I love a hairy bum hole just as much as a smooth one,' he replied honestly.

'So let me get this straight, you like hairy cunts and arses, they don't put you off the woman?' Jane asked.

'Yes I love hairy arseholes' repeated John, and to prove it he kissed Diana smack on her puckered anus.

'Thank fuck for that,' said Jane with a sigh of relief,

'I can stop shaving my fucking cunt and arsehole.'

'Do you also have hairy bits Jane?' asked Diana.

'Not as hairy as you but pretty hairy, I shaved in case John thought I was a monkey.' She admitted.

'Mabel's cunt is hairy, although her pubic hair is so thick and golden that it seems more like fur than hair,' commented John as he played with Diana's anus.

He was pushing his finger into her bum and feeling her anus grab it, he would then pull it out and repeat to process.

'What are you doing to me Jonny, it tickles,' said Diana giggling.

'Oh just thinking,' replied John, 'I was watching the Fivesome and all I could see were naked female arses, it was very erotic.

I would have loved it if you all had bent down in a line, so I could go along it fucking every hole available,'

'You randy fucker, well I don't mind if Diana doesn't,' said Jane. Jane and Diana got off the bed and then knelt back on it, with their bums sticking over the edge.

'There you go Jonny, you can fuck both of us now,' offered Diana wiggling her naked bum in invitation.

'More cunt than arse if you don't mind,' said Jane, 'Mabel really buggered my arse earlier and it could do with a rest.'

'You can fuck both my holes Jonny, I love your cock in my bum,' said Diana. John knew the ropes, and taking a tube of lubricant liberally greased both the girl's arses.

He started off by slipping his cock into Jane's cunt, as he gently fucked her, he again pushed his finger into Diana's anus. The feeling of her bum gripping his finger; caused his cock to swell even more than it already was. As he continued to fuck Jane, he increased the number of his fingers up Diana's arse.

She had been arse fucked for years, and her anus had been well stretched. He was curious to see how wide it would stretch. Soon with the aid of the lubricant, he had all five fingers pushed into her arse.

Diana was gently moaning, and swaying her arse from side to side to ease his entry.

'Am I hurting you Diana?' he asked concerned at her moans.

'Oh no Jonny, you are being nice and gentle with my bum, I love you stretching it,' she whispered.

He rubbed more lubricant over his knuckles and hand, and as his cock was thrusting deep into Jane he pushed harder into Diana's anus. Suddenly and with a gasp from Diana, his hand slipped completely into her arse up to his wrist.

'Oh Jonny you are fisting my bum, please keep still for a minute until my bum stretches.

He pulled out of Jane and stood behind Diana, transfixed by the sight of his arm thrust up her arse.

'What the fuck are you doing, her poor arse it must fucking hurt having your whole fucking hand up it,' Jane said angrily.

'It's OK Jane it doesn't hurt its just unusual, men have fisted my arse before but they didn't bother with any slippery stuff.

It used to hurt me very much, but Jonny is very gentle and he doesn't hurt my bum.'

'Try and gently pull your hand out of her arse you clumsy fucker, if you hurt her I'll fucking kill you,' threatened Jane. She tried to help by pulling apart Diana's bum cheeks as far apart as she could, whilst John slowly pulled his hand out. At last her anus let go of his hand and it slid out of her.

Jane and John watched in amazement as Diana's anus stayed gaping wide. They could look right up inside her bum,

'Fuck me backwards, that is one well fucked arsehole,' gasped Jane in disbelief. Finally Diana's anus began to contract back to its puckered state.

'Fuck me that was scary;' breathed John, his cock had shrunk during this and hung long and limply between his legs.

'It is OK Jonny, my bum is fine, I told you I had been well buggered all my life,' said Diana.

'Well don't you try that with my arse mister, or you will be picking your balls up from the floor' said Jane with feeling, hugging Diana protectively.

'Be that as it may I still need to lie down for a bit, seeing your arsehole stretched like that made me cringe,' he said shuddering. John lay back on the bed with a girl either side of him, content just to cuddle for a while.

Diana cuddled up to John's naked body; she was beginning to have strong feeling for this fine young man. True he would fuck anything with a cunt, but he had a gentle caring nature that drew her to him.

All the other men in her life had been users, and had seen her as a cunt or an arsehole for them to squirt cum into. She shyly kissed his cheek, and saw him smile at the show of affection.

Jane was also cuddling John; she was surprised at herself for being so concerned about Diana. The hairy cunt was competition for fucks sake, why was she worrying about the state of her arse. Despite all this she was beginning to like the hairy Italian bitch.

Reaching across John's body she squeezed Diana's breast gently. It was very late, and Jane pulled the duvet over all of them and they went to sleep. They were all looking forward to the next day, when Mabel would do her Lady Godiva ride.

Alison was honouring her promise and pampering Mabel's bum. Mabel was lying naked facedown on the massage table, where Alison had first seduced her. Alison was also naked, and was pouring aromatic oils onto Mabel's body.

Alison commenced gently rubbing the oil into her skin. She concentrated on the reddened areas caused by riding, and also rubbing the balm around and into her anus. Although used to being buggered, Mabel's anus was now feeling tender.

Jane had been a bit vigorous during the Fivesome, probably due to the buggering that she had received from Mabel earlier. Mabel hoped Jane's arsehole was as tender as hers. However she doubted it, Jane's anus was only eighteen years old, whilst Mabel's bum was Sixty years old.

She was considering getting John to join her in introducing that cheeky little fucker Jane, to "Double Anal". That would show how well Jane's young anus would stretch. Lying there relaxing as Alison's hands eased away her aches and strains, Mabel remembered a time when her anus was as stretchy as Jane's if not more so.

Mabel had always been a material girl; she acknowledged the genetic luck that had made her so beautiful. She used all her assets beauty, breasts, hair and of course cunt, to bend men to her wishes. Mabel learned early in her sexual life, that it paid to tease men with the promise of sex.

Once they had fucked you your value to them was often diminished, and they would look elsewhere for new cunt to fuck. Fortunately she had an iron will and refused to fall in love with any man, regardless of how well he treated her, or how much money he had.

She would tempt her chosen man for a while, allowing him glimpses of her naked body at the beach, or coming out of the shower. He would see her large pert breasts, and the golden glory that was between her legs, for fleeting seconds only.

She could judge his desire for her by the bulge in his trousers. Eventually she would allow him to see and feel her beautiful breasts, and perhaps suck her nipples. She in turn would shyly hold his throbbing member, and comment on how gigantic it was.

'That will never fit inside my little pussy,' was one of her favourite lines.

Mabel learned that most men were in need of constant reassurance, that they were fantastic lovers. She learned very early on to fake her orgasms, screaming out in ecstasy as he shot his load into her. Mabel accepted that most of her liaisons were temporary, and ensured that she received lots of valuable gifts before opening her beautiful legs.

By a combination of beauty, steel will and brains, she had worked her way up the social ladder, until she only consorted with the very rich and influential.

Thus it was that she met the twin sons of the Greek shipping magnate, who was hosting the ball to celebrate the launching of his latest super tanker. They were identical twins, typically Greek in looks. They were tall, with dark curly hair, handsome faces; and both with brilliant white smiles.

They were very rich and full of fun, and at the first sight of Mabel dressed to kill, they lusted after her. Their first sight of her; was when she came aboard one of their yachts. They didn't realise that they were one of the possibilities; that she had researched as her next conquest.

As they were Greek she dressed that night as Helen of Troy. Mabel rarely wore jewellery, at the end of her liaisons she invariably sold the gold and diamonds given to her by her lovers, and converted them into stocks and shares. However for this night she was wearing a simple white silk toga style dress, belted around her tiny waist by a solid gold chain. She had golden sandals on her feet but no one noticed them.

What brought the male conversation to an abrupt halt, was her hair. As she stood in the doorway to the room, she turned her head to thank the side party for escorting her to the room. The entire side party of sailors had insisted on personally escorting her to the ball "in case she got lost".

Her action in turning her head; caused her ankle length hair to ripple and sway in the ballroom lights. She had been blessed with golden hair, not blond but pure gold. It shone and rippled as she moved, it was partly constrained by a solid gold headband that kept it out of her eyes.

The rest of the golden waterfall, flowed unrestrained down her back like a brides train. Her breasts thrust against the constraint of the white silk, her nipples pushing against the material aggressively.

Turning sideways to the room; emphasised her breasts shape and size, compared to her tiny five foot tall body. The more discerning amongst the guests, could deduce that she was completely naked underneath the clinging silk.

The twins looked at each other in silent conversation, they both smiled in unison as their cocks came alive. They knew that they were the most eligible, of all the young men there. It gave them the confidence to each grab a glass of champagne, and glide over to greet the pocket goddess that had just arrived.

Mabel saw them approaching, like two leopards hunting as a team. Although they were identical, she noticed that one of the twins had nicked himself shaving. Thus she could remember their names, as they introduced themselves to her.

'Golden Goddess let me please introduce myself, I am Stavros, and this is my younger brother Alexandros,' said the twin with the nick. As Stavros handed her the champagne, they contrived to smoothly change places. They had done this many times, as it amused them to confuse their prey.

Looking up at them after politely sipping her wine, Mabel looked directly at the twin she knew was Stavros.

'How much older are you Stavros, than this handsome young man beside you?' she asked curiously. Stavros was dumbfounded she had picked him out, despite the trading places trick.

'Uhh only two minutes actually, he has always been the lazy one of us,' he stumbled out. Alexandros smiled at his twins discomfort and handed Mabel his champagne, taking her empty one from her. Again they crossed and recrossed each other, hoping to confuse her.

'Thank you Alexandros, I am very thirsty tonight for some reason, it must be the salt air' she said, looking straight at him. The twins were impressed, and their attitude towards her changed, as they saw her less as prey, and more as a interesting and desirable woman.

The rest of the evening they monopolised her company, and no matter what ruse they used to try and confuse her, she always seemed to identify them correctly. She was witty and charming, with a self confidence that would have frightened off any other men.

She was very well informed about the shipping industry. They found themselves listening to some of her suggestions on improving it, with surprised interest. All evening she shared her time and interest between the twins equally.

This situation was new to the twins, the main purpose of their game, was that whoever was identified the least number of times by their prey, got to fuck her. The other twin would make some excuse, and leave the field to his brother. In this case it was a draw, and neither of them was willing to concede defeat.

Alexandros had an idea to ensure that she favoured him over his brother. He asked Mabel to join him for a moment, and they walked out onto the yachts deck. Pointing to a red Ferrari parked on the dock he gave her a set of keys.

'A gift to the most beautiful woman since Helen herself,' he whispered as he handed her the keys to his car.

' These are the keys to my car, and to my heart.'

'Why thank you Alexandros, I was wondering how I was going to get back to the hotel tonight, you are most generous and charming,' she said hugging him tightly.

Stavros was fuming; he was going to give her the keys to his car in order to impress her. This gesture was guaranteed to sweep the prey of its feet, and into his bed. The car meant nothing to them, they were multi-millionaires and could buy a fleet of Ferraris. However his twin had pre-empted this ploy.

Seeing her looking up at Alexandros with delight at her gift, it became personal; he knew he had to have her. She was exquisite, tiny but perfectly proportioned except for her breasts, which were a bit too large for her body. His cock ached for her, and he didn't intend to have to sit in his room listening to his brother fucking her next door.

He was Stavros, he was the eldest and he always got what he wanted, regardless of the cost. He would show his young whippersnapper of a brother, what true style and class was. Walking over to them, he addressed himself to Mabel.

'You have no need of my brothers car beautiful one, although it is of course yours now. There is now no need for you to leave this yacht tonight, to go to your Hotel. This yacht is named " Beautiful Dancer", it was mine and now it is yours' he declared, slipping the keys of the yacht into her tiny hand.

His heart bounded with joy, as she looked up at him and smiled her dazzling smile.

'Thank you Stavros; it is true that Greek men are the kindest and most charming of men. I accept your gift with thanks, and in return I would like to give you both a gift from me.

It is late and I am tired, could you both show me to my stateroom please?'

Puzzled they escorted her to a magnificent stateroom, on the top deck of the yacht. It was richly caparisoned in gold and fine fabrics, and she could tell that it had been Stavros's room.

She bade them sit in front of her, as she explained her present to them.

'Stavros, Alexandros, you are both handsome and charming men, and I have enjoyed myself immensely tonight in your company. You are equally desirable and there is nothing between you.

However I can tell as a woman, that if one of you makes love to me tonight he will incur the enmity of his twin. I cannot allow that, the answer is obvious, either no one makes love to me, or you both make love to me, what is your decision?'

The twins looked at each other without saying a word. They knew that she was correct, and as much as they wanted her they loved each other more. To fall out over a woman would be disastrous. This beautiful and wise woman had given them a honourable way out of this situation, and they gratefully took it.

When they turned their identical eyes back to hers there was still lust in them, but it was now mixed with respect. Mabel smiled her dazzling smile at both of them, and bending over kissed them both on the mouth. She stood in front of them and removed the golden belt.

By some female alchemy, its removal caused her dress to slide off her body and form a puddle of white silk at her feet. To their Greek eyes brought up on tales of Homer and mythical beings, she reminded them both, of Aphrodite the goddess of love and passion. She was naked and beautiful; her hair framed her tiny body perfectly.

Wonder of wonders, her pubic hairs were thick and golden as well. As one they knelt down before her, and kissed her feet.

'You are our Goddess, command us,' they said in unison. She giggled as their lips tickled her toes, and lifting them up led them to the giant bed that dominated the room.

'Let me see my Greek Gods,' she commanded. They both slipped out of their clothes, until they stood in front of her as naked as she was. Their bodies were fit and muscular, they were both circumcised and their penises were long and thick. Mabel clapped her hands in delight, as she surveyed her worshippers.

She knelt down in front of them, and holding out her hands said

'Come to me.'

They stepped forward, until their big dangling cocks were within reach of her tiny hands. Lifting one up in each hand, she offered them to her mouth.

She started sucking one and then the other. Small quick sucks, to ensure that both her Gods became equally erect at the same time. Once she was satisfied with their erections, she fondled their testicles.

Thick black tightly curled hair, covered the twin's balls; and the feel of her hands on them made them both groan with need. She ran her hands up and down their shafts, increasing their lust with every slow stroke. They were stroking her golden tresses, as she stoked the fires of their desire.

'Come to bed' she whispered seductively. She knelt on the bed, with her hair flung to one side to expose her naked bottom.

'Stavros, as the eldest brother, do you want to take me first as I suck Alexandros, or would you like me to suck you while he takes me from behind?'

Stavros was honoured that she gave him the choice. He magnanimously allowed Alexandros to kneel between her legs, while he positioned himself in front of her face.

'Be gentle,' she asked, ' you are very big and I am only small.'

Alexandros's cock swelled even more as he looked at her beautiful naked arse presented to him.

He looked up and saw her commence to suck his brothers cock. He gently spread apart her sweet little bum cheeks, so he could see her golden cunt clearly. Slipping a finger between her cunt lips, he gently fingered her until he could feel her juices begin to manifest.

Once he was sure she was ready, he located the bulbous end of his cock between her tight cunt lips and gently pushed into her. She was so juicy that his shaft slid in easily, until he felt his tight balls press against her velvet skin. She groaned around his brother's cock, and swayed her arse to settle his cock into her.

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