tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 14

Auntie Mabel Ch. 14


Auntie Mabel Fourteen

Lady Godiva.

The morning dawned bright and clear, the sun shone merrily down through the window and gently brushed Mabel's eyelids to wake her. She could hear the little birds twittering happily in the warm sunshine. 'Oh Fuck it, Fuck, Fuck, Fucking Sun why don't you piss off, and let it Fucking rain,' she swore to herself.

It was a beautiful day just perfect for fucking riding thought Mabel grumpily, unless of course you were fucking naked on the fucking saddle. She turned over and snuggled up to Alison's hot naked body, her hands automatically finding her firm breasts and gently fondling them. 'Morning Mabel, what's the weather like out there?' Alison asked sleepily.

'Never you mind, darling,' she replied, craftily slipping her hand between Alison's legs and slipping a finger into her warm vagina. 'Stop it you sexy woman. I need a pee,' said Alison as she swung her legs away from Mabel's fingers, and getting out of bed walked naked into the bathroom. I could always try sitting on a horse blanket I suppose, Mabel thought sulkily.

'Yipee it's sunny, screamed Jane with joy, sitting up naked in bed and smiling at the rays of sunlight washing over her. John and Diana sleepily opened their eyes and mumbled something, ending in "off." 'Wake up you lazy fuckers, this is the day that Mabel does her Lady Godiva ride for us,' she squealed in delight.

John opened his eyes to find himself looking at Diana's lovely big breasts; her outsized nipples were within sucking distance of his mouth. Holding her breasts, he began to suck each of them until she moaned in excitement. 'Stop it Jonny, you are making me wet and I have to pee soon.'

'Hold my cock.,' he whispered nudging her naked belly with his rampant cock. Diana held his hot shaft and squeezed it, 'I think you need a pee too Jonny, let's go into the bathroom.' 'Where are you two fuckers going, there's to be no fucking without me there to supervise. I don't want to have to extract your fucking fist out of her fucking arse today thank you very fucking much.' Said Jane pleasantly.

'I've already apologised to you both for that' John mumbled, 'I'm only going for a pee.' 'I will go with him to make sure he doesn't wank,' said Diana. 'OK then, we will need all his cum today, I don't want him wasting it wanking' agreed Jane.

She lay on the bed spreading her legs out, so the warm sunshine could play warmly over her pubes. Jane had decided to stop shaving her pubes, she had only shaved them in the first place because she had become paranoid about John disliking hairy cunts.

However since she had quizzed him about Diana's extremely hairy body and learned that he liked the natural look, she had relaxed. Brushing her fingers over her pubes, she could now feel slight stubble as her pubic hairs were growing back. Jane wondered about Alison, had John turned her from being a lesbian?

She didn't think so, all he had done was to show her that there was little to fear about the average man. Labelling yourself a lesbian, or a gay man only placed limitations on your sex life. She was sure that she wasn't a lesbian, but she certainly wanted to play with Alison.

Jane had been watching as Alison had played that game with John. Alison had been lowering her posh virgin vagina over her man's cock. Whilst Mabel and Diana were watching from the side, she had been standing at the foot of the bed. This was because she had heard Mabel say, that Alison had never allowed anyone to fuck her cunt or her arse.

In that room at that time, Alison was the only woman who had an untouched arse hole. This fascinated Jane, and she really wanted to be the first to open up Alison's bum. She had stood and studied Alison's little pink anus, as she had been fucking John.

It was like a small rosebud, and called out to Jane "Bugger Me". Thinking of this forbidden fruit had got her very horny, and she found that she had been rubbing her cunt vigorously until she was ready to come over her fingers. Just as she felt the first trembling of her orgasm, John walked back into the room.

Old inhibitions slammed into her, and she jumped off the bed hoping he hadn't noticed. Her cunt was burning and she felt very frustrated.

'Do you want to watch me pee again Jonny?' asked Diana shyly. As John followed her into the bathroom. She looked up at him with her extraordinary green eyes. 'Of course I do, I love to watch you pee, I find it fascinating' he replied.

Diana was pleased at his interest and crouched naked on the toilet, her feet on the wooden seat. Kneeling down in front of her, John had a clear view of her exceptionally hairy cunt. Diana pulled her hairs aside so he could see the lips of her vagina, and started to pee into the basin. 'Is your pee coming out of your cunt?' he asked interestedly.

'No Jonny,' she giggled, 'it comes out of a small hole above it, look.' She spread her cunt lips further apart, so he could see the source of her stream. 'Wow I have never seen a woman pee from so close, it's really erotic' he whispered.' Diana finished peeing and got down from the toilet.

'It's your turn now Jonny, I want to guide your pee like a fireman with his hose.' She stood behind him, and reaching around his naked body grasped his swollen cock with both her small hands. 'Pee for me Jonny, she whispered in his ear.' He eventually was able to relax enough, to start peeing for her.

She giggled as she moved his cock from side to side, watching his stream of pee moving about like a garden hose. He finished peeing, and noticed that she was still holding his cock tightly. Her erect nipples were pressed hard against his back, and she was rubbing her hairy pubes slowly over his naked bum cheeks. His cock started to harden again, as she gently rubbed it with both her hands.

'What are you doing Di,' 'Shhhhh Jonny, I want you, I want you deep inside me' she whispered. Turning him round she guided his hard cock between her legs, and clamped her thighs together to feel his hot shaft against her cunt lips. Pulling his head down, she reached up on tiptoe and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Her experienced tongue thrust into his mouth, and caused his cock to twitch as it was squashed hard against her hairy wet cleft. He groaned with a young man's lust, and putting his hands on her bum lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and held on to his neck with both hands.

John reached down with one hand, and guided his throbbing cock into her hungry cunt. She slid down his shaft, until her hairy pubes were locked against the root of his cock.

'Ohhhh Jonny, that feels so good, I love the feel of your big young cock in me, I can feel your hard knob pressing against my womb. I think I am starting to love you' she whispered nuzzling his neck. John was getting out of his depth, so decided to seek help. With Diana impaled on his cock, he slowly walked back into the bedroom.

'What the fuck is that on your cock?' yelled a disturbed frustrated Jane 'Bring her over here right fucking now.' John did as he was told, and stood by the side of the bed with Diana still impaled on his cock. 'Hold her tight, don't let her get off.' Jane warned him sternly.

'You cheeky fucking mare, you need a good spanking and you are going to get one.' Jane commenced slapping Diana's naked arse hard, John held her tight as she wriggled about trying to lift herself off his cock. Jane continued slapping her hard until both cheeks were glowing red.

Diana was saying she was really sorry, and could Jane please stop, her bum was really sore. Jane only stopped because her hand was starting to sting. 'Put her on the fucking bed face down,' she ordered him. As soon as Diana was laying on the bed, she put her hands protectively over her spanked bottom.

'I'm sorry Jane, please don't spank me anymore, I just needed his cock in me for a little while.' 'You are lucky I don't bugger your arse you oversexed peanut. I told you we will be needing his cock later, and I want it hard and his balls full of sperm.' Jane lectured sternly as her cunt juices begged for release.

'My bum stings,' sniffed Diana. 'Don't worry we will all have a shower in a minute, and John can spray some cold water over you' said Jane unsympathetically, still obsessing about Alison.

Alison was trying to get Mabel out of bed, she had to resort to tickling her. 'Stop it you bitch,' she was laughing, ' I'm staying in bed all fucking day.' 'Come on Mabel darling it won't be that bad, and the kids are so looking forward to your ride.' 'It's all right for you Alison, it's my poor bottom that's going to be bruised and sore, not yours.'

Alison loved Mabel, and to calm her down she bent over and whispered in her ear. 'You promise?' asked Mabel in her little girl voice. 'Of course my darling, you have my word' she replied, kissing her deeply on her mouth.

Mabel pulled her into bed and laid on top of her, Mabel's fingers slipped between Alisons legs just as Alison's fingers discovered Mabel's wet opening. As they kissed breast to breast, they were gently fingering each other.

'I need you Mabel darling, I love you and I can't wait to marry you,' whispered Alison sincerely, her fingers working in the older woman's cunt. She was rewarded by a gasp of pleasure and Mabel's juices flowing over her fingers, and running down over Alison's pubes. Her orgasm had made Mabel's fingers speed up, and soon Alison joined her in orgasmic delight.

Jane Diana and John were in the shower; Jane was spraying cold water over Diana's rosy cheeks. 'This should cool you down, you little hot potato,' she was saying as she directed the narrow jet of water between the woman's hairy buttocks. She took her time, ensuring that Diana's equally hairy cunt got well soaked in cold water.

Diana accepted her punishment stoically; she had been a bad girl and had deserved her spanking. When her cheeks were cool enough, John put the shower head back up high. He then adjusted the water temperature to a more comfortable level. They all stood under the warm spray hugging each other lovingly.

'Am I forgiven Jane?' asked Diana nervously. Jane squeezed John's big cock, as it jutted out from his groin. 'No harm done, his cock is just as fucking randy as ever, I was just feeling a bit edgy when you walked in stuck to his cock. I bet you'd like to fuck us both wouldn't you,' she asked John.

'You'd like us both to bend over, so you could stick that big dick into both our cunts. Once you'd fucked our cunts, then I bet you would just love to ram that big cock up our arse holes, wouldn't you?' 'Yes please' he said optimistically.

'Well you fucking well can't, so forget it mister. Di's been punished, and your punishment is to soap us all over without touching us with your dick.' Both the girls bent over with their bums towards John. 'Plenty of soap between our legs and just use your hands, no fucking flannels thank you very fucking much.' Jane ordered.

As John was soaping their sexy bits, Diana asked Jane if she had always sworn as much as she did. 'No Di, I didn't fucking swear before I met Mabel, I didn't fucking wank, I didn't fucking fuck and I didn't take it up the fucking arse. I was a fucking eighteen year old virgin for fucks sake.

Now I do swear, wank, fuck and take it up the arse, and it's all Mabel's fault. Plus I can't wait to bugger Alison, so perhaps I'm a lesbian as well.' 'I've never been allowed to swear' said Diana shyly,' my men liked their women quiet and subservient. I envy you being able to say whatever you like.'

'Yeah well I must admit I wouldn't dare swear in front of my parents, but as they are not here I can say what I fucking like. For instance, stop sticking your fucking finger up my cunt John. I'll stick a bar of soap right up your fucking virgin arse hole.' She was looking over her shoulder at him as she threatened this, and was puzzled to see him look away and his face turn red.

Suddenly the penny dropped, and she stood up and faced him squarely. 'Have you turned fucking gay Johnny boy, that threat hit home didn't it. Who's been fucking you up the arse then? Was it your mate Steve, or that shirtlifter from the press shop?'

John's face was flaming red as he denied her insinuation, 'It was Auntie Mabel,' he muttered defensively. 'I wanted to know what the fuss was all about, so she buggered me with a strap on to demonstrate.' 'Did you like it up your arse Jonny?' asked Diana worriedly.

He hugged her tight. 'No I didn't like it, it did nothing for me at all, apart from making my bum sore.' Diana felt a surge of relief at his answer; she was really starting to fall in love with this young man. Although she had to share him with three other females, she didn't want to have to share him with a man as well.

'Well I fucking like it up the arse so there, it gives me multiple orgasms and it does the same for Mabel,' said Jane. 'How about you Di, do you like it up the arse?' 'I hated being fucked up my arse; everybody wanted to bugger me,' she replied. 'Sometimes they never did fuck my cunt, it was just my arse that they wanted to cum in.' she replied sadly.

'Well you do have a very fuckable arse Di,' said John kissing her cheek. Diana looked up at him and said, 'You are the only man I have ever enjoyed up my bum, you are so gentle and caring. I even liked it when you fisted my arse last night, it was uncomfortable but as it was you I didn't mind at all.'

Jane listened to this confession with mounting apprehension. Oh fuck me backwards she thought; don't tell me Di is falling in love with him as well. I've already got Mabel loving him, all I need now is fucking Alison falling for him and I will be well fucked.

Still, she realised that they were only there for the weekend. They would be going home tomorrow, and Diana would be staying here with her mistress. 'You've done our naughty bits now soap our tits,' she ordered. John's face cheered up, as he rubbed his soapy hands all over their large bouncy breasts. His cock was jutting out like a lopped off tree branch, but the girls were ignoring it on purpose.

As fate would have it Alison was lying alone in her bed, Mabel wanted to shower alone. This gave Alison time to think, and she was thinking about John. She had seen him at his most embarrassed, and vulnerable with his cock limp and pathetic. She had seen his face close up and ecstatic; as he had shot his hot cum deep into her lonely cunt.

She also observed how lovingly he treated Mabel and Jane. He was even nice to her maid Diana, who he had just met this weekend. All in all he was a very nice boy, no he was a very nice Man. She couldn't call him a boy anymore, as he had apparently fucked all of them.

No he was a Man, and she found herself thinking about him a lot. She wondered what he was doing now, was he with the other girls? Was he fucking them? Were they enjoying his young firm body?

She could still feel his big cock stretching her virgin vaginal walls as she slid down his shaft. How much cum had he pumped into her? She put her hand between her legs, Yes it was still dripping out of her cunt.

Alison was Forty years old, was she still young enough to get pregnant? Would she want a baby; YES of course she wanted a child, she was a woman for fucks sake. Her fucking father; had seriously fucked her life up, she had missed so much.

Suddenly out of the blue, she wanted so much to be carrying John's child that it hurt. She held her tummy, and strained to detect any unusual signs inside her. Mabel walked back into the bedroom, and saw Alison gently rubbing her belly.

OH Fuck me, she thought, its worse than I realised. I think she wants to be pregnant, and John is the only male in the race. Alison doesn't realise that he's only a young boy with a big dick. He can't be a father yet it wouldn't be fair on him.

'Hello Sexy bum, the showers empty, so you get washed while I get dressed,' she chirped happily to distract Alison from her thoughts. Alison just smiled at her and went to get washed. Mabel couldn't put off her "Lady Godiva" ride any longer, and now put her mind to it.

Despite what she had said to Alison, she wasn't going to get dressed as such. It would be to no purpose, as the whole fucking point was that she was naked on the fucking horse. She stood naked in front of Alison's full length mirror, and let her hair down from its constraining bun.

As always it fell down around her like a golden waterfall, completely covering her body. When it wasn't clipped back from her face, she looked just like a fucking Gonk, as Jane had so delicately pointed out. Or even worse; that hairy little fucker, from the Addams Family.

However with the addition of a simple gold head-band that pulled her hair away from her face, it became a golden cloak. Mabel suddenly felt a presence in the room with her. She remembered Simon Armatage her husband, when they had first met he had adapted her hair to make a dress.

She clipped her golden head-band around her forehead. Leaving most of her hair hanging down behind her to cover her bottom, she pulled two large shanks around to her front. She arranged these so they hung down in front of her, covering her breasts.

Her husband had used his belt to secure her hair around her waist. She used a golden cord, to achieve the same effect. When she had finished arranging her hair, she could have walked into any hotel in London. She had seen women wearing far more revealing clothes, walking the catwalks of the civilised world.

'Oh no you don't, Madam, we want to see your tits, you'll be sitting on your cunt and arse, so give us something to drool over please,' said Alison returning to the bedroom. 'Fuck it, it was worth a try I suppose,' she muttered and removed the golden cord.

Her hair still hung down over her breasts. so Alison went over to her and by rearranging her head-band, ensured that all her hair hung down behind her. Exposing her large breasts, and golden pubes to the world.

'That's better Auntie, I can see your tits and cunt. Alison kissed both of Mabel's nipples, and then knelt down on the carpet to place a quick kiss on her pubes. When they finally left the bedroom, they were both wearing long warm hooded cloaks. These were trimmed with ermine, and the hems of which almost dragged on the floor.

Jane had driven John and Diana to get ready for the big event. They were all dressed and down at the Stables in good time. She herself had even had time to surf the web, on Alison's cutting edge computer.

'Mabel, everybody look at this,'she exclaimed waving a printout at the group. 'I looked up Lady Godiva, she was only fucking real wasn't she. She lived in the 11th Century and was married to some bloke called Leofric, Earl of somewhere.

He was a rich fucker but she was very nice woman, and once when he raised some taxes she asked him to abolish them. He said he would only do this, if she rode naked through the streets of Coventry. So she did, she rode stark fucking naked all through the town. He had to abolish the tax in question, the greedy cunt.

Anyway that's not the most interesting thing about her,' continued Jane excitedly. 'Archaeologists have discovered part of a stained glass window of that period. It shows a beautiful woman with wavy golden hair. Take a fucking good look at this' she said triumphantly, showing them all the picture of the woman supposed to be Godiva.

The woman portrayed in the ancient window, had a beautiful heart shaped face, blazing blue eyes and a crown of golden wavy hair. 'This is fucking spooky,' said John studying the picture ' it's you May, it's your fucking face in this picture. Nobody else I have ever met, has such brilliant blue eyes as yours'

Mabel took the picture and looked at it carefully, it was as if she was staring into her mirror. 'It's just a coincidence,' she said with a shrug, ' however I once was Lady Godiva before today, however it was in a blue movie.'

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