tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 16

Auntie Mabel Ch. 16


Chapter 16: Alison Buggered and Impregnated

Alison knew she would have to work on cultivating Jane, if her plan was to be generally accepted by all. She walked over to where Jane was sitting despondently, and whispered in her ear.

'Jane, could you give me a hand please, I need your opinion on my going away outfit.'

Jane was still groggy from Alison's bombshell regarding selling Armatage Hall, and moving into the village with them.

She allowed Alison to lead her out of the room and towards her bedroom. Alison was happily chattering about clothes as they walked along arm in arm. Jane let her words wash over her without taking too much notice of them.

They finally reached Alison's bedroom and Jane was plonked down on the bed, whilst Alison rummaged through her wardrobe looking for an assortment of clothes. Alison only got her attention when she started to undress in front of her.

Jane watched bemused, as Alison slipped off the evening dress she had been wearing for dinner. Clad only in her black lacy bra and panties, she hung it up in her wardrobe.

Pretending to ignore Jane's presence, she bent over and slowly pulled down her lacy panties. Giving Jane a perfect view of her tight naked buttocks, as the panties slid down her long slender legs.

She seemed to get them caught at her feet, which entailed a lot of bum wiggling to release them. Jane noticed that Alison was one of those lucky women, who had a gap at the top of their legs.

Jane, Diana and to a certain degree Mabel were well covered women who's inner thighs touched. This shielded their cunt lips from being seen from the rear.

Alison's legs being so long and slender; couldn't hide her labia from Jane's eyes as she made a production of removing her panties. What grabbed Jane's interest the most; wasn't her neatly trimmed pubes or her slightly protruding cunt lips.

It was Alison's little pink virgin anus; that she could just glimpse now and again as if by accident. All sad thoughts were washed away from her mind, as she stared intently at this perfect little rosebud of an anus.

Ever since she found out that Alison was an anal virgin, she had been obsessed with being the one to open her tight bum hole. Alison had succeeded in removing her panties, and quickly slipped out of her bra.

She stood naked with her back to Jane, as she picked out a particular outfit. Jane found herself standing up and approaching Alison from behind. She slipped her arms around her slim waist, and hugged her.

'I'm sorry Alison, I shouldn't have reacted like that to your news, but it was such a big decision that it shook me for a minute. Alison smiled and leaned back into Jane,

' It's OK darling Jane I promise I had no idea I was going to say that until it popped out of my mouth.'

She bent down slightly to move her shoes; this caused her naked arse to press hard against Jane's groin. This also caused Jane's hands to slip up Alison's body, until they were cupping her small firm breasts.

'You have lovely firm breasts Alison, I envy you your trim slender figure.'

'I envy your lovely big firm breasts, I suppose John loves to suck them as he fucks you?'

'He loves to see them bounce as he fucks me I know that. Has he ever sucked these?' Jane asked rubbing Alison's small pink nipples between her fingers.

'Ohhh that's nice, yes he sucked them during that game, when he had to guess who was fucking him. It was when his mouth found my small nipples, that he realised it wasn't Diana. Her nipples belong on a cow they are so big.' She giggled.

'Yes I remember watching you fuck him, I was standing directly behind you. I was watching your beautiful tight little anus, bobbing up and down as you fucked his cock.'

'What is it about arses that fascinate you Jane? You are always buggering Mabel. Have you buggered Diana yet?'

'I love Auntie so much I want to fuck her in all her holes.

I haven't had a chance to bugger Diana, but the arse I really want is yours.'

While continuing to fondle Alison's breast with one hand, Jane slid her other hand down until she was holding her soft pubic mound.

Her finger slid naturally between her cunt lips, and dipped into wet warmth.

'I do love my bum being licked' murmured Alison seductively, grinding her naked bum against Jane.

'I love to lick virgin arse's' replied Jane softly, pulling her gently towards the bed.

Alison allowed herself to be placed in a kneeling position on her bed. Jane quickly stripped naked and knelt behind her, stroking the velvet skin of Alison's bum.

'You have such a fucking beautiful arse, it makes all the other girl's arses look fat' she whispered. Alison smiled at the sincere praise, and wiggled her bum for Jane's benefit.

Jane couldn't wait any longer, and lowering her face to Alison's tight firm arse kissed her full on her little pink anus. She sucked and licked all around it, trying to push her tongue deep into that small puckered hole.

'Your anus is too tight; I can't get my tongue in it' she moaned in frustration.

'Try your little finger, then work your way up until you can get your tongue in me' suggested Alison softly.

'Do you have any KY?'

'In the drawer just there.'

Jane's trembling fingers managed to locate the tube, and squirt some oil into Alison's anus.

'Ohh that's cold,' she complained.

'Sorry' said Jane, concentrating on working her little finger into the tight anus. As she pushed it in, Alison's bum clamped hard on it and the feel of her tight arse hole made Jane's cunt flood with juice.

'Fuck me your arse is definitely virgin, I can hardly force my little finger up it let alone a strap on.'

'I feel I should tell you Jane, that I have already promised my anal virginity to John.

After he has opened me, I would love you to be the first woman to bugger me. I did suggest to John that we let you watch, as he takes me up the arse for the first time.'

'I can live with that,' muttered Jane still trying to work her finger into Alison's bum.

'Perhaps if you were to fuck my cunt first, it might relax my anus ' Alison suggested.

'Good idea I'll go and get my strap on' said Jane running naked out into the hallway, and off to her bedroom. Back in the dining room Diana had skipped out with the dishes, to wash them. She was over the moon at the news that they may be leaving this fucking old house, and moving to a place where there would be people.

John could see Mabel was torn between wanting her betrothed near her, and needing her own space to live her life as she was used to.

'Come here May' he said opening his arms to her.

She went and sat on his lap and cuddled into his arms.

'God I love you John, you make me feel so safe when I'm in your strong young arms' she whispered.

'I hate to see you like this darling May, it won't be that bad if Alison joins us in the village. Think how happy it will make Diana.'

'Hold me, I want your hand on my breasts,' she murmured.

He slid his hand inside her evening gown and cupped her naked breast, he loved to tease her nipples until they stood out hard and firm.

'Did I make a big mistake bringing you all here? I only meant it for the best and look how it's turned out.' she said.

'The good seems to outweigh the bad, as far as I am concerned' said John positively. Alison is now Bi-sexual, instead of a confirmed Man hater. Diana is off the hook with that stupid blackmail business. Jane and I still love you madly, so there isn't really any need to feel down is there?'

'I just have this foreboding about Alison, she is acting so out of character that it worries me.'

'We'll just have to keep an eye on her, and where better to do that than in our village.'

May looked up at her darling boy and whispered.

'Your greedy Auntie wants you again.'

Without further ado, John picked up the tiny woman in his arms and carried her to his bedroom.

Diana was worried about her hairy cunt and arse, she was the only girl who had so much body hair and she was starting to feel self conscious about it. Charlie's hurtful remarks about her fat hairy arse had damaged her self esteem. She was scared in case John thought the same but was to nice to tell her.

There was no one left in the dining room, so she ran into John's bedroom to see if he was there. She burst in, and saw him between Mabel's legs gently fucking her.

'Oh I'm so sorry Jonny I was just scared about something, I'll come back later.'

'It's OK Di come here, I'm just giving May a gentle fuck, nothing world shattering. You can watch if you like.'

'Can I Jonny? Oh thank you I won't get in the way I promise. You have a lovely bum, can I lick you as you fuck Mabel?' she begged.

'Of course you can beautiful, you can tell me what's troubling you as you lick me.'

Diana was very happy, she loved Jonny's attention, and she loved to touch his hard firm body. She took her clothes off and knelt behind him, as he gently fucked his Auntie.

She was content to just kneel there for a while admiring the play of his muscles, as his buttocks tensed on the in stroke and relaxed as he pulled his cock back. She ran her hands over his bum, to feel to shifting play of those muscles.

Most of her previous users had big flabby bums, many ordered her to lick their anus as a means of demeaning her. She had hated licking their hairy fat arses, if only all men's bums could be as perfect as Jonnys.

She could see his big hairy testicles being squashed against Mabels golden pubic hairs. He then pulled back to allow them to swing slightly, before being thrust between her legs again.

He was not really fucking her as her users had fucked Diana. He was making gentle love to his Auntie, and Diana envied them their love.

She gently placed her hand under his scrotum, and felt the movement of his balls within his hairy bag. It was amazing to her how much cum he could produce, out of these two testicles.

'That feels nice, I love your hand on my balls.'

Diana smiled and began to kiss him, starting from his balls and planting light kisses from there to his anus and back again. Apart from very large nipples, Diana had an abnormally long tongue.

She used this to lick around his bum hole, and gently worked it into his anus.

'Fuck me Di, what the fuck are you doing back there? It feels so good whatever it is.'

'Hey, don't you worry what Di is doing, you just concentrate on what you are doing to me young man,' said Mabel.

'I believe I am going to need a tiny bit more arse fucking, if you don't mind.'

John kissed his randy Auntie, and spoke to Diana.

'Do me a favour Di, can you get Aunties tube of KY from her bag and lubricate her bum for me? I'm a bit busy to do it myself.'

Diana was glad to be included in their loving, and ran to get the lubricant.

When she returned Mabel lifted her legs right up, and crossed them behind Johns back. This presented her bum to Diana, who happily began to grease Mabel's arse ready for John's cock.

'Oh that feels good Di, having John fucking my cunt whilst you are fingering my anus is really turning me on. See how wide you can stretch it for me please.'

Diana concentrated on stirring her finger in Aunties bum hole, rotating it in ever widening circled until her anus was relaxed and gaping.

'I think you are ready Miss Mabel,' she ventured.

'Thank you Di, could you guide John's cock into my bum please.'

Diana was only to happy to grasp her Jonny's big cock, and gently pull it out of his Aunties juicy cunt.

She lowered it a fraction, until his knob was lined up with Mabel's bum hole. As John's knob stretched her anus, Diana spread Mabel's bum cheeks wide to ease its entry. She heard her gasp as she took his entire length up her bum.

Diana watched, as his cock started to slide in and out of his Aunties arse. Again she watched in envy, as he gently stroked his cock in and out of her bum. This was nothing like the frantic pounding, that Diana had been used to, when being buggered. The more she learned about Jonny, the more she found to love about him.

While Jane was getting her strap on, Alison used the opportunity to remove and dispose of the tampon that she had placed inside her cunt, to stop any of John's cum from escaping. Had Jane noticed she would only wondered why it was there, as Alison wasn't due her period yet.

She couldn't resist slipping her finger deep into her vagina, and stirring it around. When she withdrew it, she inspected it for any signs of Johns cum.

She couldn't detect any cum on her finger, and happily assumed that it had all entered her womb. When Jane returned she was happy to find Alison still kneeling on the bed, with her bum in the air waiting for her.

'Sorry about the wait, I had to find my strap on with the two cocks. I like to have it fucking my cunt, as I fuck yours.'

'No hurry, I was just wondering Jane, do you and John have any long range plans regarding your relationship?'

'Fuck me no, we've only just started to get to know each other, fuck knows what will happen in the near future.'

'Do you love him?' asked Alison quietly.

'No fucking idea, he was the first man to fuck me, and I want him all the time.

However I have no idea if that is love or just lust. What do you think?'

'I am the last person in the world to ask about love, I am 40 and have just discovered men for the first time. I wouldn't know love if it bit me on the bum.'

The thought of Alison's lovely firm bum being bitten made Jane juicy, and she jumped up behind her and commenced fingering her tight cunt. As Jane's fingers were working inside her, Alison was trying to think of a way of getting John to cum in her womb again before he left for home.

'That was lovely John, you can stop now if you like' said Mabel contentedly.

'But you didn't come, don't you want to come Auntie?' he said surprised.

'I just wanted to feel my lovers cock in me, I don't need to orgasm every time we fuck, but thank you for offering darling.'

Mabel looked at Diana kneeling there.

'Fancy a gentle fuck Di?'

'You would let Jonny fuck me Miss Mabel?'

'Please call me Mabel or Auntie, and it isn't up to me who fucks who around here. I was just letting John know, that I wouldn't mind if he made love to you as he has just done to me.'

Diana waited quietly with her head down and her heart racing, hoping that he would ask her. Mabel poked John and nodded at Diana, "go on" she mouthed silently.

'Would you like me to make love to you Di?' he asked.

'Yes please Jonny, I would like that very much,' she whispered her heart leaping with joy.

'How do you want to fuck me Jonny?'

'It's your choice, beautiful what would you like?'

She was being offered a choice; she didn't know what to do and looked helplessly at Mabel.

'I think Di would like a gentle fuck the same as I had, but perhaps without the anal, is that OK Di?' suggested Mabel kindly.

'That would be lovely Auntie, thank you. I have never been asked what I would like before. I would also like Jonny to please hold me tightly as he fucks me.'

John laid her down on the bed and knelt between her legs. He kissed her willing mouth and enjoyed her tongue as it played with his. Next he sucked her large nipples into his mouth, and licked and nibbled them until they were hard with desire.

Only then did he allow his rampant cock to slide into her soaking cunt.

'Hold me tight Jonny,' she whispered as she felt him stretch her wide. He held her in his arms and began to gently fuck her, kissing her neck and breasts as he did so.

He felt his balls being flooded with her hot cunt juices, and was surprised at how quickly she had come for him.

'Ohhhh Jonny, I love you, I love you so much. Please let us come to your village, I need to be with you.'

'Shhh my darling girl, I think Alison has made up her mind already. Regardless what anyone else thinks she will do as she wills, and that is that.'

'Can I be part of your Harem? I promise I won't be a jealous girl I will obey your every wish I promise.'

'My Harem? Perhaps it looks like that to you. I assure you although I love you all, my life was much simpler a few weeks ago,' he said ruefully.

Jane had slipped her strap on into Alison, and was fucking her from behind. In order to try and relax her bum muscles, she was stirring the cock around in her vagina. Alison was enjoying the sensation of her cunt lips being stretched, in such a novel manner.

Every now and again Jane would try and push her finger up Alison's bum, until finally it slid up a few inches.

'Fuck me M'Lady your arse is gripping my finger so tight it's cutting of the blood flow,' joked Jane.

'Sorry dear girl I can't help it,' apologised Alison meekly.

'Is there any chance of John joining us, I would really like his cock in my mouth again.'

'I have no idea,' admitted Jane ' I'll go and find him.'

Alison smiled to herself, in order to get Johns cum inside her she had to get John into bed first.

Jane found him in bed with Mabel and Diana.

'Fuck me John, girls to the left of you, girls to the right of you. Heaven will hold no surprises for you will it?'

'Hello sexy bum, come for a fuck? Everyone else seems to want one today.' He said tiredly.

'Nah, I'm all right for now thanks but I have a message from Lady Armatage. It goes as follows,' I say John boy, could you toddle along to my jolly old bedroom and stick your big cock in my aristocratic mouth. Pretty please with fucking sugar on it.'

'Why are you standing there stark naked, with a strap on cock pointing at me?' he asked.

'She has apparently promised you that you can be the first to bugger her posh arse hole, so hurry up and fuck her arse so I can bugger her afterwards.' Explained Jane patiently.

'Just as well I didn't come then. Wasn't it May?'

'I think we had all better come and supervise this event. To set my mind at rest, I would ask that you use a condom when you fuck her. Regardless of whether its her cunt or arse.' Said Mabel seriously.

'I'm easy,' said John.

'Too fucking right you are mister,' agreed Jane.

Alison was fixated on getting more of John's cum in her womb. She had dreamt up various scenarios, but unfortunately the whole point of this exercise was to fuck her arse. She couldn't see any way of getting John's cock in her cunt, long enough to make him come for her. She would have to play it by ear, or arse as the case may be.

She was surprised to say the least when Jane returned, still naked. She had brought along with her, a naked John with his video camera, a naked Mabel and a naked Diana.

'Oh Hello all, what's all this then?' she asked.

'As this is an historic moment in the annals of the Armatage family we thought we would record it for posterity.

Your posterior being fucked recorded for posterity, get it?' quipped Jane.

'Also did you get the "Annals" "Anals" pun that was in there somewhere?'

'You want to film me getting fucked up the arse for the first time?'

'By George she's got it,' said Mabel smiling.

'I was thinking of a more private tete a tete just John and I alone in the moonlight, our eyes meet and then his cock is rammed up my arse. Or something along those lines, I didn't expect it to become a jolly film.

It's not the sort of family film you can show your grandchildren in future years is it? Oh look children, here is your old grandmother Lady Armatage taking it up her arse for the first time,' said Alison sarcastically.

'Look Alison were are leaving in the morning, if you want your arse buggered it's now or much later,' explained Mabel kindly.

'We all love you and want to be involved in this, what do you say?'

'OK but no more fucking puns please,' agreed Alison bowing to the inevitable.

Mabel had brought along her bag of tricks, she set out various creams and sizes of vibrator.

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